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Cageless is a podcast about experiential wisdom and personal hope. Writer Jenni Johnson asks experts, thought-leaders and friends to share their knowledge and tools on how they found freedom from what once caged them in. TikTok: @thejennijohnson Instagram: @jennijohnson

Episode Date
Friendship in your 20s

In the age of social media, non-verbal communication, and long distance relations, some of us can’t remember how to make or keep a real friend. But what is friendship? Really?

In this episode I explore what I've learned in long distance friendships, barriers to friendship in adulthood and how to know it's time to break up.

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Mar 31, 2023
How Important is Religion in Relationships?

Can identifying as religious really affect your relationships? I'm deconstructing how your beliefs about God, Church, love can be both harmful and helpful in learning to love another person (yourself included.)

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Mar 24, 2023
Creating Routines

How can you be an active participate in your life? How do we find freedom from traditional jobs, relationships and viewpoints? And why do we feel the need to conform to normal routines? Ideas of who you are supposed to be shouldn't keep you from who you're becoming. I'm talking all about anti-American ideals, French cooking and learning how to cultivate relationships with others, God and myself.


Culinary Week in Uzes with Let's Eat The World:

Women and Money blog post: 


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Mar 12, 2023
Hidden Secrets of Paris (with the Earful Tower podcast)

Meet the mastermind behind the podcast the Earful Tower: Oliver Gee is an Australian living Paris since 2015 and runs one of the biggest travel pods in the world. Consider him the Indiana Jones of Paris, discovering hidden secrets, culture and history. :)

You can find The Earful Tower on:




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Feb 13, 2023
love and control

Unlearning what it looks like to be patient with my relationships, especially the one with myself. Also let's talk about Jo March, controlling your body and the satisfaction formula. What does it look like for women to trust themselves and trust our ability to create a life that we deserve to live?

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Feb 03, 2023
French Bread and American Women

I’m exploring American diet culture and how French create the most basic yet intricate carbs. What would it look like to chew instead of spit? To embrace instead of avoid? What does it take to create food that feeds not only our bodies, but our souls?

Jan 27, 2023
Moving across the world

We moved ! (me and my dog) to Paris ! Talking about turning 27, Ernest Hemingway, canceled plans, making my younger self proud and my Grandma.

  1. Selena + Chef on Apple TV
  2. Shakespeare and Company bookstore
  3. Le Procope restaurant
Jan 20, 2023
Argue Like a Lawyer with Jefferson Fisher

Talking with Attorney Jefferson Fisher on how to argue with those you love, finding your purpose and the influence of family.


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Jefferson Fisher is an attorney in Beaumont, Texas managing his own firm, Fisher Firm. He also sometimes makes short videos on social media.

Jan 13, 2023
how to forgive

What, exactly, is forgiveness, and is honest forgiveness even possible?
What we feel and what we think are two different things. How do we find it in ourselves to let God have the last word? I wasn't aware that I struggled with forgiving because it was never named. It was always expected in my Christian community. But now that I'm in the community of the world... I'm learning that I have to find out how to mean the words I choose to pray. In every language.



Jan 06, 2023
the Taylor Swift effect

It is hard to eat. I know this statement seems vile and sad but that doesn't change its vouching.
It is hard to eat because I am twenty-six and because I am a woman in western society. This is an episode about Taylor Swift and eating disorders.

  1. The Taylor Swift Effect by Jenni Johnson
  2. How to be Beautiful by Jenni Johnson
Dec 31, 2022

How do we find courage to move towards growth? How do we take the risk... how do we leave behind?


  1. Culture and Codependency by Jenni Johnson
  2. The Art of Happiness podcast: E9. Managing Transitions in Life with Arthur Brooks 
  3. Hallow app
  4. The Myth of Multitasking: NPR article
Dec 20, 2022
families and holidays

how to overcome expectations and be present with the people you love (or hate).

resources mentioned:


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Dec 07, 2022
culture and codependency

How does the music we grew up listening to taint our view of love? I critique the influence of 2000s pop music on and recite my essay "culture and codependency" .

What does it look like not to live in past stories we’ve told ourselves?
Or others have told us?

