Building At The Edges

By Seed Club

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In Building At The Edges, Jess Sloss, instigator at Seed Club, holds intimate conversations with top innovators building irresistible web3 communities. We surface insights from DAO experiments and dig into decentralization's dual challenges and opportunities. Web3 unlocks novel mechanisms for people, not platforms, to capture the value created online. Building At The Edges is where we sense-make the high-velocity design space at the intersection of crypto and community.

Episode Date
The Nouns DAO Evangelist — Jacob Horne

Nouns DAOs are having a moment in the spotlight, with Jacob Horne —founder of Zora — as one of the more prominent evangelists. In this conversation, Jess and Jacob discuss a core question: Why are ERC721 tokens (NFTs) a more compelling form of ownership than ERC20s? They explore the connection between Nouns DAOs and hyperstructures, and a compelling take that forkability is additive to the ecosystem as a whole. Nouns DAOs enable localized nodes of functionality, thereby increasing optionality and infinite possibilities for proliferating a community meme. Communities exist, communities want to do things together, and they need a medium to do that — the Nouns model provides the tools to do exactly that.

Dec 01, 2022
NFTs As Story Moments — Justin Alanis

Justin Alanis is the founder of StoryDAO, an IP incubation hub and multi-media storytelling platform with community at the core. Justin argues for a rethinking of our NFT interactions as experiences in the stories themselves. With StoryDAO, he’s hoping to create and incubate fresh stories told by emerging voices, and meaningfully empower creatives within the novel value-generation models of blockchain.

Nov 22, 2022
DAOs After Lifestyle — Toby Shorin

Are DAOs the logical evolution of a post-lifestyle culture? Toby Shorin is the co-founder of Other Internet, and author of the recent essay Life After Lifestyle. In this conversation, Steph (Media Steward) sits in for Jess while he’s AFK. Toby and Steph explore DAOs as subcultures within a post-lifestyle zeitgeist, the evergreen moral impulse of world building, and the hubris of brands attempting to supplant meaningful community connection. In spaces without clearly defined doctrines, it’s critical that we attune to the things we’re dually instructing and absorbing.

Nov 17, 2022
DAOs Need Co-Created Structures — David Ehrlichman

Web3 networks, from DAOs to tokenized communities to metalabels, have so much to learn from the work of David Ehrlichman. He’s the author of Impact Networks, and co-founder of Converge and Hats Protocol. Pulling from his experience in decentralized organizing, David walks us through the organizing tenants of an impact network and shares his theory of self-organization. Jess and David discuss the need for the DAO ecosystem to move on from faulty coordination principles that emphasize leaderless and structureless organizations. Instead, they argue for a vision of leader-full orgs and co-created structures. Also explored are what it means to exclude with purpose, the usefulness of constrained delegation, and a theory of DAO leadership.

Nov 08, 2022
Ownership As Citizenship — Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider is a teacher in Media Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he runs the Media Enterprise Design Lab. He’s the originator of the “exit-to-community” meme, and as the co-founder of Start.Coop, Nathan thinks deeply about what crypto can learn from the long history of economic justice. In this episode, Jess and Nathan unpack the provocative concept of innovation amnesia that accompanies moments of great technological disruption. He argues for a rethinking of ownership as citizenship, inviting people to be more than just economic actors in relationship to an entity. Ownership enabled by blockchain creates the possibility for people to define their relationship to productive activities and the fundamental human pursuit of a more just, democratically-owned future.

Nov 02, 2022
Reuben Bramanathan — Reimagining Organizations

Internet native organizations — whether we call them DAOs, tokenized communities, metalabels, or other — are novel organizational containers allowing people to collaborate in previously impossible ways. Rueben Bramanathan is a General Partner at Ideo CoLab Ventures, and he believes in the power of tokens to enable more equitable means of organizational participation. How we incentivize, reward, and design for the specific interactions within these containers remains an exciting design space.

Oct 26, 2022
Investing In Passion — Gaby Goldberg

Having survived the last transition from bull to bear, today’s community-owned networks are discovering the merits of curated communities aligning around shared passion. In episode 2 of Building At The Edges, Jess explores the future of value creation through the lens of passion with guest Gaby Goldberg. Gaby is an investor at TCG Crypto, an early stage crypto fund. Their emerging thesis on “investing in passion” could be described as shorthand for the intimacy and connection that comes from building intentionally with small groups of dedicated people. While much of the crypto space incentivizes people to get out, fork, or rage quit, the most promising products and experiences will arguably come from the communities where people are incentivized to stay and create.

