STEPPING INTO SPECIAL EDUCATION, Special Education, SPED, Special Ed, Students with Disabilities, Classroom Management

By Michelle Vazquez, M.A.Ed., Special Education Teacher, Special Ed Teacher, IEP Writer, Special Education Teacher Coach

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Confused with how to write IEPs (Individualized Education Plans)? Not sure how to keep track of all the data? Tired of searching for the right behavior strategies to manage your special ed. classroom? In this podcast, you will find methods to create IEP goals that students can reach, a system to collect data with your team, & know which behavior strategies will work best for your classroom. My mission is to help new sped teachers write IEPs with confidence, share ideas for classroom management, & know how to communicate to get the support you need. If you are ready to finally walk into that IEP meeting feeling ready & know how to support your students to help them reach their full potential, you are in the right place! Hey, I’m Michelle. A wife, mommy, and special education teacher. For years I struggled with doubting myself with writing IEPs, felt completely scattered with not knowing the right data to collect, & tried so many different behavior strategies that didn’t work for my students; which left me exhausted and no time for my own personal life. I finally understood how to create IEPs for my student’s individual needs and learned how to collaborate with my paraprofessional, administrators, school psychologists, & parents! If I wanted to help reach my students’ full potential, I needed to equip myself with tools & strategies that will make the biggest impact on student success. And now I am ready to share that with you! If you are ready to help make a difference with your students, to build a solid relationship & connection with them, & finally get the support and resources you need - this podcast is for you! So grab that iced coffee, clipboard, and your favorite pen, it is time to get it started! Become an INSIDER! Join the email list! Facebook Group: Instagram: Connect:

Episode Date
97. End of the Year Wrap-Up: My Special Ed Teacher Journey 2023-2024
Jun 11, 2024
96. Least Restrictive Environment: The Continuum of Special Education Services
Jun 04, 2024
95. 4 Things I’m Already Planning for Next School Year as a Sped Teacher!
May 28, 2024
94. Want a Work & Home Life Balance? How I Get Work Done and Turn It Off as a Special Ed Teacher!
May 21, 2024
93. The 1 Thing I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Special Ed Teacher!
May 14, 2024
92. 5 Tips on How to Survive the Last Month of the School Year! Special Education Teacher Edition
May 07, 2024
91. How to Collaborate with General Ed Teachers for Our Students with Disabilities
Apr 30, 2024
90. Resource Specialist Teacher vs Special Day Class Teacher: What’s the Difference?
Apr 23, 2024
89. Transitional IEPs: What Are They and Quick Tips for Sped Teachers!
Apr 16, 2024
88. 9 Tips on How to Lessen State Test Anxiety for Students with Special Needs!
Apr 09, 2024
87. 5 Ways to Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with All Students!
Apr 02, 2024
86. Being Evaluated This Year? 8 Things You Must Include in Your Lesson Plan Before Your Next Observation as a Special Ed Teacher!
Mar 26, 2024
85. Top 3 Reasons to Focus on Behavior FIRST before Academics with Your Students with Disabilities!
Mar 19, 2024
84. State Testing Is Coming! How to Prep NOW for the State Assessment as a Special Education Teacher
Mar 12, 2024
83. Can’t Fit Everything in One Day? 6 Tips on How to Feel Productive in Your SPED Classroom!
Mar 05, 2024
82. Want a Change of Placement (COP)? 6 Areas to Look at FIRST for Your Student with Special Needs
Feb 27, 2024
81. Mild to Moderate Support Needs vs Extensive Support Needs: What’s the Difference?
Feb 20, 2024
80. Are You Returning Next School Year? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Leaving Your Special Ed Teaching Position
Feb 13, 2024
79. Which Teaching Credential or License Is Right for You? 5 Types of Special Education Specialty Areas
Feb 06, 2024
78. Don’t Do These 5 Things with Parents of Special Needs Students
Jan 30, 2024
77. Time to Collect IEP Meeting Documents? 5 Steps to Begin Gathering What You Need Now as a Special Ed Teacher!
Jan 23, 2024
76. Token Boards: 7 Steps to Start Replacing Behaviors with Your Students with Disabilities!
Jan 16, 2024
75. How to Collaborate and Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Special Needs Parents!
Jan 09, 2024
74. My Top 6 Special Ed Classroom Tips to Keep You Organized!
Jan 02, 2024
73. What I Learned in 2023 as a Special Education Teacher and My Goals for 2024!
Dec 27, 2023
72. To Work or Not to Work? The Pros & Cons and How I Spend My Winter Break as a Sped Teacher!
Dec 19, 2023
71. 7 Areas to Declutter in Your Special Education Classroom Before Winter Break!
