Win The Content Game

By Deirdre Tshien - CEO & co-founder of Capsho, AI-powered Content Marketer (the fastest way to repurpose and market your expert content)

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Category: Marketing

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Got your podcast rolling to boost your credibility and showcase your people but find yourself wondering, "How do I get more of my ideal clients to tune in and keep coming back for more?" Jump in with me as I show you not only how to grow your podcast and use it to attract leads for your business, but also how to supercharge it with killer content marketing strategies. You’ll hear from industry experts, as I pick their brains for their best podcast growth and content marketing tips. Plus, I'll be rolling up my sleeves and applying these strategies myself in real time, sharing the successes, the stumbles, and everything in between. Here are some topics covered in this podcast: :bulb:How to get guests to promote your podcast with Kelly Mosser :bulb:Making social media work while posting less with Katie Brinkley :bulb:The missing piece in your coaching business with Chris Williams :bulb:Mastering the art of podcast PR with Lauren Passell :bulb:How to optimize your online brand for maximum SEO exposure with Jason Barnard Got questions or your own tips and advice to share? Email me at Let’s connect on LinkedIn If you're interested in learning more about what I do, visit Get our free discoverability guide and 2 free episodes of Capsho:

Episode Date
121. Content to Clients: Mapping and Building a Limited Podcast Series that converts
Jul 16, 2024
120. The Podcast Funnel that drove $6K in 4 days
Jul 08, 2024
119. Why creating value-driven content may be limiting your impact
Jul 01, 2024
118. Bypass the Algorithms: A Blueprint for Authentic Content Success with Roberto Blake
Jun 25, 2024
117. Crafting Human Content: Colin Gray's Approach to Engaging Audiences
Jun 18, 2024
116. Radical Candor: How we are confronting our content blind spots
Jun 11, 2024
115. Implementing the Dollar-a-Day Strategy in 3 steps
Jun 05, 2024
114. Dennis Yu’s Dollar-a-Day Content Strategy to reach an untapped new audience
May 28, 2024
113. From Startup Success to Balanced Life: A Founder's Journey
May 21, 2024
112. From Viewer to Client: Leveraging YouTube for Maximum Conversions
May 14, 2024
111. Getting Real Results from YouTube: What's Working for Us Right Now
May 06, 2024
110. The 5-Step Blueprint for Creating High-Converting YouTube Content
Apr 30, 2024
109. Why We Decided to Rebuild our AI Tool Capsho from Scratch
Apr 23, 2024
108. Get more clients with your content: The Video Profit Levers Framework
Apr 16, 2024
Introducing: Win The Content Game
Apr 11, 2024
107. Using Your Content Superpower to Create Content that Resonates
Apr 09, 2024
106. How to Create Profitable Video Content
Apr 02, 2024
105. Why community is the key to startup success: A Founder's Perspective
Mar 25, 2024
104. Maximizing Your Social Media Impact: Katie's Tips for Leveraging Multiple Platforms
Mar 19, 2024
103. Post Less Grow More: Change your relationship with social media
Mar 12, 2024
102. How to dominate Social Media with just 4 posts per week
Mar 05, 2024
101. The Entrepreneur's Playbook to Winning the Content Game
Feb 27, 2024
100. Focus and Follow-Through: How to Win the Content Game
Feb 19, 2024
99. Key Takeaways from Capshovians Live - Part 2
Feb 12, 2024
98. Key Takeaways from Capshovians Live - Part 1
Feb 06, 2024
97. The Advice We Didn't Take: Why We Shelved Some Podcasting Shoulds
Jan 30, 2024
96. How This Podcaster Grew to 1 Million Downloads a Month
Jan 22, 2024
95. How LaQuita 6Xd her podcast downloads in just 4 months
Jan 15, 2024
94. Building a Dream Team: How to attract and keep top talent with Brenden Mulligan
