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By Kevin Rooke

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Category: Technology

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Episode Date
A Bold Return to Giving a Damn: One Farm, Six Generations, and the Future of Food | Will Harris | BM9
May 07, 2024
A Bright Future | Joshua Goldstein | BM8
Mar 10, 2024
Where Is My Flying Car? | J. Storrs Hall | BM7
Feb 26, 2024
Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism | Bhu Srinivasan | BM6
Feb 18, 2024
Zoning Rules!: The Economics of Land Use Regulation | Bill Fischel | BM5
Feb 01, 2024
The Rise and Fall of American Growth | Robert J. Gordon | BM4
Jan 20, 2024
Scale: The Universal Laws of Life, Growth, & Death in Organisms, Cities, & Companies | Geoffrey West | BM3
Jan 15, 2024
The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made The World | Virginia Postrel | BM2
Jan 07, 2024
TLS126: Moritz Kaminski on Alby, Lightning & Nostr Adoption, and Bitcoin Connect
Jan 01, 2024
SS11: How CrowdHealth is Stacking Sats with the Breez SDK
Dec 13, 2023
The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger | Marc Levinson | BM1
Dec 05, 2023
TLS125: Christian Decker on Blockstream Greenlight, Custody on Lightning, and More
Nov 26, 2023
TLS124: Christopher Calicott on Trammell Venture Partners & Building a Bitcoin-Native VC Fund
Nov 18, 2023
TLS123: Sam Wouters on the State of the Lightning Network in 2023
Nov 05, 2023
TLS122: Fanis Michalakis on LN Markets, DLCs, Lightning, and More
Oct 21, 2023
SS10: How the Satoshi Coffee Company Stacked Millions of Sats with BTCPayServer
Oct 14, 2023
TLS121: Jesse Shrader on Amboss Magma & Hydro, Lightning Network Metrics & Adoption, and More
Sep 15, 2023
TLS120: Artur Brugeman on Building Nostr Band, The Growth of Nostr, and Spring's New Nostr Browser
Sep 08, 2023
TLS119: Alex Leishman on the Future of Lightning Payments, Taproot Assets, and River's Lightning Node
Sep 01, 2023
SS9: How Margie Ramos Stacked Over 1 Million Sats with Muun Wallet and Shopify
Aug 25, 2023
TLS118: Ken Sedgwick on Building VLS, Improving Lightning Custody, & Multi-Party Signing on Lightning
Aug 18, 2023
TLS117: Henrik Skogstrom on Torq V1, Lightning Network Metrics, Why LSPs Need a Spec, and More
Aug 15, 2023
TLS116: Ian Major on Building Joltz Rewards, Lightning Rails for Loyalty Programs, and Taproot Assets
Aug 10, 2023
SS8: How Siggy47 Stacked Over 500,000 Sats on Stacker News
Aug 04, 2023
TLS115: Tony Giorgio on Building Mutiny Wallet, Browsers over App Stores, and Lightning Everywhere
Jul 27, 2023
TLS114: Matt Black on Building Atomic Finance, DLCs on Bitcoin and Lightning, and Self-Custody
Jul 19, 2023
TLS113: Super Testnet on Inventing New Bitcoin, Lightning, and Nostr Products
Jul 14, 2023
SS7: How Brianna Honkawa-D'Estries Stacked Over 1,000,000 Sats on Nostr with ZBD, Damus, and Primal
Jul 13, 2023
TLS112: Kody Low on Building Fedi, AI, L402s, and Enabling AI for All with Lightning Payments
Jul 02, 2023
TLS111: Graham Krizek on Building Voltage, Surge, and Why All Companies Will Be Lightning Companies
Jun 22, 2023
TLS110: Paul West on Fumb Games, Creating New Bitcoiners, and Adding LN Payments to Bitcoin Miner
Jun 15, 2023
SS6: How The Bitcoin Hotel Stacked 100,000,000+ Sats with OpenNode & LNBits
Jun 09, 2023
TLS109: Burak on Building Ark, Scaling Bitcoin, and Improving Privacy
Jun 04, 2023
TLS108: Maxim Orlovsky on Building RGB, Standards for BTC & LN, and Smart Contracts on Bitcoin
May 22, 2023
TLS107: Shehzan Maredia on Building Lava, Bitcoin-Native Borrowing, and Improving Self-Custody UX
May 18, 2023
SS5: How Jesse Berger Stacked 100,000+ Sats with Mash
May 17, 2023
TLS106: Konstantin on Building Kollider, Lightning Derivatives, Synthetic Fiat, and Running a Nostr Relay
