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 Mar 6, 2023


A Pop Culture Show from Timcast Media. Hosted by Brett Dasovic and Mary Morgan

Episode Date
EPISODE 651: 'Sound of Hope' Daily Wire Controversy, 'Inside Out 2' Sets New Record, Farewell to Phil!
Jul 12, 2024
EPISODE 650: 'Acolyte' Star WHINES About Hate Comments, Hollywood EXILES Biden, Kanye RETIRES?!
Jul 11, 2024
EPISODE 649: Disney Still Self-Destructing, 'Gladiator 2' Gets RATIO'D, 'The Acolyte' Premiere FAILED
Jul 10, 2024
EPISODE 648: Tobey Maguire CANCELLED? Olivia Culpo Wedding Dress FIASCO, First Ever A.I. Beauty Queen
Jul 09, 2024
EPISODE 647: MrBeast For President? Hawk Tuah Psyop EXPOSED, PewDiePie SLANDERED
Jul 08, 2024
EPISODE 646: Assassin's Creed Boycott, White Boy Summer CANCELLED?! MrBeast Family Feud
Jul 03, 2024
EPISODE 645: Jordan Peterson Is a Star Wars Villain? Disney Parks DEI Catastrophe? Jojo Siwa Is Big Mad
Jul 02, 2024
EPISODE 644: Taylor Swift SLAMMED as 'Bad Role Model', 'Mixed Weight' Relationships, Pixar Hits $1B
Jul 01, 2024
EPISODE 643: 'Snow White' Wraps Filming, Gen Z BRAINROT, Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Romcom (W/ Morgonn)
Jun 28, 2024
EPISODE 642: 'Harry Potter' Series TRIGGERS JK Rowling Haters, 'The Acolyte' Isn't So Gay After All
Jun 27, 2024
EPISODE 641: More Disney Corruption EXPOSED, Gen Z Clark Kent, Dr. Disrespect Scandal EXPOSED
Jun 26, 2024
EPISODE 640: Stars Wars Feminism Intensifies! Superman Suit Backlash, Inside Out 2 DESTROYS Dune
Jun 26, 2024
EPISODE 639: Taylor Swift: 'F*** The Patriarchy', MrBeast Defends Kris Tyson, Timberlake is NOT Okay
Jun 24, 2024
EPISODE 638: Anti-White Disney EXPOSED, 'The Acolyte' Star CENSORS US, 'The Penguin' (W/ Matt Kadish)
Jun 22, 2024
EPISODE 637: 'The Acolyte' Star CLAPS BACK, Hollywood Says Racism Causes Cancer, Male Rage Retreats
Jun 20, 2024
EPISODE 636: Frosk 2.0 Enters The Chat, Assassin's Creed Producer SLAMS Elon, Inside Out 2 IS A HIT
Jun 19, 2024
EPISODE 635: Kai Cenat's WEIRD Playdate With North West, Justin Timberlake ARRESTED (w/ Aidan Mattis)
Jun 18, 2024
EPISODE 634: Mary TAKES OVER PCC, Paranormal Special, Aliens, Goblins & Demonic AI (w/ Aidan Mattis)
Jun 17, 2024
EPISODE 633: Carano Vs Disney HEATS UP, Deadpool & Wolverine Huge Box Office? Mark Hamill Cringe
Jun 14, 2024
EPISODE 632; Kevin Spacey Has Nothing Left to Lose, Nic Cage in Hunter Biden Movie, Fillers Aging Women
Jun 13, 2024
EPISODE 631: Ariana Grande BREAKS HER SILENCE, Jojo Siwa Doubles Down on Cringe Bad Girl Era
Jun 12, 2024
EPISODE 630: 'The Acolyte' Numbers Are BAD, Hollywood Mass Exodus, Kim K DISSES Therapy
Jun 11, 2024
EPISODE 629: John Leguizamo: 'I'm Still Woke', Ben ESCAPES JLo?, SundressGate, Hollywood's Rodent Men
Jun 10, 2024
EPISODE 628: Is Star Wars DEAD?, Movie Theaters Collapse, New 'Avengers' Details (W/ Ethan Van Sciver)
Jun 07, 2024
EPISODE 627: Kim K Gets Roasted, Brad Pitt SHUNNED by Kids, Elliot Page Teaches About Gay Wildlife
Jun 06, 2024
EPISODE 626: The Acolyte is 'The Gayest Star Wars', The Killer's Game', X Goes SPICY
Jun 05, 2024
EPISODE 625: Kanye Gets MeToo'd, Alec Baldwin Reality Show, HBO Max Boycott, Pixar Rejects Self-Inserts
Jun 04, 2024
EPISODE 624: Celebs Virtue Signal For 'Pride', Gen Z Cancels Eminem, Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul POSTPONED
Jun 03, 2024
EPISODE 623: 'The Apprentice' Star CONVICTED, George R.R. Martin DISSES Hollywood (W/ Aidan Mattis)
May 31, 2024
EPISODE 622: Star Wars ATTACKS Fans Again, Seinfeld Defends Masculinity, Leo DiCaprio Age Gap Debate
May 30, 2024
EPISODE 621: Cardi B Vs Candace Owens, 'Wolfs' Trailer, 'Young Sherlock', Google AI Goes Rogue
May 29, 2024
EPISODE 620: Furiosa FLOPS, Little Mermaid Director Slams Disney, More Trouble For 'BLADE'
May 28, 2024
EPISODE 619: Assassin's Creed 'Review Bombed', Diddy Did It AGAIN? 'Furiosa' Spoiler Review
May 24, 2024
EPISODE 618: George Floyd Movie Announced, 'Deadpool' Ticket Sales Slump? 'Beetlejuice' Trailer
May 23, 2024
EPISODE 617: Taylor Swift Joining The MCU? Margot Robbie 'Pirates' CONFIRMED, Gen Z is HAGMAXXING
May 22, 2024
EPISODE 616: Trump SUING 'The Apprentice' Movie? Scarlett Johansson's STOLEN VOICE, Doctor Who BOT ARMY
May 21, 2024
EPISODE 615: Diddy APOLOGIZES, 'Pirates' REPLACES Johnny Depp? Elliot Page Is STRUGGLING
May 20, 2024
EPISODE 614: Diddy CAUGHT Red-Handed, Swifties ATTACK Butker, J Lo & Ben DIVORCE? (W/ Libby Emmons)
May 17, 2024
EPISODE 613: 2 Years of PCC LIVE! Taco Bell Party! 'Apes' Cast Hates Humanity, Romeo & Juliet Dunked On
May 16, 2024
EPISODE 612: Female Rage Rituals, Dan Schneider Strikes Again, Doctor Who Viewership TANKS
May 15, 2024
EPISODE 611: Rings of Power Season 2 Trailer DESTROYED, Chris Hemsworth SIMPS For MCU, Spider-Man Noir
May 14, 2024
EPISODE 610: Gina Carano Hits Back at Disney, 'Doctor Who' Is Dead, 'Apes' Scores at the Box Office
May 13, 2024
EPISODE 609: Kevin Spacey UNCANCELLED? LOTR Fan Film CENSORED, 'Apes' Movie Review (W/ Kino Corner)
May 10, 2024
EPISODE 608: WE ARE SO BACK! New LOTR Movie, Disney CANCELS Tinker Bell, Gina Carano Shows RECEIPTS
May 10, 2024
EPISODE 607: Baby Reindeer Sets Records At Netflix, Disney Plus Is Profitable, The State Of Video Games
May 08, 2024
EPISODE 606: Met Gala Was A TOTAL RIOT, Drama At Drake's House, & New Incel Dating App
May 07, 2024
EPISODE 605: Star Wars Day Was TOTAL CRINGE, Drake & Kendrick Beef Escalates, Tom Brady ROASTED
May 06, 2024
EPISODE 604: Race Swapped Batman? Common Disney L's, Man Vs Bear Debate (W/ ZUBY)
May 03, 2024
EPISODE 603: Dan Schneider SUES For Defamation, Disney CENSORS Mufasa Backlash, Milf Manor Gets WORSE
May 02, 2024
EPISODE 602: The Rock Goes Full Diva? Russell Brand Baptism, Insanity at 'Fall Guy' Premiere
May 01, 2024
EPISODE 601: Seinfeld Declares Death of Comedy, Mufasa Trailer, A.I. Girlfriends REPLACING Women
Apr 30, 2024
EPISODE 600: 600th Episode Special! Britney Spears Breakdown, TikTok Rizz Party, Elon Musk's X TV
Apr 30, 2024
EPISODE 599: 'Sasquatch and the Missing Man', OJ Simpson is Innocent? (W/ Tony Merkel & Joel Thomas)
Apr 26, 2024
EPISODE 598: Weinstein Verdict OVERTURNED, Billie Eilish Is 'Jerking It', Sydney Sweeney An Evil Genius
Apr 25, 2024
EPISODE 597: Ye Announces Yeezy 🌽, TikTok BANNED, Crackhead Barney Suing Alec Baldwin?
Apr 24, 2024
EPISODE 596: Disney 'Snow White' is a MESS, Henry Cavill Leaving Warhammer? Johnny Depp Is a Diva
Apr 23, 2024
EPISODE 595: WE'RE BACK! Taylor Swift Hits ROCK BOTTOM? Deadpool 3, Alan Ritchson Trashes James Bond
Apr 22, 2024
EPISODE 594: TikToker DIES After Exposing Diddy, Hollywood's CREEPY Relationship With CIA w/Ian Carroll
Apr 19, 2024
EPISODE 593: JK Rowling Haters Spread LIES, Taylor Swift Album Leak, Snow White Shilling Begins
Apr 18, 2024
EPISODE 592: Sydney Sweeney SLANDERED, A.I. Beauty Pageant, Henry Cavill & Logan Paul Become Dads
Apr 17, 2024
EPISODE 591: Courtney Love Disses Taylor Swift, Bluey Goes Woke? MCU Layoffs, 'Rust' Armorer SENTENCED
Apr 16, 2024
EPISODE 590: Alan Ritchson Virtue Signals, Lana Del Rey Is Skinny Again, JoJo Siwa Is TURBO CRINGE
Apr 15, 2024
EPISODE: Disney SCARED of Gina Carano, JK Rowling SLAMS Harry Potter Stars (W/ George Alexopoulos)
Apr 12, 2024
EPISODE 588: OJ Simpson Dies, Race Swap Rapunzel, Margot Robbie's 'Monopoly' Movie, Rihanna Nun Cosplay
Apr 11, 2024
EPISODE 587: Billy Dee Williams Says 'Yes' to Blackface, Joker 2 Trigger Warning, 'Tulsa King' Drama
Apr 10, 2024
EPISODE 586: 'Wish' Used as Disney+ Propaganda, Romeo & Juliet Backlash BACKFIRES, Sonic MCU? (W/ HCB)
Apr 09, 2024
EPISODE 585: Jonathan Majors AVOIDS Jail, The Rock Ditches Politics, Morgan Wallen ARRESTED (W/ HCB)
Apr 08, 2024
EPISODE 584: Romeo & Juliet Racism Scandal, Fresh & Fit Host 'Baby Trapped', Nickelodeon Exec Speaks Out
Apr 05, 2024
EPISODE 583: Creepy Life-Like M3GAN Dolls, Disney is FAILING, 'Reacher' Star EXPOSES Hollywood SCUM
Apr 04, 2024
EPISODE 582: MARY IS BACK! So is Lizzo... Kanye SUED By Donda Academy Employee, New 'Matrix' Movie
Apr 03, 2024
EPISODE 581: Shakira ANGERS Feminists, JK Rowling BEATS The Government, Toxic Games Rating System
Apr 02, 2024
EPISODE 580: 😔 PCC's "FINAL SHOW": Lizzo QUITS Music, Scar Jo Labeled MID, Elon TROLLS Disney
Apr 01, 2024
EPISODE 579: 50 Cent Accused of Bad Things, SUSSY Diddy Vids RESURFACE, Celebs PISSED at Squatters
Apr 01, 2024
EPISODE 578: Disney REPLACES Johnny Depp, Huberman Cheating Scandal, Satanic AI BOYCOTT
Mar 28, 2024
EPISODE 577: 50 Cent EXPOSING Diddy, Drea de Matteo OF Controversy, Feminists ATTACK Eva Mendes
Mar 27, 2024
EPISODE 576: Diddy's Homes RAIDED By Feds, Amanda Bynes DEFENDS Nickelodeon, Euphoria CANCELLED?
