Self(ish) Confidence

By Jess Clerke

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Category: Mental Health

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Your confidence is your superpower… but what if you don’t have any? It can be hard to show up as your authentic self. When we go out, or even scrolling on the couch, it's easy to get trapped in the comparison game, making it even harder to be beautifully you. Self(ish) Confidence is about finding your confidence, shining your light and taking action toward your unconventional life. Every week, we'll chat through barriers that could hold you back. Follow along with me, Jess Clerke, as we learn to find our confidence together and begin to share our magic with the world.

Episode Date
Realignment in your authentic life and innermost energies w/Josie Smith
Feb 29, 2024
Overcoming doubt to shine with confidence
Feb 22, 2024
A nurse's journey from burnout to balance and passion-led growth w/ Michaela Robertson
Feb 15, 2024
How learning my Human Design changed my life
Feb 08, 2024
Overcome the winter blues with these simple suggestions
Feb 01, 2024
Embracing your authentic (and most confident) self
Jan 25, 2024
Small steps to big success in 2024
Jan 18, 2024
[INTERVIEW] Crafting confidence through fashion w/ Fashion Stylist Abby Young
Jan 11, 2024
Unlocking the magic within for a fulfilling 2024
Jan 04, 2024
[INTERVIEW] Setting boundaries and being confidently you w/Jacy Lawler
Dec 29, 2023
Shed your baggage for a more confident 2024
Dec 21, 2023
[INTERVIEW] The Entrepreneur Adventure: Crazy + Confused w/ Ashley O'Connor
Dec 14, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 12🎄
Dec 12, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 11🎄
Dec 11, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 10🎄
Dec 10, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 9🎄
Dec 09, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 8🎄
Dec 08, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 7🎄
Dec 07, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 6🎄
Dec 06, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 5🎄
Dec 05, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 4🎄
Dec 04, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 3🎄
Dec 03, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 2🎄
Dec 02, 2023
12 Days of Confidence: Day 1🎄
Dec 01, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Building confidence through entrepreneurship w/ Stephanie Erhard
Nov 30, 2023
Confronting self doubt and cultivating confidence
Nov 23, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Living your bright life w/ Jessica Johnson
Nov 16, 2023
Finding the confidence to use your intuition as your guide
Nov 09, 2023
[LIVE] Boss Talk w/ Jean-Eva Dickie: Part 2/3
Nov 02, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Befriending the voices in your head & celebrating 2 years of podcasting w/ Aaliyah Jade
Oct 26, 2023
Exploring your confidence through Human Design
Oct 19, 2023
Belief is the beginning
Oct 12, 2023
Breaking free from societal expectations and embracing YOUR dreams ✨
Oct 10, 2023
Grateful, thankful AND discovering more for your life
Oct 05, 2023
Is your current environment affecting how you live your life?
Oct 02, 2023
[INTERVIEW] The audacious journey from reality TV to entrepreneurship w/ Sam Picco
Sep 28, 2023
Next level confidence starts with your inner knowing
Sep 26, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Overhauling your life to live your truth out loud w/ Lea Coultas
Sep 21, 2023
Understanding and owning your mixed emotions
Sep 18, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Belief, balance, and unleashing your inner magic w/ Jess McKinley Uyeno
Sep 14, 2023
Rediscovering your worth through self-reflection
Sep 11, 2023
Defying societal norms & fostering authentic relationships
Sep 07, 2023
Accepting our ever-changing confidence
Sep 05, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Confessions of an Entrepreneur w/ Hannah Haas
Aug 31, 2023
For when you don't feel like yourself 🪄✨
Aug 28, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Embracing Change: From Chiropractor to Animal Advocate w/ Jess Jacobs
Aug 24, 2023
Overcome fear and be a mirror for others
Aug 21, 2023
Reshaping your narrative with self-talk
Aug 17, 2023
Breaking free from your phone addiction
Aug 14, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Rediscovering your life's purpose w/ Cristal Jacobo
