Veggies & Virtue: Feeding Help for Faith-Based Families

By Ashley Smith - Pediatric Dietitian & Picky Eating Expert

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Category: Nutrition

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My mission is to help normalize that feeding your family is a hard job. And yet, amidst your everyday efforts, I want to encourage you and equip you with the hacks and know-hows you need to find ease around your child’s eating habits. I know you may feel internally anxious about what you are offering your kids and like it’s unattainable to get your child to eat enough variety. That’s why each episode outlines feeding basics that build upon one another to promote the nutritional balance and feeding behaviors you feel good about your child growing up with.

Episode Date
167. Tried & True Favorite Gifts for Kids Ages 2-10
Nov 22, 2023
166. Getting Unsolicited Advice About How Your Child Eats (or Doesn’t)? Try this...
Nov 20, 2023
165. Is Your Child Getting Enough Iron? Part II of an Interview with Angela Dodge
Nov 15, 2023
164. Does Your Child Need More Iron? Part I of an Interview with Angela Dodge
Nov 13, 2023
163. Do Your Child’s Supplements Have What They Say They Do? Part II -- An Interview with Ayla Barmmer, MS, RDN, LDN
Nov 08, 2023
162. Should Moms Take a Supplement (Part I)? An Interview with Ayla Barmmer, MS, RDN, LDN
Nov 06, 2023
161. When to Offer Candy to Kids
Nov 01, 2023
160. Stop Listening to This Lie: Dietitian Advice the Day Before Halloween
Oct 30, 2023
159. FAQs about how much candy kids should have before, during, and after Halloween
Oct 25, 2023
158. Feel like you’re dodging a real 💩 show this Halloween?
Oct 23, 2023
157. Two Weeks til Halloween: Your Roadmap to Handling Candy with Kids
Oct 18, 2023
156. Is it okay to sneak veggies in what my kids eat?
Oct 11, 2023
155. How to add veggies this October: 5 ways you’ve overlooked with kids
Oct 04, 2023
154. 8 Ways to Add Protein to Kids Lunchboxes
Sep 27, 2023
153. 6 Kid-Friendly Tools for the Kitchen (worth investing in)
Sep 20, 2023
152. How to start an at home garden: 3 easy steps to get you set up
Sep 13, 2023
151. Back to School Reset: Freezer Edition
Sep 06, 2023
150. Back to School Reset: Fridge Edition
Aug 30, 2023
149. Back to School Reset: Pantry Edition
Aug 23, 2023
148. Easy Lunchbox Notes: 5 Effortless Ways to Send Encouragement to School
Aug 16, 2023
147. 5 Things to Lower the Stress of Back to School
Aug 09, 2023
146. The 5 Best Lunch Packing Items for Back to School
Aug 02, 2023
145. Healthy Snack Ideas for Summer: 5 Ways to Pack Better Pool Snacks
Jul 26, 2023
144. My Top Sanity-Saving Tip for Healthier Kids Snacks this Summer
Jul 19, 2023
143. Should You Force Your Child to Take a Bite of a New Food?
Jul 12, 2023
142. Is there such a thing as ”healthy hotdogs?”
Jul 05, 2023
141. 4 Things to Look for in the Perfect Watermelon
Jun 28, 2023
140. 6 Questions to Ask Yourself at the Start of Summer
Jun 21, 2023
139. 3 Organizational Projects to Tackle with Kids at Home this Summer: An Interview with Lauren White from The Intentional Edit
Jun 14, 2023
138. 4 Food-Related Things To Do After Vacation is Over: Recovering from Vacation without Repeating These Phrases from Diet Culture
Jun 07, 2023
137. Removing mom guilt + redefining convenience foods [part 4]
May 31, 2023
136. Get Your Kids to Try New Snack Foods [Part 3]
May 29, 2023
135. Is Your Child’s Safe Food Too Much of a Crutch? [Part 2]
May 24, 2023
134. Are Your Child’s Snacks Perpetuating Picky Eating? Four Things to Think About
May 22, 2023
133. 7 Snacking Myths that are Making You Feel Stuck: And where your belief system is full of BS
May 17, 2023
132. 72 Healthy & Easy Snack Ideas for Kids this Summer: Free Download with Kid-Friendly Food Images
