Exploring Neurodiversity with Adina Levy from Play. Learn. Chat

By Adina Levy

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Category: Parenting

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Hi, I'm neurodivergent Speech Therapist Adina Levy. I share ideas, practical strategies and open conversations to help you better understand & celebrate your autistic & neurodivergent child or a child you support (and quite possibly yourself too!). We'll discuss your child's strengths, unique mind, preferences, challenges and the supports they need to thrive. I bring a neurodiversity affirming approach, an open heart and open mind to the Podworld! Let's connect!

Episode Date
What's next for the Exploring Neurodiversity Podcast?
Dec 13, 2023
5 Reasons Why Multimodal Communication is Essential for Autistic Children
Nov 27, 2023
Old way/New way - Upgrading to Neurodiversity Affirming Strategies for Autistic Children
Nov 20, 2023
Ingredients for a Neurodiversity Affirming Speech Therapy Assessment
Nov 13, 2023
Experiencing the Health & Allied Health Systems as a Pregnant Autistic ADHDer
Oct 30, 2023
How I Experience My Auditory World as an Auditory-Sensitive Autistic Person
Oct 16, 2023
Why Neurodivergent Kids aren't 'Lazy' or 'Naughty'
Oct 02, 2023
Is it Neuroaffirming to Work on Pretend Play Skills with Autistic Children?
Sep 18, 2023
Being a Part-time AAC user, Internalised Ableism & Mental Health - Chat with Harriet Richardson (Hat Talks)
Sep 12, 2023
Crafting a Genuinely Supportive World for Neurodivergent Children - A Remedy to the Double Empathy Problem!
Aug 22, 2023
Radical Acceptance & Building Trusting Relationships with Kids with Chrissie Davies
Aug 07, 2023
Power of Silence, Valuing Relationship-Building Time & Growing into Advocacy - Strategies for Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy for Autistic Children
Jul 27, 2023
3 Ways to Teach Neurodivergent Kids Self-Advocacy
Jul 17, 2023
The Role of 'Play' in Speech Therapy for Autistic Children
Jul 10, 2023
8 Ways to Do Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy
Jul 04, 2023
NeuroAccessibilty & being a Neurodivergent Parent with Annie Crowe
Jun 26, 2023
3 Practical Ways to Kickstart your Neurodiversity Affirming Practice Journey
Jun 12, 2023
Neurodivergent Acceptance & Finding Personal Joy - Chat with Stephanie Roberston - Neurodivergent OT
May 29, 2023
Collaboration & Advocacy: When others aren't aligned with your Neurodiversity Affirming approach to supporting Neurodivergent Kids
May 16, 2023
Don't Teach Kids through Trauma - Teach through Connection
May 02, 2023
All Communication is Valid: Why it Might be Hard for an Autistic Child to Speak
Apr 18, 2023
How to be an Excellent Ally this Autism Acceptance Month
Apr 04, 2023
An Alternative, Affirming Approach to Behaviour Support - Understand the Deep Why
Mar 21, 2023
What do Neurodiversity Affirming Goals look like for Autistic children?
Mar 07, 2023
Neurodiversity Affirming 'Social Skills' Support for Autistic Children - Part 2: What Is and What Isn't Affirming
Feb 21, 2023
Neurodiversity Affirming 'Social Skills' Support for Autistic Children - Part 1: The Big Ideas
Feb 07, 2023
Words Matter: Exploring Neurodiversity Affirming Language
Jan 31, 2023
Exploring Neurodiversity with Play. Learn. Chat - Coming Soon!
May 21, 2022