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By Megan Colleen Johnson

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Join Megan Colleen Johnson, an award-nominated Life, Leadership, and Business Coach as she discusses specific Dominant Dogma out in the world, how this keeps you from thriving in life and business, and how to overcome that dogma by Living Your Freedom Now. - Megan's website: Apply for Coaching:

Episode Date
Episode #32: I Have Been Accused of Being Narcissistic

Hey freethinkers,

If there’s one thing that I deeply know the experience of, it’s feeling like prioritizing myself and my needs is selfish…narcissistic, even. As a neurodivergent human who is healing from trauma, I have even been accused of being narcissistic. 

The way I relate and communicate has been used against me by narcissistic humans, and their establishments, all so that they can maintain control and use my compassionate traits against me (if you identify as neurodivergent, highly-sensitive or traumatized, you may have found yourself in similar situations).

It’s high time I discussed this Dominant Dogma that tells you: “Prioritizing yourself is selfish.” And so this week, on the Live Your Freedom Now podcast, I’m exploring this narrative so you can live more freely and empowered with a belief that offers you more compassion: “Taking care of yourself is needed.”

Let’s get started. In this episode, I discuss:

  • A practice to attune to your space and come home to your power
  • The Dominant Dogma that “prioritizing yourself is narcissistic.”
  • 3 reasons why this particular Dominant Dogma exists
  • Projection, self protection and growing up in a society that upholds narcissism
  • Living into the freedom on the other side of this belief by saying: “taking care of yourself is needed.”
  • 3 ways coaching can help you self-tend after narcissistic abuse
  • An invitation to receive my free Ecotherapy Meditation and Journal Prompts to support you to embody your power

Mentions & More

Sep 27, 2022
Episode #31: My 5 Tips To Keep Calm During Transition

Hey freethinkers,

Change. Change. Change. It is so present in my life right now as I make big city and career transitions and so I thought it may support both my own process and possibly any big shifts happening for you to share my 5 tips to keep calm during a transition on the Live Your Freedom Now podcast. 

It is so easy to manifest the Dominant Dogma: “Change is hard” internally, especially when you have experienced external realities where change was outside your control.  Trust me, change has taken me by surprise again and again. But something my clients and I agree on is that leaning into the change that arrives is the best decision you can make. 

…also, I talk about “adult” versions of safety blankets, and you don’t want to miss out on that!!

So let’s begin. In this episode, I share on:

  • A practice to attune to your space and come home to your power
  • The Dominant Dogma that “change is hard” 
  • Why this dogma can be rooted in reality when some external change was difficult for you
  • How childhood safety mechanisms, unmet expectations and neurodivergence contribute to this narrative
  • Coming to see that change, with time and self-tending, can result in a better, more fulfilling life
  • What some of my clients have to say about why leaning into change is the best decision they ever made
  • My 5 tips to keep calm during transition
  • An invitation to receive my free Ecotherapy Meditation and Journal Prompts to do alongside my 5 tips

Mentions & More

Sep 20, 2022
Episode #30: 5 Tips For When You Can't Afford Support

Hey  freethinkers,

I am happy to tell you today that I am circling the podcast back to reclaiming popular Dominant Dogma after finishing up the 5 Practices of Freedom on the Live Your Freedom Now podcast. And today I am taking on this narrative:

“I can’t afford support” … and why this isn’t always true.

Omfph. What a tender, frustrating and nuanced topic. Trust me, I am not dismissing the financial disparity when it comes to accessing the support you need on this episode of the podcast. In fact, I actually confirm why this can be the case or the perception, alongside empowering you to reclaim your freedom by allowing room for support and by focusing on where it is accessible to you. 

AND I am very excited to share with you my 5 steps to cultivating your unique support system, either for free or within your current capacity.

Let’s get started. On this episode, I discuss:

  • My ritual of attuning to my environment
  • The Dominant Dogma that tells you: “I can’t afford support.” 
  • How this perspective manifests internally due to external realities, when support can be difficult to access
  • Why the Dominant Dogma that says it IS expensive exists, especially in the U.S.A
  • Creating access to more freedom on the other side of this belief
  • 5 steps to help you cultivate your unique support system and my personal examples of this process
  • The #1 recommended tool for FREE support (Spoiler: it’s Nature! or “Ecotherapy”)
  • My ongoing invite to meet me inside a clarity call and discuss this further

Mentions & More

Sep 13, 2022
Episode #29: [URGENT] Resilience Isn’t Pushing Through…It’s THIS

Hey  freethinkers,

The Five Practices of Freedom series is closing this week, on the Live Your Freedom Now podcast, with a practice I believe is a huge reframe of the current Dominant Dogma: how to be resilient. 

While the first four practices help you embody the freedom you crave, it is through the cultivation of resilience that you get to keep showing up for your relationship with yourself, both in these practices and any others that are currently supporting you. 

AND… I think it is deeply important to discuss that resilience may not hold the energy or action you have been taught it does.

I, personally, once believed that resilience was powering through and hustling. 

What I want to share with you in this final episode is that, actually, resilience isn’t a hustling, it’s an honoring.

In today’s episode, I dive deeper into:

  • The fifth (and final!) practice of freedom: Resilience 
  • A small practice to attune to your space and come home to your power
  • Resilience as an honoring, instead of a hustling to push through
  • Cultivating the capacity to keep showing up for yourself
  • Committing patiently and steadily to your freedom journey, over time
  • Dropping the Dominant Dogma that resilience means you have to be “on” or “positive” through the difficult moments
  • Presence, how it upholds your resilience and an easy practice to build your capacity each day
  • A list of journal prompts to integrate this practice
  • Additional prompts to support you as I end my series on the Five Practice of Freedom
  • How you can work with me closely through this process inside my one-on-one coaching space

Pull Quotes

Resilience doesn’t mean hustling, it means honoring.


Resilience is a slow, steady patience with the commitments that you make with yourself. 


 Find small ways to live your freedom, now.


Resilience does not mean you have to be “on” or “positive” all the time. You simply have to be present.


Mentions & More

Sep 06, 2022
Episode #28: THIS Practice Helps Me Honor My Needs AND My Commitments

Hello, freethinkers! 

Today, I am honoring my need to be in bed while still holding space to show up as your coach here on the podcast. Which is an unintended mirror and example for the fourth practice in my 5 Practices of Freedom, Congruence & Integrity, on the Live Your Freedom Now podcast

Noticing my needs is how I stop bypassing my current experience in order to also stay committed to what’s important to me. 

Dominant Dogma in our system tells you that your values and beliefs should be honored first and foremost, and to push through and bypass what your current experience, feelings or body is needing. 

Today, I invite you to listen to how practicing both congruence AND integrity is possible, and how it unleashes your capacity to embody your freedom now.

