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Category: Mental Health

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Join therapist and author, Dr. Alison Cook, as she guides you through some of your toughest challenges with wisdom, kindness, and grace. Together with friends and experts we'll unpack the best of psychology from a faith-based perspective. You’ll discover how to break free from painful patterns, mend your past, and discover what brings out the best of you.

Episode Date
Episode 107: Name, Frame, & Brave Depression: Science-Backed Strategies to Treat Mild and Stubborn Depression & Recover Your Joy with Dr. Len Lantz
Jun 13, 2024
Episode 106: Transform Limiting Beliefs, Embrace Critical Thinking, & Navigate Holistic Health with Dr. Josh Axe
Jun 06, 2024
Episode 105: 4 Lies We Tell, the Mental Health Benefits of Honesty, & How to Stop Lying In Your Relationships
May 30, 2024
Episode 104: Overcoming the Fear of Vulnerability—Strategies to Stop Feeling Alone and Build Meaningful Connections
May 23, 2024
Episode 103: Name, Frame, and Brave Gossip
May 16, 2024
Episode 102: I Shouldn’t Feel Conflicted About God—How to Name, Frame, and Brave Complicated Emotions About Faith & God
May 09, 2024
Bonus Episode: Aundi Kolber & Dr. Alison on Writing & Launching Books
May 07, 2024
Episode 101: I Shouldn’t Feel Angry—Exploring the Violence that Shapes Our Family Stories & How to Heal with Lisa Jo Baker
May 02, 2024
Episode 100: I Shouldn’t Feel Betrayed By Someone I Trust—How to Grieve, Breathe, & Receive in the Wake of Broken Trust with Steve Carter
Apr 25, 2024
Episode 99: I Shouldn’t Feel Like My Spirit is Broken—Exploring a Broken Spirit & the Dark Night of the Soul with Christopher Cook
Apr 18, 2024
Episode 98: I Shouldn’t Feel Alone in My Grief—Why Your Grief Matters & How to Support Those Who Are Grieving with J.S. Park
Apr 11, 2024
Episode 97: I Shouldn't Feel This Anxious—Insights on Trauma & Healing with Monique Koven
Apr 04, 2024
Episode 96: Signs of Emotional Immaturity & How to Bring Emotional Health Into Your Relationships
Mar 28, 2024
Episode 95: 4 Toxic Behaviors You Need to Recognize & the #1 Way to Protect Yourself
Mar 21, 2024
Episode 94: Should I Stay or Should I Walk Away? How to Discern When It’s Time to Leave with Emily P. Freeman
Mar 14, 2024
Episode 93: 3 Ways to Stop Guilt-Tripping Yourself, Untangle Complicated Emotions, & Discover the Joy of Clarity
Mar 07, 2024
Episode 92: How to Honor Loss & Why It Matters With Rachel Marie Kang
Feb 29, 2024
Episode 91: Self-Worth–How to Believe You Are Enough & Transform Your Life with Jamie Kern Lima
Feb 22, 2024
Episode 90: Parenting Through Transitions—How Their Challenges Catalyze Your Growth
Feb 15, 2024
Episode 89: When A Relationship Has to Change—How to Tolerate Discomfort, Face an Attachment Void, & Resource Yourself
Feb 08, 2024
Episode 88: Navigating Transitions—What to Do When Change Stirs up Anxiety, Uncertainty, or Confusion
Feb 01, 2024
Episode 87: A Surprising Way to Break Free From Self-Criticism & Comparing Yourself to Others
Jan 25, 2024
Episode 86: Embracing Conflict—Why It's Essential & 4 Simple Ways to Tackle It
Jan 18, 2024
Episode 85: The Goal of a Healthy Family & 6 Roles We Take On In Dysfunction
Jan 11, 2024
Episode 84: The Truth About Happiness and 4 Proven Ways to Feel Happier
Jan 05, 2024
Episode 83: How to Turn Anger, Sadness, and Fear Into Powerful Allies
Dec 21, 2023
Episode 82: Why We Overreact—How Big Emotions Can Help You Unburden Past Hurts
Dec 14, 2023
Episode 81: Finding God Through Your Feelings—How to Practice the Presence of God No Matter What You’re Feeling
Dec 07, 2023
Episode 80: Navigating Overwhelming Emotions—2 Essential Steps to Bring Calm to the Chaos Within
Nov 30, 2023
Episode 79: Surviving Trauma & A Path to Forgiveness—Finding God In the Hardest Parts of Your Story With Esau McCaulley
Nov 16, 2023
Episode 78: The Mental Health Benefits of Forgiveness & Thoughts on Grace with Max Lucado
Nov 09, 2023
Episode 77: The Dark Night of the Soul—Why It Happens & What It Means
Nov 03, 2023
Episode 76: When Self-Help Isn't Enough—Finding the Faith & Strength to Move Forward after Loss & Heartache With Granger Smith
Oct 26, 2023
Episode 75: Your Secret Weapon Against Stress & Anxiety—How to Transform Your Mind Through the Power of Prayer
Oct 19, 2023
Episode 74: The Neurobiology of Hope and How to Find Hope in Hard Times with Dr. Curt Thompson
Oct 14, 2023
Episode 73: True Belonging vs. Groupthink, Cliques, & Trying to Fit In—How to Belong to Others While Staying True To Yourself
Oct 05, 2023
Episode 72: Resilience—Overcoming Failure, Handling Adversity, and Telling Yourself the Truth
Sep 28, 2023
Episode 71: All About Therapy—Do I Need a Therapist, How Do I Find One, and What Type of Therapy Works Best?