May 15, 2023
131. Want Validation that Motherhood is Hard Without Feeling Like You Are Stuck in a Rut?
May 10, 2023
130. Is it Too Late to Help Your Picky Eater? The Domino Effect and What to Do ASAP
May 08, 2023
129. Looking for a Good Mom Getaway? Plan Your Trip to Zion National Park with This Drag & Drop Itinerary
May 03, 2023
128. Is your child obsessed with snack foods? How to stop grazing and add EASY variety to summer snacking
May 01, 2023
127. Do you offer the same few veggies on repeat? Here’s a kid-friendly veggie to try for summer.
Apr 26, 2023
126. Not Seeing Results? Encouragement and Empathy as a Christian Mom and Business Owner
Apr 24, 2023
125. How to Handle a Meal Your Kids Hate: 4 Steps to Overcome Picky Eating with Family Meals
Apr 19, 2023
124. Want your child to try more new foods? Here’s one to pick this month.
Apr 17, 2023
123. Where to Keep Easter Candy? 3 Tips to Setting Boundaries with Leftover Easter Candy in the Weeks to Come
Apr 12, 2023
122. Kid-Friendly Menu Ideas for April! How to save time and energy meal planning each month
Apr 10, 2023
121. Easy, Kid-Friendly Lunch Idea for Easter: A Healthy, Egg Hunt
Apr 06, 2023
120. What kind of eggs should you buy? How to make an informed choice in the egg aisle
Apr 05, 2023
119. Should your child learn to like eggs? How to address egg allergies or aversions to eggs with kids
Apr 04, 2023
118. Guess my most popular episode ever...
Apr 03, 2023
117. Don’t know how to expose your kids to new foods? How to do your own March Madness bracket challenge
Mar 29, 2023
116. What is the best way to store recipes? Eliminate mental and physical clutter around meals
Mar 27, 2023
115. Are you triggered by your child’s tantrums? How to overcome this feeling towards offering new foods.
Mar 22, 2023
114. Do you have a plan? What ’6 weeks left until Spring’ taught me as a busy mom of three
Mar 20, 2023
113. Candy-free Easter Basket Ideas for Kids: tried-and-true Easter egg and basket fillers from a Christian dietitian mom of three
Mar 15, 2023
112. Should you let your kid order for themselves? How to handle raising a healthy eater at restaurants
Mar 13, 2023
111. Does Your Child Not Eat a Lot of Vegetables? Try this instead...
Mar 08, 2023
110. Easy Family Dinner Ideas: Meal Planning for Busy Moms [March edition]
Mar 06, 2023
109. Creating Connection Amidst the Chaos: An easy trick to being more intentional as a busy mom
Mar 01, 2023
108. How long should it take a child to eat? Strategies for helping slow eaters
Feb 27, 2023
107. Looking to add variety AND boost vitamin C in your kids’ diets? Try this.
Feb 22, 2023
106. Does my kid need a multivitamin? A dietitian’s thought process before purchasing gummies.
Feb 20, 2023
105. Kid Can’t Poop? Come shop for these constipation smoothie ingredients with me.
Feb 15, 2023
104. Best Ways to Store Frozen Food: How to boost nutrition and minimize food waste with freezing
Feb 13, 2023
103. Does your kid need to eat more veggies? Try this [February edition]
Feb 08, 2023
102. Candy-Free Valentines Ideas for Kids: Fun & Festive Ways to Say ”You’re So Sweet” without Sugar
Feb 06, 2023
101. Easy, Family-Friendly Dinner Ideas for February: Take 20 minutes to Meal Plan the Month with Me!
Feb 01, 2023
100. How to Leave Hearts on Your Child’s Door Each Day in February + 50 Words of Encouragement for Kids
Jan 30, 2023
99. How this high-achieving mom reprioritized feeding her family: an interview with Heather K Burge of The Called to Lead Podcast
Jan 25, 2023
98. Learning how to feed your three year old all over again? What this mom and dad did to stop the arguing, annoyance, and endless negotiations over what was offered
Jan 23, 2023
97. [BONUS EPISODE] Stressed Making SO Many Decisions re: Feeding your family? How this mom went from feeling unprepared and overwhelmed to investing in a tool to make mealtimes easier
Jan 20, 2023
96. Are you spending money on the very thing you are trying NOT to pass on your kids? The choice this postpartum mom of three made to put her money where her mouth was.
Jan 18, 2023
95. Worried Your Child is Overweight? Tips to Do No Harm Following the Recent AAP Executive Summary
Jan 16, 2023
94. Stop Making Excuses: Why Some of You Need a Tough Love Truth Bomb
Jan 11, 2023
93. Craving easy weeknight meals but no one craves the same thing? DO THIS to come up with crowd pleasers
Jan 09, 2023
92. 4 Time-Saving Hacks to Eating Healthier: How to Cut the Time You Spend Feeding Your Family in Half!