So, let’s sink in. In today’s episode, I share:

  • The fourth practice of freedom: Integrity & Congruence
  • A short pause to attune to your space, as I attune to my move to DC and my current needs
  • How choosing what honors your congruence and living with integrity creates capacity for more freedom
  • Why you can live more fully when you let this practice assist you in making choices
  • The meaning and definitions of “Congruence” and “Integrity”
  • Reclaiming congruence (holding space for your needs, emotions, feelings) while also reclaiming integrity (holding space for your beliefs, values, commitments)
  • Why you overlook your current needs if you are bypassing your congruence for your integrity
  • A series of thoughtful journal prompts that are the “work” of this practice

Pull Quotes:

Congruence is what is already true for you and in you, right now. Integrity is the way you keep living deeper into your values now and in the future.

When you have strong values, it’s easy to bypass or overlook your congruence and live only with integrity. While this means you’re honoring your values and beliefs, it may result in not honoring yourself and your needs. It can cultivate distrust in your body because you are choosing external factors over your internal compass. Over time, this can result in wobbly integrity as your self fights to be the top priority. 

The goal is to notice and hold space for your experience, feelings, and emotions (congruence), while noticing your beliefs, values, and commitments (integrity) and deciding how you want to show up in the world. 

Mentions & More:

Aug 30, 2022
Episode #27: Communicating With THESE Parts of Myself, Built Self Trust

Hello, freethinkers! 

Today, I’m immersing myself into my new environment and discussing Self Trust, the third practice in my Five Practices of Freedom on the Live Your Freedom Now podcast. Much of the Dominant Dogma I was taught, and I believe many of you may have learned, as well, is to disconnect my body from my mind, which disembodied me from a sovereign sense of self trust. So today, I invite you to listen in as I expand on the Ego and Shadow Self, and how to bring awareness to them in order to liberate the parts of you that you were taught to distrust. 

So, let’s begin, shall we? In today’s episode, I dive deeper into:

  • The third practice of freedom: Self Trust
  • A short pause as I ground into and orient to my new environment
  • How you are taught to be in a  disembodied state, separating your mind & body in a way that creates inner distrust
  • Reclaiming your self trust to meet your own needs or call out the things which are causing you harm
  • Developing awareness and opening up a line of communication with your Ego
  • Integrating your Shadow Self, which are the parts of you that your Ego cast aside to create a sense of safety
  • Freeing the discarded parts inside yourself and letting that empower you into more wholeness and self trust 
  • A handful of journal prompts to help you ground into this practice

Pull Quotes:

“Your shadow self is the flip side of your ego. It is made up of all the parts of you that were cast aside by your ego so that you can stay safe and belong.” (This is a powerful way to put this, never heard it quite this way before)

“The practice of Self-Trust includes developing a line of communication to your ego, integrating your Shadow Self and allowing your true essence to be seen.”

Mentions & More:

Aug 23, 2022
Episode #26: Practicing THIS Has Let Me Be Safe With Myself

Hello, freethinkers! 

Today, I’m excited to be offering you the next episode in our journey through the Five Practices of Freedom on the Live Your Freedom Now podcast. These practices have the capacity to act as roots to stabilize your embodiment of the freedom you crave from the Dominant Dogma that rules the way you live in the world and relate to yourself. Last week we took a closer look at Playful Curiosity and this week I am exploring with you Non-Judgement and Awareness. I especially want to offer this up to those who feel like they have learned how to be their own biggest critic and want to transform that voice to be their biggest source of freedom.

So, let’s get to it! In today’s episode, I dive deeper into:

  • The second practice of freedom: Non-Judgement & Awareness
  • A short pause practice with me to tune into your surroundings with neutrality
  • Why learning and practicing non-judgement offers you a route to a more safe inner relationship to the self
  • Inner shame spiraling and where that judgements lands you on your Freedom journey
  • Navigating jarring realizations about yourself with compassion and my story of having to witness my own findings, as I exited the Church, in order to free myself from that Dominant Dogma
  • How non-judgement and awareness can support how you respond to yourself, even in day to day living
  • Practicing the pause needed to sit and witness yourself, and how that allows you to enter into choice around taking more aligned action to Live Your Freedom Now
  • A handful of journal prompts to help you root into this practice

Pull Quotes:

“Not judging what comes up for you, being able to honor it and  feel it, is inviting in the alignment your body needs to take action.”

 “Just like in a close friendship or partnership, cultivating safety with yourself includes developing a non-judgemental relationship with self.”

“Non-judgement is stopping the shame spiral.”

“This practice of non-judgement and awareness is really a practice of emotional intelligence. One where, when you notice your beliefs, your inner dialogue and your circumstances, you respond from a place of groundedness instead of reacting.”

Mentions & More:

Aug 16, 2022
Episode #25: My #1 Tip to Reclaim Your Life

Hello, freethinkers! Welcome to another episode of Live Your Freedom Now. If you tuned in to last week’s episode, you know that today I’ll be starting  the journey of sharing more about each of the Five Practices of Freedom (didn’t catch the last episode, listen to that HERE). These practices are an invitation to listen and think critically about the Dominant Dogma all around you and tap into your natural human tendency to embody your freedom; in your authentic and unique present moment. 

So, let’s get to it! In today’s episode, I’ll dive deeper into:

  • The first practice of freedom: Playful Curiosity
  • How this practice is often seen at exploratory phases in healing journeys; as folks begin to question and notice their feelings
  • Some first-person musings about my experiences with Playful Curiosity
  • How finding play and joy in this practice is key
  • The manifestations of this practice: asking vulnerable questions, noticing where my worldview is not serving me anymore, and unraveling generations of internalized beliefs
  • A handful of journal prompts to help spur some internal curiosity

Pull Quotes:

“The practices can loop and overlap and because of this there is no right or wrong way to engage on this journey. Utilize the practices as they feel good for you, and remember the primary goal is always to live your freedom, right here, right now.”


“This phase is that part of your journey when you begin noticing that something in your present world is not quite aligned. It’s where you evaluate your current beliefs, values, and circumstances to begin noticing where things are no longer feeling aligned.”


“It was time to explore the world I was living in and the world that was within me, a world that was seemingly wiser than I ever gave it credit for. It was time for me to get deeply curious.”


“This Playful Curiosity Practice and the process of reclaiming freedom for a new aspect of yourself often includes asking vulnerable questions about your human experience, noticing where your worldview is not serving you anymore, and unraveling years or even generations of internalized Dominant Dogma.”

Mentions & More:

Aug 09, 2022
Episode #24: The 5 Practices Of Personal Freedom

Welcome back, Freethinkers! I hope this letter finds you living here and now — living your freedom. If you’re feeling a little stuck, anxious, or overwhelmed, that’s cool, too. I’m here to guide you to personal freedom in a way that feels best for you. There’s no rush; no timeline; no special milestone you need to hit in your healing. You being here is enough.

That being said, in this episode, I share an introduction to my 5 Practices of Personal Freedom, which sets the tone for some other upcoming episodes. Come along, it’s a good one!