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Nov 28, 2022
Confidence 101 with Deb Chubb

This week we are talking with Love Island Season 4 alumnus Deb Chubb! Listen in as we talk about the secret sauce of being yourself, working for what you want to achieve and life after the villa. Oh. And beans at the airport.


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Nov 17, 2022
Valuing your Intuition (with MJ Renshaw)

Talking with the beautiful magical MJ Renshaw this week about science, spirituality and how they're kinda the same thing. Listen as we discuss 12-Step programs/EDA, healing, lifestyle design and the Being Method. Follow MJ on

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Nov 07, 2022
What Makes A Good Writer? (With Maggie Harrison)

chatting with my pen pal, miss Maggie Harrison: writer and wellness renegade. join us this week as we discuss keeping a notebook, joan didion, grief, what makes a good writer, control and the distraction of the internet.

Maggie and I discuss: 

  1. keeping a notebook
  2. grief
  3. what makes a good writer
  4. control outside of love
  5. the distraction of the internet
Connect with Jenni:  Connect with Maggie: 
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Oct 31, 2022
design experiments

the Harvard Business Review says work, home, community and self balance is possible... if you're willing to risk some failed experiments. this week's episode is my take on the cycle of change, learning to let go and why charts are so helpful

Resources mentioned:

Send me your experiments to:

Oct 24, 2022
Paving your Own Path (with Candice Rukes)

What if you got the chance to pull off your dream life? Leave your hometown? Start from scratch?
That’s what happened to Candice Rukes, who put herself in the position to create a career traveling around the world for over 18 years.
This week, we hear about how her experiences of working with world-wide acts such as Justin Bieber, John Legend and Will Smith changed her approach to success, risk-taking, and helping others.

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Connect with Candice: 

Oct 17, 2022
dining alone

this week I'm in Paris and talking about turning off your phone, being present and talking to strangers. Let's talk about un-hurrying, American culture and learning how to eat alone... one croissant at a time. TW: Eating Disorders

Resources mentioned:
Ted Lasso
Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

Oct 10, 2022
freelancing (with Katie Dalebout)

As a freelancer, I've learned a lot of things the hard way. In this episode, writer and expert freelancer Katie Dalebout shares her top takeaways and experiences in successfully running a podcast, blog, and creative life. Come along as we dive into how we approach making money, prioritizing relationships and starting where you are.

Katie Dalebout is an interviewer and writer. Her weekly interview podcast Let It Out began in 2013 and now has nearly 400 episodes with over 4 million downloads. In 2019 she started Spiraling, a co-hosted podcast about anxiety. Her first book published in 2016, is an interactive guide to journaling. She now teaches workshops, an online class for independent podcasters, runs a digital group for creatives called: In-Process, consults, and writes a weekly newsletter.

Resources mentioned: 

Oct 03, 2022
Questions and Change (with Ray & Andrew from Dualistic Unity)

Why do we need control? In this week's crossover episode, I speak with Ray and Andrew of Dualistic Unity about religion, authentic relationships, historical male egotism, the Bible, making change vs. being the change, the importance of allowing the universe to work through you (as you) and so much more!

Sep 26, 2022

Special bonus episode because I had a lot of thoughts this week! Talk with me in my car about dopamine and check boxes and how your body keeps score.

  1. Stanford Marshmallow Experiment 
  2. Learned Helplessness: Seligman's Theory and Depression 
  3. The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van der Kolk
  4. We Can Do Hard Things podcast with Glennon Doyle 
Sep 02, 2022
bookTok (with Kyle Johnson)

What did you not learn in school? Today I am talking with my friend and professor Kyle Johnson about english class, life lessons and liking what you like. :)

Text me your questions @ 903-871-5092 (standard rates may apply) 

About Kyle: 

Kyle Johnson is a writer, podcaster, teacher, pianist, and reader. He maintains an active presence on the books/lit side of TikTok and recently began producing his own podcast ('What're You Reading?') devoted to books and their readers. Based in the Washington, DC area, he currently works in the field of higher education and the arts. Connect with him at:  
Aug 29, 2022
friendship breakups (with Arlee Pryor)

