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Category: Entrepreneurship

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Meet the Thinkers and Doers in the Cannabis Industry with host, Pam Chmiel, a contract marketer and publicist specializing in the cannabis industry. Get in touch to talk about your business strategy or to explore working with her at

Episode Date
111_ Understanding The Impact of Cannabis On the Brain with New AI + Neuro Tech
Jul 10, 2024
110_Using THC Drink Sticks As A Brand Building Catalyst
Jul 03, 2024
109_New Drink Mix Jumps On Functional Wellness Trend
Jun 11, 2024
108_Meet The Founder of The Flower Expo: Where Brands Meet Buyers
May 29, 2024
107_A Wellness Retreat for the CannaCurious
May 17, 2024
106_Cannabis as a Treatment for Cancer with Dr. Dedi Meiri
May 10, 2024
105_Army Vet Fights for Medical Cannabis Acceptance in the Military
May 07, 2024
Female Cannabis Extractor Has Big Plans For NJ Market
Apr 29, 2024
103_Talking Dispensary SEO With Samuel Fisher
Apr 26, 2024
102_ Inside The German Cannabis Industry
Apr 22, 2024
101_Meet The Inventor of VapeNProp, A New Custom Promo Accessory
Apr 18, 2024
100_Assessing Europes Opportunities With Jamie Pearson
Apr 11, 2024
99_Meet The AirForce Nurse Decoding Your Endocannabinoid System
Apr 04, 2024
98_Expanding Your Cannabis Brand Into South America With Kieve Huffman
Mar 26, 2024
97_How Puffco Is Elevating The Global Hash Community
Mar 16, 2024
96_The International Cannabis Business Conference
Mar 05, 2024
95_German Law Firm Weighs In On Germanys Step Toward Legalization
Mar 01, 2024
94_Abstrax Hops Is Merging Beer and Cannabis
Feb 26, 2024
93_State By State Policy Updates With Hirsh Jain
Feb 19, 2024
92_The Rise Of Strain-Based Beverages And The Science Behind It
Feb 05, 2024
91_This US CEO Is Betting On Europe's Cannabis Market
Jan 16, 2024
90_A Conversation With A.C. Moon, Master Cultivator, Patented Inventor, Entrepreneur
Jan 01, 2024
89_Launching a Cannabis Beverage With Jason Reposa of Good Feels
Dec 12, 2023
88_How Curio Wellness Is Shaping The Maryland Market and Beyond w/Wendy Bronfein
Dec 04, 2023
87_NYC's Flamer is a Lesson on How To Create An Authentic Cannabis Brand
Nov 28, 2023
Boston Beer Perfects TeaPot in Canada with Plans for US Launch
Nov 16, 2023
The Bronx Has It's First Dispensary, Meet The CEO
Nov 09, 2023
NY Cultivator, Colin Decker, Carving A Space In The Market With 7 Seaz
Oct 30, 2023
These State Policies Are Poised To Boost The Cannabis Industry
Oct 23, 2023
Using MSA's As A Solution To Elevate Social Equity Entrepreneurs
Oct 19, 2023
Designing A Cannabis Facility With Architect, Brian Anderson of Anderson Porter
Oct 12, 2023
80_ Is NY's Medical Market Getting Left In The Dust?
Oct 09, 2023
79_Meet The NY Craft Cattle & Lettuce Farmers Growing Weed
Sep 25, 2023
This Cannabis Franchise Is Making Inroads In The Northeast
Sep 21, 2023
77_ Ruben Lindo, CEO Blak Mar Farms
Sep 07, 2023
76_The Inside Scoop On The NJ Cannabis Industry With Gary George, Founder of The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference
Aug 29, 2023
75_Two Women Perfecting Hash Rosin In Upstate NY Just Launched A Gummy Business
Aug 16, 2023
74_Robert Beasley, CEO of Fluent, Talks Florida And Beyond
Aug 04, 2023
73_Talking Cannabis Branding With Sackville & Co. Founders, Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt
Jul 24, 2023
72_Meet the Lawyer Who is Playing Matchmaker to Research Universities and Cannabis Entrepreneurs
Jul 06, 2023
71_How To Create A Cannabis Luxury Line Using Sensory Science
Jun 27, 2023
70_Behind The Scenes With New York's Bristol Extracts
Jun 20, 2023
69_Franny Tacy Positions Herself For Cannabis Legalization In North Carolina
Jun 06, 2023
68_Cannabis Treatment For The Elderly With Dr. Swathi
May 25, 2023
67_How Cannabis Businesses Can Stay A Step Ahead Of Regulators
May 20, 2023
66_His Own Path To NY Legal With Legacy Grower, Dezo EL
May 11, 2023
65_California Grower Uproots To Michigan To Start A Successful Vertical Operation
May 03, 2023
64_Scientist and CEO of Verne Bio, Nathan Johnson
Apr 24, 2023
63_What Does It Take To Start A Cannabis TV Channel?
Apr 03, 2023
62_Practicing Cannabinoid Medicine With Dr. Jordan Tishler
Mar 31, 2023
61_The NY Growers Cup With Co-Founder, Ben Gilbert
Mar 27, 2023
60_Legacy To Legal In Arizona With Chris Martin
Mar 16, 2023
59_Upstate NY Cannabis Entrepreneurs Are Standing By...
Feb 27, 2023
58_SEO Must Haves To Drive Web Traffic with Growth Logiq
Feb 16, 2023
Will Thailand Lead In Industrialized Hemp Production?