In this episode, I explore:

  • An overview of my 5 Practices of Personal Freedom
  • How living in our freedom right here, right now, is a radical act of self love and rebellion in our “power over” systems
  • What living in your freedom looks like in a practical sense
  • My practices, which encourage us to question the narratives we’ve been told, re-develop our connection and belief in our selves, and establish new beliefs and narratives that support the self, others, and the planet
  • The 5 Practices of Personal Freedom: Playful Curiosity, Non-Judgement & Awareness, Self-Trust, Integrity & Congruence, and Resilience
  • Feedback from my clients about how these practices and my coaching have impacted them

Pull Quotes

“It is my belief that the harmful systems, patterns, and Dominant Dogma (both internal and external) are what keep us from functioning as a whole and integrated ecosystem, both within ourselves and as a collective.”

“Living Your Freedom Now can result in many life shifts, both personally and as a ripple effect to those around you.”

“When you begin your Freedom Journey you are choosing your own liberation. I believe on the collective and global level when you embark on your Freedom Journey you are choosing to help liberate and heal the planet.”

Mentions & More

Aug 02, 2022
Episode #23: No More Playing The Hero

Welcome back, Freethinkers! I am really excited to have your listening ears today with this new episode of Live Your Freedom Now. Today, I’ll be exploring the Dominant Dogma that has placed many of us (ahem, eldest siblings and perfectionists of the world) in a “hero” role. 

I am here to guide you through these experiences and expectations of rising to the occasion to find personal freedom and boundaries aside from a “caretaker” role. As Edna Mode says in The Incredibles, “no capes!” 

In this episode, I’ll explore:

  • How caretaking and “hero” roles are lived out beyond core family units and in workplace and personal relationships
  • The impact perfectionism has on us in the long-term, such as extended Fight/Flight/Freeze coping mechanisms 
  • My own experiences surrendering my “hero” role and finding belonging and meaning just by being me
  • The freedom of being seen beyond your hero role and embraced for who you truly are
  • The power in handing back responsibility, saying no, and setting meaningful boundaries 

Pull Quotes

“You learned how to become part-time therapist, part-time activist, and part-time care-taker—to your friends, your siblings, and perhaps even your parents.”

“I could no longer ‘make’ anyone happy. I was unable to ‘fix’ the problem. My competence was no longer able to function at extraction level status. As I lost my ability to play hero, those who relied on and expected me to play this role moved on to find someone else to fill this role.”

“Supremacy culture teaches that ‘fixing’ others, saving face, and maintaining control is how you attain success. It's how you ‘earn’ belonging. This adaptive strategy, which many of us (myself included) took on as children, became an ingrained and celebrated Dominant Dogma strategy as adults. But at what cost?”

“With a hero around, family members and close friends don’t need to clean up their messes nor come face to face with the lessons they are meant to learn in this life. This dynamic, cultivates codependency and a distorted view of how relationships should be.”

“You can still achieve, lead, and help others with consent and healthy boundaries. But it is not, and never has been your job to save everyone.”

“You are whole, worthy, and enough, even when you can’t save ANYONE. You are worthy because you are.”

Mentions & More

Jul 26, 2022
Episode #22: Stop Fooling Yourself…

Greetings, Freethinkers! 

I come to you today with an invitation to move freely through your feelings — and to show up in the world, taking up space with the confidence that you are not, and never have been, too much.

Today, I’ll be exploring the Dominant Dogma that shares, “you take up too much space.” Essentially the cultural conditioning that has forced you, as a bright and vibrant being, to be small and controlled in your personal life, your creative endeavors, and even your health and wellbeing.

Enough is enough. 

I’ll be walking you through some big topics today, such as:

  • Noticing, honoring, and listening to your emotions
  • How Dominant Dogma has suppressed your big feelings in the name of “not rocking the boat”
  • My personal experiences of fitting myself into boxes as not to be perceived as “too much”
  • How fitting myself into dominant narratives has instilled maladaptive coping strategies
  • The freedom on the other side; living with wholeness, congruence, and integrity
  • The concept of congruence and how to work with your emotions, instead of against them

Pull Quotes

“When you live dissociated, you’re easier to control. You maintain the status quo, live within the boxes that support the Dominant Dogma of your subculture, and you don’t rock the boat.”

“I would be cold, hungry, thirsty or even need to use the restroom, but I would force myself to be fine because I was afraid to take up space. I disconnected from my needs so I wouldn’t have to face the Dominant Dogma of “too muchness” as enforced by family, friends, and community members.”

“Instead of being honest with myself, which could result in others feeling uncomfortable or me possibly rocking the boat, it feels “safer” to be jumbled, unsure, uncertain and then take action on the most “acceptable” thing to do.”

“How do you live with congruence? You allow your emotions and process them. You honor your body and your needs. You speak directly to the elephant in the room instead of hiding or waiting for someone else to address the situation.”

“This is your invitation to show up fully, for it is in your clear communication and congruent living where you invite freedom from the inside out.”

Mentions & More

Jul 19, 2022
Episode 21: You Don't Have To Keep Giving

Welcome back, FreeThinkers! I hope today’s podcast episode finds you in a comfortable spot where you can notice your surroundings and experience this moment just as it is, tapping into your personal freedom of living in the here and now.

This week’s episode invites you to tap into the power of receiving. So often, Dominant Dogma pushes us to give, give, give, until there is nothing left. This concept often resonates a lot for folks who were raised as women and girls, who are constantly fed the message that their worth is in their service of others.

Yeah, this one is for the people pleasers out there! 

I am eager to share my personal experiences with this Dogma, and I’m even more excited to share some insights about finding freedom on the other side.

In this episode, I’ll explore:

  • The nuance that, yes, of course, it’s important to give and support others, but when we send that into overdrive, it becomes toxic.
  • How folks (especially women) in service-based establishments see this Dogma playing out constantly: “It is better to give than receive.”
  • A story about how this people-pleasing mentality impacted my creative business even (and especially)  at age 17
  • Another story about how setting my boundaries and communicating my expectations worked in my favor and made me feel safe and empowered
  • How true freedom lay in the beauty of belonging to ourselves, together.

Pull Quotes:

“Utilizing this virtue and others like it, folks in many subcultures, especially humans socialised as girls, become so focused on giving, serving, and pleasing others that they forget the importance of taking care of themselves.”

“Whether you find yourself pleasing others in business or in relationship, the truth is the same: True freedom, success, and thriving is not pleasing others at the expense of your own wellbeing.”

“It is not your job to please others, it’s not your job to meet their needs, it’s not your job to squish yourself into the tiny box you perceive is needed so you can be ‘good.’”

“When you embody your wholeness, you invite others to do the same.”

Mentions & More:

Jul 12, 2022
Episode #20: Coming Back To Our Why

Greetings, FreeThinkers, and welcome back to another episode of Live Your Freedom Now! It’s not just another episode, either, but our 20th episode! I can’t believe we’re already 20 episodes in, and I am so grateful for all of your support for this podcast.