Jan 08, 2024
93. How to rank in the Top 10 on Apple Podcasts with Luis Diaz
Jan 02, 2024
92. Creating a Thriving Business Community: Key Insights and Strategies
Dec 26, 2023
91. How Sandee Sgarlata Increased her Podcast Downloads by 400%
Dec 19, 2023
90. Mastering YouTube for Podcasting: How to Boost Visibility and Engagement with JP Hightek
Dec 12, 2023
89. From Strategy to Action: How to Execute Your Podcasting Goals with Precision
Dec 04, 2023
88. Marketing Tactic Overwhelm: How to master it
Nov 28, 2023
87. Overcoming Strategic Overwhelm: Boost Your Productivity and Find Focus as an Entrepreneur
Nov 21, 2023
86. How to convert Leads to Dream Buyers who are excited to pay you with Shawn Quintero
Nov 13, 2023
85. From Good to Great: The Key Steps to Crafting a Favorite Podcast Experience
Nov 08, 2023
84. From Forgettable to Favorite: Creating a powerful podcast premise with Jay Acunzo
Oct 31, 2023
83. How to turn your Content into Cash
Oct 24, 2023
82. Offer Optimization: How to Increase Conversions from Your Podcast
Oct 17, 2023
81. The Hidden Marketing Power of Quotes
Oct 09, 2023
80. Converting an Audience into a Community: Joe Pulizzi's Expert Tips
Oct 03, 2023
79. The Audience Ownership Secret to truly scale your marketing
Sep 26, 2023
78. Capshovians Live: The Ultimate Event to grow your podcast and business!
Sep 19, 2023
77. How to turn your audio-only podcast into visually captivating short-form videos
Sep 12, 2023
76. How Jerry Dugan turned his stagnant show into a Top 1% podcast
Sep 04, 2023
75. From Fear to Financial Freedom: Conquering Emotional Triggers for Successful Investments (Alejandra Rojas)
Aug 28, 2023
74. How to increase Blog Discoverability and Monetize with Rich Media
Aug 22, 2023
73. Maximize Your Podcast's Potential with Web Ads: Expert Tips from Mike Wiston
Aug 14, 2023
72. The new YouTube SEO Strategy for Podcasters that Google loves
Aug 08, 2023
71. How this Podcaster turned his side hustle into a profitable business
Aug 01, 2023
70. The Secrets to Short-Form Video for Podcast Promotion
Jul 25, 2023
69. The 3D Formula for a Profitable Podcast Brand with Tonya Eberhart
Jul 18, 2023
68. The 3 Questions every Entrepreneur needs to ask themselves: A Capsho Case Study
Jul 11, 2023
67. Crafting Engaging Narratives from Anecdotes: The Practical Guide to Podcast Storytelling with Juliet Hahn
Jul 03, 2023
66. The 3 simple steps I took to grow my podcast visibility by 20%
Jun 27, 2023
65. The Definitive Guide to Podcast Player Visibility with Alexis Hue
Jun 19, 2023
64. Mastering the Narrative Podcast Style with Dave Jackson
Jun 12, 2023
63. Everything you need to know about Podcasting 2.0 with Daniel J. Lewis
Jun 05, 2023
62. How to use the Secret Sauce of Reciprocity for Explosive Podcast Success
May 30, 2023
61. Why Guests don't promote episodes and how to be the exception with Kelly Mosser
May 23, 2023
60. Finding Growth in Entrepreneurship Challenges in Podcasting with Alex Sanfilippo
May 16, 2023
59. Transform Your Coaching Business with Podcast Guesting with Chris Williams
May 08, 2023
58. Revitalize Your Podcast Strategy: How to break through Progress Plateaus
May 02, 2023
57. Upgrading Your Podcast Trailer with Arielle Nissenblatt
Apr 24, 2023
56. The Advanced Niching Tip for Boosting your Podcast SEO & Sales
Apr 18, 2023
55. Master the art of Podcast PR with Lauren Passell
Apr 10, 2023
54. The Realities of Tech Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned from the Capsho 2.0 Launch
Apr 03, 2023
53. Podcast Guesting: How to create a Win-Win-Win
Mar 28, 2023
52. How to optimize your online brand for maximum SEO exposure with Jason Barnard
Mar 20, 2023
51. Content Dripping: How to turn strangers into listeners and listeners into leads
Mar 13, 2023
50. 4 Tips to 7x your podcast ROI (even if it is a side hustle)
