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This past year has upended our work lives and has given us permission to let our work selves and our real selves overlap a little more. And we’ve had time and motivation to reflect on how we want our work to fit into our lives. We want to talk about that and ask what we can do to bring more humanity to the world of work. Inside Work is brought to you by ServiceNow and is hosted by Nick Tzitzon, Amy Lokey and Robert Blackett.

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6. Explore the world through the eyes of ServiceNow's people

In this episode, we chat about ServiceNow's new YouTube travel series where we experience the world with our colleagues and get to the heart of what connects us all. Check it out at


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Jul 28, 2022
5. The more we talk about mental health, the easier it is to talk about

In this episode, a colleague in Hong Kong boldly shares her experiences in caring for her own mental health. She’ll first lead us through a powerful guided meditation. Then we’ll hear about her journey with clinical depression, how she took control of her life, and how she uses her story to help others care for their own mental health. We share this conversation to make space for all of us to consider our own mental health, seek help when needed, and ultimately create a better workplace.

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Mar 10, 2022
4. Who are these people anyway?

When we started this podcast we never really introduced ourselves. We just started talking about stuff right out of the gate. So we got together to talk about who we are, where we’re from, and all that jazz. It was fun and we actually learned a few things about each other.

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Feb 25, 2022
3. What happens when we start to really listen to each other?

The world of work is changing.  Companies are inviting employees to bring more of their whole selves to work.  And we are all complex individuals with myriad thoughts, feelings, opinions, and beliefs.  What happens when we don’t agree with each other or with company policies? Today…we go there…in hopes of learning to hear each other better.

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Feb 23, 2022
2. The Value of Work - part 2

In this episode of Inside Work, we continue the conversation about the deeper meaning behind our work.  We all take different paths to finding a career that works for us.  We hear from a few colleagues about what guided them down their path.

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Feb 16, 2022
1. The Value of Work - part 1

In this episode of Inside Work we explore the deeper meaning behind our work. Of course, most of us are working to get a paycheck, but what else do we want to get out of our work?  How does our relationship with our work impact our happiness?  We talked to some colleagues around the world to see what drives them and to reflect on why we work.

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Dec 06, 2021