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By Caitlin Murray

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I’m Caitlin Murray, a foul-mouthed mother of three and host of Big Time Adulting. This show was made for moms like me who crave funny, provocative, no-nonsense entertainment to distract themselves from the hamster wheel that is life. Join me for conversations about parenting, relationships, lifestyle, and what it means to be human. Consider this your mid-week women’s group. Circle up because shit’s about to get real.

Episode Date
The Invisible Labor of Motherhood with Eve Rodsky

Domestic burnout is real. When asked about the division of labor at home, moms always say they do more than their partners. When dads are asked the same question they say the work is shared equally. Why such a disconnect? Join Caitlin as she talks to Eve Rodsky, an expert in the gendered division of labor, to break down the invisible labor of motherhood. "Invisible labor" is all the work someone does that goes unseen or unacknowledged by others.

As a graduate of Harvard Law, Eve Rodsky envisioned smashing the glass ceiling, solving the world's problems, and doing it all. But a decade into her ambitious professional career and with a couple of kids in tow, the only thing she was smashing were peas for her toddler. Eve's groundbreaking book Fairplay and documentary film by the same name have launched a movement to rebalance domestic life and make the invisible work of women visible.  The path to relieving this burden starts by understanding invisible labor for what it is and then making little adjustments in your family system. So, if a to-do list is running through your mind at all hours and you feel you're carrying the mental/physical load of your family, then this episode is for you.

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Caitlin Murray: @bigtimeadulting

Eve Rodsky: @everodsky 

Explore the Fair Play movement and card game:


May 31, 2023
Catherine Reitman, Creator and Star of Workin’ Moms

Join in with Catherine Reitman, creator and star of the wildly popular and hilarious Netflix series Workin’ Moms. Catherine, a creative powerhouse and mom of two, just dropped the 7th and final season of her hit show. Catherine shares how her own complicated experience of motherhood led her to write the show, how it evolved through the years and became a cathartic process, and why it resonates with millions of women. Catherine opens up about her late father, the famed Hollywood director of iconic movies like Ghostbusters and Kindergarten Cop and also discusses her youngest son’s recent diagnosis of a rare and mysterious condition called PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep Throat). Catherine Reitman is a force of grit, generosity, warmth, and wit and we couldn't be more excited to share this special conversation with you.

Keep in touch with us: 

Caitlin Murray: @bigtimeadulting

Catherine Reitman: @reitcatou 

Workin’ Moms: @workinmomsnetflix

Learn more about PANDAS disease at

May 17, 2023
Chelsea Handler!

Join Caitlin and her first celebrity guest Chelsea Handler as they talk about childhood, parenting styles, ambition, cultivating a strong sense of self, and how to raise cool kids.

What we love about Chelsea Handler is how loud and proud she is in her beliefs - agree or disagree, and she is not afraid to speak up, which can be hard for women, even in this day and age. Her viral videos extolling the luxury of her freedom, solitude, adventure, pleasure, sleep, and carefree living are frankly, mom porn. We can’t get enough of it. We fell in love with Chelsea in 2004 on Girls Behaving Badly and watched her rise to fame on her late-night show Chelsea Lately. She’s published numerous bestsellers like the college cult classic, Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. 

Today, Chelsea is living the dream of performing stand-up on her nationwide Little Big Bitch tour while staying grounded and humbled on the ski slopes. In this fun and heartfelt interview, Chelsea reflects on her upbringing and how her mom and dad’s parenting shaped her. She discusses how her relationship with her mom strengthened after her death and still serves as a positive guiding force. She offers parents her take on how to raise cool and respectful kids and suggests resisting the temptation to lose your entire identity in parenthood because no one wants to hang out with someone who only talks about their kids. She kinda gets it, because for a long time, Chelsea’s identity and self-worth were wrapped up in her career and she thanks therapy for helping her cultivate a strong sense of self beyond her ambition. Follow along with us as Chelsea gives us the gift of a positive attitude!