Dec 05, 2023
70. Struggling with Lesson Planning? 5 Must-Haves When Teaching Your Students with Disabilities
Nov 28, 2023
69. Re-Release Ep 20 “Am I Doing a Good Job?” 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Feel Validated as a Special Education Teacher!
Nov 21, 2023
68. Power Struggles with Your Students with Special Needs? DO THIS!
Nov 14, 2023
67. Co-teaching Essentials: My 6 Must-Haves to Support Special Ed Student Success
Nov 07, 2023
66. Re-Release Ep 21. IEP Progress Reports Are DUE! 5 Steps to Update Your Student’s Progress & Send Reports Home On-Time to Your Special Needs Parents!
Oct 24, 2023
65. Top 4 IEP Goal Questions Answered!
Oct 17, 2023
64. My 8 Favorite Special Ed Teaching Strategies That I Use for My Students with Learning Disabilities
Oct 10, 2023
63. Struggling with Organizing Your RSP Schedule? 5 Components You MUST-HAVE When Creating Your Resource Specialist Program Schedule!
Oct 03, 2023
62. Inherited a Poorly Written IEP? 4 Steps to Fix That Individualized Education Plan!
Sep 26, 2023
61. Inherited an IEP? 5 Signs Your New Student’s Individualized Education Plan Needs Your Attention NOW!
Sep 19, 2023
60. Special Education Service Providers: How to Collaborate & Work Together as an IEP Team!
Sep 12, 2023
59. Student Relationships: 4 Reasons Why Connecting with Your Students with Special Needs Are NECESSARY!
Sep 05, 2023
58. Paraprofessional Training 101: 4 Main Areas You Need to Train Classroom Support Staff, Special Ed Assistants, One-On-One Aides
Aug 30, 2023
57. Back to School Special: Best Episodes to Start Up Your Special Education Classroom NOW!
Aug 15, 2023
56. Plan the Year with Me! How to Set-up Your Planner as a Special Education Teacher
Aug 11, 2023
55. Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes: 1st Birthday Celebration for the Podcast!
Jul 25, 2023
54. Co-teaching Models: 6 Methods Used for Students with or without Special Needs
Jul 18, 2023
53. How to Write Meaningful Impact Statements / Present Levels for IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) With Jennifer Hofferber
Jul 11, 2023
52. 5 Things You Can Do NOW to Get Your SPED Class Ready for the New School Year!
Jul 04, 2023
51. Use Your Time off Wisely! How to Make the Most of Your Summer as a Special Education Teacher!
Jun 28, 2023
50. How to Handle Challenging Behavior from Students with Special Needs with Dr. Christine Reeve
Jun 20, 2023
49. End of the Year Wrap-Up: My Special Ed Teacher Journey 2022-2023
Jun 15, 2023
48. Want Materials & Resources at Your Fingertips? 4 Ideas to Grab What You Need NOW in Your Special Education Classroom!
Jun 07, 2023
47. Don’t Have Time as a Sped Teacher? Do this ONE THING Instead!
May 30, 2023
46. How to Survive the Last Weeks of the School Year: Special Ed Edition
May 23, 2023
45. IEP Progress Reports: Why Do We Do Them?
May 16, 2023
44. Top 5 Reasons for a Transitional IEP, Transition IEP (Individualized Education Plan)!
May 09, 2023
43. Struggling to Connect with Your Diverse Students? 3 Ways to Create Community in Your Special Education Classroom with Jocelynn Hubbard
May 03, 2023
42. 5 Must-Dos before the Ending of the School Year for Special Ed Teachers!
Apr 25, 2023
41. 6 Steps to Get That Special Education Position You Want!
Apr 18, 2023
Re-Release 3: (Ep. 40) 5 Tips to Work Best with Your Paraprofessional, Instructional Assistant, Teacher Aide, Class Aide
Apr 11, 2023
39. Have Anxiety about All Things Special Ed? 6 Ways to Lessen Your Stress as a Special Education Teacher!
Apr 04, 2023
38. School Counseling Strategies to Help Students in Special Education with Rachel Davis
Mar 28, 2023
37. Low on Resources & Materials for Your Special Ed Classroom? 10 Tips to Get the Supplies That You Need as a Special Ed Teacher!
Mar 21, 2023
36. Want Help with Behavior Strategies for Your Students with Special Needs? The Top 5 Resources to Get the Behavior Support You NEED!
