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Amplifying diverse Ukrainian voices and decolonizing Ukraine conversations. Discussing Ukraine abroad without a single Ukrainian featured is still a norm. Not only it continuously robs us of our agency, but it also perpetuates outdated, misleading, and false narratives about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Amid the ongoing genocide, we nurture a safe, and chill space for Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to express themselves without the need to fit any foreign labels.

Episode Date
Unveiled: The Orange Revolution
Jan 24, 2024
Unveiled: Ukraine's Renewed Independence
Jan 24, 2024
Unveiled: Echoes of Chornobyl
Jan 24, 2024
Season 4 Premiere: How it all started.
Jan 04, 2024
olek: our ukrainian identity, explained
Dec 18, 2023
mid-season bonus: owning stupid stuff we said about Ukraine
Nov 13, 2023
mid-season bonus: a love letter to the diaspora.
Sep 23, 2023
mid-season bonus: 2014.
Sep 12, 2023
genia and azamat. qazaqs, we see you
Jul 24, 2023
oksana. russian culture is a lie
Jul 06, 2023
alim. crimea was never russian
Jun 19, 2023
olga. honest talk about ukrainian nationalism
May 30, 2023
sasha. let's talk about russian-speaking ukrainians
May 08, 2023
nodar. sakartvelo, we see you
Apr 25, 2023
maria. the ukrainianness of being jewish
Apr 09, 2023
S3 premiere: big decolonization energy. part two
Mar 27, 2023
S3 premiere: big decolonization energy
Mar 13, 2023
S2 finale: 9 ways Ukraine will inspire you
Feb 18, 2023
mark. here's why anti-ukraine disinfo gets traction in the west
Feb 09, 2023
andrea. things you keep getting wrong about ukraine
Feb 04, 2023
lia. how to talk to ukrainians without colonial tropes
Jan 30, 2023
ukrainian music as resistance. zbaraski edition
Jan 20, 2023
anti-colonial storytellers unite. volya hub edition
Jan 15, 2023
james. a message from ukraine frontline
Jan 09, 2023
nadiia. everything passes but ukraine
Jan 03, 2023
oleksandra. russia stole ukrainian culture
Dec 23, 2022
kateryna. unbreakable ukrainian creativity
Dec 18, 2022
vlad. ukrainian endurance, explained
Dec 10, 2022
leila & joey. middle east, we see you
Nov 27, 2022
peter. south sudan, we see you
Nov 16, 2022
ihor & asami. japan, we see you
Nov 05, 2022
alice. ukraine is diverse af
Oct 30, 2022
bota. qazaqstan, we see you
Oct 22, 2022
bektour. kyrgyzstan, we see you
Oct 15, 2022
ruslana & sarah. the queerness at ukraine frontlines
Oct 08, 2022
anka. big witch energy
Oct 02, 2022
oksana. don’t you dare to look away
Sep 25, 2022
sevgil. crimea is ukraine
Sep 14, 2022
olek & aurora. taiwan, we see you
Sep 07, 2022
10 reasons to be hopeful about Ukraine
Aug 23, 2022
olha. why ukrainians are ready to die for their pets
Aug 20, 2022
nika & katerina. what about nazis in ukraine
Aug 17, 2022
natali. the romani pride in being a ukrainian
Aug 15, 2022
mariam. generation freedom
Aug 10, 2022
rissana. a love letter to ukrainians abroad
Aug 06, 2022
romeo. how foreign leftists failed us
Aug 03, 2022
yevhenii. donbas is a colonial myth
Aug 01, 2022
andrey. how big tech censors ukraine truth
Jul 28, 2022
bohdana. decolonizing ukrainian literature
Jul 26, 2022
joseph. a love letter to the diaspora
Jul 23, 2022
maria. the queerness of being a ukrainian
Jul 20, 2022
why ukrainian cuisine tastes so fantastic? feat. olia hercules
Jul 18, 2022
anastasiia. meet ukraine's new resistance generation
Jul 14, 2022
nadia. white-on-white colonialism
Jul 12, 2022
kvitka. ukrainian burnout and how you can help
Jul 09, 2022
sasha. how russians made ukrainians hate themselves
Jul 05, 2022
stas. russian language in ukraine, explained
Jun 30, 2022
nata. why the obsession with 'good russians' is problematic af
Jun 28, 2022
sergey. uncomfortable truths about ukraine
Jun 23, 2022
jane. dealing with trauma
Jun 21, 2022
maria and tetyana. a crash course on making ukraine trend
Jun 16, 2022
kate. a crash course to ukrainian literature
Jun 08, 2022
olena. herstory of ukraine
Jun 02, 2022
olena and alina. uncomfortable truth about ukraine reforms
May 25, 2022
stas and marichka. how and why most foreign media got ukraine wrong?
May 23, 2022
oleksiy and kvitka. russian colonialism in ukraine, explained
Apr 18, 2022
mariam and alina. decolonizing our culture and identity
Apr 14, 2022
julia. decolonizing stupid things you say about ukraine
Apr 12, 2022
olga. how to cover ukraine without embarrassing yourself
Apr 10, 2022
tymofiy. how to do solidarity with ukraine right
Apr 06, 2022
sasha. big female energy of ukraine.
Apr 04, 2022