See Chelsea Handler LIVE in a city near you on her Little Big Bitch Tour!

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May 03, 2023
Getting the Dirt on Caitlin Murray

In this special episode, Caitlin is interviewed by her podcast producer Cameron Mullenneaux! Caitlin kicks things off with a pep talk to empower us to trust our gut and define motherhood on our own terms. She shares her feelings about being a stay-at-home parent while building a new career and offers deep thoughts on how hard it is to be truly fulfilled in your role. She reflects on her son's illness, the ways it transformed her perspective on life, and how that dark time period inspired her to create Big Time Adulting. Caitlin also revisits her kid-free days, leading her college lacrosse team to victory like the boss that she is, and gallivanting around NYC with her now husband in pursuit of fun. Get the dirt on Caitlin in this relaxed and thought-provoking interview.

This episode was made possible by @PerfectBar - Now go get yourself a snack!

Apr 19, 2023
The Refusal to Be a Martyr with Writer Becky Vieira

Caitlin is joined by Becky Vieira, the hilarious woman behind @wittyotter and author of Enough About the Baby. Becky shares her scary journey through postpartum depression and how she found support. Join in as they discuss mental health, anxiety, rage, boredom, loneliness, and the woes of breastfeeding. She reminds listeners that putting our needs first isn’t selfish and that the whole motherhood martyrdom thing is on the outs. They laugh and cry and help us all breathe a collective sigh of relief. 

Disclaimer: This episode contains conversations about depression and suicide. Take care of yourself. It's okay if you want to skip today's episode.

Follow Becky @wittyotter

Buy her book Enough About the Baby

PPD support:

Karen Kleiman @postpartumstress

Postpartum Support International 

Apr 04, 2023
Keeping Your Shit Together With Nicki Marie

Nicki and Caitlin take it deep in their usual fashion of no BS-laden truths on motherhood and life. Listen in as Caitlin questions Nicki on her experiences with miscarriage and infertility, divorce, and facing internet trolls as an "influencer." #blessed

Mar 22, 2023
How to Not Ruin Your Relationship after Kids with Aaron Steinberg

Join in our discussion as Caitlin and Aaron get gritty on all things relationship based, and how to keep your partnership in tact after kids. From the division of labor, living through exhaustion,  rediscovering intimacy, and not keeping score, we cover it all. You can find Aaron on Instagram @babyproofingyourrelationship

Mar 10, 2023
The Funk'tional Nutritionist

In this episode, Erin Holt, The Funk'tional Nutritionist, chats with Caitlin about women's nutrition, not only as a function of food, but also about how both food and stress effect our bodies as women and how intertwined our hormonal and nutritional health are with each other. Join in to hear us going deep on the stresses of motherhood and how to best fuel our systems, including leaving room for joy. 

Feb 17, 2023
Health Anxiety with Dr. Kirren

In this episode Caitlin interviews health anxiety expert, Dr. Kirren Schnack about her longtime struggle with health anxiety. Dr. Kirren discusses the origins of health anxeity, the symptoms of health anxiety, the types of treatments used and tips for parenting our kids should your own or their own health anxiety be causing issues. Dr. Kirren has a fantastic social media presence with highly relateable content for sufferers of health anxiety. Listen in today to let the damn healing begin and find her on Instagram @drkirren

Aug 05, 2022
Interview with Laura

In this episode Caitlin speaks with her Irish friend, Laura Farrington, who worked with her when they were wild and free in their 20's in NYC. Since then they have both been through many changes, some horrific and some wonderful. Join them as Laura talks about the grief of losing both her parents, one to suicide and one to cancer, as a young adult and how her career change and journey through becoming a mother herself has helped heal her. Find Laura on social media @meditatewithlaura

Jun 08, 2022
Mom Friends

In this episode, Caitlin discusses her mom-friend-making journey, the awkwardness of meeting new friends as an adult and her own mom's advice on how to make friends. 