Mar 26, 2024
EPISODE 575: Megan Fox Defends Blood Rituals, Kate Middleton Diagnosis (W/ Andrea Mew & Rollo Tomassi)
Mar 22, 2024
EPISODE 574: Elliot Page Looks Sickly, Beyoncé Feels 'Unwelcome', Ariana Grande DESTROYED in Divorce
Mar 21, 2024
EPISODE 573: 'Quiet on Set' EXPOSES Nickelodeon, Dan Schneider Damage Control, Ghostbusters Bad Reviews
Mar 20, 2024
EPISODE 572: Aaron Taylor-Johnson is James Bond, Captain America Bombs Test Screenings, Sydney Sweeney
Mar 19, 2024
EPISODE 571: Gina Carano Strikes Back, Journo Apologizes to Depp, OF Girl Redemption Arc
Mar 19, 2024
EPISODE 570: Disney Cooking The Books on Star Wars? MCU Cancels Captain Marvel (W/ Valliant Renegade)
Mar 15, 2024
EPISODE 569: Olivia Rodrigo Gives Fans Plan B, Dylan Mulvaney Cringe Pop Song, TikTok Ban Coming Soon?
Mar 14, 2024
EPISODE 568: Kristen Stewart CLAPS BACK at 'Homophobes', Pixar Goes Full Woke, The Batman 2 DELAYED
Mar 13, 2024
EPISODE 567: The Matrix Got Andrew Tate AGAIN, Gamergate 2.0, Rippaverse Hits $1 Million, RIP Mr. Bokus
Mar 12, 2024
EPISODE 566: Oscars Cringe Recap, John Cena Humiliation Ritual? Kate Middleton CONSPIRACY
Mar 11, 2024
EPISODE 565: Jim Carrey Conspiracy Resurfaces, Zack Snyder Disrespects Batman (W/ Aidan Mattis)
Mar 08, 2024
EPISODE 564: Journo Calls Cops on JK Rowling, Rust Armorer GUILTY, Seth Rogen Promotes Being Child-Free
Mar 07, 2024
EPISODE 563: Drake Bell EXPOSES Nickelodeon, Netflix Avatar Renewed, Dakota Johnson Takes The L
Mar 06, 2024
EPISODE 562: Dune 2 Woke Casting Controversy, Diddy Lawsuit HEATS UP, The People's Joker Trailer Drops
Mar 05, 2024
EPISODE 561: Sydney Sweeney Ends Wokeness? Wonka Wonderland Horror Movie Coming, Paltrow Virtue Signals
Mar 04, 2024
EPISODE 560: Hollywood Says NO to Women? Dune 2 Opens Strong, 'Superman' HUGE Budget? (W/ CAMELOT331)
Mar 01, 2024
EPISODE 559: Kate Middleton Conspiracies, Tom Brady Cucked, 'The Crow' Reboot Copies The Joker
Feb 29, 2024
EPISODE 558: 'Sound of Freedom' Studio SUED, Dune 2 Box Office, Sydney Sweeney Revives Romcoms
Feb 28, 2024
EPISODE 557: Diddy Faces INSANE New Allegations, Willy Wonka AI Scam, Kim Kardashian REMOVED HER RIBS?!
Feb 27, 2024
EPISODE 556: Shane Gillis SNL Comeback, Chrissie Mayr ATTACKED, Hasan Piker Cries About Streaming
Feb 26, 2024
EPISODE 555: Beyoncé: #1 Country Artist, Feminist Dune Poster, RIP Vice (W/ Xaviaer & Col. Kurtz) | Ep. 555
Feb 23, 2024
EPISODE 554: JK Rowling Angers Activists, Disney Still Coping, Warner Bros For Sale, (W/ Lisa Reynolds)
Feb 22, 2024
EPISODE 553: Johnny Depp Hit Pieces Protect Amber Heard, Madame Web MASS REFUNDS, MGK Shocking Tattoos
Feb 21, 2024
EPISODE 552: Disney SUED For Hating White Men, OpenAI Threatens Hollywood, Marvel Delays 'Blade' AGAIN?
Feb 20, 2024
EPISODE 551: Rachel Zegler ROBS Tom Cruise & Keanu Reeves, 'Madame Web' BOMBS
Feb 19, 2024
EPISODE 550: Kanye's 'Vultures' CENSORED, Comedian Bends The Knee to The Mob, (W/ Mason Musso)
Feb 16, 2024
EPISODE 549: Awful Magazine Covers Are In, Madame Web Lost to Bob Marley, Deadpool Fudges The Numbers
Feb 15, 2024
EPISODE 548: Beyoncé Infiltrates Country, Fantastic 4 Cast Announced, The Day Disney 'Died'
Feb 14, 2024
EPISODE 547: Super Bowl Predicts Catastrophe? 'Madame Web' IS SCREWED, Amazon DEI EXPOSED
Feb 13, 2024
EPISODE 546: 100K Subscriber Celebration! Biden RIGGED The Super Bowl? Kanye 'Vultures' Backlash
Feb 12, 2024
EPISODE 545: Jonathan Majors ACCUSED AGAIN, Kanye Concert CENSORED (W/ Shane Cashman & Libby Emmons)
Feb 09, 2024
EPISODE 544: Elon Musk EXPOSES Disney DEI, Marvel Actor Needed Therapy After FLOP, 'Knuckles' Trailer
Feb 08, 2024
EPISODE 543: Gina Carano SUES DISNEY, Marvel Under Investigation, Super Bowl Ads Avoiding Wokeness?
Feb 07, 2024
EPISODE 542: Jay-Z Cries Racism at Grammys, Female Led 'Pirates' Movie, Taylor Swift Sues Jet Stalker?
Feb 07, 2024
EPISODE 541: Taylor Swift EFF'D Up at The Grammys, Shane Gillis Gets REVENGE on SNL, 'Argylle' BOMBS
Feb 05, 2024
EPISODE 540: Disney 'Wheel of Wokeness' EXPOSED, New Joe Rogan Deal, #ExposeHollywood W/ Arden Young
Feb 02, 2024
EPISODE 539: Trump Waging 'Holy War' on Taylor Swift, Candace Owens SLAMS Ice Spice (W/ Lisa Reynolds)
Feb 01, 2024
EPISODE 538: Jake Gyllenhaal Public FREAKOUT, Elmo Causes Chaos, Captain Kirk Says YES to AI
Jan 31, 2024
episode 537: Taylor Swift Super Bowl/Election Psyop, Kanye LOSES IT on TMZ, Madam Web to FAIL?!
Jan 30, 2024
EPISODE 536: Rachel Zegler vs Gal Gadot, White House Simps For Taylor Swift, TMZ Disses Ben Shapiro
Jan 29, 2024
EPISODE 535: Ben Shapiro Rap Debut Reaction, Bob The Builder Race Swapped (W/ Siaka Massaquoi)
Jan 27, 2024
EPISODE 534: Taylor Swift A.I. Controversy, Ben Shapiro Rap Debut? Whoopi Gives Barbie Fans a Reality Check
Jan 25, 2024
EPISODE 533: Feminists FURIOUS Over Barbie Oscars Snub, Hollywood in DECLINE
Jan 24, 2024
Episode 532: Star Wars Sexism Scandal, Kim K Endorses Balenciaga, MrBeast Cashes in on X
Jan 23, 2024
EPISODE 531: JK Rowling Haters Are Back, Sports Illustrated FIRES Everyone, SUITS Spinoff is DOOMED
Jan 22, 2024
Episode 530: Lil Nas X APOLOGIZES to Christians, Terminal List Prequel, (W/ John F. Trent)
Jan 20, 2024
EPISODE 529: Director Antagonizes White People, Amazon Bets Big on Christian Movies
Jan 19, 2024
Jan 17, 2024
EPISODE 527: Feminists Big Mad That Ken Won an Award, Amouranth Warns Against OF, She-Hulk Cancelled?
Jan 16, 2024
EPISODE 526: Gina Carano Triggers Losers, Jonathan Majors FIRED Again, Mean Girls Wins Box Office
Jan 15, 2024
EPISODE 525: Twitch Faces MASSIVE Layoffs, Top Gun 3 in Development, (W/ Gothix & Graeme Wilson)
Jan 12, 2024
EPISODE 524: Gal Gadot 'Zionist Barbie' Backlash, Amouranth Makes $50M Off Simps (W/ Libby Emmons)
Jan 11, 2024
EPISODE 523: The Last of Us Casts Abby, Lil Nas X MOCKS Christianity, Tom Cruise Inks Deal With WB
Jan 10, 2024
EPISODE 522: Feminists BIG MAD at Golden Globes, Directors ENDORSE PIRACY, Eco-Sexuals Love Trees
Jan 09, 2024
EPISODE 521: Mark Ruffalo FRAMES Trump, Jonathan Majors SPEAKS OUT, Jim Gaffigan Makes Celebs Nervous
Jan 08, 2024
Episode 520: Disney Covers Up MeToo Scandal, James Bond Trigger Warning, Ludacris in the Illuminati?
Jan 06, 2024
EPISODE 519: Star Wars is Screwed, Feminist Lois Saves Superman? Kanye's Crisis of Faith
Jan 04, 2024
EPISODE 518: Chappelle & Gervais Dominate, Disney FAILS to Win 2023, Ex-Child Actor EXPOSES Hollywood
Jan 03, 2024
EPISODE 517: WE'RE SO BACK! Mickey Mouse Horror Movie, #Calendargate, New Year, New Movies
Jan 03, 2024
EPISODE 516: PCC Fights The War on Christmas With Aidan Mattis of The Lore Lodge
Dec 23, 2023
EPISODE 515: Elon Musk DESTROYS Disney, Queer Joker Movie Debuting, Warner Bros Merging With Paramount?
Dec 21, 2023
EPISODE 514: Amber Heard Has Big Screen Time in Aquaman 2, Wonka is Racist, Hollywood HATES Dads
Dec 20, 2023
EPISODE 513: Marvel FIRES Jonathan Majors, Mass Twitch Bans, Activision Blizzard Settles Lawsuit
Dec 19, 2023
EPISODE 512: Kanye Goes on MAJOR RANT, Matthew Perry Cause of Death REVEALED, Audiences HATE Musicals
Dec 18, 2023
EPISODE 511: Twitch Backtracks, Jonathan Majors Chased by GF, Talking The Rippaverse W/ Eric July
Dec 16, 2023
EPISODE 510: Twitch Goes Full Cam Site, Amanda Bynes Working With Cult Leader? Diddy Dropped by Hulu
Dec 14, 2023
EPISODE 509: Matt Rife Beefs With 6 Year Old, Taylor Swift Summoning Demons? Most HATED Celebs of 2023
Dec 13, 2023
EPISODE 508: Disney SUED For Sexism, SNL Skit BACKLASH, War on Christmas is BACK!
Dec 12, 2023
EPISODE 507: Zegler Backtracks on Snow White Hate, Jonathan Majors in Deep S***, Netflix Race Swapping
Dec 11, 2023
EPISODE 506: Taylor Swift Satanic Conspiracies, Mr. & Mrs. Smith Reboot (W/ Libby Emmons)
Dec 08, 2023
EPISODE 505: #BanGTA6 TRENDS, Diddy Faces New Allegations, Elon Musk TROLLS Disney
Dec 07, 2023
EPISODE 504: Taylor Swift Named 'Person OF The Year', Disney Adults Have Their Own Dating App?
