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By Coach Jenn & Coach Aaron

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Join Coach Jenn and Coach Aaron as they take you inside the chalk lines to discuss Little League Baseball throughout the country! Each episode will include conversations with players, coaches and experts in the world of Little League. Submit questions and guest nominations through social media. Catch You On the SLIDE!!!

Episode Date
25 – Catching Up With Chase Andrews
During episode 25 we had the opportunity to talk with Stronghold Catching owner / Trainer Chase Andrews. You might know Chase from his YouTube / TikTok / Instagram video's that take you through the world of catching and how to coach and train the position. This is a great conversation about the catching position and how to learn the role. Chase talks to us about how he got his first opportunity at catcher, and then takes up through his journey and his Instagram fame that wasn't on purpose. A previous guest, Ryver Gray joins us to ask Chase questions about learn how to catch. Chase Andrews / Stronghold Catching: Instagram: @stronghold_catching StrongHold Catching: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: theslidepodcast Twitter: #Theslidepod TikTok: @Theslidepodcastshow
Nov 18, 2022
24 – Getting Funky with the Monkeys

A BananaBall inspired team, The Funky Monkeys, out of the Charlotte North Carolina area join the show in a fun pact Banana crazy episode. Special guests hop in to surprise the players and talk about what it means to be a Savannah Banana. Guests include Head of Baseball Operations Coach Viro, catcher Dalton Cornett, and outfielder Breland Almadova from the Savannah Bananas.

This episode walks you through some of the whacky BananaBall rules and we also get to hear the Funky Monkeys talk about their experiences playing on this team. They also have some hidden talents on the field just like the actual Savanah Bananas. We also talk to one of their star catchers, Stella about what its like playing the game of baseball as a young girl. Also, look out Billy Ray, there’s a new MULLET in town. You’ve got to hear this!!!!

This episode is as entertaining as you would expect and is a must listen.

Funky Monkeys: @funkymonkeybaseball Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: theslidepodcast Twitter: #Theslidepod TikTok: @Theslidepodcastshow
Nov 11, 2022
23 – Dominating the Diamond with Duke Baxter

What an episode we have in store with Duke Baxter! You will learn very early on that by the end of the episode you will want to run through a brick wall for Coach Duke. The show has many stories about respect and how parents and coaches can instill respect in their kids from a very young age.

Duke talks about ways that he helps both coaches and young athletes to reach the upmost respect for the game and the people involved in the game. He also talks about his book, “Taking on the Title of Coach”. This book is a must read for coaches on any level. Players make sure to listen and hang on to every word Duke says about “not dropping the mic”. One of the main points of our conversation with Duke was about the 24-hour rule. Also, a conversation was had about what age is a good time for travel ball.

This episode is instructional, entertaining, and exciting all at the same time, which is exactly who Duke Baxter is. The inspiration in this episode runs very deep and each coach or player that listens to this episode will be fired up about getting back in between those chalk lines.

Nov 04, 2022
22 – Late Nite Chalk Talk with Aaron & Bryson
In today’s episode of the Slide Podcast, coach Aaron and Bryson have a late night talk about baseball as we learn more about Bryson, the baseball manager for USC in Columbia. He started in high school playing and looking for schools to go to. That, along with the worries of getting recruited or not, lead to the stress mounting up. Eventually, he realized he was meant to be at USC. Daily life for Bryson is on the pitch from 1:00 to 1:30PM to get things set up for the team and practice. Bryson says that the experience has helped make long-lasting connections with coaches and players. Next, Aaron and Bryson discuss the end of the season for Aaron’s team and why they don’t let the kids know the scores until the end. It’s about fostering camaraderie and teamwork and development over winning. The two go on to talk about the similarities and differences of their childhoods in baseball and also learning to let go of losing games. Things have changed since the sandlot days and it is a shame that fields are controlled by the local government with nowhere for kids to just go and play without having to rent a field at a specific time, weeks ahead. In the future, Bryson has thought about the possibility of coaching youth baseball but worries that his competitiveness with the younger kids could cause problems. You have to tailor expectations to the ages of kids. Teach your kids sportsmanship over competitiveness. If you are thinking of becoming a coach, remember that kids follow the lead of the adults around them. Smile, have fun, and have patience.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Oct 28, 2022
21 – Softball Stars, pt. 2
