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By Brittany Blackwell, Teacher Burnout Tips

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Welcome to the Resilient Teacher Podcast - the show that will give overwhelmed educators the support, tools, and mindset to reduce teacher burnout and keep teaching sustainable. Each week, Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed. & her guests will share inspiration and actionable steps to avoid or recover from the dreaded teacher burnout. You'll be inspired to individualize self-care and learn to prioritize your well-being and mental health, all while making a bigger impact on your classrooms and community. Follow Brittany on Instagram @teachingmindbodyandsoul & learn more at

Episode Date
104. How AI is Revolutionizing the Grading Process & Reducing Workload for Educators with Special Guest Quadros Flores
May 07, 2024
103. 3 Smart Strategies to Master Stress-Free Multiple Prep Teaching with Special Guest Khristen Massic
Apr 23, 2024
102. TEACHER PEP TALK: How to Manage Busy Seasons without Teacher Burnout [Replay]
Apr 16, 2024
101. Breaking Free from Broke: Preventing Financial Stress for Long-Term Teaching Success with Special Guest George Kamel
Apr 09, 2024
100. 5 Overlooked Teacher Burnout Recovery Mistakes No One Is Talking About But Every Teacher Should Avoid
Apr 02, 2024
99. Defiantly Hopeful: Navigating Teacher Burnout with Community, Humor, and Advocacy with Special Guest Andrea Forcum
Mar 26, 2024
98. The Ultimate Teacher's Spring Break Plan: Maximize Time Off, Beat Burnout, & Boost Work-Life Balance
Mar 19, 2024
97. From Student Apathy to Active Learning: Innovative Strategies for Reigniting Teacher Passion & Engaging Students with Special Guest Dr. Diondraya Taylor
Mar 12, 2024
96. Unlocking the Power of Productive Struggle: How to Transform Student Apathy into Active Learning with Special Guest Mona Iehl
Mar 05, 2024
95. Beating Burnout & Bridging the Gap with Apathetic Students through Finding Flow with Special Guest Angela Watson
Feb 27, 2024
94. How Losing Yourself in Teaching Fuels Burnout: 3 Ways to Detach Your Worth From Work and Find Balance
Feb 20, 2024
93. Teaching with AI: How to Transform Teaching & Tackle Burnout with Less Stress, More Student Success with Special Guest Ren Wang
Feb 13, 2024
92. How to Hack Your Teacher Brain to Beat Burnout: Neuroscience Strategies to Reignite Your Passion
Feb 06, 2024
91. Mindful Teaching Tactics: Addressing Burnout and Student Apathy with Special Guest Danielle Nuhfer
Jan 30, 2024
90. How to Handle the Teacher Burnout Trifecta: Stress, Sickness, and Sub Plans
Jan 23, 2024
89. Beat Teacher Burnout with Micro-Learning: Podcasts as a Catalyst for Reigniting Passion for Teaching
Jan 16, 2024
88. New Year with Renewed Purpose: Life-Changing Teacher Burnout Lessons to Carry into 2024 [Teacher Pep Talk]
Jan 09, 2024
87. 4 Teacher Burnout Habits NOT to Bring into 2024 [Replay]
Dec 26, 2023
86. Stress Addiction in Teaching: Identifying Signs and Strategies for Breaking Free of the Burnout Cycle
Dec 12, 2023
85. Breaking the Burnout Pattern: Cognitive Distortions in Teaching - All or Nothing Thinking and Over Generalization with Special Guest Kelsey Sorenson
Dec 05, 2023
84. Teach Smart: AI-Powered Planning to Prevent Teacher Burnout [Systemize & Simplify Series]
Nov 28, 2023
83. From Inbox Overload to Streamlined Communication: 3 Must Have Tips for Optimizing Email Use in Your Teacher Toolkit [Simplify & Systemize Series]
Nov 21, 2023
82. Teach Smarter with Text Blaze as Your Time-Saving Tool with Special Guest Dan Barak [Systemize & Simplify Series]
Nov 17, 2023
81. Template Secrets: Unexpected Ways to Streamline Your Teaching Workflow [Simplify & Systemize Series]
Nov 15, 2023
80. 3 Simple Ways to Transition from Overwhelming To-Do Lists to Repeatable and Automated Systems for Teachers [Simplify & Systemize Series]