May 14, 2023
SS4: How SHAmory Stacked 10,000,000+ Sats with OpenNode, BTCPay Server, Oshi, and Joltz
May 11, 2023
TLS105: Lisa Neigut on the State of Bitcoin's Second Layer, L2 Interoperability, and More
Apr 21, 2023
SS3: How Ben Justman Stacked 10,000,000+ Sats with Oshi and IBEX Pay
Apr 20, 2023
SS2: How Arnold Hubach Stacked 3,000,000+ Sats with Alby's Wordpress Plugin
Apr 08, 2023
TLS103: Pablo F7Z on Building Nostr Projects, Why Open Networks Win, and The Economics of Nostr
Mar 30, 2023
SS1: How Joe Martin Stacked 800,000+ Sats on Fountain, Wavlake, Voltage, BTCPayServer, and Alby
Mar 27, 2023
TLS102: Nick Slaney on Building c= and Block’s Focus on Growing Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
Mar 17, 2023
TLS101: Andrew Begin on Building Galoy, Bitcoin Communities, and Enterprise Lightning Adoption
Mar 15, 2023
TLS100: Oscar Merry on Fountain's Evolution, Nostr, Value 4 Value, and Creator Monetization
Mar 13, 2023
TLS99: Desiree Dickerson on Building THNDR Games, Competitive Leagues, and Cross-App Identiy on Nostr
Mar 09, 2023
TLS98: Vitor Pamplona on Building Amethyst & Nostr Adoption, Development, Competition, and Funding
Feb 28, 2023
TLS97: David King on Google & Nostr’s Early Days, The Role of Lightning on Nostr, and Angel Investing
Feb 23, 2023
TLS96: Dhruv Bansal on The Bitcoin Stack, Distributed Markets, Scaling in Layers, Nostr, Tor, and More
Feb 16, 2023
TLS95: Nicholas Gregory on Statechains, Mercury Wallet, Scaling Bitcoin, and the Lightning Network
Feb 09, 2023
TLS94: Morgen Rochard on Building Origin, Bitcoin Financial Planning, and Payment Regulations
Jan 27, 2023
TLS93: Paul Sztorc on Drivechain (BIP 300/301), Bitcoin Sidechains, and Building Layer Two Labs
Jan 19, 2023
TLS92: John Carvalho on Synonym, Blocktank, Bitkit, Pear Credit, Slashtags, and Hyper-Bitcoinization
Jan 15, 2023
TLS91: Calle on Open Source Software, Lightning Development, LNBits, Cashu, & More
Jan 12, 2023
TLS90: Evan Kaloudis on Building Zeus, Lightning Self Custody, Open Source Funding, Tor, and Taro
Jan 04, 2023
TLS89: Ben Carman on Lightning Network Privacy, Building Mutiny, and Browser-Based Lightning Wallets
Dec 30, 2022
TLS88: Will Reeves on Building Fold, Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, and the Lightning Network's Evolution
Dec 22, 2022
TLS87: Caitlin Long on Custodia and How Banks Will Interact with Bitcoin, Stablecoins, and Lightning
Dec 17, 2022
TLS86: Ben Price on Building The Bitcoin Company, OpenSats, and Improving Payments with Lightning
Dec 13, 2022
TLS85: Albert Buu on Building NeutronPay, Payments in Vietnam, and Instant Lightning Remittances
Dec 08, 2022
TLS84: Alex Busarov on Building Heatbit and How Home Heaters Could Distribute Bitcoin Mining Hashrate
Dec 06, 2022
TLS83: Azz on Building Valera and Combining Lightning Software & Hardware To Bring Billions To Bitcoin
Nov 24, 2022
TLS82: Alex Adelman on Building Lolli, Accelerating Bitcoin Adoption, and the Lightning Network
Nov 24, 2022
TLS81: Bastien Teinturier on ACINQ, Collaborating with LN Implementations, and Lightning Adoption
Nov 16, 2022
TLS80: Austin Mitchell on Building Synota & How Lightning Payments Can Disrupt the Energy Industry
Nov 11, 2022
TLS79: Julian Fahrer on Building Apollo, The Price of Information, and the Lightning Network
Nov 08, 2022
TLS78: Marco Argentieri on Building Fuji Money Using the Lightning Network & Liquid Sidechain
Nov 03, 2022
TLS77: Sam Wouters on Insights from River's Lightning Nodes, RLS, and the Future of LN Payments
Oct 29, 2022
TLS76: Chase Perkins on the Impervious Browser, Decentralized Identifiers, and Digital Self-Sovereignty
Oct 26, 2022
TLS75: John Light on Validity Rollups on Bitcoin, ZK-proofs, and the Lightning Network
Oct 20, 2022
