2022/06 Jun-July Zulkaedah 1443H Sohbah

By SufiHub Naqshbandi

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Category: Spirituality

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Audhu billahi min ash-shaitan ir-rajeem
🌹Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem🌹

Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (s) said in a sahih hadith, “ad-deenu naseeha” – “Religion is advice.” Religion is not a lecture for a scholar to give and go. It is advice, and advice doesn’t come except through experience. Advice cannot be theoretical.

Sayyidina Shah Naqshaband said, “tariqatuna as-suhbah wal-khayru fil-jam`iyya” – “Our tariqat is association, it is keeping company, sohbah, association, and the best of the gathering is in coming together.” Or it can be said, “Our way is guidance, and the best is in association.” Without association, without advice, there is no way to benefit.

🌹 KINDLY NOTE: The recordings in this podcast are initiated and personally documented by student attendees of Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil Ar Rabbani, the 41st Leader of the Nasqhbandi Aliyyah Sufi Order, in Singapore.

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