Oct 20, 2022
The Power of Multilayered Experiences — Marty Bell

In our Season 3 kick-off episode, Jess sits down with Marty Bell, founder of Poolsuite, for an inside look into the Poolsuite universe. Poolsuite is one of those irresistible brands that’s nearly impossible to explain. That’s partially due to the precisely executed, multilayered experiences across Poolsuite's world, including auditory, visual, digital, and physical goods. Jess and Marty pull-apart the experiential details that define Poolsuite, and surface lessons from their most recent release, Grand Leisure. They explore the novel interactions of web3 brands and businesses, DAOs as incubators for community ideas, and the importance of technology optionality.

Oct 13, 2022
Incentivizing Contrarianism — David Phelps

David Phelps is the co-founder of JokeDAO, a governance platform for decentralized, bottom-up governance. In a recent essay collaboration on Not Boring, David takes a stand against consensus in DAO governance. He argues that forking — more specifically, contrarian opinions — presents a more interesting opportunity for governance innovation. Jess and David touch briefly on the value of community curation, the complications of off-chain + on-chain coordination, and the persistent challenge of the attention economy.

Sep 07, 2022
Minimizing Governance — Pet3rpan

Pet3rpan is in an investor at 1kx, an early-stage crypto fund. DAOs have a strategy problem, conflating decentralization with structurelessness. In practice, Pet3rpan sees an opportunity to start with governance constraints and then build toward governance minimization. Decentralized coordination and community building are developable skills. And yet there is no replacement for the experience of running and failing experiments.



Sep 07, 2022
Scaling Socialware — Julia Rosenberg

Julia Rosenberg is the co-founder and chief pod officer of Metropolis (formerly Orca). Metropolis is the trustware layer for scaling socialware: pods. Pods build on the embedded socialware within small groups of people, creating an automated container for coordination. Jess and Julia explore current governance experiments, both successes and challenges. Recent DAO shakeups demonstrate an over-indexing against centralization and corporate structure. As we move toward scalable trustware, there is one socialware that cannot be automated: leadership.

Sep 07, 2022
Allocating Treasuries — Jango

Jango is a developer at Juicebox, a protocol for community fundraising. Web3 coordination often exists at the intersection of large treasuries. Innovative means of capital allocation is one of the most promising crypto design spaces. Jess and Jango discuss automated funding mechanisms, the use case for frequent proposal and discourse periods, and how this could unlock more DAO experiments.

Sep 07, 2022
Builders Journey - Joy Howard (Early Majority)

Joy and I discussed how her mindsets from her time as a musician inform her current work as a founder in web3, her philosophy on what a member-owned apparel community will look like, her approach to good growth, and the way they are iterating with their community as they bring their physical products to market and their digital tokens to community with their upcoming NFT launch. This episode has so many deep takeaways from a builder with tons of cross-industry experience who is now learning and building in real-time in web3.

Sep 05, 2022
Builders Journey - Natasha & Deana (Boys Club)

In this episode, Nicole speaks with Deana and Natasha from the Boys Club founding team. Natasha and Deana shared a multifaceted look at the evolution of taking a DAO From 0 to 1, including the genesis of a leadership team, the work behind their first membership NFT launch, and lessons learned from putting their first proposal through governance. As Boys Club moves into its next stage of development, there is a lot to explore from how they are building their future business model.

Aug 24, 2022
Community Tokens, No Cap - Derek Schloss

For our final episode of Season 2, we return to web3 first principles: community tokens create yet-unrealized opportunities within an immeasurable design space at the intersection of culture, ownership, and value creation. The realization of these opportunities is inevitable — but the timeline and cadence remains unknown. Derek Schloss is a partner at Collab+Currency and a regular guest on Proof with Kevin Rose. Derek and Jess explore possible futures for the community token design space, taking both inspiration and cautions from Nouns, Art Blocks, Chromie Squiggles, and $10 pizza with a friend. While internet native communities have leveled up innovation on the side of pooled capital, we have yet to unlock truly novel ways of allocating that capital using shared decision-making. The builders who both perceive the unrealized opportunities and sit in the discomfort of a novel design space will be the ones to watch through the next cycles of innovation.