To celebrate today, I’d like to check in and remind us of our why. I’d like to come back to concepts like Dominant Dogma, to remind you of my story, and bring us back to a place where we feel empowered and supported as we live in our power. 

So, let’s hop to it!

Today, I’ll be discussing:

  • How we can unpack dominant cultural narratives (Dominant Dogma) to find freedom on the other side
  • How Dominant Dogma has infiltrated our lives and made us feel overwhelmed and insecure, among other big feelings
  • What it looks like to reclaim our freedom and truly live in our power
  • My personal story of seeking “enough-ness” and how I have ultimately come home to myself
  • The beauty of redefining freedom as our tools for fighting oppressive systems
  • How living in your personal freedom gives way to collective healing

Pull quotes:

“And that is why this podcast, and my work as a coach and practitioner exists: To help you question and peel back the Dominant Dogma that surrounds you and evaluate the subsequent internalized Dominant Dogma that keeps you caged within your own mind.”

“Around here we not only reclaim our freedom, we live it out.”

“I bought into this lack mentality, consistently believing I was not enough, I was broken, I needed to be rescued. I believed in a solution outside of me, a product outside of me, a guru outside of me, a Dominant Dogma outside of me. Now I have come home to me.”

“My desire is to redefine freedom by inviting humanity, regard, and reciprocity back into our personal freedom journeys.”

“Living my liberation in the present IS my rebellion.”

“Live Your Freedom Now is a personal movement to reclaim your wholeness. Reclaim your enoughness. Reclaim your right to be human.”

Mentions & More:

Jul 05, 2022
Episode #19: You Are Worthy. Enough Said.

Greetings, Freethinkers! Welcome back to my little podcast corner of the universe. I am really glad you’re here with me today. I’m especially stoked for this episode because it’s a bit longer and a bit different than most of our recent pods. Today I will be chatting with my friend, Thaís Sky, who is a psychotherapist and writer and has some brilliant insights to share about worthiness. You can learn more about her in the bio below!

This conversation sure is a juicy one — and a healing one — but I do want to let you know ahead of time that we will be briefly discussing eating disorders and body image. If these topics are triggering to you, please take care and feel free to skip to the next episode. 

In this episode, Thaís and myself will be diving into:

  • Thaís’ healing journey and overcoming the feeling of inadequacy
  • What it actually looks like to embrace your worthiness and bridge the gap between your feelings of inadequacy and your personal freedom
  • Finding worth in a culture that thrives off of you feeling unworthy
  • How your family and community can be protective factors or risk factors in your development of self
  • How your relationships and the beauty of co-regulation can help you heal
  • Some tips for deepening your belonging to yourself

Pull Quotes:

“As I began, what I call my healing journey, or just the exploration of the inside… I started to rub up against this chronic state of inadequacy, which doesn't just mean that I didn't feel good enough, but also in ways that I felt too much that I was too loud, too opinionated, too boisterous, too, etc.” (6:47)

“My past has really been informed by an understanding that when we know ourselves, and when we become more curious about our culture and self intersect, the more we can decide we have more choice, we have more freedom, more possibility, more options.” (8:41)

“I really wanted to find myself, and I couldn’t.” (11:16)

“Can you ever find worth in a culture that tells us that you shouldn't be the way you are? You know, that's a question that it can be really hard to sit with, if we have identities that go against our culture's expectations or ideas of what normal look like, I mean, how do you how do you find space to exist within yourself?” (12:45)

“The way that I have really understood the worthiness wound is that it's an emotional wound. That's why I decided to call it a worthiness wound because I wanted to kind of evoke thoughts of a wounding something that exists But within us that we can't just kind of bandaid over that that's, you know, it requires attention and requires thought and presence and healing.” (14:42)

“The worthiness wound is essentially a wound of belonging, it's telling us that there is something within us that does not belong. And so healing, it requires us to find belonging.” (18:12)

“I think we are in, especially our western, kind of individualistic notions of ‘we shouldn't need people, we should be able to be self sufficient.’ And I think what we're missing in that equation is that we actually, so desperately do need people, and we need them for our survival.” (21:43)

“Wherever you are on your healing journey is exactly where you're supposed to be.” (29:56)

“We can't do it alone. We shouldn't to do it alone. Why would we have to do it alone?” (31:49)

“There's people out there that want to help you. You’re allowed to receive that. You're allowed to seek that. And if it didn't work the first time, keep trying. Keep trying to find it. You know, don't give up on yourself.” (39:12)

“The attachment is so critical to our well being, we will give up so much of our internal world if it means surviving. And isn't that so incredible that we do this as humans? The resilience and the human nature, we will find ways to survive. And that may be now as adults, we get to go beyond survival. And we get to go to thriving.” (48:36)

Mentions & More:

Jun 28, 2022
Episode #18: Freeing Yourself From Restrictive Spirituality

Hello, friends! I hope you’re doing well, finding peace, and are in a comfortable space to listen to this week’s episode. Today I will be talking about earning our belonging again, but this time, I’m exploring how that Dominant Dogma relates to spirituality. Before we get too deep into the conversation, I wanted to let you know that I will be discussing the harm of Evangelical Christianity, citing a popular Christian Theologian, and quoting a bible verse which relates to today’s Dominant Dogma. If you are currently recovering from religious trauma and find topics like this triggering, please take care and feel free to skip to the next episode.

That being said, I’m very eager for you to hear my insights and research points about this big topic. Let’s jump in (or move very slowly and gracefully — whatever feels best for you)!

This week, I will explore:

  • The painful (and untrue) cultural belief that you are inherently corrupt just by existing
  • How many theological creation stories make us believe in and practice perfectionism
  • The monopoly evangelical Christianity has on the United States, and how we are only redeemed when we pledge our allegiance 
  • A reminder that spirituality as a whole is not bad, but using it to control, manipulate, and abuse others is.
  • The truth that you are safe, worthy, and loved with or without a connection to religion or spirituality.

Pull Quotes:

“This Dominant Dogma doesn’t provide any room for respite, because it states that you, your soul, the core of your existence, is not enough. You are not worthy as a person and in fact you are morally corrupt just for exsisting.”

“I don’t believe spirituality as a whole is harmful. Having a sense of connection to the greater world, having a higher power, and having historical books which teach myths and archetypes to support growth and self-reflection is incredible.”

“What we are evaluating here on the podcast are the narratives surrounding each one of us that become our conditioning. We do this so we can drag the unconscious out into the light, evaluate it, and determine if it’s actually serving us, or if we need to hand it back for something more supportive.”

“The Dominant Dogma that says you must earn your belonging and worth, is instantly dissolved when you find peace and freedom in the present.”

