Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse

By Kerry McAvoy, Ph.D.

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Category: Mental Health

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Are you in a relationship that confuses you? One that leaves you feeling attacked or walking on eggshells? Maybe you've left but aren't sure what to do next; you're in the right place.

Join  Dr. Kerry McAvoy, a mental health clinician and author of Love You More, as she tackles toxic relationship dynamics.

Listen as Dr. McAvoy describes destructive personalities, typical partner profiles, progressive stages of abuse, and common manipulation tactics. Find out why these relationships are complex to avoid, what makes them tough to leave, and how to recover and rediscover healthy self-compassion and self-respect again.

Episode Date
"We're just trying to help!" How to Manage Toxic In-Law Drama
May 20, 2024
"How mad can I make you?" The Toxic Games Covert Narcissists Play
May 13, 2024
"You're trying to control me!" Why Managing Boundaries with Narcissists Fails
May 06, 2024
"You’re not taking my babies from me!" How Jessica Kent Escaped Abuse
Apr 29, 2024
How Could I Have Not Known? How Devastating Betrayals Blind Us
Apr 22, 2024
Why I'd Snoop Again: How this Toxic Behavior Sometimes Provides Closure and Safety
Apr 15, 2024
I Think My Pet is Being Hurt! The Danger Narcissists Pose to Our Animals
Apr 08, 2024
Did the Church Groom Me for Abuse? When Spiritual Leadership Becomes Toxic
Apr 01, 2024
Am I The Narcissist? When Toxic People Accuse You of Being The Problem
Mar 25, 2024
Is It Really Abuse If I Can't Do What I Want? What is Coercive Control?
Mar 18, 2024
When Stonewalling Is Used Against You: How to Disarm Toxic Interactions
Mar 11, 2024
What's wrong with me? The Power of Gaslighting to Confuse and Control: Interview with Dr. Robin Stern
Mar 04, 2024
When Fear of Change Keeps You from Leaving: How to Say Goodbye to a Toxic Life
Feb 26, 2024
Could Your Relationship be Making You Sick? The High Cost of Living With a Narcissist
Feb 19, 2024
Don't Trust Yourself? How Self-Doubt Keeps Us Stuck in a Bad Relationship
Feb 12, 2024
Time to Leave? Top Dos and Don'ts When Divorcing a Narcissist: Interview with Kate Anthony
Feb 05, 2024
Off-balanced by the ups and downs? How narcissists keep you confused.
Jan 29, 2024
Men can't be victims, right? Common myths about men and narcissistic abuse: An Interview with Brent MacLerie
Jan 22, 2024
Deceived by your partner? The devastating effects of betrayal trauma
Jan 15, 2024
How narcissists can turn dream honeymoons into a waking nightmare!
Jan 08, 2024
How to manage runaway triggers in new situations and at family celebrations
Dec 18, 2023
How to make your holidays special despite the yearly toxic family drama!
Dec 11, 2023
What red flags are you missing in that new relationship? An Interview with Dr. Heidi Brocke
Dec 04, 2023
Can't live without them? Watch out for this early sign of a trauma bond!
Nov 27, 2023
Are you arguing a lot? Here's why you should not try to win a fight with a narcissist
Nov 20, 2023
Does the narcissist always ruin your holidays? How to handle celebration nightmares!
Nov 13, 2023
Suddenly on your own? How narcissists use isolation to cut you off from others
Nov 06, 2023
Are you trapped by a covert narcissist? The top reasons why you're not spotting covert narcissists faster!
Oct 30, 2023
Are all narcissists abusive? Aren't we unfairly demonizing a group of people?
Oct 23, 2023
Has the narcissist got you feeling confused? Here's how they keep you in the dark!
Oct 16, 2023
Is it a boundary or an ultimatum? Why narcissists hate limit setting
Oct 09, 2023
Why isn't my narcissistic partner changing when they say they're trying?
Oct 02, 2023
Were you emotionally abused or narcissistically abused? Why the differences matter.
Sep 25, 2023
Are you trapped? What to do if you're stuck in a bad relationship
Sep 18, 2023
Is it love bombing or real love? Can you tell the difference?
Sep 11, 2023
Are all narcissists sex addicts? What goes wrong with intimacy in the bedroom
Aug 28, 2023