In this episode, we’re continuing our conversation with Addison, Riley, Julianna, Melody, Casey, and Bella as well as coaches Tanya Meder and David Steinman. We’re getting into athleticism, softball, and how to be the best player you can be. Bella begins by talking about recovery and how important it is. Sleep is so important for recovery, and the team has a nutritionist that helps them with their diet, hydration, and vitamin and mineral contents. Then, David asks about skills training and how much time Bella and her team spend on it. Tanya then talks about the biggest turn aways for players. It’s not just about playing, it’s about how you hold yourself, your character, and how you treat others. Grades are also important. If you want to go into sports, you need to work on your mental game and strength from the get-go. Bella writes in a journal as a way to work through her issues. Failure is part of the game, and you don’t have to be upset by it. After, David adds that you need to know your team and be understanding of what players, especially kids, are feeling or going through. Bella then talks about balancing her social life and softball. Her teammates are her best friends, and while it’s difficult with to balance, they do make time for each other and activities. When it comes to preparing for not only softball, but life, coach David makes the point to teach his players that teamwork will be a factor throughout their whole life. Understand that not everything is about you, and looking at the world around you will help you in life.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Oct 19, 2022
20 – Softball Stars, pt. 1
We’re welcoming Addison, Riley, Julianna, Melody, Casey, and Bella, as well as coaches Tanya Medders and David Steinman, in this episode. Today is a must-listen for any baseball and softball players looking to gain more insight into the sports. With several players from different teams on the show, we learn about the girls, the positions they play, and their favorite cereals. Then, coaches Tanya and David introduce themselves to the show. With introductions over, Bella discusses multi-sport athletes and why becoming one can benefit your overall game physically and mentally, no matter what you are playing. Next, Tanya discusses what she looks for when recruiting new players. It isn’t only athleticism that matters, it’s also attitude and personality. The conversation also turns to social media and how it can impact reputation and recruitment. David also discusses the benefits of playing sports that you aren’t necessarily the best at but learning how to contribute. David goes on to talk about the skills that young athletes need to nail early on in order to be the best they can be. No skill is too little or unimportant to learn. Practice really does make perfect. Next, the girls ask questions of Bella and the coaches while they discuss transferring schools, scheduling, and making time for everything. After a quick round of softball trivia, the girls discuss Bella playing in the World Series and why people love to root against the Longhorns. Then, David asks Bella about her training routine and Bella discusses the kind of education she takes part in.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Oct 14, 2022
19 – Ryver and the World Champs
In today’s episode coach Jen and coach Aaron are joined by Ryver Gray, a player on Aaron’s team, along with Dawson Taylor and John Michael Feld, who are college players and friends of Slide podcast team member Bryson Mitchell. Ryver is 7 years old and is one of the winners of our Umpire appreciation contest. He loves to catch and play outfield and thinks baseball is a fun way to exercise. Ryver is also playing on another team in Travel Ball, where it’s a little faster and harder. His favorite memory of the game is hitting a home run. The best thing about Ryver is that he loves to play anywhere on the team; it doesn’t matter which position as long as he’s playing. Dawson is a pitcher, while John plays a catcher for the University of North Greenville. They recently won a National Championship together. Greenville is a Division 2 school and played a Californian school in the championship. John started out playing baseball at around 3 years old. The difference between him and other kids was that his parents wouldn’t let him play all year in case he got burnt out on baseball. The complete opposite, Dawson played year-round. However, they both played multiple sports. Dawson continued this through high school, whereas John picked one sport to focus on at age 12. When it comes to game prep, they will watch some film and break it down, but it’s more often one-on-one with the coach. John and Dawson want kids to understand that it takes a lot of work to be in the big leagues. Don’t be upset if you can’t be just like them when you start. Practice every day and have fun.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Oct 07, 2022
18 – Magean Wolf’s Rodeo, starring Mat Wolf
In this episode, Jen and Aaron are joined by Mat and Megean Wolf. Mat Wolf is the Savannah Bananas’ trick pitcher, while Megean will share all about her experience going on the mound during a professional baseball game. Megean started playing softball when she was nine, and became competitive quickly thereafter. She played in college in Oklahoma City on scholarship. She had no intention of playing as part of the Savannah Bananas, but one day she caught the attention of the club, and they asked if she wanted to join. Mat was excited to have Megean join the team. Megean was the one who encouraged him to try out for the Bananas in the first place. Learning more about pitching and being able to pitch at a Bananas game was a fun highlight for her. Mat used to coach high school baseball, and he’s now a firefighter in Oklahoma City. He’s always been a goofy person who likes to have fun, and he’s always been passionate about making other people laugh. He played baseball in college, and now he gets to pick that dream up and live it out with the Savannah Bananas. Performing on the baseball field can come with a lot of pressure. Megean’s dad was really hard on her growing up. When she or Mat are struggling out on the field, she reminds them their identity is in Christ, not in the game. Remembering who you are as a person can help you stay grounded when it comes time to play.   Find out more about the Savannah Bananas:   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Sep 30, 2022