Aug 18, 2022
Are We Ready For Network Ownership? - Mason Nystrom

“The next generation of internet protocols and platforms and applications will be owned and operated by their users.” Mason Nystrom is an investment partner at Variant Fund, and he – like Seed Club – firmly believes in this bright version of our collective future. In this episode, Jess and Mason explore emerging trends and challenges in web3, and what they mean for community token networks. Governance makes a cameo, as does the call for more DAO leadership and structure. They touch on the increasingly blurred lines between users, consumers, builders, and owners. Web3 unlocks new types of consumer interactions; creating containers for those novel interactions to emerge will accelerate onboarding the next billion people to crypto.

Aug 11, 2022
Builders Journey - Bas Grasmeyer, Jeremy Grinberg (COLORS DAO)

In this episode, Nicole speaks with Bas Grasmeyer and Jeremy Grinberg from the COLORS DAO founding team. Colors is a global community of creatives supporting each other across disciplines, building off Colors Studio, the global music talent showcase, and discovery community. Bas and Jeremy discussed the importance of building cadence, basic structure, and predictability in a community and how that allows people to build cultural legos, plus the process of evolving a DAO out of an existing organization and navigating the various organizational and token structures that best meet the needs of the community.

Aug 09, 2022
The Leading Web3 Accelerator - Nicole D'Avis

We’ve got a special episode of Club Pod with Seed Club Co-Creators Jess Sloss and Nicole d’Avis. Jess and Nicole recorded the episode late on a very hot summer Friday to bring us a comprehensive exploration of what we can expect for SC05. We hear about the thoughtful, significant changes to the Accelerator (shoutout to interval training), the updated selection process (double shoutout to the Accelerator Portal), and what makes a great project for the Accelerator. We cover why the Accelerator matters and the role of Seed Club as an unmatched sensemaking network of the leading web3 innovators. Applications for SC05 opened earlier this week, and the application period remains open through August 15.

Aug 03, 2022
Community Token Insights from Local Currencies, Loyalty Points, and Web3 Media - Joon Ian Wong

The core value at Seed Club is our network, which traces its origin to its nascent days in crypto. Wong Joon Ian is one of Seed Club’s earliest co-conspirators. He’s a shining example of the “thoughtfully” in lets f*cking thoughtfully go – integrating historical insights from the physical world into the high-velocity design space of web3 community-building. Joon runs Amplified, a web3-native premier event and conference planning service, which amplifies the role of gatherings in cultivating great communities. We jam on token insights through the lens of loyalty points programs and local currencies, pulling apart the parallels and key distinctions. Our conversation ends with a jump down the web3 media rabbit hole.

Jul 28, 2022
Builders Journey - Gabriel Tumlos (Mochi)

In this episode, We spoke with Gabriel Tumlos from the Mochi founding team. Mochi is a team-based goal-setting game focused on collective accountability and growth. Gabriel shares how the idea for Mochi evolved through multiple crypto cycles and the different approaches to building community market fit he is currently exploring. Mochi is experimenting with in-game economies in novel ways and leaning into web3 native partnerships to understand and design with communities - whether for shared productivity or even to achieve lucid dreaming. Lots to learn from an experienced web3 builder!

Jul 26, 2022
What if the internet could curate the Smithsonian? - Thomas McLeod

The questions motivating Arkive are not distinct to the needs of a decentralized museum — they’re universally resonate considerations for anyone building community-owned networks in web3. Tom McLeod is the executive director of Arkive, the self-proclaimed “last museum” and simultaneous first-ever decentralized physical museum. Arkive’s design space exists at the intersection of physical objects, digital community-building, and member governance. Tom walks us through decision-making experiments enabled by their in-house DAO tool Atrium, providing a justification for bespoke DAO tooling solutions. He shares the coordination tensions they’re hoping to solve, guided by a strong belief in embedding community engagement ahead of financialization. We’re left with a clear takeaway: the most exciting DAOs will become institutions.