Jan 04, 2023
91. Meal Plan the Month with Me: Easy Meal Ideas in January
Jan 02, 2023
90. Prayer, Prozac, and People: 3 Things I Plan to Keep Around in 2023
Dec 28, 2022
89. Are you lazy, or in a season of needing ease? How to discern the difference as a busy mom with littles
Dec 26, 2022
88. Welcoming Winter: Seasonal shifts for our habits, routines, and mealtime expectations
Dec 21, 2022
87. Want to Get Out of a Rut? 3 Things That Will Give You a Boost for 2023.
Dec 19, 2022
86. Feeling Overwhelmed? Ask Yourself These Three Questions to Turn All the Noise into Doable Next Steps
Dec 14, 2022
85. Information Overload: Why Having Access to More May Be Making You Feel Like Less as a Mom
Dec 12, 2022
84. Holidays Bringing Unsolicited Advice About Your Child’s Eating Habits? How to Craft an Appropriate One Liner Revealed@
Dec 07, 2022
83. 3 Mistakes You Are Making That Are Making Mealtimes Harder + 1 Thing to Make Them Easier
Dec 05, 2022
82. Ask for the darn Vitamix already! My top 10 gift ideas for moms
Nov 30, 2022
81. Identify Why You Fail: Truth Bombs for Building Sustainable Habits in 2023
Nov 28, 2022
80. My 30 Favorite Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers for Kids
Nov 23, 2022
79. Need a Capsule Wardrobe Concept When Meal Planning? How to go from closet tips to kitchen tricks with simple, mix-and-match options
Nov 21, 2022
78. Prevent Holiday Feeding Struggles: 7 Ways to Enjoy Time Together at the Table
Nov 16, 2022
77. Get Simple Meal & Snack Ideas without Scrolling: Your 1-2 Step to Simplify Feeding Your Family
Nov 14, 2022
76. Muffin Club for Moms Starts Friday!
Nov 09, 2022
75. The Most Common Mistake Moms Make with Holiday Planning (and how you can avoid it)
Nov 07, 2022
74. How & why to offer dessert with dinner...without it backfiring
Nov 02, 2022
73. Wondering how we do Halloween in my home? An honest interview with my 8-year-old
Oct 31, 2022
72. Should you do the Switch Witch? Questions moms wonder when it comes to keeping vs getting rid of Halloween candy
Oct 26, 2022
71. Sorting Halloween Candy: What to let your kids keep (without being a food cop)
Oct 24, 2022
70. How much candy can my child have before, during, and after Halloween? Your blueprint to managing candy as a mom in the 72 hours before and after Halloween
Oct 19, 2022
69. What to do when your kid keeps asking for candy: a mom’s guide to taking action instead of feeling annoyed
Oct 17, 2022
68. Kid-friendly, candy-free ideas for Halloween. How to be considerate of food allergies, conscious of cost, and still keep it fun (with low to no added sugar)!
Oct 12, 2022
67. True or False: sugar makes kids act crazy. Pointers for problem-solving if you feel your child is sugar-sensitive
Oct 10, 2022
66. Is Sugar Your Friend or Your Foe? How to get yourself mentally ready for Halloween with kids
Oct 05, 2022
65. Scared of all the sugar ahead? What it takes to have a ”healthy” outlook this October.
Oct 03, 2022
64. What should you be focusing on in a season such as this? 4 Things that fall reminds us to do in anticipation for what is next.
Sep 28, 2022
63. Do your family’s health goals feel unattainable? Make this ONE mindset shift (and your future self with thank you!)
Sep 26, 2022
62. Should you meal prep or buy pre-packages snacks? Spoiler: the answer isn’t always the stop judging others (and yourself!) like it is.
Sep 21, 2022
61. Why you feel like your kids only want to fill up on carbs. Master THIS concept and find more freedom in how to fill your kids up!
Sep 19, 2022
60. When I stopped sending bougie foods in my kid’s bento boxes... a real-life story about balancing how many love it, like it, and learning it foods we send to school
Sep 14, 2022
59. Have sport activities until dinner time? Try this quick + easy afterschool snack idea to fill your kids up until they can eat again
Sep 12, 2022
58. At what age do you STOP doing a division of responsibility with feeding? 3 things to think about as you consider a responsive feeding style over the lifespan
Sep 07, 2022
57. Looking for healthy new meals and snacks your kids will actually eat? Eliminate mental fatigue for mom by having your kids do this...