17 – Player Development with Mark Helsel from US Elite Baseball
For this episode, Jen and Aaron are joined by Mark Helsel from US Elite Baseball along with the newest member of the Slide podcast team, Bryson Mitchell. Mark is joining the show today to talk about player development. Despite not growing up surrounded by baseball, Mark was obsessed with baseball and helped found US Elite Baseball about 17 years ago. Back then, travel baseball was much smaller and much more specific. His son was 12 and wanted to play in the SCC at that time, so Mark formed a team of other kids, 100% of whom got scholarships. It took dedication and hard work, and it also took a love of what he does to get the program to where it is today. Mark credits Rob Bruno from the Norcal program with mentorship and helping to build the program. Coaching Little League is a huge responsibility that takes care and attention. To help him, Mark has created the 10 Commandments of Youth Sports. These rules are a way to help parents with kids in youth sports positively support them. For example, do not talk about the game immediately after. Instead, wait for them to be ready. Another big one is to allow them to fail. You can’t learn if you don’t fail. The pressure to win and be perfect can be devastating for a young player. Today, youth sports is much more of a phenomenon, with a lot more factors involved. Things like money and parental involvement have become much larger parts of the experience, and it can cause fractured relationships. Mark has training programs for his players, coaches, and parents that they have to complete before they can attend.   Find out more about US Elite:   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Sep 11, 2022
16 – Underclassment Baseball: Cayden and Asher
On today’s podcast, coach Jen and coach Aaron are joined by two guests: Cayden Crosby and Asher Parker. Cayden is part of the Underclassmen 6U team that won their division’s state championship, and Asher is in the 8U team who also won their championship. Cayden is from Diamond Head, Mississippi near the Louisiana border. Cayden is a 6-year-old player for the Underclassmen who has been playing Little League since he was 3. Cayden tells us his favorite position to play is First, partly because of his favorite player Freddy Freeman. He goes on to tell us about his pre-game warmup and his favorite part of ball practice. Next up, Cayden tells us why he loves baseball and how he loves games because he gets to be out on the field longer. Cayden started the year in T-ball, but is now in Coach’s Pitch which he likes much more. We find out all about Cayden’s first home run and why it was so special before he tells us about the nine rings he has won so far. Asher is also from Mississippi, and tells us about his team’s 25 wins this season. Asher started playing T-ball at 4, hitting his first home run at 6 and playing with the Underclassmen in January. When he grows up, Asher wants to be a professional ball player for LSU. His favorite major league team is the Cubs. In 9U, the kids start to pitch, and Asher has already played some 9U games. The most important thing for Asher is that he gets to play with his friends outside of school in baseball. Besides baseball, Asher likes to go fishing and has also been involved in playing football.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Sep 02, 2022
15 – Andy from GameMill Talks About Little League World Series 2022
This time we’ve got Andy from GameMill joining us. We’re going to be hearing about all things Little League World Series 2022. Andy and his company are bringing a Little League video game to the world, the first official one in 10 years. He was also a part of that previous release, and always wanted to create another. The talks began 2 years ago, and from there, they sought a licensing agreement with a team. The project grew from there. The goal was always to make a game that encompassed all the rules and regulations of Little League baseball without losing the element of fun. The developers went on-site to capture every detail of the real-world stadiums and locations that appear in the game. They wanted to not only appeal to Little League players, but also to video game fans by creating gamification modifications. When it comes to designing the game, Andy takes us through the process of collaborating with the teams to build the world and style of the game. The target demographic for the game is players aged 8-12, but they also wanted it to have a wide appeal. It was a fine balance between intuitive play and the reality of playing baseball. The game allows for 4 players to play together at once with local co-op play. There are lots of different play modes and unlockables to keep the experience fresh and replayable. Andy tells us about his favorite game of all time, and why it was important to create a safe way for kids to play the game with their friends. He also talks about his own walkout song and how they’ve been integrated into the game.   Check out our sponsor: and use promo code Slidepodcast to save 10%   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Aug 26, 2022
14 – BananaBall Jeopardy with The Savannah Bananas
Join The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast as we embark on our biggest challenge so far. The Savannah Bananas are kicking off their new season this week but took the time to join us for a little game of Jeopardy. Grayson Knight from @baseballpodcastsarefun joins us as a guest host / gameshow host. Malachi Mitchell, BananaBabes, Dalton Cornett and Dakota Albritton joined us to talk through Baseball Trivia. We got a chance to talk about what makes The Savannah Bananas special and why fans are drawn to Grayson Stadium to watch baseball. The game show was a close battle, but big swing at the end of the game.... Go listen to find out who wins!!!!