May 20, 2022
Jibber Jabber

Join in on this mish mosh episode to hear about the ghost in my house named Phyllis, my experience with laser hair removal and my recent feelings on anxiety. Girl talk! 

Mar 25, 2022
Interview on Clean Beauty with Kathryn Dickinson

In this episode I interview Kathryn Dickinson, owner of AILLEA, clean beauty store. We take it deep on what beauty means for women, the history of wearing makeup and where are the lines between that and needles or surgery, if any, at the root of the matter. Join us for some light, yet deep thoughts as we dive into the topic of beauty and get some tips on the best clean beauty products to use. 

AILLEA on Instagram: @ailleabeauty

AILLEA on the web:

Mar 11, 2022
Interview with Dr. Lucy McBride: The Pandemic and Politics

Dr. McBride and I discussed the current state of the pandemic and the ways in which politics have dictated the policies surrounding mitigation strategies over the last two years, particularly within the last year given the widespread availability of vaccines, the known low risk presented to all children, who have been mandated to adhere to the strictest policies…in blue states. 

The goal of this episode was to discuss the disruptions this pandemic has placed on people’s mental well-being and to provide scientific facts to reassure those who may still be fearful as mitigation measures begin to relax, and indeed, to emphasize the need for this process to happen both peacefully and respectfully for the sake of our kids.

Dr. McBride is the creator of Urgency for Normal, which consists of a conglomerate of well-accredited doctors who are speaking up, pro-bono, to advocate for the lowest risk population effected by Covid: the kids. 





Feb 18, 2022
Matchmaker Sophy Singer

In this episode I speak with Sophy Singer, professional matchmaker and dating coach. Sophy is a wealth of knowledge on dating statistics of who you should be looking to date if you're single, what to look for in a partner, what are the best ways to meet someone these days, and how to know when a relationship is over or should be saved. Finally, Sophy talks about re-framing Valentine's Day so that we don't all have to hate it anymore. 

To become part of Sophy's data base (for free!) or find out more about her services go to or find her on instagram @matchmakersophy


Feb 07, 2022
For Henry

In this episode, I speak in depth with Henry's mom. Henry is battling a one in a million, severe neurological disorder called Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC). Henry's AHC causes him to randomly become paralyzed, have seizures and apneas where he stops breathing for periods of time. Each episode threatens a trip to the hospital for Henry and his parents, and each episode could potentially hold life threatening consequences - an incredibly difficult and terrifying way for Henry and his parents to go through life.

The astounding part about Henry's story is that they have found a treatment that would most certainly be life changing for Henry and, even more importantly, potentially life saving. The only barricade between Henry and this treatment is money. Henry's parents have been tasked with raising $3 million to develop the drug he needs, and so they started a foundation and have been doing everything possible to spread the word. Listen in to hear Mary, Henry's mom, describe in greater detail what it has been like for Henry, and where they are in the process now. 

To donate and learn more about Henry and AHC go to or find them on instagram @forhenryahc

Feb 04, 2022
The Fitness Episode

In this episode, I discuss my fitness history and background and talk about the time I learned what a calorie was after spending college and beyond crushing beers and peanut butter jelly sandwiches like they were celery sticks. Now that I am a mom and my goals in life have shifted, so has my mentality towards healthy living and fitness, listen in to hear about my philosophy on staying fit. 

Jan 17, 2022
Interview With My Mom

In this episode I take it deep with my mom about modern day motherhood verse what it was like when she was raising us and the things that have changed, but also remained the same. We talk about finding yourself after motherhood, the hardest time of motherhood in her opinion, regrets, and many more snippets from my wonderful mother. I think you will enjoy it!

Jan 03, 2022
Heart to heart with with Nancy, 9/11 widow and mother

In this episode I sat down with dear family friend, Nancy Shea, and ask her questions about her experience in the tragedies of 9/11, now 20 years ago, when she was suddenly widowed as a mother of four children ranging in age from 14-7 years old. Nancy's husband, Joe, and his younger brother, Dan, were working together in the World Trade Center and were both murdered in 9/11. Listen as Nancy shares not only the events that occurred that terrible day, but also her pieces of wisdom and incredible perspective she has on life and parenting in the wake of such horror. Nancy has been a source of inspiration to many people and, now as a parent myself, I admire her more than ever. 