Dec 07, 2023
EPISODE 503: Ricky Gervais Went Too Far? Jonathan Majors Trial Begins, GTA 6 Sets Record
Dec 05, 2023
EPISODE 502: 'Lady Ballers' Huge Debut, Disney ABANDONS The Marvels, Hollywood Satanism: Real or Urban Legend?
Dec 04, 2023
EPISODE 501: Tyler Fischer & Alex Stein Talk 'Lady Ballers' & The Death of Comedy
Dec 01, 2023
EPISODE 500: Celebrating 500 Episodes! Disney Loses Nearly 1 Billion in 2023
Nov 29, 2023
EPISODE 499: 'Wish' BOMBS at the Box Office, Hollywood Faces AVALANCHE of MeToo Cases
Nov 27, 2023
EPISODE 498: Amber Heard MIA From Aquaman 2 Trailer, Matt Rife Mocks Outrage Mob
Nov 22, 2023
EPISODE 497: Rachel Zegler Stans Claim Sexism, Anti-War Cardi B, DC Has Their Lex Luthor
Nov 21, 2023
EPISODE 496: The Marvels Record Setting FAILURE, Diddy Settles MeToo Case in Record Time
Nov 20, 2023
EPISODE 495: PCC HITS 75k Subscribers!! Diddy Faces MAJOR #METOO Claim (W/ Alex Clark)
Nov 17, 2023
EPISODE 494: 'The Marvels' Director INSULTS FANS, Pedro Pascal in Fantastic 4?
Nov 16, 2023
EPISODE 493: Kim Kardashian: 'Man of the Year', Will Smith Outed? (W/ Isabelle Rosini)
Nov 15, 2023
EPISODE 492: Billie Eilish Declares War on Men, Avengers Ditching Kang?
Nov 15, 2023
EPISODE 491: 'The Marvels' BOMBS, Unfunny SNL Skits Anger The Internet, 'Rebel Moon' Trailer
Nov 13, 2023
EPISODE 490: 'The Marvels' Review, Captain America Reshoots, Bye, Jezebel (W/ Vara Dark)
Nov 13, 2023
EPISODE 489: The Actors Strike is OVER, CHAOS at Gal Gadot's Movie Screening
Nov 09, 2023
EPISODE 488: Disney Lied About 'Snow White' Dwarfs, The Marvels RT Score is AWFUL, Mean Girls Reboot Will FAIL
Nov 08, 2023
EPISODE 487: MrBeast Cancelled Again For Helping people, 'Reacher' Season 2 Trailer
Nov 07, 2023
EPISODE 486: Media Predicts 'The Marvels' Will BOMB, Russell Brand Faces New Lawsuit
Nov 06, 2023
EPISODE 485: Marvel in Crisis, Disney BUYS HULU (W/ Director Phil)
Nov 03, 2023
EPISODE 484: Creed is Making America Great Again, HBO CEO Apologizes For Fake Accounts
Nov 02, 2023
EPISODE 483: Khloe Kardashian Accused of Blackfishing, Gina Carano Slams Union Hypocrisy
Nov 01, 2023
EPISODE 482: Actress Blames Netflix For Psychotic Break, Edgy Celeb Halloween Costumes
Oct 31, 2023
EPISODE 481: Gina Carano BLASTS Kathleen Kennedy, Disney Panics Over Snow White. FNAF Wins BIG at Box Office
Oct 31, 2023
EPISODE 480: Disney DELAYS Snow White, Taylor Swift is a Billionaire (W/ Libby Emmons)
Oct 27, 2023
EPISODE 479: Mary's BACK!! Jada Pinkett's Book FLOPS, Percy Jackson Author Fights 'Racist Trolls'
Oct 26, 2023
EPISODE 478: Jonathan Majors Accuser ARRESTED? Dillon Danis Calls Nina Agdal Posts were 'Jokes' to Promote Fight
Oct 25, 2023
EPISODE 477: Matthew Vaughn Tells Marvel 'Make Less Movies', Mission Impossible DELAYED
Oct 24, 2023
EPISODE 476: Fans WALK OUT on Dave Chappelle, James Bond Getting 'Modernized'
Oct 23, 2023
EPISODE 475: Daily Wire Cartoon SLAMMED on Twitter (W/ Five Times August)
Oct 20, 2023
EPISODE 474: Britney Spears Vs Justin Timberlake, Victoria's Secret Abandoning Wokeness?
Oct 19, 2023
EPISODE 473: Rick and Morty TANKS Without Justin Roiland, Top Halloween Costumes of 2023
Oct 18, 2023
EPISODE 472: Daily Wire Challenges Disney With 'Snow White' Starring Brett Cooper
Oct 17, 2023
EPISODE 471: Logan Paul Fight Ends in Chaos, Swifties FATHERLESS Behavior in Theaters
Oct 16, 2023
EPISODE 470: 'Suits' Reboot Announced, 'Halloween' Cinematic Universe (W/ Tony Merkel)
Oct 13, 2023
EPISODE 469: Dylan Mulvaney Named WOMAN of THE YEAR! The Marvels Box Office Looks BLEAK
Oct 12, 2023
EPISODE 468: Will & Jada SPLIT SINCE 2016?! 'Daredevil: Born Again' Writers AXED
Oct 11, 2023
EPISODE 467: Elon Musk THREATENED Warner Bros, Michael Mann Confirms 'Heat' Prequel
Oct 10, 2023
EPISODE 466: Kylie Jenner SLAMMED For Pro Israel Post, Doja Cat Stans Sam Hyde?
Oct 09, 2023
EPISODE 465: Taylor Swift Running For President? Arnie Calls Gen Z 'WIMPS'?
Oct 06, 2023
EPISODE 464: Writers BETRAY Drew Barrymore, Disney in the Dumps, Kat Von D Baptized
Oct 05, 2023
EPISODE 463: Celebrity Deepfake Scams, Bambi Next to Get Ruined, Trevor Bauer Speaks Out
Oct 04, 2023
EPISODE 462: Katy Perry Vs Old People, Taylor Swift Vs NFL Fans, Lara Trump Vs Tom Petty
Oct 04, 2023
EPISODE 461: Lil Tay Exposes Evil Stage Dad, Disney Sued For Atomic Wedgie
Oct 02, 2023
EPISODE 460: The Conservative War on Taylor Swift, Netflix Getting Sued (W/ Andrea Mew)
Sep 29, 2023
EPISODE 459: Britney Spears Knife Video Brings COPS, Actors Begs Union Bullies For Mercy, Cher Had Her Son KIDNAPPED??
Sep 28, 2023
EPISODE 458: Rachel Zegler Fired? Kathy Griffin Clout Chases Russell Brand, WGA Details
Sep 27, 2023
EPISODE 457: Dave Portnoy EXPOSES Journos, Travis Kelce Experiences Taylor Swift Effect
Sep 26, 2023
EPISODE 456: Rachel Zegler's Snow White Budget is HUGE, Traylor Psy-Op, WGA Strike Over
Sep 25, 2023
EPISODE 455: Celebs Protest Book Bans, Kathy Griffin Accuses Kanye of Abuse, Lizzo Sued AGAIN! (W/ Link Lauren)
Sep 22, 2023
EPISODE 454: Leslie Jones Still HAUNTED by Ghostbusters 2016, The Marvels Budget is HUGE, UK Gov't Attacks Russell Brand
Sep 21, 2023
EPISODE 453: American Horror Story Accused of Being a Toxic Workplace, Russell Brand Updates (W/ Aidan Mattis)
Sep 20, 2023
EPISODE 452: Comedian LIED About Racism in Stand Up, Russell Brand DEMONETIZED
Sep 19, 2023
EPISODE 451: Russell Brand Faces MASSIVE #MeToo Allegations, Bill Maher and Other Talk Shows CAVE to Unions
Sep 18, 2023
EPISODE 450: #BoycottAquaman2 Trends Thanks to Amber Heard (W/ WillyMacShow)
Sep 15, 2023
EPISODE 449: Jake Paul Hangs Out With Vivek, Matt Walsh on Dancing With the Stars?!
Sep 14, 2023
EPISODE 448: Taryn Manning Defends Danny Masterson, ADL Forms Hollywood Watchdog Group
Sep 13, 2023
EPISODE 447: Amber Heard is The Joker, Masterson Accuser Threatens Journalist
Sep 12, 2023
EPISODE 446: Ashton & Mila Post Hostage Apology Video, Commies Protest Jason Aldean, Elon Musk Baby Mama Drama
Sep 11, 2023
EPISODE 445: Jimmy Fallon is Toxic, Rotten Tomatoes is Compromised (W/ Shane Davis)
Sep 08, 2023
EPISODE 444: Nina Agdal SUES Dillon Danis, Logan Paul Fight in Jeopardy? W/ Libby Emmons
Sep 07, 2023
EPISODE 443: The Rock & Oprah Slammed For Maui Money Plea, Breaking Bad Star Gets no Residuals
Sep 06, 2023
EPISODE 442: Burning Man DISASTER, Woody Allen BACKLASH at Film Festival, Venice BANS YE
Sep 06, 2023
Episode 441: Taylor Swift Breaks Box Office Records, Dillon Danis DESTROYS Logan Paul (W/ Mostly Peaceful Latinas)
Sep 01, 2023
EPISODE 440: Taylor Swift Movie Coming! Florence Pugh Says Nipples Are About Freedom
Aug 31, 2023
EPISODE 439: Snow White the Socialist?, Italy Wants Kanye ARRESTED, Oliver Anthony Calls Out Politicians
Aug 30, 2023
EPISODE 438: Eminem Tells Vivek 'Lose Yourself' in Another Song, Abusive Britney Spears?
Aug 29, 2023
EPISODE 437: MrBeast SLAMMED as 'White Savior', Hollywood Mocks Trump Mugshot, Disney Stock PLUMMETS
Aug 28, 2023
EPISODE 436: Miley Cyrus Throws Shade at Disney, TikTokers ON STRIKE W/ Libby Emmons
Aug 25, 2023
EPISODE 435: Rachel Zegler 'Claps Back', Logan Paul Throws Cake
Aug 24, 2023
EPISODE 434: Scooter Braun's Celebrity Empire Attacked, Rebel Moon Trailer Reaction
Aug 23, 2023
EPISODE 433: Oliver Anthony Debuts at No. 1, Hollywood Brings Back Mask Mandates
Aug 22, 2023
EPISODE 432: Logan Paul Humiliated, Britney Spears Celebrates Divorce, Blue Beetle Bombs
Aug 21, 2023
EPISODE 431: 'Blue Beetle' Review, Study Finds Hollywood Hates Women (W/ Christian Toto)
Aug 18, 2023
EPISODE 430: Blue Beetle Set to BOMB, Cancel Disney+ Trends W/ Christian Toto
Aug 17, 2023
EPISODE 429: Rachel Zegler's PR Team is Working Overtime, Bradley Cooper Casting Debate, Taylor Swift Courses at College!
Aug 16, 2023
EPISODE 428: Sound of Freedom Director Debunks Conspiracies, 'Blind Side' Controversy
Aug 15, 2023
EPISODE 427: Mary's BIRTHDAY! Oliver Anthony Goes Viral, Rachel Zegler = Brie Larson 2.0
Aug 14, 2023
EPISODE 426: 'Barbie' BANNED, Mia Khalifa Gets Death Threats W/ Vanessa Santos
Aug 12, 2023
EPISODE 425: Lil Tay's 'Death' Was a HOAX, Sydney Sweeney Hated For Being Hot, Disney+ Loses 300k Subscribers
Aug 10, 2023
EPISODE 424: Megan Fox Exposes 'Men's Sins', Lizzo Hit With More Allegations, Covid Hysteria is No Match For 'Barbie'
Aug 09, 2023
EPISODE 423: JK Rowling ERASED From Museum, Ne-Yo Un-Apologizes, Doja Cat POSSESSED?!