Aug 19, 2022
13 – Felix “The Homerun Kid”
Coaches Jen and Aaron are joined by Felix the Homerun Kid for today’s episode. Felix went viral after his mom posted a video of him hitting a homerun and then giving the homerun ball to his grandfather. He’ll talk to the show about all things baseball and what his grandpa means to him. It’s a first-ever podcast appearance for Felix, and he starts off by telling us about the double homerun he made on the night that the video was taken. It was an amazing feeling, and all his teammates plus his cousin Clara came out to celebrate with him. When his dad told him he should sign the balls and give them away, that was when Felix decided to give one to his grandpa. Felix’s grandpa has been a huge part of his love of the game and always plays catch with him. His grandfather has also gone to watch all of his games, even out of state. Then, Felix tells us about all the kind comments and feedback he has received since posting the video, along with all the other interviews he has done. Now 9 years old, Felix started playing ball when he was 3 and has only kept improving. Felix plays every position on the field, but his favorite is catcher or pitcher. When he isn’t playing baseball, Felix loves to play Minecraft and go swimming. This last week it’s been 100 degrees all week, which is perfect swimming weather. He also sometimes likes to freestyle dance. Felix tells us that his favorite part of the game is hanging out with his teammates and having fun.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Aug 19, 2022
12 – Eric Wubbena From Baseball Bluebook
Eric Wubbena from Baseball Bluebook is joining Jen and Aaron in this episode. For those that don’t know, Baseball Bluebook is a networking app for college and professional players. Eric is here to talk about how the Bluebook became an app and how the baseball community can use it. Bluebook began in 1909 and is the oldest running baseball directory. At that time, all the collegiate programs were listed to help out scouts for the game. Eric has always loved baseball, and as an adult, he began working in technology. He took the Bluebook concept and modernized it into an app for everyone in baseball to use, not just scouts. Eric describes the app as LinkedIn for baseball. When it comes to Little League players, the app allows players to begin building a baseball resume, as well as being able to showcase their personalities. People often forget that coaches don’t just look at skill, they look at the player as a person. The app is free to use, but paid features will be added in the future. Those won’t really apply to players, but rather will be geared more towards businesses on the app. Mental strength is also important for players and for coaches to see. A healthy attitude towards injury, time lost, or missed plays counts for a lot. Mistakes are a part of baseball. It’s a hard game, and understanding that and teaching resilience to young players is so important. As for the future of Bluebook, Eric is actually also working on a version for softball as well. They are also looking at building up trainers and helping them grow along with players. The app is monitored for safety and to make sure the people joining are who they say they are.   Resources:   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Aug 12, 2022
11 – Kyson “The Kid Umpire”
There’s been a lot of talk throughout our episodes about umpires. Today, we’re welcoming Kyson the Kid Umpire to speak with Aaron and Jen. He has gained notoriety online because instead of doing the normal things that kids do, he’s very focused on becoming an umpire. Kyson tells us how he became interested in this route and how his parents have helped him grow as an umpire. He says that, compared to baseball players, Kyson likes that umpires get to meet new people every game. However, he does play outfield for a baseball team as well, but he tells us why he hasn’t been playing recently. For anyone that’s interested in becoming an umpire, Kyson’s biggest piece of advice is to make sure you study the rules regularly while also attending umpire camps. Jen then asks Kyson about a recent disagreement she had with someone on Facebook to see if he can settle it. Next, Aaron challenges Kyson with a complicated situation he found himself in during a game. After talking about some controversial calls by MLB umpire Ángel Hernández in the post-season, Kyson gets into what he likes to do outside of baseball. Then, we get to hear about how he was able to walk up to the plate for a Knights game. While other kids dream about hitting a crucial home run in MLB, Kyson, along with the help of Aaron, reveals what he would like to do instead. The three finish off the show by discussing why having respect for umpires is so important, along with the three-strike rule that Kyson has for coaches.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Jul 29, 2022
10 – Talkin’ Bananas with Emily Cole, owner of Savannah Bananas