Sep 05, 2022
56. Picky Eating Hack for Packed Lunches: THIS small mindset shift will save your sanity, extend your food budget, and reverse picky eating!
Aug 31, 2022
55. Hate when produce spoils too quickly? Remember these TWO SIMPLE TIPS to fix moldy fruit, dried out veggies, and groceries going down the drain
Aug 29, 2022
54. 4 Things I Have Learned From Feeding My Four-Year-Old
Aug 24, 2022
53. Which bento ranks the best? Find out which lunchbox is the most kid-friendly, easy to clean, affordable, versatile, and durable for your family.
Aug 22, 2022
52. What bento boxes do dietitians buy their kids? The pros and cons of owning 6 different bento boxes over the past 6 years.
Aug 17, 2022
51. My 9 Favorite Novelty Items for Packing School Lunches: add a little something extra for added variety and enjoyment and yet save money while doing so
Aug 15, 2022
50. The 5 best lunch packing supplies to invest in this year (so you won’t have to again next year!): tried and true favorites from a dietitian mom and her family of five
Aug 10, 2022
49. Should you hide junk food from your kids? How to avoid these 4 mistakes parents commonly make
Aug 08, 2022
48.The Lunch Packing Plan You Need As Your Kids Transition Back to School: 3 steps to take BEFORE school starts (that don’t include pinning a single idea on Pinterest)
Aug 03, 2022
47. Worried your little one won’t eat well at school? Five ways to set them up for success BEFORE they go back to school.
Aug 01, 2022
46. ”My in laws talked about fat stomachs in front of my 3 year old. Now, she’s saying it too. What do I do?” 2 Things to combat Negative body image in a kids.
Jul 27, 2022
45. Dairy-free snacks for playdates: Healthy snack ideas to pack for a child who realizes her foods are different but still wants a snack that feels as fun as everyone elses
Jul 25, 2022
44. Are there any ”healthy” hot dogs? How to handle this summertime staple in terms of your family’s health AND happiness.
Jul 20, 2022
43. Simple Post-Summer Vacation Meal Idea: spin THIS meal wheel for an easy take on coffee cake with kids
Jul 18, 2022
42. Worried about how to introduce sweets & treats to your toddler? The THREE things to focus on for a healthy relationship to sugar-sweetened foods during the early years
Jul 13, 2022
41. Healthy bedtime snacks for kids need to be THIS! Secrets to helping your kid go to bed with a full belly and not waking up early to eat.
Jul 11, 2022
40. ”My kid wants a bedtime snack...but barely touched dinner! What do I do?” How to make bedtime snacks a healthy part of your child’s routine (and not just an excuse for milk & cookies before bed)
Jul 06, 2022
39. How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon: 4 fool-proof tips that work every time and 1 trick that doesn’t make a difference
Jul 04, 2022
38. Combat Criticism, Complaining, or a Kid Who Comes Home Asking to Eat Again with These Tips to Handle Picky Eating at Summer Potlucks.
Jun 29, 2022
37. Want Healthy Pool Snack Ideas? Pack these dietitian-mom favorites in your pool bag
Jun 27, 2022
36. Need ideas for kids snacks this summer that aren’t just carbs? How to help your family find healthy snacks as a busy mom
Jun 22, 2022
35. Simple Meal Ideas for your summer menu. How to plan for week-night crowd-pleasers and expand at meals without mom feeling all the mental fatigue.
Jun 20, 2022
34. How to keep the tone at mealtimes comfortable and yet still push our child out of their comfort zone? The analogy you MUST understand to overcome picky eating this summer.
Jun 15, 2022
33. The secret to no stress lunches with littles! The summertime staple that will get your family out of a rut and offering more variety with NO extra effort.
Jun 13, 2022
32. Juggling mom life, work life, and now SUMMER?! Try these SIMPLE systems to bring your stress level down AND give your kids something to do! [An Interview with The Intentional Edit]
Jun 08, 2022
31. Fast & Easy Breakfast Ideas for Summer: a dietitian mom of three’s no-fuss, healthy AM menu ideas for next month
Jun 06, 2022
30. [Part III] Are you feeding fairly? What to do when both kids want more, but only one ”deserves” it (ie ate what was offered). The top 3 things you need to maintain a fair feeding approach
Jun 01, 2022
29. BONUS: Fun & Festive Snack Ideas for Kids! Avoid the food dyes with these dietitian-mom approved red, white, and blue ideas
May 30, 2022
28. [Part II] My child wants more of ABC…but they haven’t eaten any of XYZ? The only THREE scenarios I advise limiting seconds – as a dietitian mom of three picky eaters.