Aug 08, 2023
EPISODE 422: Jamie Foxx & Ne-Yo Bow to Cancel Mobs, Kai Cenat Causes a RIOT in NYC
Aug 07, 2023
EPISODE 421: Roseanne Lands 'Anti-Woke' Show on X, Gwyneth Paltrow is Still Out of Touch
Aug 04, 2023
EPISODE 420: Studio Mistake Up Causes Woke TMNT Rage Bait, Mia Khalifa Gives Marriage
Aug 03, 2023
EPISODE 419: Lizzo Being SUED, Accused of Banana Related Offenses, Anita Sarkeesian SHUTS DOWN Feminist Frequency
Aug 02, 2023
EPISODE 418: 'Arrow' Star SLAMMED For Criticizing Strike, WB in Hot Water For Memes, Couples Breaking up Over 'Barbie'
Aug 01, 2023
EPISODE 417: Ye UNBANNED From Twitter, Disney's Haunted Mansion BOMBS at the Box office
Jul 31, 2023
EPISODE 416: Sexyy Red, Jason Aldean, Andrew Tate, Doja Cat and Stan Culture, Pop Culture Chaos With Xaviaer DuRousseau & CJ Pearson
Jul 28, 2023
EPISODE 415: Elon Musk Slams Snow White Race Swap as 'Anti-White', Ice Cube Rides W/ Tucker Carlson, The 1975 SUED
Jul 27, 2023
EPISODE 414: Jason Aldean Video CENSORED, Greta Gerwig Responds to 'Barbie' Backlash, Livvy Dunne is Too Famous For Class
Jul 26, 2023
EPISODE 413: Matty Healy LGBTQ PR Stunt, Influencers BLACKLISTED by Actors Union, The Rock STANS Andrew Tate?
Jul 25, 2023
EPISODE 412: Barbenheimer DOMINATES the Box Office, Oppenheimer Review, Snow White Drama
Jul 24, 2023
EPISODE 411: Barbie Review, Talking Hollywood and the #Metoo Movement With Colonel Kurtz
Jul 22, 2023
EPISODE 410: Sound of Freedom BREAKS $100M at the Box Office, the Internet is Mad at Tom Cruise
Jul 21, 2023
EPISODE 409: 'Barbie' Reviews EXPOSE Feminist Message, CMT CENSORS Jason Aldean Song After Ridiculous Controversy, Hornswoggle SLAMS Disney For Dwarf Erasure
Jul 19, 2023
EPISODE 408: 'Barbie' Marketing Hides its FEMINISM, Studios Show Millions in Losses as Actors Ask For 'Fair Share', Andrew Tate Interview Sets Record Viewership
Jul 18, 2023
EPISODE 407: Mission Impossible & Sound of Freedom DOMINATE the Box Office, Ron Perlman THREATENS Studio Execs
Jul 17, 2023
EPISODE 406: Mark Wahlberg GOES NUCLEAR on Hollywood Elites, Disney CEO SLAMS Company Critics, Actor Strike is on!
Jul 14, 2023
EPISODE 405: Margot Robbie & Greta Gerwig FAIL to Explain 'Barbie' Movies Feminism, Disney CEO SLAMS Actors Strike, 'Margot Robbie is Mid' Debate Rages Online
Jul 13, 2023
EPISODE 404: Andrew Tate Interview Infuriates Journos, 'Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning' REVIEW
Jul 12, 2023
EPISODE 403: Jack White SLAMS Celebrities For 'Normalizing' Donald Trump, Jonah Hill ACCUSED of Assault
Jul 11, 2023
EPISODE 402: Jonah Hill Accused of Emotional Abuse in LEAKED TEXTS, Sound of Freedom Sabotaged?
Jul 10, 2023
EPISODE 401: Media SLANDERS 'Sound of Freedom', Britney Spears SLAPPED, Pearly, Piers and a Feminist Walk Into a Bar (W/ Lauren Chen)
Jul 07, 2023
EPISODE 400: Pop Culture Crisis 400th Episode Special! Indiana Jones Falls, Sound of Freedom RISES!
Jul 06, 2023
EPISODE 399: Indiana Jones Was AWFUL, 200+ Celebs Advocate For Big Tech Censorship (W/ Osiris of MIDDLE MAGA)
Jun 30, 2023
EPISODE 398: Miranda Sings Gives Non-Apology For Grooming Allegations, Margot Robbie Promotes Diverse Dolls, Media Cancels Roseanne AGAIN!
Jun 29, 2023
EPISODE 397: James Gunn Has Found His Clark Kent and Lois Lane For Superman Legacy, Kim Petras Calls Sex Work 'Empowering'
Jun 28, 2023
EPISODE 396: Fun 'Barbie' Marketing Ruined With Lame Feminism, Disney Hates America, Parents Call For HBO to BAN 'The Idol'
Jun 27, 2023
EPISODE 395: Ice Cube CALLS OUT Hollywood Gatekeepers, Taylor Swift Disavows Swiftie Harassment of Her Exes, Netflix Gives Harry & Meghan an Ultimatum
Jun 26, 2023
EPISODE 394: Warner Bros Using AI to Greenlight Projects, Kesha Settles Out of Court With Dr. Luke (W/ Heather and Derek Hunter)
Jun 23, 2023
EPISODE 393: Taylor Swift Fans Dox and Threaten Journalist, Warner Bros Accused of BUYING Positive Reviews For 'The Flash'
Jun 22, 2023
EPISODE 392: Samuel L. Jackson DEFENDS Brie Larson From INCELS, Jennifer Lawrence Talks Comedy in an Offended Society, Jonathan Majors Attorney Blames NYPD RACSIM
Jun 21, 2023
EPISODE 391: Andrew Tate INDICTED, Gal Gadot OUT as Wonder Woman, Meghan Markle FAKED Podcasts, Amouranth DITCHES TWITCH
Jun 20, 2023
EPISODE 390: The Flash BOMBS at the Box Office, Spotify Exec Calls Harry & Meghan GRIFTERS, Extraction 3 GREENLIT
Jun 19, 2023
EPISODE 389: Barbie to Blow up Oppenheimer at the Box Office, Union Strippers Join The Writers Strike, Arnie Wishes He could Run For President
Jun 16, 2023
EPISODE 388: Kevin Spacey Threatens Comeback, Bill Cosby SUED in Nevada, Miranda Sings SCANDAL, Andrew Tate Hosts MASSIVE Livestream as Trafficking Charges Are Expanded
Jun 15, 2023
EPISODE 387: MARY IS BACK! Harrison Ford Approves of Punching Nazis, Demi Lovato Gives up Her They/Them Pronouns
Jun 14, 2023
EPISODE 386: Warner Bros. Changes 'The Flash' Premiere to Protect Ezra Miller, The Rippaverse Isom #2 Launch a MASSIVE SUCCESS
Jun 13, 2023
EPISODE 385: Marvel & DC Stars Hate Being Superheroes, Marvel's Tenoch Huerta Accused of Very Bad Things, Streamer Stands by Nickmercs in C.O.D. 'Anti-Pride' Controversy
Jun 12, 2023
EPISODE 384: Call of Duty CUTS TIES With Nickmercs For 'Problematic Tweet, Criterion CENSORS 'The French Connection' (W/ Paul Roland)
Jun 10, 2023
EPISODE 383: 'Wednesday' Actor Addresses Abuse Claims, The Flash is Marketing All Batman, NO EZRA, Disney BURIED 'Sound of Freedom'
Jun 09, 2023
EPISODE 382: Mel Gibson Rumored For New Trafficking Documentary, Across The Spider-Verse DESTROYS Racism Narrative, James Woods Calls Hollywood EVIL
Jun 07, 2023
EPISODE 381: Elliot Page Threatened, Swifties Are Unionizing?, Arnie The Atheist, U.S. Confirms Aliens...Again
Jun 06, 2023
EPISODE 380: Aquaman 2 Tackles 'Climate Change', Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes For Groping Women, Ezra Miller Shows Up at 'The Flash' Premiere
Jun 05, 2023
EPISODE 379: Jamie Foxx Mystery Illness Controversy, Bam Margera Needs Help, MSNBC Gives Self-Censorship Tips to Comedians
Jun 02, 2023
EPISODE 378: Executive Says James Bond Race Swap a Sure Thing, Oppenheimer Rated R, Taylor Swift Fans Are Wearing Diapers and Getting Amnesia
Jun 01, 2023
EPISODE 377: No Recasting Ezra Miller in Flash Sequel, Female-Led Reboot of The Office is Happening, Review Sites PROTECT 'The Little Mermaid'
May 31, 2023
EPISODE 376: New York Times Wants 'Kink' in 'The Little Mermaid', The Flash Could BOMB, Billy Eilish Slams Critics of New Style, Tarantino Licked Strippers Feet Until They Pruned?
May 30, 2023
EPISODE 375: 'The Little Mermaid' Movie Review, Netflix ROASTED For Password Sharing, Kim & Kanye Are Bad For Their Kids (W/ Special Guest Kino Corner)
May 26, 2023
EPISODE 374: MrBeast Arrested For Prank Video! Little Mermaid Box Office Tracking Low, New Barbie Trailer, Therapists For 'The Rings of Power' Cast
May 25, 2023
EPISODE 373: Barbie vs Oppenheimer: Who Wins The Box Office?, Eva Longoria Claims Progressive Hollywood is a MYTH, MAX Crashes on Day 1
May 24, 2023
EPISODE 372: Actors Protest Johnny Depp at Cannes, Indiana 5 is ROTTEN, Fast and Furious Girlboss Edition Still Planned
May 23, 2023
episode 371: China Blue-Washes The Little Mermaid, Taylor Swift Accused of Homophobia, iDubbbz Apologizes For Past Edgy Videos
May 22, 2023
EPISODE 370: Dove Soap Starts GamerGate 2.0, Disney Purges Woke Content From Disney Plus (W/ Special Guest: Gothix)
May 19, 2023
EPISODE 369: Mia Khalifa Speaks at Oxford Union, Taylor Swift Fans Write Delusional Open Letter, Stephen Colbert Called the 'Model White Male'
May 18, 2023
EPISODE 368: Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Trailer, Kim Petras & Martha Stewart Prove the Power of Woke Marketing, Harry & Meghan Chased by Paparazzi
May 17, 2023
EPISODE 367: Martha Stewart Angers Journos by Promoting Healthy Lifestyle, Writers Strike Costing Cali $30M a Day, Chris Pratt Angers Twitter Again
May 16, 2023
EPISODE 366: Dave Chappelle Roasts San Francisco. 'Queen Cleopatra' is Netflix Worst Rated Show ever, YouTuber Crashes Plane For Clout
May 15, 2023
EPISODE 365: Jamie Lee Curtis Virtue Signals, Pewdiepie Accused of Ruining Generation of Boys, Cartoon CENSORED For Fat Shaming (W/ Special Guest Seamus Coughlin)
May 12, 2023
EPISODE 364: Disney PANICS After Losing 4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, MrBeast Accused of Being Leader of a CULT, Influencer Sells A.I. Version of HERSELF to SImps
May 11, 2023
EPISODE 363: Tom Hanks CONDEMNS Censorship, Paramount Cuts Staff by 25%, Sam Smith Cancels Show, Britney Spears Still Spiraling
May 10, 2023
EPISODE 362: Jonathan Majors Lawyer Cries Racism, SWAT Uncancelled, Chelsea Handler Pushes Male Sterilization, France Regulating Influencers
May 09, 2023
EPISODE 361: MrBeast SLAMMED Again For Helping Deaf People Hear, Oppenheimer Trailer, Richard Dreyfuss DESPISES New Oscar Diversity Quotas
May 08, 2023
EPISODE 360: Amber Heard QUITS HOLLYWOOD, Data Shows Netflix Now Favors Female Stars (W/ Special Guest: Xaviaer DuRousseau)
May 05, 2023
EPISODE 359: Young Stars TERRIFIED to Call Out Wokeness, Snoop Dogg SLAMS Streaming Pay, Does 'The Right' Underestimate Pop Culture?