Nov 10, 2023
79. Take Control of Your Time as a Teacher: Strategies for Efficiency and Productivity [Simplify & Systemize Series]
Nov 07, 2023
78. Taking Charge: 5 Areas to Regain Control in the Disillusionment Phase of Teacher Burnout
Nov 02, 2023
77. Teacher People Pleaser? How to Spot it and Prevent Burnout with Special Guest Amy Schamberg
Oct 24, 2023
76. Digging Deeper: Uncovering the Root Causes of Teacher Burnout
Oct 17, 2023
75. Work Smarter, Play Harder: How to Harness Play to Teach with Joy & Combat Burnout with Special Guest Jed Dearybury
Oct 10, 2023
74. Teacher Workload or Workaholism: What's the Real Issue?
Oct 03, 2023
73. Reignite Your Passion for Teaching with Autonomy & Kick Outdated PD to the Curb with PoppD
Sep 26, 2023
72. From Chaos to Clarity: Using SOPs as the Ultimate Teacher Tool to Simplify, Streamline, and Avoid Burnout
Sep 19, 2023
71. Ignite Your Teaching Passion: How to Harness Your Least Favorite Subject to Rekindle Your Flame After Burnout with Special Guest Mona Iehl
Sep 12, 2023
70. 4 Types of Teachers Who Need to Set Strategic Boundaries to Beat Burnout This School Year
Sep 05, 2023
69. How To Set Personal & Professional Learning Goals That Transform Teacher Burnout with Special Guest Melissa Steigerwald
Aug 29, 2023
68. Turning Struggles into Strength: Using Teacher Burnout as a Catalyst for Change [Teacher Pep Talk]
Aug 22, 2023
67. Teacher Productivity Pro Tips to Battle Burnout with Special Guest Brianne Beebe
Aug 15, 2023
66. The Magic of Mindset to Avoid Back to School Burnout
Aug 08, 2023
65. Teacher Mental Health: Navigating Challenges and Embracing Resilience for New Teachers with Special Guest Helena Hains
Aug 01, 2023
64. Beyond the Buzzwords: Uncovering the Real Teacher Self-Care with Cohost Kelsey Sorenson [Summer Self-Care Series]
Jul 21, 2023
63. How to Beat Behavior Burnout: Expert Strategies for Managing Student Behavior with Special Guest Rachel Nye [Summer Self-Care Series]
Jul 18, 2023
62. Digital Organization: Your Secret Weapon for Stress-Free Teaching with Special Guest Lisa McHargue [Summer Self-Care Series]
Jul 14, 2023
61. Tapping into Joyful Living Inside & Outside of the Classroom: Strategies for Teacher Happiness with Special Guest Maddy Fry [Summer Self-Care Series]
Jul 11, 2023
60. Unlocking Classroom Success: 4 Types of Systems You Need to Stress Less & Sustain Your Career [Summer Self-Care Series] with Special Guest Samantha Holcomb
Jul 07, 2023
59. Breathing Life into Education: The Power of Breathwork in Reducing Stress & Teacher Burnout with Dr. Katie Raher [Summer Self-Care Series]
Jul 04, 2023
58. 3 AI Tools You Need to Start Using to Automate Your Classroom & Beat Teacher Burnout By Fall
Jun 27, 2023
57. From Burnout to Business: How Starting a Side Hustle This Summer Can Reignite Passion for Teaching with Special Guest Christina Welty
Jun 20, 2023
56. 3 Ways to Stress Less Starting this Summer & Beat Burnout Next School Year
Jun 13, 2023
55. Why Summer Break is the Best Time To Begin Teacher Burnout Recovery: The 3 Essential Steps to Using Summer to Break the Burnout Cycle
Jun 06, 2023
54. Teacher Pep Talk: How to Break Free from Your Comfort Zone for Career Success
May 30, 2023
53. From Smartphones to Stressors: Unmasking the Effects of Cell Phone Addiction on Teachers
May 23, 2023
52. Financial Self-Care for Teachers: Strategies to Reduce Stress and Change Your Money Mindset with Special Guest Emily Maretsky
May 16, 2023
51. Teacher Pep Talk: How to Handle Busy Seasons and Avoid Teacher Burnout
May 09, 2023
50. Prioritizing Mental Health: How Therapy Can Benefit Teachers Experiencing Burnout with Special Guest Clare Welsh
May 02, 2023
49. When It's Time to Move On: Understanding Teacher Burnout and Transitioning Out of the Classroom with Daphne Gomez
Apr 25, 2023
48. Transforming Teacher Burnout: From Leaving the Classroom to Rediscovering Fulfillment with Special Guest Amber Harper
Apr 18, 2023
47. How to Tackle Your Teacher To Do List & Love Teaching Again with Special Guest Jamie Sears
Apr 11, 2023
46. Is ChatGPT the Future of Teacher Burnout Prevention? [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]
Apr 04, 2023
45. 5 Simple Automations to Streamline Teaching & Squash Stress [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]
Mar 28, 2023
44. The Battle Against Teacher Burnout: The Ultimate Strategies for Managing Job Creep in Education [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]
Mar 21, 2023