Mentions & More:

Jun 21, 2022
Episode #17: You And Your Beautiful Brain Already Belong

Welcome back, my loves, 

Today’s episode is a bit longer because there are so many juicy pieces to take a bite from. This topic is also near and dear to me, and it was important to me that I make this episode as thoughtful and comprehensive as possible. So let’s get into it! I am eager to explore the Dominant Dogma that, like last week’s topic of earning our belonging with our bodies, insists that we have to think and behave in certain ways in order to belong.

Before we get too far, I want to let you know that I will be doing a lot of discussion around mental health and neurodivergence. While I identify as neurodivergent and hold certifications in Life Coaching and EcoPychology, I am not a mental health expert. You’ll hear in the podcast how I consulted with experts and other folks with lived experiences to thoughtfully craft this episode for you.

This week, I will explore:

  • A brief review of terms and topics like “neurodivergent” and “highly sensitive person”
  • How the belief that we must earn our belonging with our minds shows up in our daily lives
  • How most social norms do not create an environment for those with mental health conditions to thrive
  • What implicit ableism looks and sounds like for neurodivergent people (AKA: Dominant Dogma in the wild)
  • How coping strategies like “masking” cause harm to neurodivergent people and how forcing people to behave in certain ways — or ‘mask’ — upholds ableism 
  • And, most importantly, how, despite all of these challenges, you do deserve to thrive and live a life you love, no matter how your brain works. 

Pull Quotes:

“While this Dominant Dogma is largely upheld unconsciously (hello, implicit ableism)  the “requirements for belonging” come through loud and clear.”

“Despite my efforts to please those around me and hide my difference, I was told that the office functioned better without me present, I was being uncollaborative, I was too emotional, and that I needed to work harder.”

“Prior to my journey with mental health, self-development, and my awareness of my neurodivergence among other things, I considered myself an empath. In truth, this “empathic” ability was one in the same with masking and people-pleasing.”

“I am responsible for myself. I can ask for clarity, I can enter into a consentual meeting of needs, upon establishing clarity of emotions I can sympathize if it feels appropriate and safe. However, I am only responsible for myself.”

“We are nature, and just as nature craves a biodiverse ecosystem, we also need a biodiverse ecosystem in how our lives are lived, how our brains function, and how our personalities unveil themselves!”

Mentions & More:

Jun 14, 2022
Episode #16: You Belong Here In Whatever Body You Occupy

Hello hello, my friends! I am so thrilled to have you back again this week. Before we get too invested in this week’s episode summary, I want to let you know that in today’s episode I discuss eating disorders and body image, if these topics are triggering to you please take care and feel free to skip to the next episode. 

That being said, this week, I will guide us through a conversation surrounding the Dominant Dogma that makes us feel like we must earn our belonging with our bodies. Woof. It’s a heavier one, that’s for sure! But I truly believe that the more we uncover these big feelings and explore these topics in a safe environment, the closer we get to living our freedom now. 

So, what do you say?

In this episode, I’ll explore:

  • How humans (especially those socialized as girls) are made to believe that they must earn their belonging by fitting in with how their body looks and functions
  • How this particular Dominant Dogma leans into supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism and ableism
  • The nuance we miss out on and the beauty of other human beings we pass by because we are so attuned to this way of thinking
  • Some examples of “Dominant Dogma in the wild” that shows up all around us every day 
  • My personal experiences with this internalized Dominant Dogma and how I combat that to feel at home in my body

Pull Quotes:

“Deeply rooted in supremacy, colonialism, and patriarchy, this Dominant Dogma is also incredibly ableist requiring humans to fit the mold of thin, athletic, and high-functioning in order to belong.”

“Many may think that amidst the body-positivity movement these narratives are changing, and thankfully this is true to an extent, but we have a long way to go, both as a culture and as individuals, as we hand back the unconscious and internalized variations of this Dominant Dogma.”

“I embrace my body, however they present today, and in so doing I choose my freedom, now.”

Mentions & More: 

Jun 07, 2022
Episode #15: Permission Slip: Things Can Be Messy!


 I am really stoked for this week’s episode of Live Your Freedom Now, because the Dominant Dogma we’re confronting today is something that speaks to the perfectionist inside of me — and it’s something I need to hear. I hope you feel the same.

We’ll be exploring the “get it together” mentality that makes us feel like we have to, well, get our sh*t together to be worthy of love, respect, and success. Certainly, our hyper-perfectionist culture on social media doesn’t help us think critically about this Dominant Dogma, but it also goes all the way back to certain creation stories that relay the message that we are inherently bad (or sinful) and need to do, say, or be certain things to be considered enough.

I say no more! 

In this episode, I’ll dive into:

  • Our desires to have our lives and business together for people to want to purchase from us, or even be in relationships with us
  • How our hyper-perfectionist culture is damaging our mental health
  • The Dominant Dogma of “getting it together” and what that can look and sound like in our daily lives
  • How long-lasting concepts like sin and redemption have become tools of our capitalist society
  • The freedom in being a messy human

Pull Quotes:

“Passed down from our ancestors is the belief that we are inherently bad, or sinful, resulting in the sensation that we are not enough, that we need to get it together, and that we are not worthy of thriving until we do.”

“The truth is: We’re all messy, figuring it out humans, and it doesn’t matter where you are in your life or business: The work you have to offer is valid.”

“I am a trained coach, healer, marketer, and artist…and I’m a human living and figuring out life just like everyone else.”

“You are worthy of thriving right here and now. You are worthy of running a business right here and now. You are worthy of living your freedom, living your self-authorized liberation, now.”

Mentions & More:

May 31, 2022
Episode #14: Beating The Social Media Energy-Suck

Hello hello! 

I’m back and ready to dive into another Dominant Dogma. This time, you might think I’m a little crazy for even suggesting it, but I’m going to rebut that you need to use social media to market your business.

I know, it goes against everything we small business owners have learned in the last few years. But I think we all deserve to get to a place where using social media feels good and fun, and isn’t a source of shame or surface-level success. The Dominant Dogma tells us we must use social media to market our businesses, and I’m telling you: the choice is yours.

In this episode, I’ll explore:

  • The dark side of social media
  • How social media companies have lured us into a “free” way to market our businesses by turning us into their products
  • How we can engage with social media in a way that feels unique and true to ourselves
  • Where we can find connection in our communities outside of our little pocket computers

Pull Quotes:

“Due to social media being “free” in order to grow their empire these companies have made YOU their product, selling your attention and clicks to their advertising clients.”

“This message is typically preached from folks who are selling something to help you improve your social media game.”

“The fact is, you don’t need social media if you don’t want it, and if you do want to use social media, that’s ok too! It’s truly your choice.”

“Keep community and connection as your first priority. Allow marketing to be a natural byproduct, sharing about your work when and where it will be most beneficial.”

Mentions & More:

May 24, 2022
Episode #13: Your "No" Has Power

Greetings, my loves!

Today, I am writing you with an invitation to just say no. In fact, consider this your imaginary permission slip to say no (and your parents don’t even have to sign it!)