Feb 06, 2023
From NASA Engineer To Cannabis Entrepreneur
Jan 29, 2023
Building A Brand Around Sex and Cannabis With oOhYes CEO, Tanya Griffin
Jan 24, 2023
How VR Tech Will Inform Psychedelic Research With Red Light Holland
Jan 18, 2023
Master Cultivator, Ryan Douglas
Jan 14, 2023
The State of Cannabis Retail With Kyle Sherman, CEO, Flowhub
Jan 09, 2023
51_ A Thai Legacy Growers Journey To Legalization
Dec 22, 2022
50_ Twenty Three Minutes With Kate Miller, CEO of Miss Grass
Dec 15, 2022
49_ Lisa Weser, The Consummate PR Professional
Dec 01, 2022
#48_The Inside Scoop On Thailand and Cannabis With Mendel Menachem
Nov 28, 2022
47_Can Bonds Save The Cannabis Industry From Getting Smoked?
Nov 24, 2022
#46_ ThIs Company Is Setting The Standards For Consumption Lounges
Nov 07, 2022
#45_ Chemist and Founder, Lo Friesen of Heylo
Oct 28, 2022
44_Meet The Director of Cannabis Degree Programs in NYC, Mike Z.
Oct 25, 2022
#43_ The Ins and Outs of Public Relations with Elana Cohen
Oct 14, 2022
42_Watch Out. Europe Is Gaining Ground Over The U.S. In Cannabis Medicine
Sep 22, 2022
41_The Editor of The NY Cannabis Insider, Brad Racino
Sep 12, 2022
40_Nail Your Product Development With The Proper Market Research
Sep 06, 2022
39-How To Turn Pre-Rolls Into A Brand Building Catalyst
Aug 30, 2022
#38_ Trailblazing The Dispensary Experiences With Dre Neumann of Jushi
Aug 23, 2022
#37_ Cheeba Cannabis Academy Is Putting South Africa On The Map
Aug 14, 2022
#36_ What Is The North America Weed Tour?
Aug 09, 2022
#35_ Chef Jordan Wagman On The State Of Infused Food & Drinks
Aug 02, 2022
#34_ Dispensary SEO With Jeremy Johnson
Jul 25, 2022
#33_ Funding Your Cannabis Business with Scott Jordan
Jul 12, 2022
#32_ Acreage Holdings Chief Medical Officer, Corey Burchman
Jul 04, 2022
#31_ Jordon Lams, CEO of Moxie Talks Expansion Plans
Jul 01, 2022
#30_ What It Takes To Build A Cannabis Community In Web3
Jun 20, 2022
#29_ Meet Lantern's CEO, Meredith Mahoney
Jun 16, 2022
#28_ Why You Need To Hire A Professional For Your Social Media Strategy
Jun 14, 2022
#27_ An In-Depth Talk With Award Winning Guild Extracts CEO, Claudio Miranda
Jun 08, 2022
#26_ Canna Advisors Launches Inaugural Pitch Deck Competition
May 26, 2022
#25_ Find Out How Her Highness Is Quickly Becoming A National Brand
May 25, 2022
#24_ Grasse Co-Founder Makes a Play For NY Marketplace
May 25, 2022
#23_ Meet The Ultimate Expert On Cannabis Legalization In New York
May 23, 2022
#22_ Building Brands For Heavy Metal Music Fans With Kieve Huffman
May 02, 2022
#21_ It Took This NJ Lawyer 3 Years To Acquire A Cannabis Dispensary License
Apr 25, 2022
#20_ Old School Marketing Tactics Revisited With CEO, Ken Tays
Apr 22, 2022
#19_ George Jage Brings MJ Unpacked To NYC May 18th
Mar 30, 2022
#18_ The State Of Cannabis With Eric Postow
Mar 21, 2022
#17_ StickIt Will Increase Cannabinoid Levels In Your Joint
Mar 15, 2022
#16_ On The Ground In NY With Canna Advisors
Mar 14, 2022
#15_ Cutting Edge Cannabis Consumer Data From NXTeck
Mar 11, 2022
#14_ Meet The Woman Who Is Advancing Cannabis Clinical Research
Mar 02, 2022
#13_ How One Beverage Industry CEO Is Making Inroads Into Cannabis
Feb 25, 2022
#12_ Why A Smoking Lounge Is The Perfect Fit For A Hotel
Feb 16, 2022
#11_ Meet The Maryland Hemp FarmHER Who Is Killing It
Feb 10, 2022
#10_ Meet The CEO of Gentleman Quinns
Feb 06, 2022
#9_ Redi: Inside a Massachusetts Dispensary Operation
Jan 30, 2022
#8_ Meet A Serial Cannabis Entrepreneur Building Her House of Brands
Jan 24, 2022
#7_ An Inside Look At The NY Cannabis Marketplace
Jan 15, 2022
#6_ Lessons From A Legacy Entrepreneur
Jan 11, 2022
#5_ Meet TILT's New Marketing Director
Dec 15, 2021
#4_ Who Is Trailblazing In Cannabis Hospitality? Meet Philip Wolf.
Dec 08, 2021
#3_ There Is More To A Cannabis Staffing Agency Than You Think
Nov 26, 2021
Why You Need To Hire A PROFESSIONAL Security Team For Your Cannabis Business
Nov 25, 2021
1_ Looking To Apply For A Cannabis License? Listen In.
Nov 12, 2021