43. Teacher Burnout Busting Systems: 3 Steps to Creating a Personalized Lesson Planning System with Sara Marye [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]
Mar 14, 2023
42. Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Achieving Sustainability without Sacrificing Your Life [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]
Mar 07, 2023
41. Sustainability Secrets: Overcoming Stress Responses in the Classroom [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]
Feb 28, 2023
40. Boundary-Setting for Educators: Protecting Your Peace from Teacher Drama and Workplace Negativity
Feb 21, 2023
39. From Stressed to Serene: The Positive Impact of Movement on Teacher Mental Health with Andrea Mishio
Feb 14, 2023
38. Teacher Pep Talk: Finding Your Voice and Fighting Imposter Syndrome
Feb 07, 2023
37. Reigniting Passion for Teaching with Student Engagement & Classroom Transformations with Special Guest Natalie Blackman
Jan 31, 2023
36. Teacher Pep Talk: Slay the Sunday Scaries
Jan 24, 2023
35. Take Your Teacher Sick Days: How to Feel Empowered & Prepared with Special Guest Kelsey Sorenson
Jan 17, 2023
34. Boost Your Energy and Focus: 3 Tips for Reducing Teacher Decision Fatigue
Jan 10, 2023
33. 3 Powerful Tips to Teacher Burnout Free in 2023
Jan 03, 2023
32. Teacher Pep Talk: 4 Teacher Burnout Habits NOT to Bring into 2023
Dec 27, 2022
31.The Power of Teacher SEL (it's not just for your students) with Special Guest Elizabeth Peterson
Dec 20, 2022
30. Why Your Teacher Planner is not Going to Solve Your Teacher Burnout Issues (but what will)
Dec 13, 2022
29. Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of Caring for Teachers with Special Guest Ayesis Clay
Dec 06, 2022
28. TEACHER PEP TALK: The Ugly Truth About Teacher Work-Life Balance
Nov 29, 2022
27. A Powerful Antidote to Teacher Burnout with Special Guest Lisa Baylis
Nov 22, 2022
26. Exposing the 12 Stages of Teacher Burnout & Survival Season
Nov 15, 2022
25. Reclaiming Passion for Teaching in the Midst of Burnout & Breakdown with Special Guest Chad Pettit
Nov 08, 2022
24. Teacher Pep Talk: Avoiding Perfectionism So You Can Save Your Teaching Career
Nov 01, 2022
23. Feed Your Energy In and Out of the Classroom with Special Guest Bre Baildon
Oct 25, 2022
22. Teacher Pep Talk: For When Your Energy Levels Have Tanked
Oct 18, 2022
21.Challenging Teacher Burnout and The "Good" Teacher Narrative with Special Guest Caitlin Smith
Oct 11, 2022
20. Is Your Addiction to Stress Keeping You Stuck in Teacher Burnout?
Oct 04, 2022
19. Transforming Teacher Burnout Hot Mess to Inspiring Message & Self-Care with Rachel Lenhart
Sep 27, 2022
18. Teacher Pep Talk for When You're Dealing with Unrealistic Expectations or Like It's Never "Enough"
Sep 20, 2022
17. 3 Simple Steps to Managing Your Limited Planning Time and Reduce Stress with Special Guest Stephanie Palovchik
Sep 13, 2022
16. TEACHER PEP TALK: “Quiet Quitting” For When You are Struggling with Setting Authentic Boundaries
Sep 06, 2022
15. Teacher Burnout to Boundaries with Guest Spencer Cotter
Aug 30, 2022
14. TEACHER PEP TALK: For When You’re Doubting Yourself and Letting Limiting Beliefs Keep You Stuck
Aug 26, 2022
13. 3 Powerful Tips for Completing the Beginning of the School Year Stress Cycle
Aug 23, 2022
12. Teacher Pep Talk: For When You Need to Change Your Teacher Mindset
Aug 19, 2022
11. The Ultimate Teacher Time Hacks for Burnout Prevention with Jen Manly
Aug 16, 2022
10. Teacher Pep Talk: For When You're Overwhelmed or Dropping the Ball
Aug 12, 2022
9. Four Must Have Ways to Make Back to School Season Stress-Free
Aug 09, 2022
8. How to Gain Better Work-Life Balance this School Year
Aug 02, 2022
7. How to Battle Student Behavior and Beat Teacher Burnout this Coming School Year with Gina Peluso and Rachel Nye of Behavior By Design
Jul 26, 2022
6. The Game Changing Method of Healing Burnout with Inner Work with Ce'arra Richards
Jul 19, 2022
5. How to Develop a Burnout Recovery Plan in Less Than an Hour (Ep. 3 in the Summer Self-Care for Burnout Recovery Series)
Jul 12, 2022
4. The 5 Must Have Methods for Teachers To End the Stress Cycle this Summer
Jul 08, 2022
3. Why Summer Break is Not Going to Get You out of Burnout (Summer Self-Care for Burnout Recovery Series Ep. 1)
Jul 08, 2022
2. The One Thing That Transformed my Teacher Burnout to Teacher Balance
Jul 08, 2022
1. Is Teacher Burnout Stealing Your Sunshine?
Jun 28, 2022
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