Mar 07, 2023
49. The HumAInity Era: How to use AI to fuel your creativity
Feb 28, 2023
48. Monetizing your podcast: 3 tips for getting an ROI with John Kiernan
Feb 21, 2023
47. Leveraging ChatGPT for Your Podcast
Feb 13, 2023
46. How High-Income Podcasters Use LinkedIn to grow their podcast with Kevin Chemidlin
Feb 06, 2023
45. Unraveling Social Media with Katie Brinkley: How to Make it Work for Your Podcast
Jan 30, 2023
44. Busting the biggest podcast growth myths with Dan Misener
Jan 23, 2023
43. Unlock your podcast's hidden potential to grow your email list
Jan 16, 2023
42. Building an authentic brand for your podcast with Mark Asquith
Jan 09, 2023
41. The Marketing Secrets to High-Income Success in Podcasting
Jan 02, 2023
40. Growing your email list through artful automation with Kelsey Johnson
Dec 26, 2022
39. Monetizing Podcast Guesting: Christine McAlister's 3-Step Strategy
Dec 20, 2022
38. Replay Episode (The Secret Hack to Get Instant Downloads of Your New Episode as Soon as You Promote It)
Dec 12, 2022
37. Replay Episode (How we made over $200k in our first year of podcasting!)
Dec 05, 2022
36. How to build an engaged community for your podcast with Arielle Nissenblatt
Nov 28, 2022
35. How to Repurpose Your Podcast for YouTube
Nov 21, 2022
34. Ron Baetiong's 3-Step Strategy to Building a No. 1 Podcast
Nov 14, 2022
33. The Email Marketing Strategy High-Income Earning Podcasters Use (That Lower-Income Earners Don't)
Nov 08, 2022
32. How to Grow Your Podcast Through Targeted Podcast Pitching with Kevin Chemidlin
Oct 31, 2022
31. How to use keyword research for your podcast
Oct 24, 2022
30. How this Podcasting Chef went from 350 to 1700 downloads in a single month
Oct 18, 2022
29. How Top Earning Podcasters use their website to grow their show
Oct 10, 2022
28. How to Get A-List Guests on Your Podcast with Sarah St John
Oct 03, 2022
27. How to track the sales generated from your podcast
Sep 26, 2022
26. The Truth About Podcast Email Strategy with Britney Gardner
Sep 19, 2022
25. How Experts should use Artificial Intelligence to grow their podcasts
Sep 12, 2022
24. How to avoid Pod Fade with PodPros Founder Alex Sanfilippo
Sep 05, 2022
23. The Email Hack for Doubling Your Podcast Downloads
Aug 29, 2022
22. How to Name Your Podcast with Power and Clarity with Dr. Michelle Mazur
Aug 22, 2022
21. The simple hack to make your podcast audiograms work on social media
Aug 16, 2022
20. The 3 Easy Steps to Level Up Your Podcast Audio Quality with Dan Hughley
Aug 08, 2022
19. The Secret to Avoiding Obscurity with your Podcast
Aug 01, 2022
18. The 3 Secrets to Creating Raving Fans for Your Podcast with Pat Cheung
Jul 25, 2022
17. The 3 Steps to Ending Your Podcast Episode with Confidence
Jul 19, 2022
16. How to make the most of Podcast Movement (as an introvert) with Jared Easley
Jul 11, 2022
15. The Only Way to Monetize a Podcast With a Small Audience
Jul 05, 2022
14. Should your podcast be on YouTube?
Jun 27, 2022
13. How to Growth Hack live events for your podcast
Jun 21, 2022
12. The 4 Steps To Getting Unlimited Traffic To Your Podcast
Jun 13, 2022
11. Show Notes: The Simple Template to Making Your Podcast Easy For Your Ideal Audience To Find
Jun 06, 2022
10. The Podcast ROI Killer: Why repurposing content is a waste of time
May 30, 2022
9. Episode Content: Uplevel Your Episode to Hook your Listener to the End and Keep Binge-Listening!
May 23, 2022
8. Podcast Description: How To Content Honey Trap For Instant Listens
May 16, 2022
7. How Top Podcasters Are Using The First 5 Mins For Maximum Impact
May 09, 2022
6. How to Identify Your Podcast Audience and Speak Directly To Them
May 03, 2022
5. Double your Listens using this Podcast Title Formula... That takes less than 5 mins
Apr 26, 2022
4. The Proven Podcast Content Strategy that will Magnetize Your Ideal High-Ticket Client!
Apr 19, 2022
3. The Undisclosed Formula The Top 1% Of Podcasters Are Currently Using On Social Media To Grow Their Podcast Show
Apr 12, 2022
2. How To Use Content Honey Traps On Social Media To Double Your Downloads
Apr 04, 2022
1. How we made over $200k in our first year of podcasting with just a $53 microphone and a mission!
Mar 27, 2022
Introducing: The Grow My Podcast Show
Mar 26, 2022