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Join Anthony Davis for in-depth conversations with expert guests about the state of America. Brought to you by MeidasTouch and Five Minute News.

Episode Date
Dr Eric Feigl-Ding on the politicizing of public health and how it could impact Republican mortality.
Jun 09, 2024
Rep. James Talarico on the rise of Christian nationalism and religious extremism affecting America.
Jun 02, 2024
Nina Jankowicz on Russian election interference and Trump’s complicity.
May 26, 2024
Dr Jennifer Mercieca on the presidential debates with one candidate running for dictator.
May 19, 2024
‘The President Show’ star Anthony Atamanuik on Donald Trump’s mindset in the wake of his trials.
May 12, 2024
Cult expert Dr Stephen Hassan on Trump's narcissism and delusions of grandeur | The Weekend Show
May 05, 2024
Barbara McQuade on Trump’s abuse of the justice system and relentless disinformation campaign.
Apr 28, 2024
Former 'anonymous' Trump staffer Miles Taylor exposes the threat from within | The Weekend Show
Apr 21, 2024
Noah Bookbinder on how insurrectionist Trump is even allowed to run for President again.
Apr 14, 2024
Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg on why he isn’t worried about the November election.
Apr 08, 2024
Tara McGowan discusses how abortion access might swing the November election on The Weekend Show.
Mar 31, 2024
Sawyer Hackett on the plan to unseat Ted Cruz in Texas, GOP immigration lies and the Green New Deal.
Mar 24, 2024
Joanne Carducci on the state of America, as Joe Biden pushes ahead of Donald Trump in the polls.v
Mar 17, 2024
Jared Yates Sexton on the state of America after Trump’s continued annihilation of political norms.
Mar 10, 2024
Lev Parnas BLOWS UP GOP’s Biggest Scam | The Weekend Show
Mar 04, 2024
Victor Shi on the rigged electoral college system and how racism drives Republican politics.
Feb 26, 2024
Greg Olear joins Anthony Davis to discuss the MAGA Republican support of Putin and the Kremlin.
Feb 19, 2024
Cornell William Brooks on the Supreme Court considering Donald Trump’s insurrectionism.
Feb 12, 2024
Former Trump Voter TURNS AGAINST Trump And STRIKES Him Down
Feb 05, 2024
Michael Popok joins Anthony Davis to analyze the odds of Donald Trump’s downfall.
Jan 29, 2024
Trump wants immunity for his crimes. Anthony Davis EXPLAINS.
Jan 22, 2024
Former aide to Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff on the threat of a Trump dictatorship.
Jan 22, 2024
Allan Piper on the Trump/GOP Christofascist plan to ‘deconstruct the administrative state’ known as ‘Project 2025’.
Jan 15, 2024
Forensic psychiatrist Dr Bandy Lee on Trump’s mental pathology still being ignored by the media and lawmakers.
Jan 08, 2024
Best of THE WEEKEND SHOW for NYE featuring Peter Stzrok, Emily Galvin Almanza and Lev Parnas.
Jan 01, 2024
'Best of' episode with guests Heather Cox Richardson, Tony Atamanuik and Tom Bonier.
Dec 27, 2023
Jennifer Mercieca on America sleepwalking into authoritarianism.
Dec 18, 2023
Tom Bonier on current Presidential polling and into the 2024 race.
Dec 11, 2023
Ryan Busse on the road to 2024, and navigating the rising threat of far-right extremism.
Dec 04, 2023
Emily Galvin-Almanza on the the Voting Rights ruling, abortion and the rise of far-right leaders.
Nov 27, 2023
Nick Knudsen on the campaign to re-elect Joe Biden and the threat of Republican misinformation.
Nov 20, 2023
Heather Cox Richardson on the danger of authoritarianism and far-right Christian nationalism.
Nov 13, 2023
Anthony Atamanuik on Donald Trump's psychopathy and his threat of retribution in 2024.
Nov 06, 2023
Congressional candidate Rebecca Cooke on the essential rural vote.
Oct 29, 2023
The Atlantic's David Frum on the danger of Trump 2024 and the Hamas war on Israel.
Oct 15, 2023
Kaivan Shroff on the existential threat to democracy after Trump’s inflammatory abuse of law enforcement.
Oct 08, 2023
Juliet Jeske on the GOP Debate, Trump's 2024 strategy and Fox News after Rupert Murdoch.
Oct 01, 2023
Cybersecurity expert Jackie Singh on free speech, the UN’s desperate plea on Climate Change.
Sep 24, 2023
Peter Strzok on Trump pointing to sympathetic comments from Vladimir Putin.
Sep 18, 2023
Politics Girl on the state of America and how we all have a role to play in restoring democracy.
Sep 10, 2023
Jared Yates Sexton on Trump’s plans for authoritarian rule, and the media’s failure to cover it.
Sep 03, 2023
Amanda Litman on the state of our elections, the candidates and how US democracy is on a knife’s edge.