Mar 14, 2023
35. IEP Season Is HERE! How to Prep for the Busiest Time of the Year!
Mar 07, 2023
34. Feel like You’re Not Doing Enough for Your Students with Special Needs? 7 Signs to Know That You ARE Doing Your Best as a SPED Teacher!
Feb 28, 2023
33. 4 Time-Saving Email Hacks You Need NOW as a Busy Special Ed Teacher!
Feb 21, 2023
32. IEP 101: Part 3 Understanding the Pages of an IEP
Feb 14, 2023
31. Confused with Starting Small Groups? 4 Types of Assessments You Need to Do FIRST with Your Students with Disabilities!
Feb 07, 2023
30. IEP 101: Part 2 Understanding the Pages of an IEP
Jan 31, 2023
29. 5 Steps to Handling a Special Education Student’s Physical or Aggressive Behavior IN THE MOMENT!
Jan 24, 2023
28. IEP 101: Part 1 Understanding the Pages of an IEP
Jan 17, 2023
27. Need a RESET in Managing Classroom Behavior? 7 Ideas to Get Your Special Ed Classroom Back in Order Again!
Jan 10, 2023
26. Can’t Find the Time to Do It All? 5 Steps to Take NOW to Get Your Time Back as an Elementary SPED Teacher!
Jan 03, 2023
25. 3 Things I Learned as a Special Education Teacher in 2022 + 3 Goals for 2023!
Dec 27, 2022
24. Are you Creating Boundaries Between Your Personal Life & School Life as a Special Ed Teacher? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself
Dec 20, 2022
23. Top 4 IEP Must-Dos for SPED Teachers before Enjoying the Holiday Vacation!
Dec 13, 2022
22. Homework over the Holidays? 5 Critical Skills for Your Students With Special Needs to Practice During The Winter Break!
Dec 06, 2022
21. IEP Progress Reports Are DUE! 5 Steps to Update Your Student’s Progress & Send Reports Home On-Time to Your Special Needs Parents!
Nov 29, 2022
20. “Am I Doing a Good Job?” 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Feel Validated as a Special Education Teacher!
Nov 22, 2022
19. 4 Steps to Collect Data and Organize It for an IEP Meeting
Nov 15, 2022
18. Need Fall Activities for Your Classroom? 6 Fun November Activities & Ideas for Your Students with Disabilities!
Nov 08, 2022
17. 6 Steps to Lesson Plan For Your Small Group Instruction in Special Education
Nov 01, 2022
16. 5 Steps to Structure Your Small Groups for Elementary Special Ed Teachers
Oct 25, 2022
15. Is Your SPED Class Schedule Ready for the School Year? 7 Steps with How to Plan and Structure Your Daily Schedule as a Special Day Class Teacher (SDC)!
Oct 18, 2022
14. Are You Feeling Alone in Your Special Education Journey? 4 Places to Make Connections & Build Relationships to Get That Special Ed Support You Need!
Oct 11, 2022
13. IEP 101: What Is an IEP? How an Individualized Education Plan Is Used in Special Education!
Oct 04, 2022
12. Student Paperwork Stressing You Out? 4 Easy Classroom Systems to Organize All That Paperwork and Data for Your Students with Special Needs!
Sep 27, 2022
11. Set up These 4 Simple Organizational Tools as a Special Education Teacher!
Sep 20, 2022
10. 4 Fun Back to School Activities for Special Education Elementary Teachers
Sep 13, 2022
09. The 5 Areas You Must Review in Your IEPs (Individual Education Plans) At the Beginning of the School Year
Sep 06, 2022
08. 4 Tips to Overcome Fear and Anxiety in Your First Year of Teaching as a New Sped Teacher
Aug 30, 2022
07. The Parent Perspective: How to Best Support Our Special Needs Parents!
Aug 23, 2022
06. 6 Ways to Create a Great Parent-Teacher Relationship Right from the Beginning to Support Your Special Need Students!
Aug 16, 2022
05. Special Education Classroom Environment: 6 Essential Items That Need to Go Up on Your Classroom Walls as a Teacher
Aug 09, 2022
04. Top 3 Reasons for Self-Growth: Why Special Education Teachers Should Never Stop Learning!
Aug 02, 2022
03. 5 Tips to Work Best with Your Paraprofessional, Special Ed Aide, Special Education Classroom Assistant
Jul 26, 2022
02. 6 Tips to Set Up Your Special Education Classroom Environment
Jul 26, 2022
01. My Special Education Journey and Why I Wanted to Start This Podcast!
Jul 26, 2022
Welcome to the Stepping Into Special Education Podcast!
Jul 16, 2022