Jul 21, 2022
How NFT NOW Is Building The Future of Media in Web3- Matt Medved

In this episode, we sit down with Matt Medved, co-founder of NFT NOW. We talk about his experience building media brands in the legacy world, having worked at Billboard and Spin Magazine, and how that has informed what he is doing with NFT NOW stepping into the web3 space. We talk about how DAOs and communities can be effective media organizations. And how to build great founding teams and culture.  

Jul 14, 2022
Builders Journey - Jonathan Mann (SongaDAO)

Nicole d'Avis sits down with Jonathan Mann, aka songadayman, aka the founder of SongaDAO. It turns out they have been in the same music/crypto circles for 5+ years, on similar tracks, though just connected in the last year, so it was cool to look back at shared history. They explored the genesis of SongaDAO, including the early inspiration for the DAO, as well as its start in the last bear market cycle and what current builders might learn from his experience. They discussed the power inherent in creating something daily and shared some of the very cool community and technical experiments that are happening right now and in the future of SongaDAO.

Jul 12, 2022
Building a DAO for the Long Term - Ben Jacobs

Today we have Seed Club's very own Ben Jacobs on the podcast. Ben was one of the earliest contributors at Seed Club. In this episode, we talk about his inception and involvement in SC. We talk about some big lessons that we've learned. Some contrarian points of view. This conversation feels like one that Ben and Jess would often have which is trying to create space to broadly make sense of the world that we're operating in.  

Jul 05, 2022
OG Web3 Builder - Steve Klebanoff

In this episode, we sit down with Steve Klebanoff. Steve is a developer. He's worked at 0x protocol. He's been involved with several NFT experiments in the generative artspace and is an advisor to Artblocks and, most recently, a core contributor at Party DAO. We talked about his early days getting in the space and what he found so appealing about Ethereum. About what enamored him with generative art, we finished talking about Party DAO, the genesis story there, and what we can expect from Party DAO v.2.

Jun 29, 2022
The Rabbit Hole That Is Nouns DAO - Brian Flynn

Today we have Brian Flynn, CEO, and co-founder of Rabbit Hole. Brian is a dear friend who helped inspire the birth of Seed Club. In this episode, we dig into reputation, DAO tools, what we get right, and what we get wrong. How do we ultimately scale DAOs from 50 people collaborating with each other to 5,000?  We spent a bunch of time talking about Nouns DAO. The bull case, the bear case. We also talk about building value in DAOs, the importance of it, the challenges of it, how far we've come, and how far we have to go. 

Jun 20, 2022
Mad Realities - Devin Lewtan

Today we're joined by Devin Lewtan, the co-founder of Mad Realities, the world's first interactive dating show where the community decides what happens. We get into Devin's educational background and journey from creating NYU girls roasting tech guys on the clubhouse app to building Mad Realities. We explore the potential and value there is in creative commons projects. We talk about their goal to turn Mad Realities into a protocol. And what they imagine Mad Realities could look like on a larger scale. 

Jun 12, 2022
Creative Coding & Generative Artwork - 0xDEAFBEEF
Today we are joined by generative audio-visual artist DEAFBEEF. In this episode, we get into how DEAFBEEF got into creative coding and making generative art. What makes gen art so special, especially when paired with the blockchain. We dive into lessons from zero to one and how he has navigated that. And finally, we learn about Frank Zappa's role in his life. 
Jun 08, 2022
Why We Need Web3 Social - Stani Kulechov
Today we are joined by Stani Kulechov. Who is the founder of Aave and the Lens protocol. Stani has been a builder for years in the Ethereum ecosystem and today we explore the value of constraints when building products. How to create open permissive contribution opportunities in DAOs. The role narratives play when building products. Why we need web3 social and the economic business models that could sustain web3 social. And the Lens protocol. 
May 31, 2022
Building Cool Shit With Cool People - Joey DeBruin

Today we have Joey DeBruin on the podcast. Joey is the co-founder of Backdrop and has been a long-time conversation thought partner of Jess Sloss. We talk about Backdrop's initial intention when building and has that has evolved. The idea of impermanence when building web3 products and platforms vs. web2 platforms keeps users locked—the next season of tokenized communities and what incentive structures could change. And Insight into tokenization of SAS products and how Joey is thinking about it today.