Aug 27, 2023
Dina Seyegh Doll joins Anthony Davis to analyze the odds of a successful prosecution of Donald Trump,
Aug 20, 2023
Economist Umair Haque on the effects of Climate Change on the world economy.
Aug 13, 2023
Expert on authoritarianism Ruth Ben-Ghiat explains Trump's increasing lawlessness.
Aug 06, 2023
Trump henchman Lev Parnas, who has since escaped the cult talks to Anthony Davis.
Jul 30, 2023
Convicted January 6 defendant Pam Hemphill discusses her journey to MAGA.
Jul 23, 2023
Cult expert Dr Steven Hassan explains how to engage with MAGA Republicans.
Jul 16, 2023
Disturbed Trump makes DANGEROUS ANNOUNCEMENT that THREATENS America in New Speech.
Jul 10, 2023
Tara McGowan, discusses hate speech vs free speech, extremism and the media's handling of fascism.
Jul 09, 2023
Panicked Trump INCRIMINATES HIMSELF over and over during live event.
Jul 06, 2023
Democratic activist Victor Shi responds to the Supreme Court decisions that will impact young people, minorities and the LGBTQ+ community.
Jul 02, 2023
Trump BLOWS UP his ENTIRE Defense in Under 30 Seconds.
Jul 02, 2023
Visibly Disturbed Trump THREATENS AMERICA in Desperate Speech.
Jun 27, 2023
Mueller Report expert Allison Gill exposes the sham Durham Inquiry on The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis.
Jun 25, 2023
Investigative journalist Dave Troy explains the psychological warfare pushing an anti-democracy agenda.
Jun 18, 2023
Examining far-right Christian Nationalism’s role in US politics with Jennifer Cohn.
Jun 11, 2023
Democratic strategist, Max Burns, reflects on Joe Biden’s handling of the debt ceiling negotiations.
Jun 04, 2023
Peter Strzok explains why the Durham Report failed to reveal serious criminality.
May 28, 2023
Emily Galvin-Almanza joins Anthony Davis to discuss abortion bans and migration post Title 42.
May 21, 2023
Lifelong Republican Ron Filipkowski sinks his former party with devastating opposition research.
May 15, 2023
Trump’s next dangerous moves exposed by by Dr Jennifer Mercieca.
May 08, 2023
Former Prosecutor Elie Honig discusses the chances of a Trump conviction.
May 01, 2023
Dr Bandy Lee explains how the phenomenon of Trump Contagion, not politics, created the MAGA movement.
Apr 24, 2023
Progressive influencer Kaivan Shroff, talks to Anthony Davis about Democratic strategy and the next generation of voters.
Apr 17, 2023
Shannon Watts talks with Anthony Davis about her campaign to end gun violence in schools.
Apr 10, 2023
Ben Meiselas joins Anthony for analysis of Trump's indictment by a grand jury.
Apr 03, 2023
Former Chief Asst DA of the Manhattan DA’s Office, Karen Friedman Agnifilo on Donald Trump’s upcoming indictment.
Mar 27, 2023
Jared Yates Sexton asks, is America still the greatest country in the world?
Mar 20, 2023
Former aide to Melania Trump, Stephanie Wolkoff, explains the mindset of the Trump family.
Mar 13, 2023
Harvard Professor Cornell William Brooks explains the myth of CRT and exposes the demagoguery of Ron DeSantis.
Mar 06, 2023
Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg on Joe Biden's 2024 run - The Weekend Show
Feb 27, 2023
Legal AF Host Michael Popok REVEALS Key Issues in Trump Cases | The Weekend Show
Feb 20, 2023
MASS EXODUS away from the NRA and MAGA EXPOSED by Former Gun Executive | The Weekend Show
Feb 13, 2023
Top Political Strategist, Tara McGowan, DEFEATED TRUMP with TARGETED Messaging and Explains HOW | The Weekend Show
Feb 06, 2023
Top Cult Expert, Steven Hassan, EXPOSES the SECRETS of MAGA Mind Control | The Weekend Show
Jan 30, 2023
Juliet Jeske EXPOSES MAGA Brainwashing Techniques and how to DEPROGRAM | The Weekend Show
Jan 23, 2023
Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok SPEAKS OUT on Jack Smith, Russian Collusion + MORE | The Weekend Show
Jan 16, 2023
Emily Galvin-Almanza on how MAGA ATTACK on RULE OF LAW EXPOSES Utter Hypocrisy | The Weekend Show
Jan 09, 2023
David Frum on how MAGA Republicans have DESTROYED Conservatism for the Trump CULT.