May 25, 2022
27. Worried about the rising cost of groceries? 3 tips to stretch your food budget on coveted summer favorites, like fresh berries.
May 23, 2022
26. [Part I] Can my child have seconds (or thirds) when they haven’t eaten everything else yet? 3 clues the parent is more of the problem than the child’s actual request for more.
May 18, 2022
25. Do you and your husband enjoy [insert meal idea], but your child refuses to eat anything from it? Try this SIMPLE shift to make THIS into a crowd-pleaser all summer long.
May 16, 2022
24. Looking to kickstart your postpartum journey? Get empathy, encouragement, and some tough love advice for making healthy new habits happen! [An interview with Liz of The Tough Love Mom Podcast]
May 11, 2022
23. The easiest lunch item for new ideas with ingredients you already have on hand! Find out how this kitchen tool MUST be repurposed for more!
May 09, 2022
22. Kids Tell All! What is it like having a dietitian for a mom and all things food, feeding, and family. An interview with my 6- and 8-year-old daughters
May 04, 2022
21. Need breakfast ideas with protein that aren’t eggs, yogurt, or a smoothie? 5 FAST & EASY hacks to add protein to breakfast (when you kid is either running behind or only eats a few bites)
May 02, 2022
20. Can You Pursue Your Dreams During Just Naptime and Nighttime? The top 5 things I have learned as the pediatric dietitian, mom, and boss babe ft. The 5-year Anniversary of Veggies & Virtue!
Apr 27, 2022
19. Feeling in a rut with snack options at home? Here is your easy button, add to cart idea for next week.
Apr 25, 2022
18. Is your kid hiding candy? Advice from a dietitian mom
Apr 20, 2022
17. Stuck in a rut? EASY swaps that add variety with zero extra effort from the busy mom
Apr 18, 2022
16. How bad are soft drinks for kids? A Parents Guide to Allowing Fun Drinks like Lemonade, Juice, and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages with Children.
Apr 13, 2022
15. EASY TO PEEL hard boiled eggs! Your new go-to method that is kid-approved AND easy enough for kids to peel.
Apr 11, 2022
14. Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas: try these 4 core ideas for making your child’s basket fun AND festive!
Apr 06, 2022
13. Easy ways to add variety to your everyday scrambled eggs: 5 must try tips for the mom who is in a rut with what to make each morning!
Apr 04, 2022
12. Healthy Travel Snack Ideas for Kids: easy, safe, portable, packaged (and some perishable!) snack ideas plus tips every snack coordinator needs to know before your family’s next trip!
Mar 30, 2022
11. When your toddler whines, ”I want to sit in YOUR lap!” The tension and trouble with letting your kid get down-and-up-again at meals
Mar 23, 2022
10. My child literally won’t sit for 5 minutes...HELP! How to help your kids GET S.E.A.T.E.D. (so that they will actually eat before they get up from the table next time!)
Mar 16, 2022
9. To order off the kids menu or to NOT order off the kids menu? Hear how this dietitian mom answers the question and handles eating out with her own little kids
Mar 09, 2022
8. Wonder how to keep Family Dinner intentional when busy hits? Get these rhythms and routines from the toddler through the teen years [an INTERVIEW with Jennifer Zumbiel of Togather Moments]
Mar 02, 2022
7. How to meal prep for the week in under 15 minutes? Reclaim your weekend with this hack to get food ready when you don’t want to spend a bunch of time meal planning or meal prepping before Monday
Feb 23, 2022
6. My 5-step meal planning framework revealed! Figure out how to CUT BACK on food waste, time lost, and meals that never get made
Feb 16, 2022
5. What is a BALANCED diet? This is why having the same “healthy” foods every day isn’t healthy and what you can do to begin covering your kiddo’s nutritional bases better
Feb 09, 2022
4. Are weekdays a hot mess with meals and snacks? Get an easy win any day of the week with these 5 clues to structure, routine, and ending the constant request for a snack!
Feb 02, 2022
3. Is your anxiety making your child’s eating habits worse? Listen up...
Jan 26, 2022
2. When is it time to relearn how to feed your child all over again? These are the top things you may have mixed up the first time (or two) around
Jan 19, 2022
1. Permission to pivot! How my pace of life, freedom from perfectionism, and social media platform led me as a dietitian mom to podcasting.
Jan 12, 2022
TRAILER || Take a peek at what to expect on this podcast
Jan 10, 2022