In this episode, coaches Jen and Aaron are joined by Savannah Bananas owner Emily Cole. Additionally, we’ve got guest host and winner of the Umpire Appreciation contest, Parker McCorey. Together, they’ll discuss what it’s like owning a team along with incorporating humor into the game of baseball. Before the Savannah Bananas came into being, Emily worked with other teams. Emily started at Rifkin Baseball and worked her way up, which is where she met her yellow-tuxedo-wearing husband Jesse. Their working relationship grew over time into a baseball collaboration and then into a marriage. The epic proposal that Jessie gave Emily led to Emily organizing a trip to Savannah, where they discovered that the stadium in the city no longer had a team. The following year, the Savannah Bananas were born. When it comes to creating the fun and wacky aspect of the team, Emily explains how the ideas are formed and how they love to break down the barriers between players and fans. Emily goes on to discuss their recruitment process for new players and the initial problems they had to get talent. The player intensity and personality are equally important to the Bananas, especially with the amount of social media content and dancing involved. Then, Emily tells us about both the worst and best skits that they’ve performed on the field. Emily and Jesse also own another team called the Party Animals, the arch nemesis of the Bananas. With the invention of Banana Ball, the Bananas needed opponents, thus came the Party Animals. We learn about what Banana Ball is and why there’s a time limit on games. For the Savannah Bananas, it’s all about fan focus and creating memories.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Jul 22, 2022
09 – Talkin’ Baseball with JustinTime
In this episode we’re welcoming Justin Sherman from Justin Time Baseball in New York. He is here to tell us about his company and what’s important in coaching Little League. A few years ago Justin was coaching kids in backyards, and his passion grew into the Justin Time Baseball company. A lifelong ball player, Justin wanted to spread his love of the game to kids today. Justin takes us through how the pandemic changed the way he coached baseball. Two years later, Justin Time Baseball is dominating rookie games and aiming to help push youth development. Justin then takes us through what it looks like to be part of a Justin Time program and what is essential for parent coaches to know. It’s important to teach foundational skills, but it’s essential for the sport to be fun too. Building routine and teamwork at a young age also only strengthens their game in the long run. Justin Time Baseball operates even in the off-season. The company rents places and does continuous off-season games and leagues in order to help kids stay sharp. It also helps parents to gain more experience and knowledge in the sport if they are new too. Justin takes us through the things he would most want to change when it comes to coaching Little League. It’s all about keeping it interesting and having great management skills. Educational tools for the players are what’s needed to keep them engaged. Strengthening practices over pushing competitive games is what could be the game changer for Justin. Talent needs to be developed, and it can’t be if there isn’t an opportunity for practice.   Contact Justin: (914)-420-8418   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Jul 15, 2022
08 – Patrick and Mark from DuraEdge
We’re welcoming Patrick and Mark from DuraEdge in this episode. They are here to talk about the importance of having a safe playing surface for sports and how to minimize injuries on the field. DuraEdge does field renovations from Little League all the way up to MLB. They have an infield mix that is currently on 26 out of 30 MLB fields, which balances moisture level and bounces while also repelling water. As a nationwide company, DuraEdge has plants across the country that uses its proprietary recipe to provide infield mix across the country. Patrick and Mark take us through what it takes to get a DuraEdge field renovation and what common issues they see. The two then talk about why it’s just as important for Little League athletes to have a good playing surface as it is for MLB players. It’s irresponsible to let kids play on a surface that can impair their play and put them in danger of injury. Your field doesn’t have to look like Yankee Stadium, it just needs to be safe. It’s also important to understand the differences in field upkeep versus your lawn. A groundskeeper has a significantly different skillset than a general landscaper. Patrick and Mark take us through the easiest way to upgrade your field and create a starting point with DuraEdge. Then, they explain the differences between synthetic and natural surfaces. With a well-maintained field, not only will you save money long-term, but you will ensure greater safety for your players. That’s something you can’t put a price on.   Find out more about DuraEdge:   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Jul 08, 2022
07 – Parker’s Passion for Baseball