Aug 10, 2023
Overcome fear, live in the now, and take some frikken action
Aug 08, 2023
Balancing your life and energy with B- effort
Aug 03, 2023
Celebrating your unconventional choices
Jul 31, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Courage, resilience, and empowerment w/ Ebony Flemming
Jul 27, 2023
Harnessing the energy of summer for a boost year-round
Jul 24, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Building confidence through reducing stress, travelling the world and storytelling along the way w/ Jess McGann
Jul 20, 2023
[LIVE] Building Confidence and rekindling your love for movement
Jul 17, 2023
[INTERVIEW] The power of gut health w/ Kelly Bluth
Jul 13, 2023
[LIVE] Show yourself some LOVE today
Jul 10, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Redefining Summer Body Confidence w/ Ashley O'Connor
Jul 06, 2023
[LIVE] Injecting flexibility and fun into your routine
Jul 03, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Own your truth & resilience w/ Body Image Advocate Marci Warhaft
Jun 29, 2023
[LIVE] It's time to let go of your timeline
Jun 26, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Riding the waves of life w/Heather Stuart
Jun 22, 2023
[LIVE] Mastering YOUR pie chart of priorities without burning out
Jun 19, 2023
Finding your unshakable confidence in paradise
Jun 15, 2023
[LIVE] Crafting your dream day to create a life you love
Jun 12, 2023
Transform your confidence by being a safe space
Jun 08, 2023
[LIVE] Unapologetically Authentic: Embracing your confidence and achievements
Jun 05, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Happily even after divorce w/ Susan Dumbarton
May 31, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Living the beam life w/ Kaitlin Anthony
May 25, 2023
[LIVE] Trust what your emotions are telling you
May 22, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Slowing down is a business strategy w/ Hillary McGinnis
May 18, 2023
[LIVE] TOOT your dang horn
May 15, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Building confidence from the inside out w/ Prima Kelly & Emily Seaman from Kohr Method
May 11, 2023
[LIVE] Your desires are not 'too big' for you
May 08, 2023
SPEAK UP and give away the power of your inner critic
May 04, 2023
[LIVE] Who are you? Discovering your identity when society wants to put you in a box.
May 01, 2023
The 5 most important lessons I learned this past year
Apr 27, 2023
[BONUS] Behind the scenes: Spring Retreat
Apr 26, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Creating the life of my dreams w/ Emily DiTullio
Apr 20, 2023
[LIVE] It's ok to slow down
Apr 17, 2023
Your life is like a Goosebumps novel
Apr 13, 2023
[LIVE] YOUR opinion matters!
Apr 10, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Find your confidence in (& outside) the bedroom w/ Serena Haines
Apr 06, 2023
It's just you and me here - let's chat about your fears
Apr 03, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Find confidence in your closet w/ Amanda from Simply Stylish
Mar 30, 2023
[LIVE] TRUST that every decision is the right one
Mar 27, 2023
Am I unconventional? 🤔
Mar 23, 2023
[LIVE] Is your energy feeling low and off? This one is for you!
Mar 20, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Confidence in your body & in your home w/ Katie Garland
Mar 16, 2023
[LIVE] What habits do you REALLY want to stick?
Mar 13, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Knowing your body and cycle w/ Fertility Awareness Educator Ashley Baronette
Mar 09, 2023
[LIVE] For the person playing small.
Mar 06, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Make your energy your superpower w/ Katy Saltsman
Mar 02, 2023
Why are you being so hard on yourself?
Feb 28, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Creating psychologically safe spaces w/ Stephanie Russell
Feb 23, 2023
[LIVE] What direction ‘should’ you go in?
Feb 20, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Create More Joy with Sarah D
Feb 16, 2023
[LIVE] Knowing & Communicating your love language
Feb 13, 2023
Celebrating your unconventional forms of self-care
Feb 09, 2023
[LIVE] Are you holding yourself back?
Feb 06, 2023
3 things that are holding you back from more confidence
Feb 02, 2023
[LIVE] Make time to day dream
Jan 31, 2023
[INTERVIEW] Confidence, alignment and journaling with Dr. Meghan Hurley-Powell
Jan 26, 2023
[LIVE] Are you feeling the blue Monday vibes?