I am eager for you to hear this episode, where I will explore the Dominant Dogma that persuades us to “just say yes.” Say yes to every opportunity, ask, or task. The Dominant Dogma that has set us up for burnout or misalignment; that often removes our autonomy and convinces us that our worth is only apparent when we are giving parts of ourselves away in service of others.

What would happen if you operated from a place of aligned, honest self-service? Can you imagine that? A world where, if you’re not saying “no,” you’re only saying “hell yes?” 

Hell YES, I can imagine that! Let’s dive in.

In this episode, I’ll be exploring:

  • The negative effects of always saying yes
  • How misaligned agreements keep us from engaging with projects that feel meaningful and fulfilling
  • The ways out of this endless “yes” cycle
  • Sharing a story from my client, Emily, as she navigates the same journey to personal freedom

Pull Quotes:

“Consistently saying yes can result in misaligned agreements and burnout over time.”

“When we are socialized to ‘just say yes,’ it’s incredibly easy to find an agreed-upon exchange shifted without true consent.”

“She began giving herself permission to thrive instead of waiting for someone to give it to her.”

“Reciprocal Relationships in business are as important as reciprocal relationships in life, so I encourage you to evaluate your agreements. Are they supportive? Do they light up your spirit? Do they feel like the agreements you want to be in to further your future?”

Mentions & More:

  • My Creative Business Accelerator: On My Terms
  •  My FREE Integral Sales & Marketing Masterclass for you to download NOW
May 17, 2022
Episode #12: GET RICH FAST… or slowly and with self-compassion

Welcome back, beautiful humans! I am eager to share this week’s podcast episode with you because this topic allowed me to explore and learn more, and I think you might feel the same way. Today, I am approaching the Dominant Dogma of Fast Cash; the narrative that sells us on the idea we can make heaps of money with some simple “step-by-step plan.”

But, if you’re a creative business owner, you probably have a different experience, and you’re probably ready and anxious to break free from the toxic narratives that push us toward fear and away from ourselves.

I got you. For real, there are some juicy journal prompts in this one.

Let’s get to it!

In this episode, I’ll explore:

  • The icky feelings behind Fast Cash Dominant Dogma and how it taps into our shame and fear
  • The systemic issue behind our craving of — and difficulty achieving — financial stability
  • How we can find freedom in a new way forward, incorporating regenerative and sustainable business practices
  • Some in-depth journal prompts that can help us process our relationship to this Dominant Dogma (and find freedom without it)
  • And I’ll give you a reminder that you CAN do this — without all the manipulative bullshit

Pull Quotes:

“The humans writing these six-figure formulas share these messages of fast cash because they know it’s what many people are craving. They feed off your need for financial stability to fund their international travels and brand-name clothing.”

“While six figures sound catchy and thrilling, your need for financial stability points to an even greater disparity in the culture at large.”

“I do believe that handing back this Dominant Dogma starts with living your freedom now and learning to grow a business sustainably, with integrity, and with heaps of self-compassion.”

“Sustainable business is possible, monetary success (whatever that looks and feels like for you) is possible, thriving is possible, and we can do it on our terms.

Mentions & More:

May 10, 2022
Episode #11: It’s okay to miss out.

Greetings, my friends! Today, I am excited to be in your listening ears as I share another “Dominant Dogma” that has infiltrated my life — and probably yours! This week, I will dive into the idea of FOMO (or the fear of missing out) and how scarcity mindset sells us on the next big thing, or the next coolest trend, until we can barely recognize who we are. 

Oof. I’ll make it a little more fun than that, I promise! 

In this episode, I’ll explore:

  • Some terminology that has shaped the way we market ourselves and our businesses
  • How extracting and taking — instead of regenerating and sustaining — has become the norm in the business world
  • How marketing pros tap into our fight or flight responses — and how I am learning to step into my freedom instead of into that trap.
  • How it’s OK to have boundaries and limitations (in fact, it’s healthy and encouraged!)

Pull Quotes:

“This is is when scarcity comes into play: When someone, or some entity over extracts from the resources available, leaving the most vulnerable without.”

“Marketers are taught to utilize the fear of missing out, an ever-increasing phenomenon due to social media, and engage folks' innate fight or flight survival mechanisms in order to make a sale.”

“Your personal capacity, your business capacity, and the environmental capacity is the real limitation. The true scarcity that is fair and ethical to communicate clearly.”

“I desire to share my gifts and skillsets sustainably and consensually with the people who align, resonate, and need what I have to offer, and I trust that is enough.”

Mentions & More: 

May 03, 2022
Episode #10: The Dominant Dogma: "You Don’t Know How To Market, Buy This To Learn How!"

Welcome welcome! I want to start this week off with a few questions: How many times have you felt pressured to buy a new product, training, or interface to properly market your business? How many times have you felt the need to give into trends, even if you didn’t quite like them, or you felt it was hard to make them stick with your vision and purpose? How often have you been encouraged to spend money to tell your story?

I say: no more! Sure, there are some wonderful, valuable tools out there, but ultimately, I want to help you realize that you do not need the latest trend, the funkiest filter, or the most expensive social media class out there to make an impact. You are intelligent, intuitive, and far wiser than you may realize. You have the freedom to market your business and tell your story with what is accessible to you right here and now.

In this episode:

  • We’ll take a new approach! You’ll be hearing from Jessicah Travis, one of my incredible clients, as she unlearns the Dominant Dogma telling her: “You don’t know how to market! Buy this to learn how!”
  • You’ll hear how Jessicah let go of the “shoulds” and “musts” to lead a business of her own making
  • You’ll get a first-hand account of the benefits of my Creative Business Accelerator, and you can decide if it’s right for you.

Pull Quotes

“Despite having decades of experience leading groups and growing communities in a previous role, I felt I just didn’t know enough when it came to growing these new businesses.”

“I found myself remembering that my business is MY business. Meaning, I can build it around who I am instead of around what the industry says it should be.”

“It's not because there is a magic formula. It's because you will find your magic that will create exactly what your soul wanted to create.”


Mentions & More

  • Learn more and sign up for my “On My Terms” Creative Business Accelerator:
  • Meet Jessicah Travis, this week’s guest!
  • Share how this story resonated with you or just connect with me by shooting a text to 312-815-2774
Apr 26, 2022
Episode #9: The Dominant Dogma: “I did it, so can you!"

Welcome back, you wonderful human! I’m glad to have you here for episode 9 of Live Your Freedom Now. Can you believe it?! I am excited today to talk a little more deeply about how Dominant Dogma weaves its way into life and business coaching and how we can reclaim our unique experiences and be guided and grounded by alignment and purpose. 

Today, my goal is to deconstruct the Dominant Dogma of “I did it, and so can you!” to embrace our individual experiences, confront privilege, and learn how to market ourselves with integrity. I am excited to talk about my personal experiences with this concept and shed some light on how we can be more intentional in our approach to growth and freedom. 