Have you met a narcissist? How sympathy sometimes can be a warning
Aug 21, 2023
Feeling knocked down? Defeated? Here's Kerry's secret on how to become an overcomer
Aug 14, 2023
Why am I so confused? The Making & Breaking of a Trauma Bond with Lisa Sonni
Aug 07, 2023
How to find joy and renewed power after surviving abuse: An interview with Tara
Jul 31, 2023
Why do narcissists have to make life miserable? Dr. Les Carter Explains Narcissism
Jul 24, 2023
If it was just a "situationship", why do I feel so miserable?
Jul 17, 2023
Does everyone deserve our kindness? How to reduce the risk of being exploited
Jul 10, 2023
Am I still trauma bonded? Top Signs That You’ve Broken That Toxic Connection
Jun 26, 2023
My relationship is toxic? I thought all relationships required a lot of work
Jun 19, 2023
How will I know when I'm supposed to leave? What if I make the wrong decision?
Jun 12, 2023
Could you be at risk? Why you should be afraid of the Dark Triad Personality
Jun 05, 2023
Friends as Enemies: What to do when those you love are narcissistic
May 22, 2023
How can my narcissistic ex move on so easily? The Problem of Grief
May 15, 2023
Waking up to a Stranger: What Happens Once Love Bombing is Over
May 08, 2023
Apr 24, 2023
Could I be the narcissist? The power of reactive abuse to make victims feel crazy.
Apr 17, 2023
Am I more vulnerable to toxic relationships because I have ADHD or Autism? The answer might surprise you.
Apr 10, 2023
Aren’t narcissists fantastic lovers? Tackling the myth of great sex in abusive relationships
Apr 03, 2023
Why do I feel so confused and awful? Are these signs of cognitive dissonance?
Mar 27, 2023
Are you a gaslighter? How we might unintentionally gaslight in even healthy relationships
Mar 20, 2023
Is Codependency a Bad Word? Should it be Used to Describe Narcissistic Abuse Victims?
Mar 13, 2023
Why do I love my abuser? The power of a trauma bond explained
Mar 06, 2023
What's best for the kids, leaving or staying in a toxic relationship?
Feb 27, 2023
Can we still be friends? How to handle the toxic post-split lovebomb request
Feb 20, 2023
Do I really need to go no contact with my narcissistic ex?
Feb 13, 2023
Help, I think I'm being financially abused! What can I do about it?
Feb 06, 2023
What to do when your narcissistically abusive ex tries to come back
Jan 30, 2023
What Is "Narcissistic Abuse?" How Is It Different from Abuse? Is It Being Overused?
Jan 23, 2023
As a survivor of abuse, are you setting realistic goals for yourself in 2023?
Jan 16, 2023
Big changes for the new year! Let’s make it one of wholeness & health
Jan 09, 2023
Ready for the holidays? My three top tips for dealing with difficult relatives and in-laws
Dec 22, 2022
I've lost my sense of self after narcissistic abuse. How do I reclaim it?
Dec 19, 2022
Why does every issue turn into an argument? My partner says I'm the problem
Dec 15, 2022
Is the abuse harmful to children? Two survivors share their personal experiences
Dec 12, 2022
Why can't I find a therapist who knows something about narcissistic abuse?
Dec 08, 2022
I think I'm trauma bonded. Now what? How do I start my healing?
Dec 05, 2022
Is it healthy to obsess over my past narcissistic partner and what happened to me?
Dec 01, 2022
How do I combat my partner turning every issue into a "me" problem?
Nov 28, 2022
How do I rebuild trust in myself after surviving narcissistic abuse?
Nov 21, 2022
What people don’t understand about abuse and why it’s hard to leave a toxic relationship
Nov 17, 2022
Should we blame victims for not spotting the signs they've met a dangerous person?
Nov 14, 2022
Why can't I leave my partner? The seven stages of a trauma bond
Nov 10, 2022
What quality did I miss when I got into a relationship with a toxic person?
Nov 07, 2022
Is it too much masculine energy for women to protect their boundaries?
Nov 03, 2022
Could chronic stress or trauma be making me sick?
Oct 31, 2022
What is a Dark Triad Personality, and how dangerous is this person?
Oct 27, 2022
Am I a bad friend if I shut someone down for talking about a toxic relationship?
Oct 24, 2022