Jan 23, 2023
[INTERVIEW] SHIFTing in 2023 w/Jaime Nickerson
Jan 19, 2023
[LIVE] Allow yourself to be SEEN
Jan 16, 2023
For when you want to give up
Jan 12, 2023
[LIVE] YOUR vision for 2023
Jan 09, 2023
8 ways to raise your vibration for better confidence
Jan 05, 2023
[LIVE] This is YOUR year
Jan 02, 2023
How to make 2023 GREAT
Dec 29, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Chasing uncertainty w/Ashley O'Connor
Dec 22, 2022
[EP 104] Are you focusing on the external validation?
Dec 19, 2022
[EP 103] When this journey gets uncomfortable
Dec 15, 2022
[LIVE] Confidence at Christmas
Dec 12, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Sharing your scars w/Annie Calvaneso
Dec 08, 2022
[LIVE] Your permission slip to take a frikken break
Dec 05, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Get clear on your year at Shift w/ Gina Keeping & Emily King
Dec 01, 2022
[LIVE] DO IT scared!
Nov 28, 2022
[INTERVIEW] How to create meaningful friendships as an adult w/ Jean-Eva Dickie
Nov 24, 2022
[LIVE] Where are YOU on YOUR priority list?
Nov 22, 2022
The ugly truth of my anxious thoughts
Nov 17, 2022
[LIVE] It's time to let your light shine
Nov 14, 2022
[GROUP CHAT] Taking confident action from EmpowerHer live w/ Emily Helderman, Diana Marie Keller & Dr. Meghan Hurley-Powell
Nov 10, 2022
[BONUS] Self(ish) Retreat Highlights
Nov 08, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Knowing yourself for business success w/ Jennifer Ettinger
Nov 03, 2022
[LIVE] Be present today.
Oct 31, 2022
[INTERVIEW] How to nail your habits and stay consistent w/ Emily DiTullio
Oct 27, 2022
[MOTIVATION] Big dreams? Find a squad who BELIEVES IN YOU
Oct 25, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Stop being a d*ck to yourself w/Stacy Perry.
Oct 20, 2022
[LIVE] Happy 1st Birthday to Self(ish) Confidence
Oct 17, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Unpopular Opinion: Take the Damn Risk w/ Emily Seaman
Oct 13, 2022
[LIVE] Stop letting comparison steal your confidence
Oct 11, 2022
How are you managing your stress?
Oct 06, 2022
[LIVE] You are worth investing in yourself
Oct 03, 2022
Stop tearing yourself down and start celebrating the growth in your life
Sep 29, 2022
[LIVE] Filling up your grateful heart after a tough season
Sep 26, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Trust your intuition w/Jennifer Louise
Sep 22, 2022
[LIVE] It's safe for me to follow my heart and ask for what I want
Sep 19, 2022
[EP 77] Birthing a new venture w/ Ashley Cooley
Sep 15, 2022
[LIVE] You are enough. You are doing enough.
Sep 12, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Shifting your life unexpectedly w/Gina Keeping
Sep 08, 2022
[LIVE] Getting uncomfortable is part of the process
Sep 06, 2022
[Interview] Trendy vs. Confident w/ Sarah Villarreal
Sep 01, 2022
[LIVE] Want to change your life? Be more mindful.
Aug 29, 2022
[BONUS] How to figure out what you want and have the confidence to go after it
Aug 25, 2022
[LIVE] 3 things I learned in my trampoline fitness class
Aug 22, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Stop talking about the weather w/Diana Keller
Aug 18, 2022
[LIVE] Creating habits that prevent you from hitting the reset button
Aug 15, 2022
3 things that are holding you back from living your truth
Aug 11, 2022
[LIVE] It's ok to slow down. Stop sprinting to the finish line.
Aug 08, 2022
Why you need community in your life
Aug 04, 2022
[LIVE] BIG announcements for Self(ish) Confidence
Aug 02, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Understanding the mind/body connection with Psychotherapist Bria Wannamaker
Jul 28, 2022
[LIVE] Future you will thank you for this
Jul 25, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Business growth, van life and ADHD/w Sam Altieri
Jul 21, 2022
[LIVE] Are you numbing the potential of your dream life?
Jul 18, 2022
The two words that make me cringe
Jul 14, 2022
[LIVE] STOP wishing away the messy parts
Jul 11, 2022
SCREW society's timeline
Jul 07, 2022
[LIVE] How are you spending your summer?