In this episode, I’ll talk about:

  • How statements like “I did it, and so can you!” preys on vulnerability for the sake of profit
  • The need to consider different lived experiences, identities, and privileges when coaching 
  • My own experiences (and financial losses) falling into this Dominant Dogma ideology
  • How to sell and market our businesses with integrity 

Pull Quotes

“Coaches, often unconsciously, buy into this Dominant Dogma, sharing a message of, “I had this success, now I’m teaching you my “secret” so you can do the same!” This message is usually shared without any recognition of privilege or how most humans have wildly different journeys to success and thriving.”

“This message preys off the vulnerable (i.e. those needing money and relatively fast business success) and creates a hierarchy between the seller and the purchaser, upholding power over structures and creating microcosms of domination.”

“How can I more deeply ground into spaciousness and consent?”

“This space is for you if you are ready to hand back the “shoulds” and the “musts” that have seized control of your business to reclaim your vision and run your business on your terms.”

Mentions & More: 

Apr 19, 2022
Episode #8: The Dominant Dogma: “Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps”

Welcome back to another episode of Live Your Freedom Now! Well, almost. First, you get to read this fun little summary from me, and then you’ll be on your way to this week’s latest musings. This week, I am excited to explore another Dominant Dogma narrative that has impacted our freedom and perception of the world: toxic self-reliance. This one may be an interesting one to untangle for some of us, as we find the nuanced line between self-responsibility and self-reliance. What I hope you can find — or begin to traverse — is the beautiful space of both self-sovereignty, and community connection. 

Instead of “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps,” I implore you to try asking for help, learning from others, and creating meaningful and reasonable boundaries so you can live your best life. But I know there’s a lot to unpack before we get there! Let’s start with a few minutes of listening and learning this week. 

In this episode, I’ll talk about:

  • The freedom we can find in interdependence
  • The relationship between “hustle” cultures and privilege
  • Losing our innate need for connection, and how we can reclaim and reshape what that looks like now
  • Giving ourselves permission to ask for help, seek resources, and be taught in a new way
  • Some journal prompts to help you engage with this topic a bit more

Pull Quotes:

“When you embrace a mindset of toxic self-reliance, you are falling prey to a narrative you were never meant to fit within.”

“Ultimately, the Dominant Dogma of “Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps” strips you of your congruent, nuanced, whole, and natural self.”

 “It is your job to accept the supportive connections already surrounding you, attune to them, and communicate your needs.”

“It’s OK to be supported. It’s OK to be nourished. It’s OK to be taught. It’s OK to ask for help.”

Mentions & More:

Apr 12, 2022
Episode #7: The Dominant Dogma: “They have it better than me.”

Welcome back! I am so glad to have found my way into your inbox again, and I hope you’re ready for a new episode of Live Your Freedom Now! In episode 7, I will explore another Dominant Dogma that has impacted our path to freedom: feelings of inadequacy. 

I am going to help you process the inner monologue that echoes  “they have it better than me,” so that you can direct your focus back to the mission at hand: You are here to live free. It might feel a little uncomfortable, but I hope you find this podcast to be a supportive place to explore and welcome these feelings.

In this episode, I’ll explore:

  • Dominant Domgma that manifests as feelings of inadequacy or comparison
  • The impact of capitalism and social media on our creativity and wellbeing
  • Setting energizing boundaries that can help us reclaim our time and freedom
  • How we can build community and self-responsibility to create unique journeys that allow us each to thrive

Pull Quotes:

“This internalized Dominant Dogma of, “they have it better” is exactly what the system needs to survive in its current form: They need you to feel small, not enough, insecure, and lacking…so you purchase from them.”

“When it comes to social media, you are the product, not the consumer.”

“Social media, as an advertisement platform, consistently feeds you a singular vision of happiness, belonging, and success. It aims to cultivate FOMO, a feeling of scarcity and lack, thus attracting more of your attention and energy, with the end goal of securing your purchase.”

“You can honor your experience. Feel it. Get your emotions out around it. Grieve where you have been navigating difficulty and perhaps even loss. Then, I encourage you to remember: Dominant Dogma wants you to keep feeling this way because others profit off of your feeling broken, small, and like a victim of your world.”

“The truth is, their journey is none of your business. Whoever they may be, their experience of “better,” is none of your business. And, when you reduce them to a simple thought of “they have it better” it strips both them and you of nuanced humanity.”

Mentions & More:

Apr 05, 2022
Episode #6: The Dominant Dogma: “Bigger is better: Scale, Grow, Dominate”

Hello there, and welcome back! I hope you’re ready to learn more about Dominant Dogma this week, as Episode 6 is all about a dominant belief that life and business is about growth at all costs, scaling and dominating in our personal and professional avenues. 

This is a big cultural shift I see these days, as many of us realize that traditional ideas of productivity and success are no longer serving us. I will be diving into this cultural narrative and how it has shaped our modern world, as well as what that Dominant Dogma might sound like as an inner monologue for you. I’ll also leave you with some pretty big questions that I hope can be a launching point for you to think more critically, reflect, and move from a place of intention and wisdom as you begin to Live Your Freedom Now. Let’s explore!

In this episode, I’ll be talking about:

  • The Dominant Dogma that growth and advancement reign supreme
  • How these cultural structures and narratives shape the way we approach the world
  • What this Dominant Dogma may sound or feel like for you
  • Kate Raworth’s “Donut Economics”
  • The idea of thriving vs. growth, especially in creative business

Pull Quotes:

“Within the modern world, and specifically within capitalistic and hierarchical systems, we are taught a message of growth and advancement from a young age.”

“We are expected to model ongoing advancement within our workplaces, companies, and finances. This ever-growing, ‘up and to the right’ mentality is what we are conditioned to expect from society, economy, and from ourselves, until we die, burn out, or for the lucky few, retire.”

“A healthy business is designed to thrive, not grow.”

“This is an invitation to explore beyond the Dominant Dogma of advancement, scaling, and indefinite growth so together we can find a more sustainable and regenerative path forward.”

Mentions & More:

Mar 29, 2022
Episode #5: The First Practice Of Freedom & What’s Coming Next…

Welcome, welcome! I am so excited to be in your inbox today with Episode #5 of Live Your Freedom Now.

This is an exciting episode, as I share my first practice of freedom and give you some information about what to expect from coming podcast episodes. I will dive into my first of five Practices of Freedom: Playful Curiosity. I’ll explore a little about what that means in life and in business, and a little bit about curiosity in the abstract. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How I create my environment to support my healing 
  • Playful Curiosity, and how we can embrace imagination, play, and presence to heal and thrive
  • How I will further embark on the Practices of Freedom in coming episodes
  • My offerings to support your freedom in life and business

Pull Quotes:

“Within my business, I like to refer to my people as helping, healing, and high-achieving humans, and today I am specifically honoring the healing portion of those titles.”

“We cannot hand back unsupportive Dominant Dogma — much less find Freedom right here and now — if we’re not first willing to get curious about our current beliefs and lens on the world.”