Sep 21, 2023
Episode 70: Mastering the Art of Emotional Intelligence—How to Harness the Power of Your Emotions to Improve Your Relationships
Sep 14, 2023
Episode 69: Your Future Self—8 Challenges to Resolve As You Become the Person You Were Meant to Be
Sep 07, 2023
Episode 68: How *Not* to Lose Yourself—Remaining You While Raising Them with Alli Worthington
Aug 31, 2023
Episode 67: The Inextricable Link Between Faith & Emotional Healing—Gen Z & A Hidden Search for Meaning
Aug 24, 2023
Episode 66: The Truth About Anxiety & How to Become a Worry Free Parent with Sissy Goff
Aug 17, 2023
Episode 65: Vulnerability, Parenting, and Letting Go of Control—Inside A Guy’s Perspective With Our Friends From Dadville
Aug 03, 2023
Episode 64: Women’s Health—Menopause, Hormones, Depression and How to Advocate for Yourself Through Your Body’s Changes
Jul 27, 2023
Episode 63: Spiritual Direction, the Power of Listening, & How to Attune to Yourself and to Others
Jul 20, 2023
Episode 62: Your Questions About Friendship—How to Test a New Relationship, Manage Your Capacity Through Different Life Seasons, & Become a Friend to Yourself
Jul 13, 2023
Episode 61: Reconnecting With Old Friends—Healing the Past, Naming Regret & Bringing Your Whole Self into the Future
Jul 06, 2023
Episode 60: How to Make New Friends, Identify Red and Green Flags, & Extract Yourself From an Unhealthy Situation with Aundi Kolber & Dr. Monique Gadson
Jun 29, 2023
Episode 59: Overcoming Past Hurt & Deepening Friendships Through Intentional Community with Jennie Allen
Jun 22, 2023
Episode 58: Friends on Friendship—How to Find Friends Who Bring out the Best of You with Dr. Curt Thompson, Amy Cella, and Pepper Sweeney
Jun 15, 2023
Episode 57: Should I Turn the Other Cheek? Why It's the Opposite of Being a Doormat & How to Stand Firm in the Face of Gaslighting, Manipulation, and Toxicity
Jun 08, 2023
Episode 56: Am I Really Supposed to Die to Myself? Misconstrued Messages and How to Disentangle From Them
Jun 01, 2023
Episode 55: Am I Supposed to Distrust Myself? Why Trusting Yourself is Necessary to Establishing Healthy Relationships With Other People
May 25, 2023
Episode 54: Can I Pray My Anxiety Away? A Surprising Approach to the Anxiety Pandemic & How to Walk Yourself & Your Kids Through It
May 25, 2023
Episode 53: StrengthsFinder—How to Claim Your Strengths, Lean On Others & Thrive at Home and Work
May 11, 2023
Episode 52: The Enneagram—9 Ways to Uncover the Best (and Worst) of Who You Are, Get Honest With Yourself, & Improve Your Relationships
May 04, 2023
Episode 51: The 12 Common Thinking Traps, Mind Reading, Mental Filters, and How To Stop Taking Things Personally
Apr 27, 2023
Episode 50: 9 Types of Intelligence, the Trap of Comparison, and 9 Ways to Connect with God
Apr 20, 2023
Episode 49: Personality, the Big Five Traits, and Why Are We So Obsessed With Personality Types?
