Curious State

By, Doug Fraser

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Category: Society & Culture

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Could we have domesticated a T-Rex? Is the mafia really that violent? Haven't all the possible songs been written by now? Unexpected gems of knowledge are hidden all around us. Let’s dig them up, one offbeat question at a time.

Episode Date
A fond farewell
Dec 20, 2022
Why is classical music so timeless? | feat. Benjamin Zander
Dec 13, 2022
Haven't all the possible songs been written by now? | feat. Matt McGinley
Dec 06, 2022
Who will save us from ransomware? | feat. Renee Dudley and Daniel Golden
Nov 29, 2022
How do you catch a predator? | feat. Chris Hansen
Nov 22, 2022
How do you get into a Princeton lunch club? | feat. Mark Oppenheimer
Nov 08, 2022
Is nature cool with cannibalism? | feat. Bill Schutt
Nov 01, 2022
Why is the Stranger Things music so haunting? | feat. David Klotz
Oct 25, 2022
Where does movie blood come from? | feat. Howard Berger
Oct 18, 2022
Wait... vampires are real? | feat. Michelle Belanger
Oct 11, 2022
How do you design a house...for fear? | feat. Leonard Pickel
Oct 04, 2022
Is pillow fighting the next big sport? | feat. Steve Williams
Sep 27, 2022
What makes movie trailers so compelling? | feat. Dallas Taylor
Sep 20, 2022
What's the secret to breaking 800+ world records? | feat. Ashrita Furman
Sep 13, 2022
Why were prized rabbits in Auschwitz? | feat. Tanya Singer
Sep 06, 2022
Can a "friends with benefits" relationship last? | feat. Dr. Justin Lehmiller
Aug 30, 2022
How does cyanide kill you? | feat. Neil Bradbury
Aug 23, 2022
Are cats a**holes? | feat. Jackson Galaxy
Aug 16, 2022
What does reality TV say about us? | feat. Danielle J. Lindemann
Aug 09, 2022
What's it like to remember every moment of your life? | feat. Rebecca Sharrock
Aug 02, 2022
How do you get rid of a dead whale? | feat. VA Beach Aquarium Stranding Response
Jul 26, 2022
Can deep play revolutionize your work life? | feat. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Jul 19, 2022
Why did we fall out of love with pigeons? | feat. Andrew Blechman
Jul 12, 2022
Who picks you up when you die? | feat. Jake Halbeck
Jul 05, 2022
What's it like in the Pixar writers' room? | feat. Matthew Luhn
Jun 28, 2022
How'd they fix wounded soldiers' faces in WWI? | feat. Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris
Jun 21, 2022
Whatever happened to "thou"? | feat. Grammar Girl
Jun 14, 2022
Does this episode make you sleepy? | feat. Drew Ackerman
Jun 07, 2022
Could science go extinct? | feat. Alie Ward
May 31, 2022
What makes a cemetery a tourist destination? | feat. Loren Rhoads
May 24, 2022
Can animals break the law? | feat. Mary Roach
May 17, 2022
Why's that crow living in the aquarium? | feat. The Virginia Aquarium
May 10, 2022
Can you empathize with your internet haters? | feat. Dylan Marron
May 03, 2022
Are celebrities more interesting than us? | feat. SuChin Pak
Apr 26, 2022
Why are there so few female psychopaths? | feat. Dr. Mark Freestone
Apr 19, 2022
What's the point of regret? | feat. Daniel Pink
Apr 12, 2022
Is the mafia really that violent? | feat. Elie Honig
Apr 05, 2022
Can we overcome our childhoods? | feat. Lori Gottlieb
Mar 29, 2022
Could we have domesticated a T-Rex? | feat. Dr. Richard Kissel
Mar 29, 2022
Mar 15, 2022