Text me your questions @ 903-871-5092 (standard rates may apply) 


About Arlee: 

Arlee Pryor is a 25 year old Licensed Couples and Family Therapist living in Dallas, TX. She is a highly sensitive person and life long learner. You can connect with her at:
Aug 22, 2022

hi! I'm so excited to be launching season 2 of Cageless with Bleav Podcast Network!! In this episode we're talking all about my journey with eating disorders, mind games and traveling. And by we I mean me. I love you guys!!! Text me your questions and thoughts to (903) 871-5092 :)


Resources mentioned:

The Daily Stoic Podcast

Eat, Pray, Love book by Elizabeth Gilbert


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Aug 15, 2022
taking your own advice

What would it look like to stop looking out and start looking in?
What kind of freedom would you find?
I talk with mind, body, spirit therapist Melissa Romano about hometowns, trusting your intuition and the balance of influence. 

Connect with Melissa: 

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Jul 15, 2022
dating smart girls

Talking all about Elle woods, standards and the power of knowledge my friend with Maalvika (AKA @maaltoks)

 Resources mentioned:
The Way of the Heart by Henri J. Nouwen
Attached by Dr. Amir Levine, MD and Rachel S.F. Heller, MA

ABC News article: 
High IQ cuts women's marriage prospects

Maalvika is a 21-year-old PhD student at Olin College of Engineering and host of Show Me How Good It Gets.

Connect with Maalvika:

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Jul 08, 2022
re-branding yourself with sabrina tanner

Sometimes our worlds need to be rocked in order to realize what we want. In this episode, I talk with Sabrina Tanner, queen of all things social media marketing about breaking out of her shell, rebranding herself and growing an amazing business to build a life she loves!

Resources mentioned:

Connect with Sabrina:

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Jul 01, 2022
What it Means to be In Progress with Frankie Simmons

Our lives are constantly a work in progress. We are ever growing, changing, challenging our beliefs, and learning about ourselves. In this episode, I talk with Frankie Simmons, SHAME BUSTING, ANTI CAPITALIST INTERNET BIG SISTER about religion, rejecting things we've been taught to believe and accepting ourselves.

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Instagram: @frankiedoodledandy

TikTok: @heyfrankiesimmons


Jun 24, 2022
getting what you want

A lot of the time I've found that when you give your life away is when you gain it. In this episode I talk about precrastating, manifesting and God. Support Jenni Johnson on Patreon <3 Resources mentioned: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown hope*writers Subscribe to the Cageless Newsletter Instagram @jennijohnson TikTok @thejennijohnson Twitter @thejennijohnson Got a question? Leave me a voicemail or text 903-871-5092 (standard rates may apply)

Jun 17, 2022
traveling and being alone

I’ve been traveling through Europe the past 4 weeks and wanted to take a second to tell you all about it. Recovery. The concept of home. Learning to let go. What would it look like to lose yourself instead of find yourself?

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Resources mentioned:

Huberman Lab Podcast episode

At the Center of All Beauty: Solitude and the Creative Life book

Chasing Francis: Ian Morgan Cron book

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Jun 03, 2022
Changing Eras with Christine Carmela

In this episode of Cageless, Christine and I discuss:

1. Unlearning what Cinderella taught us

2. The journey of her mind and body as a trans woman of color

3. Queer Christianity

4. The weight of trailblazing

5. Success and feedback from friends

Christine Carmela (she/her) is a writer/actress based in Los Angeles. She is currently starring in SoHo Rep's "Notes on Killing Seven Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board Members". Christine was born in Philadelphia and raised in Las Vegas. She received a BFA in Acting from Texas Christian University and is now a resident of the University of Southern California's MFA Screenwriting program.

Connect with Christine!

Tik Tok @ichris.tine 

Instagram @ichris.tine 

Twitter @ichris_tine

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May 27, 2022
What To Do Next with Andrew Anabi

Andrew and I discuss:

1. Giving yourself permission to pivot careers

2. Not living life for other people

3. Becoming friends with your parents

4. The contradiction of “freedom”

5. Leaving the world better than you found it

Andrew Anabi is a writer, poet, artist and founder of Pool House New York, a mental health lifestyle brand. Prior to founding Pool House, Andrew was a corporate finance attorney in Manhattan, NY. He obtains a J.D. from Columbia Law School and a B.A. from the University of San Diego.

