Called to CEO: Supernatural, Practical & Biblical Strategies for the Christian Business Owner

By Hannah Brindley | Christian Business Coach, Certified Biblical Life Coach, Author & Speaker

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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Called to CEO is a **TOP 100 PODCAST** for women in business and an absolute must listen if you are a Christian business owner, creator, dreamer or leader. Formerly known as the Reclaimed to Reign Podcast, Called to CEO provides the Faith-Fueled CEO with supernatural, practical and biblical strategies & principles you can implement right away in order for you to cultivate a thriving, Holy Spirit led life and business. Listeners of Called to CEO rave about how Hannah, the host, never holds back and provides invaluable wisdom you can use and apply today in your own life & business. They have been able to implement what they’ve learned on the podcast, and as a result, have seen REAL, measurable, positive results in their own life & business. As one listener of Called to CEO states, “That is a podcast listener’s ultimate dream!” With that in mind, if you answer YES to any of the following questions, you are going to want to tune in immediately to the Called to CEO Podcast. Are you sick of feeling like you work so hard in your business with little to no reward? Are you tired of staying in the same cycle of self-sabotaging tendencies you KNOW are keeping you stuck? Are you ready to stop letting your productivity or success determine your identity, worth and how you feel about yourself? Are you sick of feeling stuck, trapped or like a prisoner in your own life? Do you have a pull on your heart to do something MORE but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to turn your passion into profit? Are you ready to finally create a full-time income online? What if I told you you could end this never-ending cycle of self-destruction, and finally cultivate a successful, Holy-Spirit led life and business without letting your success become your idol? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Called to CEO, a podcast for faith-fueled female entrepreneurs who are ready to level up in their life & business. By incorporating aligned systems & soulful strategies with powerful intuition & unshakeable faith, Called to CEO will help you get unstuck, gain massive clarity, live out your purpose, and finally unlock the miracles that are waiting for you. And if we haven’t met, I’m your host, Hannah Brindley. Former achievement addict turned Jesus lover. Daughter of the King, Certified Life Coach, Faith-Fueled Business Mentor, and Overprotective Dog Mom.🐶 The truth is, I spent the first 2-3 years of entrepreneurship fueled entirely by my flesh and my worldly desires. I subconsciously made my business goals my idol, which in turn affected my identity and my actions, and I didn’t even realize it. Fortunately, after a powerful mental breakdown and identity crisis, Jesus restored me and I realized what I was doing. I was so obsessed with success that I was chasing my goals and my desires over chasing Him. At that time, I cared more about my business than I did about my relationship with Him (even though I would have never admitted that to myself, or anyone else). And because of that, God really had to work on me to restore my heart and bring me back to the feet of Jesus, so I could reclaim my identity and authority in Him. The most remarkable thing is, the year that this spiritual breakthrough happened was the first year I had 6-figure business, which I know was no coincidence. But my heart had to be pure for this. I wasn’t seeking Him so I could have a successful business. I was seeking Him solely to seek Him. I had to purge the obsession I had over money and success before God opened that door. I had to be satisfied and content with letting that dream go, and be fully satisfied in Him. This breakthrough opened my eyes in more ways than one. It helped me realize we live in a world that teaches us to fight all of our battles physically instead of spiritually. We live in a world that teaches us that we always need to be searching for the next best strategy. We live in a world that teaches us that we are the only ones who can fulfill the desires of our hearts. But that’s not biblical truth. We must learn to fight our battles spiritually instead of physically–especially the battles we face within ourselves. We must learn to go to Jesus before we go to the next strategy. We must learn that the only one who can fulfill our true wants and desires is Jesus. Because no matter what the world says, we won’t be fulfilled by time or financial freedom. It will never be enough. We will only be fulfilled with eternal freedom, and that comes from Jesus Christ. This is the mission. To be totally and completely fulfilled with Jesus, reign within self-sabotage and spiritual warfare, and take bold and obedient action on your God-given call to CEO. Because I know what it feels like to work 24/7 on a dream or goal with little to nothing to show for it. I also know what it’s like to continue doing the same self-sabotaging behaviors again and again. I know what it’s like to feel so stuck in one of the deepest holes where you can’t even see the light. I also know what it’s like for the biggest mountains to pop up along your journey to try to deter you away from your purpose. And I know that you may even want to give up, but deep down you know that you can’t because God led you here on a mission. He called you to be a Faith-Fueled CEO. And because of that, I know you want to find a way to end this never-ending cycle of self-destruction, and finally cultivate a successful, Holy-Spirit led business without letting it become your idol. If you’re ready to… Be fueled by faith over flesh, Fight your battles spiritually instead of physically, Take bold & obedient action on your God-given call to CEO, And finally create that thriving, faith-fueled business… It’s time to step into your call to CEO, Queen. Thank you for being here. It’s truly an honor to serve you. I pray this blesses you. xx Hannah Christian Entrepreneur * Christian Business Coach * Faith-Based Business * God-Given Purpose & Callings * Breakthrough Spiritual Warfare + Self-Sabotage * Get Unstuck * Faith-Fueled Focus + Productivity * Balance Discipline + Surrender * Make Money Online * How to Start a Coaching Business * How to Start an Online Business * Sales & Marketing * Biblical Mentorship * Nail Your Niche & Ideal Client * Christian Business * Christian Women in Business CONNECT: Instagram –> @hannahbrindley FREE RESOURCES: Called to CEO Community –> ROOTED: 3 Day Devotional Series for Faith-Fueled Female Entrepreneurs –> Attract Your Queendom (Learn to Attract Your Ideal Clients to You) –> WORK WITH HANNAH: Called to CEO Collective (Membership) –> For faith-fueled female entrepreneurs ready breakthrough spiritual warfare + self-sabotage in life + business Faith-Fueled Coach Academy (Course) –> For faith-fueled females who are ready to start + scale a Holy Spirit led coaching business 1:1 Coaching Options –> CONTACT: Email –>

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Welcome to Reclaimed to Reign! A Podcast for Faith-Fueled Female Entrepreneurs.
Feb 14, 2022