Apr 13, 2023
Episode 48: Loving Your Body as a Spiritual Practice, Why the Flesh Isn't the Body, and 3 Heresies We Kind of Believe
Apr 06, 2023
Episode 47: Spiritual Bypassing vs. Embodied Faith & How Not to Harm Those Who Are Hurting, Including Yourself
Mar 30, 2023
Episode 46: People Pleasing as Survival, How Jesus Regulated Emotions & the Problem With Toxic Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing with Aundi Kolber
Mar 23, 2023
Episode 45: Strong like Water—Finding the Freedom, Safety, & Compassion to Move through Hard Things & Experience True Flourishing with Aundi Kolber
Mar 16, 2023
Episode 44: Why Anger is a Surprising Friend, What Happens When You Avoid It, and How to Create Space for Healthy Expression of Anger in Your Family
Mar 09, 2023
Episode 43: How to Tame Your Inner Critic, Why All Parts are Welcome, and How to Resolve Conflict in Your Relationships
Mar 02, 2023
Episode 42: How to Honor Sadness, Set Boundaries with Loneliness, and What to Do When You Don't Have Time for this Work
Feb 23, 2023
Episode 41: Boundaries With Fear And Anxiety—How to Calm the Chaos Within and the Joy of Internal Boundaries
Feb 16, 2023
Episode 40: 5 Steps to Healing Painful Emotions & Why Parts of Us Get Stuck in the Past
Feb 09, 2023
Episode 39: Boundaries for Your Soul—How to Navigate Your Overwhelming Thoughts & Feelings
Feb 02, 2023
Episode 38: Taking a Risk on God—How to Stay Standing with Alli Patterson
Jan 26, 2023
Episode 37: The Problem With Toxic Thinking & How to Name, Tame, and Transform the Messages You Tell Yourself
Jan 19, 2023
Episode 36: An Update on My Social Media Detox & How to Create Boundaries With Toxic Distractions, Numbing, & Unhealthy Coping Tactics
Jan 12, 2023
Episode 35: Change is Hard: Why We All Need to Detox From Unhealthy Dependencies From Time to Time
Jan 05, 2023
Trailer: 3 Ways to Detox Your Heart, Soul, and Mind: How to Stop Numbing and Start Coming Alive to the Good Things You Need
Dec 29, 2022
Episode 34: Why We Avoid Our Own Power & How God Calls Us to Step Into It
Dec 22, 2022
Episode 33: People Pleasing & Developing Your Own Inner Compass: Thoughts on Depression, Mental Health & the Church, and Finding Hope in Dark Places
Dec 15, 2022
Episode 32: Productivity and the Never Ending To Do List: How to Stop Hustling & Embrace the Joy of Enough
Dec 08, 2022
Episode 31: Peace-Keeping, Anger Avoidance, and How to Start Using Your Voice
Dec 01, 2022
Episode 30: Protecting What's Good Without Denying What's Hard at the Holidays
Nov 24, 2022
Episode 29: Perfectionism and Proving Your Worth: How to Stop Chasing Approval and Start Living the Life You Actually Want
Nov 17, 2022
Episode 28: The Pain of Performing For Others and How to Claw Your Way Out with Toni Collier
Nov 10, 2022
Episode 27: 7 Ways We Manage Perceptions Instead of Forging Real Connections
Nov 03, 2022
Episode 26: Types of "No" Part 2—How to Say "No" to Toxicity, The Real Meaning of Turn the Other Check & How to Form a Boundaries Committee
Oct 27, 2022
Episode 25: Types of No Part 1—How to Say "No" in Healthy Relationships
Oct 20, 2022
Episode 24: Boundaries, the Spectrum of Toxicity, and a Note About Evil
Oct 13, 2022
Episode 23: Am I wounded or am I sinful?
Oct 06, 2022
Episode 22: How to Build Trust with Yourself
Sep 29, 2022
Episode 21: Making and Keeping A Promise to Yourself
Sep 22, 2022
Episode 20: Making Peace with Yourself (& Facing Your Fear of Disappointing Other People)
Sep 15, 2022
Episode 19: My Stroke, A Process of Healing, and How I Began to Write The Best of You
Sep 08, 2022
Episode 18: Selfhood vs. Selfishness
Sep 01, 2022
Episode 17: What is Church Hurt and How do I Heal?
Aug 25, 2022
Episode 16: What are attachment styles and why does it matter?
Aug 18, 2022
Episode 15: CPTSD—The Pain of A Million Paper Cuts
Aug 11, 2022
Episode 14: The Fawn Response & The Hidden Root of People Pleasing
Aug 04, 2022
Episode 13: Criticism, Narcissism, and Boundaries—Dr. Alison Answers Your Questions
Jul 28, 2022
Episode 12: Overcoming the Pain of Divorce
Jul 21, 2022
Episode 11: How to Start Loving Your Body
Jul 14, 2022
Episode 10: What are limiting beliefs and how do I overcome them?
Jul 07, 2022
Episode 9: Hidden Pain and the Power of Facing Your Fear
Jun 30, 2022
Episode 8: Overcoming Addiction and Learning to Ask for Help
Jun 23, 2022
Episode 7: Why are boundaries so hard to set?
Jun 16, 2022
Episode 6: Do I Really Have an Inner Child? What It Means to Reparent Yourself
Jun 09, 2022
Episode 5: What is codependency and why does it matter?
Jun 02, 2022
Episode 4: What do I need to know about trauma?
May 26, 2022
Episode 3: What is self-love and should I really love myself?
May 19, 2022
Bonus Q&A: A Gaslighting Spouse & Narcissistic Parents
May 17, 2022
Episode 2: What should I know about gaslighting?
May 12, 2022
Episode 1. What is narcissism really?
May 05, 2022
Welcome to The Best Of You!
Apr 19, 2022