TLS74: Johns Beharry on Bitcoin Design, Bolt.Fun, and Accelerating Global Bitcoin Adoption
Oct 18, 2022
TLS73: James Andrew on Lightning Bridge, Using Lightning as a Payment Rail, Web3, and Taro
Oct 12, 2022
TLS72: Vijay Boyapati on The Evolution of Money, Bitcoin's Role as Money, and the Lightning Network
Oct 03, 2022
TLS71: Ry Sterling on IBEX Mercado, New Lightning Use Cases, and Helping El Salvador Adopt Bitcoin
Sep 27, 2022
TLS70: Ray Marceau on Building Purse, Integrating Lightning, and Focusing on Bitcoin
Sep 21, 2022
TLS68: Lyle Pratt on Building Vida, Communicating on Lightning, and Helping Anyone Earn For Their Time
Sep 09, 2022
TLS67: Egge on Lightning Network Advertising and the Creator Economy on a Bitcoin Standard
Sep 01, 2022
TLS66: Danny Diekroeger on Cash App, LDK, and Operating the Deezy LN Node
Aug 27, 2022
TLS65: Fiatjaf on LNURL, Nostr, LNTXBot, Pancho, P2P Apps, Value 4 Value, and More
Aug 24, 2022
TLS64: Joe Consorti on the Time Value of the Lightning Network, Lightning Banks, and Taro
Aug 20, 2022
TLS63: Christopher David on Arcade City, Decentralized Ride Sharing, and Building on Lightning
Aug 14, 2022
TLS62: John on Building Zaprite, Getting Paid in Bitcoin, and Accounting on a Bitcoin Standard
Aug 12, 2022
TLS61: Nicolas Burtey on Stablesats, Galoy, Bitcoin Banks, and El Salvador's Bitcoin Adoption
Aug 03, 2022
TLS60: Randy Naar on the Liquid Sidechain, Blockstream, Issuing Assets & More
Jul 29, 2022
TLS59: Paolo Ardoino & Mathias Buus on Holepunch, Keet, Building P2P Apps, and Lightning Adoption
Jul 26, 2022
TLS58: Alan Plus on Building LN+, Getting Liquidity, and Lightning Network Adoption
Jul 23, 2022
TLS57: Christian Decker on Blockstream, Greenlight, Lightning Scalability, and More
Jul 14, 2022
TLS56: Gigi on Internet Business Models, Value 4 Value, and Freedom in an Information Age
Jul 09, 2022
TLS55: Udi Wertheimer on Bitcoin, The Lightning Network, Stablecoins, and More
Jun 30, 2022
TLS54: William Casarin on Lightning as a Communications Layer for Bitcoin, LNLink, Nostr, and Damus
Jun 26, 2022
TLS53: Max Webster on Hivemind Ventures, Exponential Curves, and Lightning Network Opportunities
Jun 20, 2022
TLS52: Jared Nusinoff on Building Mash and Helping Creators Earn More on the Lightning Network
Jun 15, 2022
TLS51: Roy Sheinfeld on Building Breez, Streaming Sats, & LN Adoption
Jun 10, 2022
TLS50: Alex Leishman on Building River, Taro Use Cases, and Earning Yield on the Lightning Network
Jun 04, 2022
TLS49: Paul Itoi on Stakwork, Sphinx Chat, Earning Bitcoin, and AI vs. Humans
Jun 01, 2022
TLS48: Michael Levin on Lightning Labs, Bitcoin & Lightning Adoption, and Taro
May 28, 2022
TLS47: Henrik Skogstrøm on LN Capital and Operating a Successful Lightning Network Routing Node
May 25, 2022
TLS46: Rene Pickhardt on Multi-Part Payments, Zero Base Fee, and Lightning Network Limitations
May 18, 2022
TLS45: Daniel Buchner on Building Decentralized Identity at Block
May 11, 2022
TLS44: Tom Chojnacki on Satsback & Lightning Powered Loyalty Rewards
May 07, 2022
TLS43: Sam Walker on Reacher and Solving Email Spam with Lightning Payments
May 05, 2022
TLS42: Julie Landrum on OpenNode, Payment Processing Fees, and Network Effects
Apr 30, 2022
TLS41: Lyn Alden on the Lightning Network, Stablecoins, and Bitcoin Adoption
Apr 28, 2022
TLS40: Zero Fee Routing on Running One of the World's Top Lightning Routing Nodes
Apr 23, 2022
TLS39: Dennis Reimann on BTCPay Server, Lightning Merchants, & Value 4 Value
Apr 20, 2022
TLS38: John Cantrell on Building Sensei, Lightning Node Implementations, and Emerging Lightning Use Cases
Apr 17, 2022
TLS37: Mempool Co-Founder Simon on Open Source Bitcoin Projects, Lightning, Liquid, Bisq, & Bitcoin's Mempool
Apr 15, 2022
TLS36: Stelios Rammos on Building Geyser and Crowdfunding on the Lightning Network