May 25, 2022
Reputation, Governance, Token Models, and Station - Tina He

Today we bring you a conversation with Tina He, product designer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Station. We got into some big topics: reputation, governance, token economic models, and Station. A web3 data toolkit focused on showcasing contributors' history of contributions and making that visible to DAOs.

May 19, 2022
The OG Web3 Crypto Sage - Kristen Stone

Kristen Stone is our guest on episode two of the Seed Club podcast. Kristen was an early employee at Coinbase, has recently spent her time at Balancer Labs, and works at Seed Club on operations. In this conversation, we get into some of Kristen's hard-fought lessons being the 50th employee at Coinbase, about her early time in crypto since 2014, how Jess redefines his role at Seed Club and the importance of labels when defining a position within an organization. We get into how human consciousness has evolved relating to DAOs.   

Apr 29, 2022
LinksDAO - Mike Dudas
Welcome to season two, episode one of the Seed Club podcast. In this episode, Jess Sloss sits down with Mike Dudas, Instigator, and creator at LinksDAO, a DAO aiming to buy and operate a golf course. We learn about the Links DAO origin story and, how they operate given the regulatory grey market of NFTs that have utility, why we need more DAOs rather than DAO tooling.  And what DAOs need to break through to the next level. 
Apr 29, 2022
Builders Journey - Lg Doucet (TheFirstMint)

This week, we spoke with Lg Doucet of The First Mint. The First Mint is a web3 media brand and leading content source for new & established NFT projects, with a focus on Sports & Entertainment. LG and I met during Seed Club's second accerlator, right when his community and podcast were exploding in popularity. We spoke about the rollercoaster LG has been on with the popularity of NBA top shot, and as the hype happened, how he has stayed true to his community and purpose. Lots to learn from someone who has been at this for over a year!

Apr 15, 2022
DAO Contributor Series - Nnnnicholas (Juice Box)
On our final episode of the DAO contributor series, we speak with Nnnnicolas. We learn about his experience entering the DAO landscape the many DAOs he has contributed to, such as FWB, Party DAO, Shark DAO, and, most impactfully, JuiceBox. We learn about what payroll looks like in a DAO like JuiceBox.  Navigating leaving a DAO and lessons learned, And what Nnnnicolas is up to today. 
Mar 29, 2022
DAO Contributor Series - Pandy (Seed Club)
Today we are joined by Pandy Marino. Pandy is the steward of the community team at Seed Club. And has been a high-impact DAO contributor at SC. Today we talk about how she ended up at SC. Her search for clarity. The frustration drove her away from web2 communities and down the web3 rabbit hole.  
Mar 23, 2022
Builders Journey - Samsonite (Seed Club)
This week, I spoke with one of my favorite humans in web3, the one and only Samsonite: multihyphenate artist, producer and Seed Club OG. Samsonite's path through Seed Club, as an Accelerator alumnus, collaborator, and now producing the Club Pod, is a lesson in joining a DAO and finding a community that speaks to you. We discuss what work looks like in web3, and nontraditional pathways to DAO contribution.
Mar 22, 2022
DAO Contributor Series - Mark Redito (Songcamp)

Today we are joined by Mark Redito, a DAO contributor at Songcamp. In this episode, we explore what Mark was up to before getting into web3. This conversation speaks to the social and human aspects of DAOs. Building trust in a community, resolving conflicts in DAOs vs. traditional organizations. And Mark leaves us with some resources that have helped him shape his thinking. 

Mar 15, 2022
Builders Journey - Joyce Yang (Global Coin Research)

Today Nicole speaks with Global Coin Research founder Joyce Yang. GCR is a research and investment DAO focused on Web3. Joyce and Nicole discussed the early days of GCR, including her experience going through Seed Club's SC02 cohort, and the learnings on teams and tooling she's gained over the last year since launching the GCR token and building her project into a fully functional DAO.