“However you choose to engage with this content and my offerings I am already celebrating you! Your choice is an embodiment of living your freedom now.”

Mentions & More:

Mar 22, 2022
Episode #4: What’s Possible When You Live Your Freedom Now?

Hello hello! Welcome back. I am thrilled to share Episode 4 of the Live Your Freedom Now podcast with you. This week, I’m digging into what “Living Your Freedom Now” actually looks like in practice — and what it doesn’t look like, too. I’ll be sharing a meditative story from my experience and few client examples as we embark on this liberating journey.

In this episode, we’ll talk about: 

  • The beauty and unique nature of our personal freedom
  • What living your freedom looks and feels like
  • What living your freedom doesn’t look and feel like
  • A little meditative story about a moment at the lake
  • My story as a people pleaser, and how I’ve come to reclaim my freedom
  • Choosing to liberate yourself, and ultimately, play your part in collective healing

Pull Quotes:

“I am not here to offer clear-cut answers for political crisis, I’m here to help you question the paradigm of lack that you’ve been sold so you can find liberation in present.”

“I learned how to become my own healer, my own authority, my own business advisor, my own responsibility, my own leader and I discovered… anything is possible.”

“I believe on the collective and global level when you embark on your Freedom Journey you are choosing to help liberate and heal the planet.”

Mentions & More:

Mar 15, 2022
Episode #3: What Does it Mean to, “Live Your Freedom Now?”

Hello, hello! It’s time for episode #3 of the Live Your Freedom Now podcast. Get those headphones on and find a cozy listening corner!

In this episode, I’ll (finally) explain what it actually means to “Live Your Freedom Now.” Fitting, right? After I’ve unpacked what Dominant Dogma is, I want to get you started on the path to your freest and most authentic self. 

I’ll share some information about what I believe is at the root of personal freedom, the yummy feeling of rebellion and how that shows up when you live in your freedom, and how you can make conscious choices to act with integrity and support your thriving. Oh — and I share an excerpt from my upcoming book, so hopefully that will be a fun little treat!

I’m also excited to dive further into some practical frameworks about freedom that you can begin to practice right here and now.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Noticing your surroundings as a practice of personal freedom
  • A quick review of Dominant Dogma
  • How our freedom is our greatest and most pure form of rebellion
  • Practically examining personal freedom through Dr. Andy Fisher’s framework of Modern Disconnection
  • A brief overview of my 5 Practices of Freedom (which we’ll deep dive into later this summer!)

Pull Quotes:

“Instead of buying into the narratives where you need something outside of you to be enough… you stop things in their tracks and state the opposite:  I am free, whole, worthy, and I belong, right here and now.”

“I have come home to me. To my intuition, my ability to choose, and I know I am already enough. Moreover, you are enough, too.”

“Living my liberation in the present IS my rebellion.” 

“Together, we can drop the act, and live from a place of sovereignty and whole-hearted humanity. We are constantly co-creating with the world around us, and this Freedom Journey is taking ownership of the co-creation.”

“These 5 Practices Of Freedom are Playful Curiosity, Non-Judgement & Awareness, Self-Trust, Integrity & Congruence, and Resilience. Each points us back to wholeness. To freedom.”

Mentions & More: 

Mar 08, 2022
Episode #2: You Come By These Patterns Naturally

Hello loves,

I’m back with another episode of Live Your Freedom Now. 

If you recall, in our last episode (our inaugural episode!), I gave a little look into the concept of Dominant Dogma: All the cultural narratives and beliefs which externally, and subsequently internally as adaptive strategies, tell you who you’re supposed to be, how to do it, and what you need to buy to live that out. 

It was a big one and may have brought up some overwhelming feelings, but I hope you were able to see how helpful it is to name and define that Dominant Dogma to get us started on a new path — one where we can truly blossom.

In this episode, I’ll be using what I taught last week to explore how Dominant Dogma gets in the way of your freedom. 

We all understand the world through stories, and the narratives we have been told and continue to tell ourselves can be really helpful tools to relate to one another and be humans. However, these stories can sometimes keep us confined and hinder us from seeing new possibilities.

I’ll share how I personally came to this revelation and realized it was time to start writing my own story — and how I could incorporate all parts of me (the beloved “both/and”) to live in my freedom.

Let’s go on this journey together!

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • Cute dogs on soft blankets (insert heart-eye emoji, right?!)
  • The beauty and freedom of being in the present moment
  • How Dominant Dogma comes naturally
  • How powerful stories can be in our lives
  • My personal revelation with Dominant Dogma
  • Using critical thinking and nuance to live in your freedom

Pull Quotes:

“When I talk about freedom, I am really focusing on the freedom that’s accessible to us in this moment. The freedom of choice in this moment, recognizing the beauty that’s already around us, so we can recognize that we are whole — right here, right now.”

“How can we reclaim ourselves from these narratives? One of the most beautiful rebellions is to live in this freedom now.”

“You come by these patterns, these beliefs, these Dominant Dogmas, naturally.”

“By unconsciously buying into the Dominant Dogma handed to me, I achieved the dream. However, each step along the way, the Dominant Dogma required me to sacrifice some part of myself and my humanity.”

“These molds and roles I took on resulted in a business built on self-extraction, a manipulative business partnership, and toxic client relationships.”

Mentions & More:

Mar 01, 2022
Episode #1: Dominant Dogma & Why You Should Care About It

In this episode, we talk about - Working from an airport (it’s kind of the best). How Dominant Dogma has given us pre-written stories about our lives. The nuance of some of those stories not being good, bad, right, or wrong. How, no matter how innocent Dominant Dogma may seem, it has been used as a manipulation tool in many of our cultural systems (uh, hello capitalism and patriarchy, not so lovely seeing you here). How we have the power to set boundaries, understand nuance, and trust ourselves to use our critical thinking to find our freedom.

I will be right back here next week and if you want to download my free Freedom Manifesto head to

I’ll see you next week!

Freedom is yours, 


Feb 22, 2022
Trailer: Live Your Freedom Now

Hello loves, welcome to the brand new Live Your Freedom Now podcast. 

I’m Megan Colleen Johnson and this podcast is dedicated to discussing dominant cultural narratives and beliefs, what I call Dominant Dogma, how this keeps you from freedom, and how to overcome that dogma by Living Your Freedom Now. 

While this path sounds clean and straightforward, the truth is life and being human is messy, so around here we value the both/and. We’ll hold space for where you’re at, AND honor the freedom you’d like to see and feel within yourself. I can’t wait to share the first episodes with you soon

Hit subscribe to stay updated and for more information about me, my work, and to download my FREE Freedom Manifesto with all the details on what Dominant Dogma is head to

If you’re curious to have the Dominant Dogma in your life talked about on the podcast, shoot me a text at (312) 815-2774 and fill me in! 

See you soon!

Jan 29, 2022