May 04, 2023
EPISODE 358: The Flash: So Good You'll Forgive Ezra Miller's Crimes?, Jameela Jamil is Right About 'Selective Cancel Culture', Chris Tyson Fired From MrBeast?
May 03, 2023
EPISODE 357: Unoriginal Hollywood Scribes Reboot The Writers Strike, Gran Turismo Trailer, A.I. Will Slowly Reshape Hollywood
May 02, 2023
EPISODE 356: Citadel Review, Black Superman Still Happening, Beware the Marvel Casting Couch
May 01, 2023
EPISODE 355: Hollywood Virtue Signals About Guns, Daughter of OnlyFans Model Wants to Follow in Moms Footsteps (W/ Decoy Voice)
Apr 28, 2023
EPISODE 354: R.I.P. Jerry Springer, WB Celebrates 100 Years With Woke Remakes, Steven Spielberg Regrets CENSORING E.T.
Apr 27, 2023
EPISODE 353: Lizzo Performs With Drag Queens to Protest New Law, Actor Dies Trying to Surgically Look Like BTS Member, Glenn Powell & Sydney Sweeny Cause Drama
Apr 25, 2023
EPISODE 352: Grimes Embraces AI Music, Kim Kardashian is Toxically Positive, JK Rowling MOCKS Activists Calling For Boycott
Apr 24, 2023
EPISODE 351: Alec Baldwin Charges DROPPED, Blue Check Celebs Meltdown (SPECIAL GUEST SAMAIRE ARMSTRONG!)
Apr 21, 2023
EPISODE 350: More Jonathan Majors Accusers Come Forward, Netflix Cleopatra SUED, Taylor Swift Mistaken For a UFO, Emrata Slacktivism
Apr 20, 2023
EPISODE 349: MrBeast DEFENDS Chris Tyson From Backlash, A.I. Drake Goes VIRAL, Kai Cenat BANNED, Harry Potter Series Boycott Underway
Apr 19, 2023
EPISODE 348: More Bad News For Jonathan Majors, Kathy Griffin Has PTSD, Influencers Fake Coachella, Gen Z Offended by American Pie
Apr 18, 2023
EPISODE 347: Lilo & Stitch Casting Backlash, Disney Loses MILLIONS as Super Mario Bros Eyes $1 Billion
Apr 17, 2023
EPISODE 346: Sam Smith Demonic or Cringe?, Jonathan Majors Future Uncertain, The Age of Video Game Movies, Sandra Bullock Not Woke Enough
Apr 14, 2023
EPISODE 345: Queen Cleopatra: Netflix Gonna Netflix, Harry Potter Series Made Official, James Bond WILL NOT be Younger
Apr 13, 2023
EPISODE 344: The Continental Trailer, Millie Bobby Brown Angers Cat Ladies, Andrew Tate Cloned?!
Apr 12, 2023
EPISODE 343: Taylor Swift Heartbreak Industrial Complex, Kim Kardashian in AHS, The Marvels is MEH, Barbie Has a Marketing Problem
Apr 11, 2023
EPISODE 342: Super Mario Smashes Records, JK Rowling Demands Billions From WB, Halle Berry Nontroversy, MrBeast, Madonna
Apr 10, 2023
EPISODE 341: 'The Last of Us' Wage Gap, Donda Academy is Lit, Disney Erases Demi Lovato, Karol G GQ Photoshop Controversy With Matt Battaglia
Apr 07, 2023
EPISODE 340: Ex Marvel CEO Warned Disney About Getting Political, John Leguizamo Still BIG MAD About Super Mario Bros., Youtuber Shot During Prank Video
Apr 06, 2023
EPISODE 339: Disney Updating 'The Little Mermaid' Music 'For Modern Audiences', Lizzo in The Mandalorian, Donald Glover Proves The Existence of Hollywood's Post Profit Era
Apr 05, 2023
EPISODE 338: Harry Potter Reboot Series Triggers JK Rowling Haters, Nobody Finished 'Rings of Power', Katy Perry Shames Mom of 3 Into Quitting American Idol
Apr 04, 2023
EPISODE 337: Country Music Award Show Goes Woke, CD Projekt Red, South Park Mocks Andrew Tate
Apr 03, 2023
EPISODE 336: Gwyneth Paltrow Wins Hilarious Ski Trial, Awarding $1 Dollar in Damages, Guy Pearce Apologizes and More W/Aidan Mattis of The Lore Lodge
Mar 31, 2023
EPISODE 335: Jonathan Majors Vindicated?, Brooke Shields Exposes Hollywood Predators, Hollywood Celebs Use Pay Gap to Virtue Signal
Mar 30, 2023
EPISODE 334: The X-Files Reboot Announced, Miley Cyrus Song BANNED, 'Friends' Not Diverse Enough, Internet Mad at MrBeast Again
Mar 29, 2023
EPISODE 333: Victoria Alonso Fallout, Disney Axes The Metaverse, Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Accident Goes Sexual?!
Mar 28, 2023
EPISODE 332: Jonathan Majors Arrest, Creator Clash Bans Froggy Fresh, Harley Quinn in Joker and 'Family Friendly' Amouranth
Mar 27, 2023
EPISODE 331: Blac Chyna Gets BAPTIZED, Ditches OnlyFans and Plastic Surgery
Mar 24, 2023
EPISODE 330: Domestic Violence Charges Against Justin Roiland Have Been Dropped (W/ Special Guest Ethan Van Sciver)
Mar 23, 2023
EPISODE 329: Kpop Star Chaeyoung SLAMMED For Wearing QAnon Shirt
Mar 22, 2023
EPISODE 328: Halle Bailey Trashes Original 'Little Mermaid' as Not Being Feminist Enough
Mar 21, 2023
EPISODE 327: 'Shazam: Fury of the Gods' Bombs at the Box Office Opening Weekend
Mar 20, 2023
EPISODE 326: Christina Ricci Threatened With Lawsuit Over Sex Scene Pushback
Mar 17, 2023
EPISODE 325: Producer Calls Jenna Ortega 'Entitled and Toxic' After She Insulted 'Wednesday' Writers on Podcast
Mar 16, 2023
EPISODE 324: Dove Soap Skinny Shames Brendan Fraser, Calls For Morbidly Obese Representation at The Oscars
Mar 15, 2023
EPISODE 323: Marvel Attempting to Force Reddit to Reveal User That Leaked Ant-Man Script
Mar 14, 2023
EPISODE 322: Scream 6 Opens Strong But It's Not The Biggest Opening of The Franchise
Mar 13, 2023
EPISODE 321: 'Stranger Things' Actress Leaves Hollywood For Twitch After Sexual Misconduct From Producer (W/ Special Guest Vara Dark)
Mar 11, 2023
EPISODE 320: Jenna Ortega NUKES Her Twitter After Co-Star's #MeToo Allegations Cause Backlash
Mar 09, 2023
EPISODE 319: Top Gun Maverick TARGETED For Removal From Oscars Best Picture Race
Mar 08, 2023
EPISODE 318: Netflix is Spending Superhero Movie Money to Make a Romantic Comedy
Mar 07, 2023
EPISODE 317: Disney Turns off Comments on Peter Pan & Wendy Trailer Because Everyone Hates it
Mar 06, 2023
EPISODE 316: Will Smith Gives Speech About Getting Spit on by White Actor in Emancipation
Mar 03, 2023
EPISODE 315: Sam Levinson Called Out For Obsession With Disturbing Themes in 'The Idol'
Mar 02, 2023
EPISODE 314: Woke 'Peter Pan & Wendy' Trailer Race Swaps Tinker Bell
Mar 01, 2023
EPISODE 313: Ian Fleming's James Bond Books CENSORED by 'Sensitivity Readers' Over Racist Content
Feb 28, 2023
EPISODE 312: Cocaine Bear Nearly DEVOURS Ant-Man at The Box Office, Biggest Drop in MCU History
Feb 27, 2023
EPISODE 311: The Little Mermaid's Outrage Marketing is Underway, Star Says She Expected Racist Backlash
Feb 24, 2023
EPISODE 310: Cocaine Bear Director Plays Victimhood Card, Claims Female Action Directors Face Discrimination
Feb 23, 2023
EPISODE 309: Humorless Harry & Meghan Want to Publicly Sue South Park Over Sketch
Feb 22, 2023
EPISODE 308: Woke, Preachy Hollywood Turns on Tom Cruise Because he Gives Fans What They Wan
Feb 21, 2023
EPISODE 307: Jeffree Star Angers the LGBTQ Community by Calling They ,Them Pronouns Stupid
Feb 21, 2023
EPISODE 306: Keanu Reeves Acting Contracts Prevent Studios Altering His Performance With CGI
Feb 17, 2023
EPISODE 305: Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantumania Only The Second ROTTEN Marvel Movie on Rotten Tomatoes
Feb 17, 2023
EPISODE 304: Barney is Getting a 'Modern Take' to ''Reflect The World Kids Live in Today''
Feb 16, 2023
EPISODE 303: Chelsea Handler Puts Down Motherhood, Promotes Being Child Free
Feb 14, 2023
EPISODE 302: Rihanna Accused of Demonic Lip Syncing at The Super Bowl
Feb 13, 2023
EPISODE 30`1: 'Cocaine Bear' Director Elizabeth Banks Pretends She Didn't Blame Men For 'Charlie's Angels' Flop
Feb 10, 2023
EPISODE 300: Disney+ Loses Over 2 Million Subscribers in First Quarter, Major Cuts Announced
Feb 10, 2023
EPISODE 299: Madonna Blames Ageism and Misogyny For People Criticizing Her New Face
Feb 09, 2023
EPISODE 298: Disney+ Proud Family Reboot Pushes White Guilt on Children
Feb 07, 2023
EPISODE 297: Sam Smith's Grammys Performance Called Satanic
Feb 06, 2023
EPISODE 296: The Last of Us Director Says he Wanted to 'Trick' Viewers Into Watching Gay Romance
Feb 03, 2023
EPISODE 295: 'Dances With Wolves' Actor Arrested For Allegedly Running a Cult Known as 'The Circle'
Feb 02, 2023
EPISODE 294: Disney to Host Star Wars Drag Show at This Years 'Star Wars Celebration'
Feb 02, 2023
EPISODE 293: James Gunn Reveals New Slate of DCU Films
Feb 01, 2023
EPISODE 292: Zachary Levi Attacked by Twitter Journalists For Pfizer Wrongthink
Jan 30, 2023
EPISODE 291: Hate Watching Velma May Risk More Seasons Being Made
Jan 27, 2023
EPISODE 290: Neil Druckmann Confirms 'The Last of Us' Will Stick to the Events of the Game
Jan 26, 2023
EPISODE 289: 2023 #OscarsSoMale Outrage is Insanely Predictable
Jan 25, 2023
EPISODE 288: Madonna Releases Creepy Photoshoot With Dead Baby Dolls
Jan 24, 2023
EPISODE 287: 'Velma' Producer Mindy Kaling Exposed For Kissing Co-Star Without Consent
Jan 23, 2023
EPISODE 286: 'Journalist' Writes INSANE Article Encouraging People to Shame JK Rowling's Grandchildren
Jan 20, 2023
EPISODE 285: Alec Baldwin Could Face 5 Years in Prison For Deadly 'Rust' Shooting
Jan 19, 2023
EPISODE 284: Disney Gets China to Lift Ban on Marvel Movies, Wakanda Forever and Ant-Man 2 Releases Incoming
Jan 18, 2023
EPISODE 283: 'The Last of Us' Draws Biggest HBO Max Debut Since 'House of the Dragon'
Jan 18, 2023
EPISODE 282: Hate Watching 'Velma' Brings Massive Views, Season 2 Underway
Jan 16, 2023
EPISODE 281: Demi Lovato Album Cover Banned For Offending Christianity
Jan 13, 2023
EPISODE 280: Awful 'Velma' Trailer Shows Twerking, Nudity and Drugs...WTF
Jan 12, 2023
EPISODE 279: Gina Carano Drags Journalist For Saying She Threw Away Her Career
Jan 12, 2023
EPISODE 278: Hugh Jackman Accused of Lying About Steroid Use While Playing Wolverine
Jan 10, 2023
EPISODE 277: Billie Eilish is a Climate Change Hypocrite
Jan 10, 2023
EPISODE 276: Mel Gibson Rumored to Take on The NWO With Movie About The Rothschild Banking Family
Jan 06, 2023
EPISODE 275: Elliot Page 'Rumored' to Replace Henry Cavill as Superman
Jan 06, 2023
EPISODE 274: Betting Odds Favor James Bond Still Being a Straight White Guy
Jan 05, 2023
EPISODE 273: Dr. Strange May Have to Pay Reparations
Jan 04, 2023
EPISODE 272: Jeffree Star Claims Illuminati Elites Tried to Ruin His Life For Trying to EXPOSE Hollywood!