Apr 12, 2022
TLS35: Lisa Neigut on Blockstream's Core Lightning, The Differences Between LN Implementations, and Base58
Apr 08, 2022
TLS34: Cory Klippsten on Building Swan Bitcoin, Angel Investing, and the Lightning Network
Apr 06, 2022
TLS33: Pierre Rochard on Kraken's Lightning Integration, Other Exchanges Supporting Lightning, and Lightning Predictions
Apr 02, 2022
TLS32: Anders Helseth on the State of the Lightning Network
Mar 25, 2022
TLS31: Abubakar Nur Khalil on the ₿ Trust and Lightning Innovation in Africa
Mar 20, 2022
TLS30: Bryan Solstin on Making Bitcoin Legal Tender In America
Mar 19, 2022
TLS29: Brian Murray on Craft Ventures, Investing in Bitcoin Companies, and the Impact of the Lightning Network
Mar 17, 2022
TLS28: Michael Bumann & Moritz Kaminski on Building Alby, Improving Lightning Payments, and Value 4 Value
Mar 15, 2022
TLS27: Ken Kruger on Building Moon & Enabling Anyone To Spend Bitcoin Anywhere
Mar 11, 2022
TLS26: Justin Rezvani on Building Zion, Social Media on Lightning, Value 4 Value, and Lightning Adoption
Mar 08, 2022
TLS25: Oleg Mikhalsky on Fulgur Ventures, Investing in Lightning Companies, and Lightning Adoption
Mar 05, 2022
TLS24: Chris Stewart on Suredbits, Oracles, DLCs, and Building Financial Markets on Bitcoin
Mar 03, 2022
TLS23: Adam Curry on Podcasting 2.0, Value 4 Value, The Fall of Legacy Institutions, and the Lightning Network
Feb 28, 2022
TLS22: Alyse Killeen on Building Stillmark, Investing in Bitcoin Companies, and Emerging Lightning Network Applications
Feb 22, 2022
TLS21: Hussein Badakhchani on Noah, Earning and Saving Money, and the Lightning Network
Feb 16, 2022
TLS20: Jesse Shrader on Amboss, Data Analytics for Lightning Nodes, & Lightning as a Social Network
Feb 11, 2022
TLS19: André Neves on ZEBEDEE, the Metaverse, LNURL, Lightning Addresses, and BOLT12
Feb 08, 2022
TLS18: Keagan McClelland on Start9, Personal Servers, and the Future of Sovereign Computing
Feb 05, 2022
TLS17: Keyan Kousha on Stacker News, Earning Bitcoin for Curating Content, & Decentralized Social Media
Feb 02, 2022
TLS16: Jack Everitt on Building THNDR Games, Designing Bitcoin Games, and the Constrains Limiting Lightning Adoption
Feb 01, 2022
TLS15: Danny Scott and Zakk on CoinCorner, Lightning Merchants, and CoinCorner's New Lightning Card
Jan 29, 2022
TLS14: Alex Gladstein on How Bitcoin Improves Freedom, Stablecoins, and Improving the Lightning Network
Jan 25, 2022
TLS13: Graham Krizek on Voltage, Improving Lightning Node Management, and the Future of the Lightning Network
Jan 20, 2022
TLS12: Chris Tramount on Scarce City, Bitcoin Collectibles vs. NFTs, and Monetizing Internet Memes
Jan 14, 2022
TLS11: Daniel Berezovsky on sMiles and Earning Bitcoin for Walking, Gaming, and Shopping
Jan 11, 2022
TLS10: Sergej Kotliar on Bitrefill, El Salvador's Circular Bitcoin Economy, and Lightning Network Nodes
Jan 05, 2022
TLS9: Boltz Co-Founder on Lightning Exchanges, Lightning Network Activity, and the Future of the Lightning Network
Jan 02, 2022
TLS8: John Carvalho on Synonym, Tokens on the Lightning Network, and the Future of Web3
Dec 26, 2021
TLS7: Chris Hunter on Galoy's Bitcoin Beach Wallet, Lightning Adoption in El Salvador, and Banking-as-a-Service
Dec 22, 2021
TLS6: The Lightning Network's Next Big Use Case
Dec 21, 2021
TLS5: Shone Anstey on Buying Bitcoin as a Public Company, Earning Yield, and the Lightning Network
Dec 10, 2021
TLS4: Bernard Parah on Bitcoin in Africa, Payrolls on Lightning, and African Entrepreneurs
Dec 07, 2021
TLS3: Romain Rouphael on LNMarkets, El Salvador, and Lightning Network Adoption
Dec 01, 2021
TLS2: Nathan Jessop on Kollider, Derivatives, and the Lightning Network
Nov 25, 2021
TLS1: Oscar Merry on Fountain, The Lightning Network, and Podcasting 2.0
Oct 28, 2021