Mar 14, 2022
DAO Contributor Series - Chase Chapman

Today we continue with our DAO contributor series with prolific DAO Contributor Chase Chapman. Chase is a contributor to Index Coop, Orca Protocol, and Rabbit Hole. Chase is also the host of the Otherside podcast. In this episode, we go deep, challenging the current narratives of DAOs. Explored what it looks like to enter and join a DAO as a contributor and how we might make that process better. And Chase spends some time talking about how cities and citizens might be the best way to think about DAOs and token holders, and we're going to unpack what that means

Mar 09, 2022
DAO Contributor Series - Patti Hauseman (FWB)

Welcome to the first episode of the DAO contributor series, where we sit down with the early full-time contributors in the web3 ecosystem to shine a light on some of the pain points and day to day operations of what it is like actively building on the front lines in the future of work on the internet. In this episode, we sit down with Patti Hauseman, an operations contributor at FWB. We learn about Patti's journey entering the web3 space and how she worked her way through to the full-time operations role at FWB. We go deep into the onboarding process at FWB and how those pathways have evolved. And FWB's experience building web3 healthcare options for their contributors

Mar 02, 2022
Builders Journey - Brady Keehn (HEAT)

Today we hear from HEAT, a community creating a new Marketplace for Dancers and movement online, using motion capture and metaversal interoperability. I spoke with co-founder Brady on his initial spark for HEAT, the process of selecting core partners, his go-to-community learnings, and how he finds a balance between art-making, building, and marketing.

Feb 28, 2022
Builders Journey - Cherie Hu (Water & Music)

Today's guest is Cherie Hu, Seed Club alumni and founder of Water & Music, a membership-funded newsletter, research hub, and community forum focused on the intersection between music and tech. We discussed Cherie's process of building the foundation of Water & Music before making the transition into a DAO, the tools used to create deep, authentic connections between members, and how codes of conduct have emerged and adapted as the community has grown.

Feb 21, 2022
Cryptohun3y Interviews Thattallguy - Cryptohun3y

In a special episode, the tables turn, and Thattallguy AKA Jess Sloss is interviewed by Seed Club collaborator and contributor Cryptohun3y. We learn about the Seed Club origin story dig into the learning while doing model that is a core value at Seed Club. The $CLUB token drop and the lessons we learned, and so much more! 

Feb 16, 2022
Builders Journey - Malcolm Levy (Refraction DAO)

For this episode of Builder's Journey, our guest is Malcolm Levy, cofounder of Refraction, a community of diverse artists and culture builders creating an IRL and digital festival and spaces worldwide. Malcolm and Nicole got into the values and culture being created at Refraction and how it shows up in their Metaverse and IRL events, the formation of the initial core team, and how they go about selecting the tech tools at work in Refraction DAO.

Feb 14, 2022
Builders Journey - Will Rowe (PROTEIN)

Our guest on this episode of Builder's Journey is Will Rowe, CEO of Protein, and one of the leads of Protein DAO, a community where people and ideas grow. We spent time discussing Protein's definition of good growth, and how the values and principles around this were designed and continue to evolve with the community. Will also shared some of the educational tools and resources built by Protein, and how these connect to their values.

Feb 10, 2022
Ep 17 - Seed Club Cohort Four - Nicole d'Avis, Jeff Kauffman, Jr. Josh Cornelius

SC04 has kicked off, and Jess is joined by Nicole, Jeff, and Josh, a panel of folks deeply involved in this new cohort's creation and selection. We get into some of the differences from previous cohorts and the approach for SC04. We talk about the steps and process of narrowing down 200+ applications to 21. We learn about what SC04 participants should expect, some of Nicole's hopes and dreams for SC04, and how you can follow along and participate as a community member. 

Feb 09, 2022
Ep 6 - Builders Journey - CabinDAO (Jon Hillis, Zach Fleishman)

In this episode of Builder's Journey, Nicole sits down with Zach Fleishman and Jon Hillis, co founders of Cabin DAO, a decentralized city built by creators, for creators.

Jon, Zach and I spent time discussing the real world / digital world collisions they build at their Creator Cabins, how their roadmap has evolved based on initial values and principles, and the ways in which their information architecture creates smooth and effective onboarding experiences.

Feb 07, 2022
DAOs & Cooperatives - Austin Robey

Today we are joined by Austin Robey, Seed Club Alumni, and collaborator, creator of Ampled and DinnerDAO. We dive into Austin's most recent article on what cooperatives and DAOs can learn from each other. We talk about how tokens can be a tool to bootstrap a network effect and create actual collective ownership. We also get into Austin's take on how ownership should be a core value in a society where we ask ourselves, "Who owns this product?"