Jan 02, 2023
EPISODE 271: Andrew Tate Arrested After Being Doxxed by a Pizza Box
Dec 31, 2022
EPISODE 270: Greta Thunberg Accuses Andrew Tate of Having 'Small Dick Energy'
Dec 30, 2022
EPISODE 269: Ex-Harry Potter Fans Blame JK Rowling For Associating Herself With Hogwarts Legacy
Dec 29, 2022
EPISODE 268: Avatar Passes Black Adam in Less Than a Week at the Box Office
Dec 23, 2022
EPISODE 267: Director of 'The Little Mermaid' Claims There Was 'No Agenda' Behind Controversial Casting of Ariel
Dec 23, 2022
EPISODE 266: After Speaking 'Her Truth', Amber Heard Agrees to Pay Johnny Depp $1 Million in Defamation Case
Dec 21, 2022
EPISODE 265: James Cameron Caught Flipping Off Adoring Fans During Avatar 2 Opening Weekend
Dec 20, 2022
EPISODE 264: Avatar: The Way of Water Underwhelms With Thursday Preview Screenings
Dec 17, 2022
EPISODE 263: Henry Cavill SNUBBED For Next Superman Movie Written by James Gunn
Dec 16, 2022
EPISODE 262: Matt Reeve's 'The Batman' May be Brought Into the DCU to Replace Ben Affleck
Dec 15, 2022
EPISODE 261: JK Rowling Slammed By LGBTQ Activists Over Opening of Women-Only Shelter
Dec 14, 2022
EPISODE 260: Marvel Mocked For Submitting Thor Love and Thunder For Oscar Consideration
Dec 13, 2022
EPISODE 259: Patty Jenkins Refused to Rewrite the Script For Wonder Woman 3
Dec 10, 2022
EPISODE 258: #FireJamesGunn Trends as Wonder Woman 3 Gets Axed, Cavill Superman in Doubt
Dec 09, 2022
EPISODE 257: The Flash Release Date Moved up Following Extremely Positive Test Screenings
Dec 07, 2022
EPISODE 256: Black Adam Losing up to $100 Million, Budgets Are Too High in Hollywood!
Dec 07, 2022
EPISODE 255: Marvel May Course Correct to Quality Over Quantity For Phase 5 & 6
Dec 06, 2022
EPISODE 254: Twitter CEO Elon Musk SLAMMED For Permanently BANNING Ye
Dec 03, 2022
EPISODE 253: Brittany Aldean Performatively Throws Away Her Balenciaga Gear in the Trash
Dec 02, 2022
EPISODE 252: DC Animated Movies May be Headed to Amazon Prime
Dec 01, 2022
EPISODE 251: Ye Walks Out of Tense Conversation With Political Podcaster
Nov 30, 2022
EPISODE 250: Strange World Set to Lose Disney Over $100 Million at The Box Office
Nov 29, 2022
EPISODE 249: 'Glass Onion' Spoiler Review
Nov 24, 2022
EPISODE 248: 'Get the F--k Out of My Office': James Cameron Refuses to Reduce Avatar 2's Three Hour Runtime
Nov 22, 2022
EPISODE 247: Disturbing Balenciaga Ad Campaign Featuring Children Holding BDSM Teddy Bears Faces Backlash
Nov 22, 2022
EPISODE 246: Data Shows Wakanda Forever Alienates White and Male Audiences
Nov 19, 2022
EPISODE 245: Despite Trial Outcome Over 100 Groups Sign Open Letter in Support of Amber Heard
Nov 18, 2022
EPISODE 244: Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav Promises More Focused DCU Under James Gunn & Peter Safran
Nov 16, 2022
EPISODE 243: Margot Robbie's 'Female-Led' Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Cancelled by Disney
Nov 15, 2022
EPISODE 242: Dave Chappelle Condemned For 'Normalizing' Antisemitism in New SNL Monologue
Nov 15, 2022
EPISODE 241: Wakanda Forever' Spoiler Review
Nov 12, 2022
EPISODE 240; Wakanda Forever Box Office Projections Dramatically Fall in Lead up to Release
Nov 11, 2022
EPISODE 239: SAG-AFTRA President Praises Disney For Ending Vaccine Mandates on Set
Nov 10, 2022
EPISODE 238: SNL SLAMMED by Activists For Bringing Back Dave Chappelle as Host
Nov 09, 2022
EPISODE 237: House of the Dragon Star Emma D'Arcy Named One of 6 Women on GQ's Men of the Year List
Nov 08, 2022
EPISODE 236: Twitter Slams Rihanna For Featuring Johnny Depp in Savage X Fenty Lingerie Show
Nov 05, 2022
EPISODE 235: Henry Cavill Leaving 'The Witcher' After Season 3, Replaced by Liam Hemsworth
Oct 31, 2022
EPISODE 234: Activists Tell White People to Sit Out Wakanda Forever Opening Weekend to Avoid Being 'Anti-Black'
Oct 28, 2022
EPISODE 233: Disney Debuts First Ever Plus-Size Protagonist in Short Film About Body Dysmorphia
Oct 28, 2022
EPISODE 232: Amazon May Replace Rings of Power Showrunners After FAILED First Season
Oct 26, 2022
EPISODE 231: Susan Sarandon Makes Post Strangely Similar to the Post That Got Gina Carano Fired
Oct 25, 2022
EPISODE 230: Black Adam Brings in $140 Million Dollars Opening Weekend by Refusing to Insult Fans
Oct 25, 2022
EPISODE 229: Black Adam Early Release Reviews From Audiences DESTROY Critics Reviews
Oct 21, 2022
EPISODE 228: Vox Day's 'Rebel's Run' Comic Book Movie Dies After Financial Fraud Scandal
Oct 20, 2022
EPISODE 227: Black Adam is Getting Largely Negative Reviews From Critics on Rotten Tomatoes
Oct 19, 2022
EPISODE 226: Man of Steel 2 in Early Development, Walter Hamada Tried to Sabotage Superman Cameo in Black Adam
Oct 18, 2022
EPISODE 225: Twitch Streamer Amouranth Verbally Abused by Husband During Stream
Oct 17, 2022
EPISODE 224: Rachel Zegler Plans to Add Obnoxious 'Modern Edge' to Snow White Live Action Remake
Oct 14, 2022
EPISODE 223: Warner Bros Backtracks on Removal of Diversity Program following Backlash
Oct 14, 2022
EPISODE 222: Well Known Cosplayer Dies at Chaotic New York Comic Con
Oct 13, 2022
EPISODE 221: Alan Moore Worries Adult Love of Superheroes Leads to Fascism
Oct 11, 2022
EPISODE 220: Hollywood Makes Excuses For Violent 'Amsterdam' Director David O. Russell
Oct 08, 2022
EPISODE 219: The Rings of Power Showrunners Label Critics of the Series as 'Patently Evil'
Oct 06, 2022
EPISODE 218: Marvel Teams up With Pfizer to Create Nightmarish Covid-19 Propaganda Comic
Oct 06, 2022
EPISODE 217: Kanye West Shocks Paris Fashion Week With 'White Lives Matter' Shirts
Oct 05, 2022
EPISODE 216: After Bombing at The Box Office, Billy Eichner Calls People That Didn't go See His New Movie 'Bros' Homophobic
Oct 03, 2022
EPISODE 215: Bruce Willis Reportedly Sells His Likeness to Deep Fake Company
Oct 01, 2022
EPISODE 214: Stranger Things Actor Caleb McLaughlin Says he Experienced Racism From Fans at Comic Con
Sep 30, 2022
EPISODE 213: Ryan Reynolds Announces Unnecessary Return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine For Deadpool 3
Sep 29, 2022
EPISODE 212: Avatar is Apparently Not a Psy-Op, Makes $30 Million on Re-Release
Sep 27, 2022
EPISODE 211: James Earl Jones Sells His Voice to a Tech Company
Sep 27, 2022
EPISODE 210: New Survey Shows Gen Z is Changing the Direction of Entertainment
Sep 23, 2022
EPISODE: 209: House of the Dragon Ratings Drop as Fans Debate Character Incest
Sep 22, 2022
EPISODE 208: The Adam Levine 'Flirting' Story is Ridiculous on Every Level
Sep 22, 2022
EPISODE 207: Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn Rumored to be a Main Character in Joker Folie à Deux
Sep 21, 2022
EPISODE 206: Ezra Miller Accused of Weaponizing Gender Identity
Sep 20, 2022
EPISODE 205: Charlie Cox Reassures Fans That MCU Daredevil Will Not Become a Slapstick Character
Sep 19, 2022
EPISODE 204: Modern Fandoms Such as Disney and Star Wars Look Like Cults
Sep 16, 2022
EPISODE 203: 'The People's Joker' Pulled From Film Festival Due to 'Rights Issues' With Warner Bros
Sep 15, 2022
EPISODE 202: Amber Heard PR Representative Threatens Journalist's Family
Sep 14, 2022
EPISODE 201: The 'Little Mermaid' Live Action Trailer is Extremely Disliked on Youtube
Sep 13, 2022
EPISODE 200: Jennifer Lawrence Complains About 25 Million Dollar Pay Day Because Leonardo Dicaprio Made More
Sep 12, 2022
EPISODE 199: House of the Dragon Beats Rings of Power by Hating Fans Slightly Less
Sep 09, 2022
EPISODE 198: Netflix Bans Political ads, Moves up Launch Date for Ad Tier Service
Sep 08, 2022
EPISODE 197: 'The Rings of Power' Hits Record Viewership For Amazon Despite Lowest Ratings of the Entire Franchise
Sep 07, 2022
EPISODE 196: Lord of The Rings The Rings of Power Episode 1 & 2 Review
Sep 05, 2022
EPISODE 195: Radio Stations Pull Arcade Fire's Music Amid Allegations of Sexual Assault
Sep 02, 2022
EPISODE 194: Critics and Fans Are More Divided Than Ever Before About Movies
Sep 01, 2022
EPISODE 193: Chris Evans Rumored to Return to MCU to Make Captain America Less Patriotic
Aug 31, 2022
EPISODE 192: Sydney Sweeney Calls Out Critics For Turning Mom's Birthday Into Absurd Political Statement
Aug 30, 2022
EPISODE 191: Amazon Studios Will Declare 'The Rings of Power' a Success No Matter What
Aug 29, 2022
EPISODE 190: Shia Labeouf Fired From Movie by Director Olivia Wilde to Keep Co-Star Florence Pugh 'Safe'
Aug 26, 2022
EPISODE 189: Batgirl Directors Tried to Steal Bootleg Cellphone Footage of the Unfinished Film
Aug 25, 2022
EPISODE 188: Playboy Bunnies Claim Hugh Hefner 'Coerced' Them Into 'Unprotected Orgies'
Aug 24, 2022
EPISODE 187: Top Gun Maverick Soars Past Avengers Infinity War as the Sixth Biggest Domestic Film of All Time
Aug 23, 2022
EPISODE 186: Nintendo Investigating Reports that Female Testers Face Discrimination and Harassment
Aug 22, 2022
EPISODE 185: 'Experts' Believe Warner Bros. Discovery Merger Could Damage Hollywood Inclusion Efforts
Aug 19, 2022
EPISODE 184: Angelina Jolie Revealed as the Plaintiff in FBI Lawsuit Related to Brad Pitt Assault Allegations
Aug 18, 2022
EPISODE 183: Jason Momoa Says Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Will Tackle Climate Change
Aug 17, 2022
EPISODE 182: Warner Bros Condemns Threats Against J K Rowling After Public Attack of Salman Rushdie
Aug 16, 2022
EPISODE 181: Disney Overtakes Netflix in the Streaming War With Combined 221 Million Subscribers
Aug 15, 2022
EPISODE 180: Joseph Gordon Levitt Says Much of Our Current Pop Culture is Pornographic
Aug 12, 2022
EPISODE 179: Neve Campbell Claims 'Scream 6' Salary Dispute Wouldn't be an Issue 'If I Were a Man'
Aug 11, 2022
EPISODE 178: Mike Tyson Slams New Unauthorized Hulu Documentary, Compares Streamer to 'Slave Master'
Aug 10, 2022
EPISODE 177: John Leguizamo Calls Out the Casting of James Franco as Fidel Castro
Aug 09, 2022
EPISODE 176: Ezra Miller Accused of Leading a Cult Out of an AirBnB in Iceland
Aug 08, 2022