In this episode, coach Jen and coach Aaron are joined by Parker, the winner of the umpire appreciation competition. Umpires are out there supporting our young players, and what they do is so important. Parker is here to talk about why umpires are important to him and about his baseball life. The first picture received for the umpire appreciation competition was Parker’s, and out of 30 received, he won. Starting off the conversation, Parker tells us about his nickname on the field and what got him started in baseball. Parker’s whole family has played baseball, and it’s a great way to make new friends. Jen and Aaron then ask Parker how he stays focused. For Parker, God comes first, then study, then sports. School is most important, but whenever he has free time, he works on his baseball game. Parker sets himself goals and has a hitting coach to help him out. Parker goes on to tell us his favorite part of the practice and how they help improve his game. Parker goes on to talk about how he got a bee sting on the face right before a game and still went on to play third base after getting a steroid shot. We hear about his dreams for his future sports career, and what it’s like having his dad as a coach. He tells us what the ride home after the games is like and what he loves about other sports. To round up today, Parker tells us about what he does and doesn’t like about the position he plays. He also tells us about his family connections to MLB and what he wants other players to know.     Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Jul 01, 2022
06 – A Scouts Point of View with Rich Coletta
Today Jen and Aaron are talking to Rich Coletta, He is a former Mariners and Red Sox scout, pitching coach, and former D1 and D3 coach. Rich joins the show to talk about his years in the game and gives some advice to eager Little Leaguers out there. Rich started playing in high school and started as a freshman. He was discovered at a showcase and went on to play at St Joe’s University. Rich knew he wasn’t at the level to play in the MLB, and decided to take another direction into teaching. He loved the game and knew he wanted to stay involved. Right out of college, Rich was able to get a coaching job and made some great connections. Earning the respect of other players and making lasting good relationships was what allowed him to advance his career. From there, he went on to scouting and his career in MLB took off around 2006 for 17 years. Now, Rich is back into coaching. When it comes to pitching, both command and control are needed. It’s great if you can throw hard and fast, but you also need to be able to put the ball exactly where you want it. There’s an increasing issue with young players throwing too hard and with balls that are too heavy before they are fully developed, causing more injuries. As a baseball parent, it’s important to understand your child’s limits. Having a multi-sport player will help your child work different muscles. Embrace the boring side of drills, make a chart, and keep track of what practicing they do. Have your kid take ownership of their sport. It’s important to be a complete player.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Jun 24, 2022
05 – Baseball Moms Jen, Jessica, and Katy
Jen and Aaron are presenting a pre-recorded chat with baseball moms (Jen, Jessica, and Katie) from across the league. Jen and Aaron recently hosted The Diamonds of D2 event where they met fantastic baseball moms, so they spoke with the moms about the sport and its players. First up we discover who is appearing and what their walkout songs would be. Next is a discussion about the moms’ proudest moments in their kid’s sport. Jen has 3 kids in baseball right now, Jessica has 2 and Katy has 1. The kids have a mix of illnesses and anxieties and have overcome them through baseball. Moving on, the moms tell Jen and Aaron what their favorite part of being a baseball mom is. They agree that it’s really a highlight seeing how proud the kids are of themselves when they achieve something in the game. The topic of pressure in the game comes up, along with how they address it. We also hear about the great sense of comradery between the kids and the baseball moms. The moms discuss the great coaches they have experienced, either in their past or with the kids. A coach that takes the time to get to know the kids and treats them as individuals is always the type who will get the best out of the team. The talk moves to what happens post-game, and whether there is celebration or commiseration. Everyone makes mistakes, even in the MLB, and it’s okay! We then get insight on dugout drama and how it gets dealt with. Remember that baseball should be fun! Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
Jun 15, 2022
04 – Baseball is Fun, Right? With Grayson Knight
This time, Jen and Aaron are talking to Grayson Knight, who has his own baseball-themed podcast called Baseball Podcasts Are Fun. Over the last few weeks, Jen and Aaron have been planning an event for the baseball and softball moms of the area that they are calling The Diamonds of D2. There will be dancing, entertainment, and prizes donated by local businesses. Keep an eye on social media for more details. Back in October, as part of a school project, Grayson created Baseball Podcasts Are Fun. The name is an homage to Brett Phillip’s company Baseball is Fun. At first, Grayson was nervous about the podcast and the guests, but now it’s just a fun experience that he loves being involved with. Before the project came up, it hadn’t crossed Grayson’s mind to start a podcast. He didn’t know where to start, but his family comes from a broadcasting background. He tells us all about the funniest moments that have come up on the show Grayson goes on to discuss his experience being interviewed live on ESPN and his goal for the podcast’s future. Then, Grayson turns the tables on Jen and Aaron by asking them some questions about the Slide Podcast. Grayson then provides insight on his Little League team and what baseball means to him. To end the show, Grayson talks about how much he loves umpires, his black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and his favorite TV shows and movies.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod
May 25, 2022
03 – Big Swings And A Black-eye
On this episode, Jen and Aaron are joined by certified hitting instructor Matt Hallock and umpire Kristi Moore. Matt lives in Tampa, Florida and works as a VP in corporate. He’s always had a passion for baseball and recently found a new hobby in preparing youth baseball players for the major leagues. Matt discusses his passion in the work he does with young players and explains why it’s so important for them to hit off the tee. There are certain stages of learning which are important for developing the right skills. He also discusses one of his favourite tools for neuromuscular training. There are so many things kids can do before they get to the batter’s box to raise their ball-hitting percentages and put themselves in a better position moving forward. These practices can also increase confidence and provide anxiety relief pre-game. These practices are covered by Matt in his training camps. Midway through the episode, Kristi discusses the recent event that impacted her life. She was called in to umpire a game after another umpire called out sick. She made a call, and one of the mothers became irate. The coach refused to step in, and the interaction ended in Kristi being hurt at the end of the game. Kristi, Aaron, Jen, and Matt go on to discuss the inappropriate way Kristi was treated and why we need to do better, especially in Little League Baseball. This incident could deter females from rising up through the same ranks. The episode ends on a high note with Kristi expressing her gratitude for all the support she’s gotten since the unfortunate event.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook:
Apr 26, 2022
02 – Isaacs’ Infield
In this weeks’ episode, Jen and Aaron are talking with Coach Lee Isaac’s Little League team who just won 5 games over a championship weekend and took home the championship. The kids are here to talk about their experience in baseball and about their championship run. Joining the show are Atlee, Kaiden, Jackson, Nixon, and Bryson. To start off the show, Jen talks to the boys about their favorite part of a practice, which turns out to be everything from catching, sliding, and hitting. Then, the kids discuss feeling pressure and how they deal with it on the field. It comes down to buckling down and believing in yourself. Next up, the topic of conversation is the team’s winning streak. For the last 2 seasons, they haven’t lost a game and they are starting this season off strong by taking home a championship. The kids let us know their walkout songs and home run stats so far, and Coach Aaron tells the kids about his early home run record of zero. The conversation turns to favorite baseball players. The kids are fans of everyone from Freddy Freeman to Jackie Robinson. Everyone discusses the movie The Sandlot and how enjoyable, and scary, it was. Coach Jen then asks the kids what they say in the huddle and how they deal with small hitters and people’s perception of them as small hitters. To end the show, Aaron and Jen talk to the boys about their family ties in the sport and how they deal with it. The kids all get a surprise as a thanks for being our guests today.   Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook:      
Apr 13, 2022
01 – The Pilot
In this episode, hosts Jen and Aaron are joined by Jen’s son Colton and Aarons’ son Jace. This show is meant for the fans, players, and coaches of Little League baseball. Today, Jen and Aaron take us through the creation of the podcast and what they hope people can get out of it. Starting off, Jen takes us through how they came up with the name Slide. Each letter stands for something different. S is for sportsmanship, L is for leadership, I is for inspire, D is for determination, and E stands for excitement. All these things are what the sport stands for to the hosts and what they hope to exemplify with this show. Next up, Aaron and Jen talk to Aaron’s son Jace about what he loves about baseball. At 7 years old, Jace says his favorite thing is fielding and hitting. He loves catching the ball, and he loves seeing his friends catch the ball and get people out. Colton joins in to say that he plays the same position as Jace and he loves hitting most. Can't wait for his first dinger! Every night, Jace and his dad do squats, jumping jacks, and push-ups to keep their bodies in shape. Colton and Jen talk about what makes a good coach, and Aaron and Jen talk about coaching their own kids, what makes it easy, and what makes it hard. To finish this inaugural episode, Jen and Aaron talk about the pressures on the kids and why they started coaching in the first place. Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook:  
Mar 28, 2022
Mar 28, 2022