Jan 02, 2023
Nazi Hunter, Kris Goldsmith, DOXXED by Fox SPEAKS OUT | The Weekend Show
Dec 19, 2022
Top Right Wing Researcher on how he EXPOSES the DERANGED MAGA Cult | The Weekend Show
Dec 12, 2022
Top Professor EXPOSES MAGA Republican Plan for FASCIST Rule & How to FIGHT BACK | The Weekend Show
Dec 05, 2022
Former Republican Joe Walsh Reveals his DISGUST of MAGA and Today’s GOP | The Weekend Show
Nov 28, 2022
Trump CORNERED as GOP PANICS after Midterm Flop with Megaviral STAR PoliticsGirl | The Weekend Show
Nov 21, 2022
The FALL OF TRUMP with Top Democratic Strategist Max Burns | The Weekend Show
Nov 14, 2022
Top Expert on Fascism WARNS of Trump and MAGA movement’s DANGER to America | The Weekend Show
Nov 07, 2022
Top Extremism Expert OBLITERATES and EXPOSES Trump and MAGA Movement | The Weekend Show
Oct 31, 2022
Top British Pro-Democracy Broadcaster FACES OFF against far-right OAN host | The Weekend Show
Oct 24, 2022
Brilliant Futurist REVEALS what’s next in the FIGHT for Democracy vs MAGA Fascism | The Weekend Show
Oct 17, 2022
Top Investigative Journalist EXPOSES Bombshell SECRET TRUMP-MAGA-PUTIN Links | The Weekend Show
Oct 10, 2022
Jessica Denson who BEAT TRUMP in Court Speaks on New Trump CRIMES | The Weekend Show
Oct 03, 2022
Top Political Analyst SOUNDS ALARM on MAGA Extremism AFTER Trump is INDICTED | The Weekend Show
Sep 25, 2022
Top Cybersecurity Expert EXPOSES the TRUMP and QANON Plot to Overthrow Democracy | The Weekend Show
Sep 19, 2022
EXPOSING the MAGA Criminal Grift and Its Dangerous Domestic Terrorism Networks | The Weekend Show
Sep 12, 2022
Top Cult Expert DISSECTS the MAGA Cult and how to BREAK THE SPELL | The Weekend Show
Sep 05, 2022
Top Analyst of Trump’s Crimes Allison Gill REVEALS Trump’s VAST Criminal Exposure | The Weekend Show
Aug 29, 2022
Top Expert on Extremism EXPOSES NRA and GOP Plan to RADICALIZE America | The Weekend Show
Aug 22, 2022
Top extremism expert SOUNDS ALARM on Trump’s Espionage and future plans | The Weekend Show
Aug 15, 2022
Top Psychiatrist SOUNDS ALARM on Trump’s Deteriorating Mental Fitness | The Weekend Show
Aug 08, 2022
How Trump’s use of DIVISION and RAGE, was a decades long plan | The Weekend Show
Jul 31, 2022
Kristen Doerer EXPOSES how the FAR RIGHT views the Jan 6 Hearings | The Weekend Show
Jul 25, 2022
The GOP climate CON EXPOSED by these superstar teen climate activists! | The Weekend Show
Jul 18, 2022
How Jessica Denson ESCAPED Trump’s CULT and WON in court | The Weekend Show
Jul 11, 2022
Top Political Analyst Jared Yates Sexton WARNS of America’s Self-Destruction.
Jun 26, 2022
Leading Human Rights Advocate Brynn Tannehill EXPOSES GOP Attacks on Civil Rights | TWS
Jun 19, 2022
Anthony Davis and Allison Gill OBLITERATE GOP Opposition to Jan 6 Hearings
Jun 12, 2022
Doctor who Predicted Covid Pandemic WARNS of New Public Health Emergencies
Jun 05, 2022
Top Economist WARNS of collapse of American Civilization | The Weekend Show
May 29, 2022
Democratic activist Amy Siskind talks Roe, Elon Musk and Great Replacement Theory | The Weekend Show
May 22, 2022
Max Burns on Democratic strategy leading into the midterms. The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis.
May 15, 2022
Leaks aside - human rights are on the line. Analysis with Jackie Singh | The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis.
May 08, 2022
Is Hate Speech also Free Speech? Legal analysis with Michael Popok | The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
May 01, 2022
Elections Under ATTACK! Voting Analysis with Jennifer Cohn | The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Apr 24, 2022
What do Republicans really stand for? With Cheri Jacobus | The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Apr 17, 2022
Is the US at risk of civil war? (Harald Malmgren) | The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Apr 10, 2022
Can Merrick Garland save America? With Jessica Pieklo | The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Apr 03, 2022
White men explaining racism to a Black woman? With Jared Yates Sexton | The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Mar 27, 2022
Inside the Mind of Putin, an Autocrat special with Ruth Ben-Ghiat - The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Mar 20, 2022
Media Failure Amid Global Crises with PoliticsGirl - The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Mar 13, 2022
Zelenskyy meets the moment with guests Steven Hassan, PhD and Chloe Combi - The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis
Mar 07, 2022
Jackie Singh and Paul Brandus join Anthony Davis on The Weekend Show.
Feb 27, 2022
Dr Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D and Sara Firth in Ukraine join Anthony Davis on The Weekend Show.
Feb 20, 2022
The Meiselas brothers Join Anthony Davis to premiere The Weekend Show
Feb 13, 2022