Feb 02, 2022
Syndicate DAO - Ian Lee

Today we sit down with Ian, Co-founder of Syndicate protocol at Syndicate DAO and an early supporter at Seed Club. In this episode, we learn about the new tool they recently rolled out called investment clubs. We also get into the weeds about web3 social and the more significant implications. 

Jan 27, 2022
Ep 4 - Builders Journey - AJ Washington (PHLOTE)
Today we sit down with AJ Washington, Founder of Phlote, a music venture DAO working with musicians and other artists to succeed in web3, and with fans to curate and share in the value they create. AJ and I explored his path to Phlote, and how he's brought his past experiences and learnings in very traditional worlds into the very non-traditional DAO space, including his thoughts on leadership and accountability. We also discussed the importance of curation in this increasingly abundant creative world, and how he is working to disrupt legacy power structures in the music industry.
Jan 25, 2022
Ep 3 - Builders Journey - Matthew Chaim (SONGCAMP)

Matthew Chaim, singer, songwriter, and conspirer behind web3 music communities, Songcamp, is today's guest. We discussed his continued developments with Songcamp, as well as the many projects that have spun out, and the learnings from his time as a builder, including making space for creativity and curiosity, the process of world building (including the story of Elektra) leading with a core team in web3 and how he brings improvisation into his leadership style.

Jan 18, 2022
Mayor of FWB - Alex Zhang

Alex Zhang is our guest today. The mayor of FWB, otherwise known as the aspiring Jane Jacobs of DAOs. We talked about Season 5, the upcoming season for FWB, in this episode. New tools they are building. We dive into reputation with this new NFT ID badge rolling out for the community. And lessons learned from the recent treasury diversification round they ran. 

Jan 12, 2022
Ep 2 - Builders Journey - Alana Podrx (EVE Wealth)

In this episode of Builders Journey, Nicole d'Avis speaks to Alana Podrx leader of EVE wealth. A global community of women who share portfolios, co-invest and support each other in self-guided wealth management through peer-to-peer learning. Alana was part of Seed Clubs' third accelerator with the project EVE wealth. In our conversation, we discuss the journey of first deciding to introduce web3 concepts to the EVE wealth community, concrete ways of scaling and decentralizing content creation and community work, and her thought process through the evolution of launching a token. 

Jan 11, 2022
Ep 1 - Builders Journey - Jeff Kauffman (JUMP)

We sit down with Jeff Kauffman, leader of JUMP, a community of marketing and advertising professionals from top agencies, brands, and startups that are passionate about web3. Nicole and Jeff met and came through the Seed Club second accelerator together and have been in this wild web3 space for almost a year. In our conversation, we explore how he grew his community from web2 to web3, how he onboards members through generosity and empowerment, and how he is learning and building through the real technical challenges of being a web3 pioneer.

Jan 04, 2022
Media Companies Redefined - Jarrod Dicker

Today we have Jarrod Dicker on the Seed Club Podcast. Jarrod is one of the leading thinkers at the intersection of web3 and media. Having worked at the Huffington Post and the Washington Post, etc. In this conversation, we talk about the evolution of media, lessons learned from early social media, and web2. Then we ask Jarrod to look around the corner a little bit and see what the opportunity is for media brands in the web3 world. 

Dec 23, 2021
Diving Deeply Into Web3 Music - Jack Spallone

Today we sit down with Jack Spallone. Jack is an OG in the music and Web3 space. He has a ton of experience working at the edges with fun drops like $TAPE with RAC.  Jack looks at the emerging space in music and web3 at a level that very people do. In this episode, we talk about music copyright and how that relates to web3 music, and much more! 

Dec 16, 2021
Krause House - Flex Chapman, Commodore

Today we are joined by Seed Club alumni Flex Chapman and Commodore of Krause House, a DAO aiming to buy an NBA sports team. We talk about their backgrounds from the startup world and their journey into discovering DAOs. We talk about the way they look at onboarding people into their community. Their most recent and successful crowdfund on Mirror. Some of the edge cases when using Mirror. And why did they join the Seed Club Accelerator? What did they get out of it? 

