The Product Biz Podcast by Monica Little Coaching

By Monica Little

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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If you’re a small business owner, you might feel like you are doing everything possible to grow your business… from SEO, Etsy, Instagram, TikTok, social media, Faire, your own website, Shopify, Amazon, markets and more… but nothing seems to get you closer to actually having consistent sales, to the point that it’s hard to stay motivated and show up for your business. Maybe you feel like you might be at a place where you need some help to get to consistent sales and growth, and maybe you’re even wondering “How ELSE can I grow my business further? How do I even get in front of MORE customers?” If you can relate, then this podcast is for you. Monica Little, owner of Monica Little Coaching, is a marketing, selling and business building coach for handmade product-based business owners. After obtaining a 4-year business degree and working over 8 years in marketing, she decided to leave her corporate job to start her own organic handmade skincare small business… and ended up growing her business to multiple 6 figures through organic marketing and grit. Now she’s sharing how you, too, can grow your business and see your dreams come to life. Listen in for step-by-step tips and tricks to help you take your business to the next level so you can have more sales, more customers and more excitement in your business! Learn more at ⓒ 2023 Monica Little Coaching 

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Overcoming the fear of failing
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Why working harder is NOT the key to success
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Why coming out with new products is disruptive for small businesses
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Why the number of followers on Instagram DOESN'T matter
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The #1 mistake that's sabotaging your small business
Apr 20, 2022