Dec 16, 2021
The One About the Holidays

In this week's episode, I dive into the ration of BS surrounding the holiday season that we encounter as parents as well as the added stress of navigating family dynamics, and our ultimate goal of making the holidays special for our little ones and why we go to such great lengths.

This episode topic was the winner of a contest I did on Instagram, and the listener who suggested it received a handwritten note on it in the mail from yours truly - a highly coveted prize, I know.  

Dec 13, 2021
Interview with Dr. Kelly Fradin on the safety of and questions around the Covid Vaccine in kids aged 5-11

In this episode, I interview an NYC pediatrician and mother of two, Dr. Kelly Fradin, on the safety of the Covid vaccine for young children. We also touch on many other tough points of concern when it comes to Covid, masking, and the politicization of Covid which has caused such a division of opinions, particularly as it pertains to our kids.

Connect with Caitlin @bigtimeadulting

Dec 06, 2021
Mommy Wine Culture

This week's episode dives into Mommy Wine Culture, my love of alcohol, and how the two meet.

Nov 22, 2021
The Truth About Baby Boredom

In today's episode, I discuss the things that surprised me after having my first baby, particularly how bored I felt at home. Though so much of the experience is joyful, the picture painted for new mothers does not always match how we feel in reality once the baby arrives. 

As a society we fail new moms and place unrealistic expectations they way they think they should feel from the moment they become a mom. Listen in to hear my tips and tricks for new moms on how to help combat baby boredom.

Don't forget that if you're a new mom or veteran mom going through all these feelings, you're not alone.

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Nov 15, 2021
Mom guilt and parenting during the pandemic with Dr. Tanya Cotler

Welcome to episode three of Big Time Adulting. This episode features my first official guest on the podcast, who is uniquely qualified to provide insights on mom guilt and parenting during a pandemic.

Dr. Tanya Cotler is a clinical psychologist who specializes in reproductive and maternal mental health and parent-child attachment. Being both a child and adult psychologist, she is the perfect candidate to answer my questions today. 

It has been both validating and reaffirming to hear from Dr. Cotler that parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. There is no reason to feel guilty for not breastfeeding, deciding to go with an unpopular parenting style, or even having an emotional outburst in front of your child.

If you’ve ever struggled with mom guilt, felt the intense pressure to become a perfect mom, or have wondered on how to support your child during this pandemic, this episode is for you.

Learn more from Dr. Tanya Cotler through her website, or connect with her on Instagram (@drcotlrer)

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Nov 15, 2021
My Story

Welcome to episode two of Big Time Adulting. In this episode, I will be talking about the life-changing event that got me started into this whole journey of blogging, Instagram, and now podcasting.

In December 2016, Calum, my first-born son, at the age of three, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It was a tough time for us as a family, and sharing my experience with family, friends, and eventually, the public was a healing outlet for me. The ability to be so vulnerable and honest through my blog and Instagram was one of my most validating experiences as a parent, and allowed me to encounter so many like-minded people who shared similar sentiments as it pertained motherhood. Here we are at the next phase of my journey, and I can’t wait to share it with you all through this podcast.

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Nov 15, 2021
Big Time Adulting Podcast.....Coming November 15th!

Hi Everyone, I’m Caitlin Murray, and this is Big Time Adulting the podcast! I’m a fouled-mouthed mother of three, and one of my kids is a cancer survivor. I am here to take it deep with you on parenthood, adulthood, womanhood, and whatever other things end in the hood that we can think of to discuss. Join in with me to feel deeply, provoke your inner spirit, and laugh until a little pee comes out. If you’ve been looking to find a podcast to relate to as a woman and a mom and appreciate someone keeping it really real, you will love Big Time Adulting

Nov 02, 2021