Dec 09, 2021
Exploring the Accelerator - Nicole d'Avis

Today we're joined by Nicole d'Avis, the lead educator who runs the accelerator program at Seed Club. We chat about what's been exciting at Seed Club over the last six months, and we dive deep into the accelerator program. Nicole helps us answer what the accelerator is and what it has to offer. We also learn about Nicole's journey into crypto and web3. 

Dec 02, 2021
Building Better Communities - David Spinks

Today we're joined by David Spinks. David is a lifelong practitioner of community building. In this episode, we start by talking about consumer empowerment and how the role of community has evolved as consumers have grown in power. Then we dive into the specifics of onboarding people, getting more people into communities, creating a sense of belonging, and what roles and infrastructure are required to be able to deliver on that long term. 

Nov 25, 2021
Constitution DAO, An Inside Look - Julian Weisser, Will Papper, Sirsu

Two-part conversation! Today in part one, we are joined with Julian Weisser and Will Papper, who are two contributors apart of a group trying to buy the US constitution as we speak. We look into the process of setting an organization like this up. Part-two we bring on Sirsu, a member at Seed Club and a co-founder of multiple interesting projects like Cryptocookout and BlvkHvnd to discuss the well-warranted criticism around the political nature of the document, the potential racist nature of the document, and some other interesting critiques. 

Nov 18, 2021
Social Tokens & The DAO Landscape - Cooper Turley

Today we are joined by our dear friend Cooper Turley. Cooper is a co-founder at FWB, a venture partner at Variant Fund, and has his fingers in or around many of the leading DAO & social tokens you probably all heard of. This conversation is interesting. We talk about his initial inspiration for jumping into the social token space and contrast that to where things are today. We talk about the DAO landscape. We talk about the underbelly of token compensation and how Web3 communities and projects might want to develop and structure compensation in their DAOs 

Nov 11, 2021
Freedom for Gamers - Jiho

Today we sit down with Jiho, Axie Infinity Co-founder and community lead. We dive into the story of both Jiho and Axie Infinity. What's it's like to manage one of the most considerable Discord servers in the world. We get into community design, how to grow, manage, incentivize and reward and give ownership to people creating value in the Axie community.  

Nov 04, 2021
New Brand Models In Web3 - OhhShiny

Today's guest is Ohhshiny, the Metaverse community manager. We dive into the community and value found in Bored Ape Yacht Club. We talk about new brand models in Web3 that have a focus on niches and nuance. And about building reputation and the future social reputation can play in someone's career and the overall importance in the economy moving forward. 

Oct 28, 2021
$AGLD & Building Abundance Mindsets - Will Papper

Today we speak with Will Papper. Co-founder at Syndicate protocol and creator of Adventure Gold. ($AGLD) In this conversation, we talk about Loot and all the fun things that have emerged around it. We talk about why Loot is interesting we get into the story and history of $AGLD. A fascinating part of our conversation is when Will gets into scarcity vs. abundance mindsets related to token design. 

Oct 21, 2021
The Importance of Vibes - Packy McCormick

Packy McCormick is our guest today. The author of the not-boring newsletter and investing from the not-boring fund. Packy is an excellent conversationalist. This conversation allowed us to get into all sorts of things. We talk about his journey into starting the not-boring newsletter at the beginning of the pandemic. We get into fun stuff like the importance of vibes when beginning a project. We spend some time talking about the most impactful popular issues he has written, such as "the great online game," and we end our conversation talking about liquid superteams and the future of work. 

Oct 14, 2021
Activist Investing - Li Jin

In this episode, we talk with Li Jin, the founder of Atelier Ventures. Former A16z investor, passion economy definer. We talk about the Creator Economy and her optimism for crypto being a tool to help the creator economy evolve. We discuss the meaning of ownership, how to distribute ownership, and create incentive alignment. And we also talk about Li Jins take on investing. 

Sep 22, 2021
DAOs All the Way Down - Aaron Wright

First Club episode! We talk with Aaron Wright, the co-founder of OpenLaw, the team behind the LAO, Flamingo DAO, Neptune DAO, and more. We talk about all things DAOs, and the value of having a sense-making organism. We talk about his excitement for the Metaverse being the next big play in crypto, and of course, we dive into Social Tokens. 


Sep 21, 2021