EPISODE 175: Batgirl Cast and Crew Humiliated by Warner Bros Who Didn't Tell Them Movie Was Dead
Aug 05, 2022
EPISODE 174: 'Irredeemable' Batgirl Movie Axed By Studio Despite Production being Nearly Complete
Aug 04, 2022
EPISODE 173: Beyoncé to Replace Offensive Lyric From New Song 'Heated' Following Ableist Backlash
Aug 03, 2022
EPISODE 172: Production Begins on 'Robyn Hood' Show That Reimagines Character as Gen Z Hip-Hop Band Member
Aug 02, 2022
EPISODE 171: Hollywood Embraced Cancel Culture and Will Ignore it For the Same Reason: MONEY
Aug 01, 2022
EPISODE 170: New Work Culture at Rockstar Brings Less Offensive Humor, First Female Protagonist to GTA VI
Jul 29, 2022
EPISODE 169: Disney Faces Backlash For Using the Late Chadwick Boseman's Twitter to Promote Black Panther 2
Jul 28, 2022
EPISODE 168: Kate Moss Admits 1992 Calvin Klein Ad With Mark Wahlberg Left Her Feeling 'Objectified'
Jul 28, 2022
EPISODE 167: PayPal Flags Rippaverse Account, Refusing Access to Over $1 Million Worth of Funds
Jul 26, 2022
EPISODE 166: Despite the Media Narrative Women in Hollywood Are Flourishing
Jul 25, 2022
EPISODE 165: Pro Quidditch League Name Due to Ongoing JK Rowling Backlash
Jul 22, 2022
EPISODE 164: Zack Snyder Hit Piece Shows That Bots Are the Next Big Media Scapegoat
Jul 21, 2022
EPISODE 163: The Russo Brothers Call Going to the Movie Theater 'An Elitist Notion'
Jul 20, 2022
EPISODE 162: Nintendo Acquires Dynamo Pictures to Adapt Games into Movies
Jul 20, 2022
EPISODE 161: Thor Love and Thunder Projected to Drop 65% in Second Weekend Ticket Sales
Jul 18, 2022
EPISODE 160: Chet Hanx Overcomes Drugs and Rich Parents To Get Jacked and Find God
Jul 15, 2022
EPISODE 159: Dave Chappelle's 'The Closer' Angers Critics Yet Again By Getting Emmy Nod
Jul 14, 2022
EPISODE 158: Letitia Wright Nearly Died in Stunt Gone Wrong For 'Wakanda Forever'
Jul 13, 2022
EPISODE 157: Thor Love and Thunder Opens to $302 Million Despite Mixed Reception
Jul 12, 2022
EPISODE 156: Study Finds “Video Games With Sexualized Content” Don't Cause Misogyny
Jul 11, 2022
EPISODE 155: Current Mini Box Office Boom Shows What Fans Want and 2023 Looks Even Better
Jul 07, 2022
EPISODE 154: Celebrities Really Hate The 4th of July again
Jul 06, 2022
EPISODE 153: Ezra Miller Allegedly Called a Descendant of a Holocaust Survivor a 'Nazi'
Jul 05, 2022
EPISODE 152: The Next Version of James Bond Will be a 'Reinvention'
Jul 01, 2022
EPISODE 151: R Kelly Faces Life in Prison For Sex Trafficking, Racketeering Conviction
Jun 30, 2022
EPISODE 150: Religion is the Main Reason the Internet Still Really Hates Chris Pratt
Jun 29, 2022
EPISODE 149: Johnny Depp Rumored to Return as Captain Jack Sparrow in Deal Worth $301 Million
Jun 28, 2022
EPISODE 148: Denise Richards Decides to Join Daughter Sami Sheen on Onlyfans
Jun 27, 2022
EPISODE 147: Top Gun Maverick Nears 1 Billion at The Box Office, Lightyear Fails to Find an Audience
Jun 24, 2022
EPISODE 146: Paramount CEO Bob Bakish Says Paramount+ Will Not Censor Content Considered to be Offensive
Jun 23, 2022
EPISODE 145: Marvel Facing Backslash Over Stereotyped Depiction of Miles Morales in 'What If ' Comic
Jun 22, 2022
EPISODE 144: Disney Stumbles Big Time As 'Lightyear' Flops Badly at The Box Office
Jun 21, 2022
EPISODE 143: Amber Heard Releases 'Years' of Therapy Notes, Alleges They Prove Johnny Depp Abuse
Jun 20, 2022
EPISODE 142: Ezra Miller on The Run, Deletes Instagram After Mocking Authorities Searching For Them
Jun 17, 2022
EPISODE 141: Ezra Miller and Amber Heard Give WB and DC a Really Bad Publicity Problem
Jun 16, 2022
EPISODE 140: Joker Sequel to be a Musical, Lady Gaga in Talks to Play Harley Quinn
Jun 15, 2022
EPISODE 139: Suicide Squad Actress Viola Davis Believes Movies Are Being Destroyed by Escapism
Jun 14, 2022
EPISODE 138: Aquaman 2 Test Screenings Have Doubled Screen Time For Amber Heard
Jun 13, 2022
EPISODE 137: Johnny Depp's Win Brings New Attention to Marilyn Manson's Court Battle With Evan Rachel Wood
Jun 10, 2022
EPISODE 136: Parents of 18 Year Old Girl Accuse Ezra Miller Of Years of Grooming, Want an Order of Protection
Jun 09, 2022
EPISODE 135: Neve Campbell Turns Down Starring Role in Scream 6 Over Salary Dispute
Jun 08, 2022
EPISODE 134: Top Gun Maverick Has Another Record Setting Weekend at The Box Office
Jun 07, 2022
EPISODE 133: Obi Wan Kenobi Audience Score Plummets After the Release of Episode 3
Jun 06, 2022
EPISODE 132: Amber Heard Appeals Verdict as Petition To Remove Her From Aquaman 2 nears 5 Million Signatures
Jun 03, 2022
EPISODE 131: British Theater Chain Vue Pulls Blumhouse FIlm 'Dashcam' Over Fears of the Movie Being 'Offensive'
Jun 02, 2022
EPISODE 130: The Media Thinks Believing Amber Heard is Guilty is an Act of Bullying and Regression
Jun 01, 2022
EPISODE 129: Top Gun Maverick Loses Chinese Investors and Still Scores Record Setting Box Office Weekend
May 31, 2022
EPISODE 128: 'Peter Five Eight' Producers Defend Working With Kevin Spacey Amid NEW Sexual Assault Charges
May 30, 2022
EPISODE 127: Ex TMZ Employee Claims Amber Heard STAGED Photo Op of Bruised Face Outside Courthouse in 2016
May 27, 2022
EPISODE 126: Hollywood Still Does Not Understand That Fans Are Sick of 'Subverted Expectations'
May 26, 2022
EPISODE 125: Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Under Fire For Disrespectful Catholic Wedding
May 25, 2022
EPISODE 124: Amber Heard's Aquaman 2 Role Reduced Due to Lack of Chemistry With Jason Momoa
May 24, 2022
EPISODE 123: Dave Chappelle's Alleged Attacker Charged With Attempted Murder of Roommate
May 23, 2022
EPISODE 122: The Family of Alleged Cannibal Fetishist Armie Hammer the Focus of Docuseries 'House of Hammer'
May 20, 2022
EPISODE 121: Cara Delevingne Accused of Repeatedly Fetishizing Black Women After Incidents With Megan Thee Stallion
May 19, 2022
EPISODE 120: Amber Heard Confirms During Testimony That Her Aquaman 2 Role Has Been Reduced
May 18, 2022
EPISODE 119: P. Diddy Slammed For Working To Uncancel Morgan Wallen and Travis Scott
May 17, 2022
EPISODE 118: Kevin Spacey Has a New Movie Coming Out Because Hollywood Is Full of Awful People
May 13, 2022
EPISODE 117: The Line Between Adult Entertainment and Mainstream Celebrity is Becoming Blurred
May 12, 2022
EPISODE 116: Paris Hilton Speaks Out About The Abuse She Suffered At Troubled Teen Care Centers
May 11, 2022
EPISODE 115: MCU Fans Are Mad That People Are Making Fun of Xochitl Gomez's Name on Twitter
May 10, 2022
EPISODE 114: The Epic ''Amber Heard Is Snorting Cocaine In The Courtroom'' Conspiracy
May 09, 2022
EPISODE 113: Netflix is Being SUED For Allegedly LYING to Shareholders
May 06, 2022
EPISODE 112: Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage by Man With Weapon He Snuck Past Security
May 05, 2022
EPISODE 111: Amber Heard Punched and Spit On Johnny Depp
May 04, 2022
EPISODE 110: Doctor Strange 2 Reportedly Banned in China Losing Millions of Dollars
May 03, 2022
EPISODE 109: Bill Murray Responds to the On Set Complaint That Shut Down Production of His Newest Movie
May 02, 2022
EPISODE 108: Rob Kardashian Testifies to Being Beaten With A Metal Rod By Blac Chyna
Apr 29, 2022
EPISODE 107: Amber Heard Keeps Copying Johnny Depp's Courtroom Outfits
Apr 28, 2022
EPISODE 106: James Gunn Defends Chris Pratt Against Another Attempted Cancellation
Apr 27, 2022
EPISODE 105: ITV Network Censors Cute Outfit Joke From Spider Man Movie
Apr 26, 2022
EPISODE 104: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Banned in Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Apr 25, 2022
EPISODE 103: Angelina Jolie Files Lawsuit Against the FBI
Apr 22, 2022
EPISODE 102: DC Fans See No Future For Ezra Miller As The Flash
Apr 21, 2022
EPISODE 101: Mac Miller's Drug Supplier Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison
Apr 20, 2022
EPISODE 100: Doja Cat Says She's Quitting Music After Arguing With Fans
Apr 19, 2022
EPISODE 99: Jackass Star Bam Margera Settles Lawsuit Newest Movie
Apr 18, 2022
EPISODE 98: Amy Schumer Says She Got Death Threats After Oscars Joke
Apr 15, 2022
EPISODE 97: Fantastic Beasts Series Reportedly on Thin Ice After Scandal
Apr 14, 2022
EPISODE 96: Mickey Mouse Gets Green Light To Resume Hugging At Disney Theme Parks
Apr 13, 2022
EPISODE 95: Johnny Depp’s $50M Defamation Trial Against Amber Heard Has Begun
Apr 12, 2022
EPISODE 94: Jussie Smollett Drops New Song Following Jail Release
Apr 11, 2022
EPISODE 93: The Weeknd Demands Kanye’s $8.5M Coachella Paycheck Threatens To Pull Out
Apr 08, 2022
EPISODE 92: The Northman Actor Alexander Skarsgard Spills The Beans On The Ridiculous Hollywood Culture
Apr 08, 2022
EPISODE 91: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Eminem And Many Other A-list Celebrities Youtube Channels Were Hacked
Apr 06, 2022
EPISODE 90: E3 Has Been Officially Cancelled for 2022
Apr 05, 2022
EPISODE 89: Logan Paul Appears At Wrestlemania Wearing His $5.3 Million Pokemon Card
Apr 04, 2022
EPISODE 88: Machine Gun Kelly Recounts Life-Changing Drug Use on Kimmel
Apr 01, 2022
EPISODE 87: Chris Rock’s Ticket Sales Reportedly Surge After Oscars Slap
Mar 31, 2022
EPISODE 86: Chris Rock Face Pad Goes Viral Online As Video Of Will Smith Slap Leads Accusations
Mar 30, 2022
EPISODE 85: Jake Paul Is Desperately Trying To Get Will Smith And Chris Rock In A Boxing Match
Mar 29, 2022
EPISODE 84: Doja Cat Says Everything Is Dead to Her And Appears to Quit Music
Mar 28, 2022
EPISODE 83: ​Grimes Casually Admits To Blackmailing A Blog That Made Fun Of Her
Mar 25, 2022
EPISODE 82: Mike Tyson Wants $1 Billion To Take On YouTuber Jake Paul In Boxing Ring
Mar 24, 2022
EPISODE 81: Morbius Review: Critics Reportedly Disappointed By Marvel Movie
Mar 23, 2022
EPISODE 80: Halo Showrunner Steven Kane Says Writing Team Didn’t Look At The Game
Mar 22, 2022
EPISODE 79: Kanye West’s Grammys Performance Axed Due To Concerning Behavior
Mar 21, 2022
EPISODE 78: Britney Spears Instagram Account Disappeared!
