The Future of You

By Tracey Follows

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Category: Society & Culture

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Hello, welcome to the Future of You podcast. 

Here we’re going to investigate and analyse all the ways emerging technologies are going to affect our identity. We used to argue about whether personal identity was in the mind or in the body; but now that psychology of the self and the biology of self has been joined by a third dimension - the technology of the self. 

In a digital, data-driven world, Facebook gets a say in verifying who we are, medical science can alter our genetic make-up, and AI will help us create our digital twin - just how many identities do we need in the multiverse? How is 21st Century technology changing who we are? 

I set out to research exactly that, when I wrote my book The Future of You. That turned out to be only the start of my journey into our changing identity in a digital world. And I thought rather than continue to research this on my own, I could invite you along too. 

I’m Tracey Follows, I’m a futurist and founder of Futuremade, the futures consultancy, and I’ve helped brands and businesses like Virgin, Google, Diageo and Farfetch spot trends, develop strategic foresight and fully prepare for what comes next.

 I believe identity is the defining issue of our generation. So every fortnight I’ll be releasing new episodes, featuring panels of experts as we delve into topics such as how we use media to express our selves, the emergence of the extreme self, transhumanism and the augmented self; anonymity, genetics, biometrics, mind clones, and the digital afterlife - these are just some of the innovations, and controversies, we’ll cover. 

Join the community, buy the book at or connect with me on twitter at @traceyfutures. Please come with me on this journey to explore identity in the digital world, as we investigate the future of me, and the future of you.

Episode Date
The Discussion: Identity, Ownership and the new role of Crypto #29
Nov 09, 2023
The Briefing: On Identity: A Special Edition #28
Nov 02, 2023
The Discussion: ‘Your Face Belongs To Us’ with Kashmir Hill #27
Oct 18, 2023
The Discussion: AI, Agents and Swarm Intelligence #26
Oct 04, 2023
The Discussion: The Game of Identity: entertainment meets education #25
Sep 20, 2023
The Briefing: Customer Wallets, Customer Futures #24
Aug 31, 2023
The Discussion: Biometrics: The Rights And The Responsibilities #23
Aug 16, 2023
The Briefing: What is Worldcoin? #22
Jul 31, 2023
The Discussion: Identity, Audiences and Avatars #21
Jul 19, 2023
The Briefing: AI: The Death of The Artist? #20
Jul 06, 2023
The Discussion: Generative AI - from Consumer Rights to Human Rights #19
Jun 21, 2023
The Briefing: Building Trust in Digital Identity #18
Jun 07, 2023
The Discussion: Inside the EU's Digital ID Wallet #17
May 24, 2023
The Briefing: Voice Tech #16
May 09, 2023
The Discussion: Digital Identity - State of the Nations #15
Apr 26, 2023
The Briefing: Brain data with special guest Dr Cody Rall #14
Apr 12, 2023
The Discussion: Brain Data and the Sovereign Self #13
Mar 29, 2023
"The Future of You" Season 3 - Trailer
Mar 27, 2023
The Manifesto of You
Mar 27, 2023
AI, Religion and Identity #12
Nov 16, 2022
The Self, Security and the Surveillance State #11
Nov 02, 2022
Cryonics with Dr Max More #10
Oct 12, 2022
Robot Rights and Relationships #9
Sep 21, 2022
Digital Identity & Death with Dr Patrick Stokes and Dr Elaine Kasket #8
Sep 07, 2022
"The Future of You" Season 2 - Trailer
Aug 10, 2022
Digital Identity and Self Sovereignty with Kaliya Young & Lucy Yang #7
May 04, 2022
Superlongevity, Memory and Identity with Transhumanist Pioneer, Dr Natasha Vita-More #6
Apr 20, 2022
The Age of Profilicity and Identity Politics with Hans-Georg Moeller and Sam Gilbert #5
Apr 06, 2022
The Evolution of Identity over Generations with Dr Eliza Filby and Dr Ian Pearson #4
Mar 23, 2022
The Transhumanist Future of a Radical Identity with Zoltan Istvan & David Wood #3
Mar 09, 2022
Media and the Quest for Identity with Andrew McLuhan and Henry Jenkins #2
Feb 23, 2022
How Virtual Worlds Shape our Real Identities with Richard Bartle & David Birch #1
Feb 23, 2022
Welcome to "The Future of You" - Trailer
Dec 22, 2021