I just left the narcissist; how do I stop this terrible pain?
Oct 20, 2022
Why doesn't my partner want sex? Is it because of women's sex drive?
Oct 17, 2022
Isn't there any way to make leaving a narcissist easier?
Oct 13, 2022
Is this really abuse? Maybe my partner or parent just lacks kindness
Oct 10, 2022
How can my narcissistic ex move on so easily after saying they loved me?
Oct 06, 2022
How does a narcissist or a psychopath differ? Aren't both abusive?
Oct 03, 2022
I think my partner is an addict. Will they become a narcissist too?
Sep 29, 2022
How could I've fallen for the narcissist's love-bombing tactics?
Sep 26, 2022
What's wrong with me? Why isn't my partner interested in sex?
Sep 22, 2022
What emotional voodoo has the narcissist used to keep me trapped?
Sep 19, 2022
If narcissists are born this way, are they responsible for the abuse?
Sep 15, 2022
Should I let my narcissistic ex come back and be a part of the family?
Sep 12, 2022
Why do we keep picking dangerous people as romantic partners?
Sep 08, 2022
What's wrong with me? Why I can't I leave this toxic relationship?
Sep 01, 2022
My partner tells me I'm the problem. How do I know I'm not being gaslit?
Aug 29, 2022
Is the term narcissism being overused? Aren't all of us a bit narcissistic?
Aug 25, 2022
The trauma bonding has me trapped, and I don't know how to leave!
Aug 22, 2022
Can't a narcissist be changed by love or God?
Aug 18, 2022
How I became confused and trapped because of cognitive dissonance
Aug 15, 2022
I know I should leave this toxic relationship but why can't I?
Aug 11, 2022
Is all this talk about narcissism good? Isn't it demonizing hurting people?
Aug 08, 2022
How do I know I've healed enough from abuse to start dating again?
Aug 04, 2022
Something is really wrong with this relationship, could I be the narcissist?
Aug 01, 2022
Help, I'm married to a narcissist and don't know how to get out
Jul 28, 2022
Is there something wrong with me for falling in love with a narcissist?
Jul 25, 2022
Wondering if you met your soulmate? Here's how narcissists make us fall in love
Jul 21, 2022
I think this relationship is killing me. Why does it feel heartless to set boundaries?
Jul 18, 2022
Why can't I tell if I'm in a relationship with someone good or bad?
Jul 14, 2022
If it’s that bad, why don’t narcissistic abuse victims just leave?
Jul 11, 2022
Why is it so hard to please someone narcissistic? Am I the problem?
Jul 07, 2022
Do narcissists know they're hurting those who love them? Do they even care?
Jun 30, 2022
What should I do when a narcissistic family member starts to make trouble?
Jun 27, 2022
To avoid being lovebombed by a narcissist, how much is too much to share?
Jun 24, 2022
Are narcissists different than the rest of us? Might they be evil?
Jun 20, 2022
How could I be so stupid to have missed the red flags?
Jun 17, 2022
Is it my fault that I'm trapped in a narcissistic abusive relationship?
Jun 13, 2022
What should I do if my children are protective of the toxic ex-parent?
Jun 06, 2022
Am I a narcissist if I want to be special? To have others understand me?
Jun 03, 2022
Could this friendship be narcissistic or does abuse only happen in love relationships?
May 31, 2022
What’s wrong with me that I can’t leave this toxic relationship?
May 27, 2022
Could I be the one with the problem? Maybe I'm overreacting.
May 23, 2022
My narcissistic partner says they're working hard to change. Am I silly to believe them?
May 20, 2022
Help! My ex is using the legal system to abuse me!
May 16, 2022
I’m stressed and overwhelmed--is this cognitive dissonance?
May 13, 2022
Am I co-dependent if I've fallen for a narcissist?
May 09, 2022
Who's more narcissistic: men or women?
May 06, 2022
Is this “thing” I feel what's called a trauma bond?
May 02, 2022
Is this relationship asking too much of me?
Apr 29, 2022
Why can't I relax after surviving narcissistic abuse?
Apr 25, 2022
What? I have basic emotional rights?
Apr 22, 2022
Are you being groomed by a narcissist?
Apr 18, 2022
Managing Healthy Boundaries: What are They?
Apr 15, 2022
Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse (Trailer)
Apr 14, 2022