Mar 18, 2022
EPISODE 77: Ms. Marvel Unveils A New Hero In First Trailer
Mar 17, 2022
EPISODE 76: Jake Paul Offers $60 million Purse For Kanye And Pete Davidson To Fight
Mar 16, 2022
EPISODE 75: Astroworld Families Want Judge To Stop Travis Scott From Using Charities To Apologize
Mar 15, 2022
EPISODE 74: The Adam Project: Ryan Reynolds Time Travel Blockbuster Wins
Mar 14, 2022
EPISODE 73: Grimes Accidentally Reveals She And Elon Musk Have A Secret Second Child Via Surrogate
Mar 11, 2022
EPISODE 72: Ed Sheeran Sings Nina Simone During Shape Of You Copyright Case
Mar 10, 2022
EPISODE 71: Dua Lipa Hit With Second Copyright Lawsuit Over Song ‘Levitating’
Mar 09, 2022
EPISODE 70: Euphoria Branded Toxic Workplace By Claims Actors Were Denied Food And Bathroom Breaks
Mar 08, 2022
EPISODE 69: Jason Momoa Will Be Playing The Villain In The Tenth Fast & Furious Movie
Mar 07, 2022
EPISODE 68: Kanye West Kidnaps And Buries Pete Davidson In Bizarre New Music Video
Mar 04, 2022
EPISODE 67: Robert Pattinson Shares How Final Fantasy 7 Teaches Men What Love Is
Mar 03, 2022
EPISODE 66: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Poster Changed After Fans Cry About It
Mar 02, 2022
EPISODE 65: Kanye West Is Now Dating A Kim Kardashian Look-Alike
Mar 01, 2022
EPISODE 64: Kendall Jenner Poses Completely Naked In Instagram
Feb 28, 2022
EPISODE 63: Daniel Radcliffe Caught Hanging With Weird Al Yankovic On Set Of New Biopic
Feb 25, 2022
EPISODE 62: Dune Star Kept Asking For More Nude Scenes And Their Reason Makes Sense
Feb 24, 2022
EPISODE 61: Nicole Kidman’s Vanity Fair Cover Slammed For Making Her Look Like A Schoolgirl
Feb 23, 2022
EPISODE 60: Video Games Are Beating Hollywood At Its Own Game
Feb 22, 2022
EPISODE 59: James Gunn Reveals How He Pulled Off Those Justice League Cameos In The Peacemaker Finale
Feb 21, 2022
EPISODE 58: Actor Gets 20 Years in Prison for Running $650 Million Hollywood Ponzi Scheme
Feb 18, 2022
EPISODE 57: RUMOR: GoldenEye 007 Game Remake Will Be Announced Soon
Feb 17, 2022
EPISODE 56: Russian Skating Star KAMILA VALIEVA Cleared To Compete In OLYMPICS Despite Positive Doping Test
Feb 16, 2022
EPISODE 55: Reviewing All of the Super Bowl Movie Trailers
Feb 15, 2022
EPISODE 54: Norman Reedus Is Unsure About Playing Ghost Rider
Feb 14, 2022
EPISODE 53: Snoop Dogg Now Officially Owns Death Row Records
Feb 11, 2022
EPISODE 52: The Trailer For Disney & Pixar's Upcoming Buzz Lightyear Movie Has Dropped
Feb 10, 2022
EPISODE 51: CGI Luke Skywalker Looks Better Because He Looks Less Like Mark Hamill
Feb 09, 2022
EPISODE 50: Kim Kardashian Claims Kanye West Put Out A Hit On Her
Feb 08, 2022
EPISODE 49: PETA Calls For Criminal Investigation Into Jackass Forever Animal Stunts
Feb 07, 2022
EPISODE 48: ‘Halo’ Showrunner Exiting Paramount Plus Series After Season 1
Feb 04, 2022
EPISODE 47: Ricky Gervais Says He's Going To Try And Get Cancelled With New Stand-Up Show
Feb 03, 2022
EPISODE 46: Alleged Leaked Photos Suggest Tom Cruise Will Play Iron Man In Doctor Strange Sequel
Feb 02, 2022
EPISODE 45: Halo TV Series Premiere Date Revealed In New Trailer
Feb 01, 2022
EPISODE 44: Johnny Knoxville Suffers Permanent Brain Damage From Stunt Gone-Wrong In New Jackass Movie
Jan 31, 2022
EPISODE 43: Disney Wants To Replace Snow White Dwarfs with Magical Creatures
Jan 28, 2022
EPISODE 42: Elon Musk Encourages McDonalds To Accept Dogecoin
Jan 27, 2022
EPISODE 41: Fans Call For Boycott Against Warner Bros For Handling Of Justice League Scandal And Monsterverse
Jan 26, 2022
EPISODE 40: Holly Madison Says Playboy Mansion Was Cult-Like
Jan 25, 2022
EPISODE 39: Julia Fox Claims She Doesn’t Date Kanye West Or Other Billionaires For Their Money
Jan 24, 2022
EPISODE 38: Machine Gun Kelly Put Thorns On Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring So She Can’t Remove it
Jan 21, 2022
EPISODE 37: 5 Marvel Drops Trailer And Reveals Premiere Date For Moon Knight
Jan 20, 2022
EPISODE 36: Eminem Responds To Gen Z Attempts To Cancel Him
Jan 19, 2022
EPISODE 35: Why Is Our Culture Obsessed With Villains?
Jan 18, 2022
EPISODE 34: Logan Paul Spent $3.Million Dollars On Fake Pokemon Cards
Jan 17, 2022
EPISODE 33: Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Admit To Engagement With Blood Rituals
Jan 14, 2022
EPISODE 32: Andrew Garfield Claims He Wasn't Handsome Enough For Narnia Role
Jan 13, 2022
EPISODE 31: Could 'The Batman' Be Delayed Again? Here's What One Warner Bros Exec Thinks
Jan 12, 2022
EPISODE 30: Bob Saget Dies Unexpectedly At 65 Years Old
Jan 11, 2022
EPISODE 29: Fans Defend Britney Spears After She Posted Fully Naked Instagram Photos
Jan 10, 2022
EPISODE 28: Spiderman May Head To $850 Million This Month, But January Box Office Is Grim
Jan 07, 2022
EPISODE 27: Gal Gadot Finally Weighs In On Viral 'Imagine' Video The Internet Roasted Her Over
Jan 06, 2022
EPISODE 26: Logan Paul Says He Suffers Withdrawals After Quitting Smoking
Jan 05, 2022
EPISODE 25: Tampa Bay's Antonio Brown Undresses And Quits Mid-Game
Jan 04, 2022
EPISODE 24: Miley Cyrus Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During NYE Performance
Jan 03, 2022
EPISODE 23: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Explains His Feud With Vin Diesel And His Departure From Fast And Furious
Jan 03, 2022
EPISODE 22: Britney Spears Wants To Say 'F*ck You’ To Music Industry After Years of Conservatorship
Dec 30, 2021
EPISODE 21: Spider-Man Fans Fuming After Kim Kardasian Shares Major Spoilers
Dec 29, 2021
EPISODE 20: Superman And Lois Debuts Season 2 Teaser Clip
Dec 28, 2021
EPISODE 19: Tom Holland Slams Martin Scorsese For Claiming Marvel Movies Aren't Cinema
Dec 27, 2021
EPISODE 18: The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review
Dec 24, 2021
EPISODE 17: The Matrix Resurrections Debuts With Mixed Reactions
Dec 23, 2021
EPISODE 16: Fans Suspect Jake Paul Of Rigging His Fight Against Tyron Woodley
Dec 22, 2021
EPISODE 15: Keanu Reeves Doesn't Care If You Watch 'Matrix 4' on HBO MAX
Dec 21, 2021
EPISODE 14: Jake Paul Suffers Memory Loss But Still Wins By A Knockout Punch
Dec 20, 2021
EPISODE 13: Spiderman: No Way Home Review
Dec 17, 2021
EPISODE 12: Keanu Reeves Wants To Play Constantine Again But Nobody Will Let Him
Dec 16, 2021
EPISODE 11: Check Out What Critics Are Saying About Spiderman: No Way Home
Dec 15, 2021
EPISODE 10: Bam Margera Files Lawsuit Against JACKASS
Dec 14, 2021
EPISODE 9: Steven Spielberg's West Side Story Debuts As A GIANT FLOP
Dec 13, 2021
EPISODE 8: Chris Hemsworth Suggests Marvel's CEO Doesn't Want Him Back
Dec 10, 2021
Dec 09, 2021
EPISODE 6: Drake Calls Grammy's WORTHLESS And Refuses To Participate
Dec 08, 2021
EPISODE 5: The Matrix Resurrections' Final Trailer Promises All-Out War
Dec 07, 2021
EPISODE 4: Seth Rogan & Sarah Silverman Can't Save Santa INC
Dec 06, 2021
EPISODE 3: Rockstar Games Says it OWNS The Letter ‘R’ In Copyright Claim
Dec 03, 2021
EPISODE 2: Travis Scott Offers To Pay Funeral Costs But Gets IGNORED
Dec 03, 2021
EPISODE 1: Scalpers Are Selling Spiderman No Way Home Tickets For $25,000!
Dec 02, 2021