Jul 04, 2022
3 Life lessons I learned living abroad
Jun 30, 2022
[LIVE] Celebrating where you are NOW
Jun 27, 2022
[INTERVIEW] SHIFT your perspective w/ Jaime Nickerson
Jun 23, 2022
[LIVE] Get uncomfortable to get connected
Jun 20, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Having a kind mind w/ Emily Helderman
Jun 16, 2022
[LIVE] You’re not _____, are you?
Jun 13, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Creating YOUR community w/ Lynn Bourque-Chevarie
Jun 09, 2022
SHUT DOWN the negative self talk
Jun 06, 2022
5 ways to celebrate yourself TODAY
Jun 02, 2022
Overcoming the Sunday Scaries
May 30, 2022
When you're feeling like you're not enough
May 26, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Unpopular Opinion: It's good to talk about money w/ Hannah Haas
May 19, 2022
[LIVE] Showing up despite the mess around you
May 16, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Recommitting to yourself w/Audrey Rose
May 12, 2022
[LIVE] What season are you in?
May 09, 2022
Building confidence to live any life path you want
May 05, 2022
[LIVE] New month, new habits
May 02, 2022
Learning to follow your heart
Apr 28, 2022
[LIVE] Celebrating my birthday with confidence
Apr 25, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Navigating life's frequencies w/Karlee Welder
Apr 21, 2022
[LIVE] Embrace your messy self
Apr 18, 2022
The Ultimatum relationship red flags 🚩
Apr 14, 2022
[BONUS] The Book of Love w/ Jean-Eva Dickie
Apr 11, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Creating confident content w/ Courtney Wolf
Apr 07, 2022
[LIVE] Looking for a sign?
Apr 04, 2022
Live the life of your dreams with manifestation
Mar 31, 2022
[LIVE] Facing your FEARS
Mar 28, 2022
8 tips for a better sleep tonight
Mar 24, 2022
[LIVE] The power of being present over perfect
Mar 21, 2022
Change is inevitable. Here's how to embrace it!
Mar 17, 2022
[LIVE] Living with the curve-balls
Mar 14, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Navigating the 2022 housing market + our experience w/ Greg Pierce
Mar 10, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Love, dating and confidence w/ matchmaker Jean-eva Dickie
Mar 03, 2022
[LIVE] How home renovations are reminding me of my potential
Feb 28, 2022
Lessons from the Year of Confidence
Feb 24, 2022
[LIVE] Cleaning the clutter in your life
Feb 21, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Finding the courage to change w/Diana Keller
Feb 17, 2022
[LIVE] It's time to get outside of your comfort zone
Feb 14, 2022
Show yourself some love this Valentine's Day
Feb 10, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Having the courage to make the change w/ Erica Kelly
Feb 03, 2022
Struggling to focus? This one is for you!
Jan 27, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Finding your confidence to uplevel your career w/ Erin Carrol
Jan 20, 2022
How to start when you don't feel ready in 2022
Jan 13, 2022
[INTERVIEW] Discovering your Human Design w/Cristal Currier
Jan 06, 2022
3 Mindset types that might be holding you back from taking action
Dec 30, 2021
Accessing your voice w/ Elise Besler
Dec 23, 2021
[CONFIDENCE BOOST] Say goodbye to the holiday comparison game
Dec 20, 2021
Thrive through the holidays by prioritizing your mental health
Dec 16, 2021
[INTERVIEW] Time for a big life change? Learn to pivot w/ Marion Wagner
Dec 09, 2021
How visualization can help and hinder your progress
Dec 02, 2021
[INTERVIEW] Defining self acceptance w/ Laura from The Self Set
Nov 25, 2021
Taking action toward YOUR confidence journey
Nov 18, 2021
[INTERVIEW] Finding confidence in Motherhood w/ Allie Smith
Nov 11, 2021
What is confidence? Where can I find some?
Nov 04, 2021
[INTERVIEW] Befriending the voices in your head w/ Aaliyah Jade
Oct 28, 2021
[INTRO] The scoop on where I lost my confidence and why this podcast was created
Oct 21, 2021
[TRAILER] Welcome to Self(ish) Confidence
Oct 17, 2021