Follow Andrew on Instagram @poolhousenewyork

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May 20, 2022
Dissecting Spirituality and Hope with Victoria Lee

In this episode, I am chatting with spiritual advisor, Victoria Lee, about belief systems, spirituality, and hope. We discuss:

1.    The importance of willingness to be perceived and show up 

2.    A deep look into spirituality, religion, and belief systems 

3.    The cycle of suffering

4.    The power of surrender and hope

Resources Mentioned:

Serenity Prayer

The Courage to Be Disliked: How to Free Yourself, Change Your Life, and Achieve Real Happiness – Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga

Be Here Now – Ram Dass

Victoria Therese is a spiritual advisor focused on the power of the present moment. Connect with Victoria on Tik Tok @victoria.therese, Instagram @victoriella, or visit her website

Connect with me on TikTok (@thejennijohnson), shoot me a message on Instagram (@jennijohnson), text or call me at 903-871-5092 (standard messaging rates may apply), or visit my website and tell me what topics you’d love to dive deeper into.

May 13, 2022
Eating Disorder Recovery

I’ve never been comfortable talking about the content of this episode until now. CW // Eating Disorders Today I am having a candid conversation with my previous therapist and certified badass, Amanda Pisarcik. We discuss:1. What disordered eating is. 2. How honesty saved my life.3. The importance of working with a team of professionals. 4. Never underestimating your resiliency.Amanda is a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with a specialty in activity-based therapy and eating disorders. Amanda believes in challenging maladaptive thinking patterns to establish healthy coping for life’s struggles. She received her Master’s in marriage, family and couples’ therapy from Walden University after studying Social Psychology at Park University. She currently works at Children’s Medical Center Plano on the eating disorder unit and White Rock Therapy private practice. Mandy is proud dog mom, loves finding adventures and deeply values work/life balance.For more information on eating disorders please visit or call (800) 931-2237Call/text me (903) 871-5092 (standard messaging rates apply)Subscribe to the Cageless NewsletterYou are worth recovering.

May 06, 2022
Heartbreak and Healing Loudly with Kelly Peacock

1. Why Kelly doesn't call herself an “aspiring writer”

2. Using your pain for good

3. Being a creative in your 20s

4. How to be present in your healing

Kelly Peacock is a writer, poet and influencer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her first book, Somewhere In Between, is now available for purchase by Shop Catalog Books. Connect with her on Instagram and TikTok (@kellyapeacock)

Connect with me on TikTok (@thejennijohnson), shoot me a message on Instagram (@jennijohnson) or my website and let me know what topics you are excited to dig deeper into

Apr 29, 2022
Dying in LA

This episode is a bit different. Today I want to share with you the story behind Cageless and introduce the anthem I wrote with one of my favorite artists.

Cageless (2022)

Song by: Jenni Johnson, Big City Girl, Brian Radcliffe

Connect with me on TikTok (@thejennijohnson) or Instagram (@jennijohnson)

Check out more of Big City Girl on Instagram and Spotify.

Cageless is a conversation podcast about experiential wisdom and personal hope. Writer Jenni Johnson is asking experts, thought leaders and friends to share their knowledge and tools on how they found freedom.

Apr 22, 2022
Emotional Healing and Relationships with Reid Bervik

Today, I am thrilled to be joined by one of my dear friends, Reid Bervik. Reid is currently a mental health coach, creator, and aspiring writer. He hopes to help people engage with themselves, their feelings, and those around them with compassion and authenticity.

In this episode, Reid will open up about his experience with emotional neglect, therapy, and what he does to keep his true self at the forefront. Reid and I will also discuss the power of humility, healing from trauma through integration, and so much more. Keep listening to hear how Reid is working to be the best version of himself.

Connect with me on TikTok (@thejennijohnson), shoot me a message on Instagram (@jennijohnson) or my website and let me know what topics you are excited to dig deeper into.

Reid’s Instagram: @reidbervik

Reid’s TikTok: @reidbervik

Reid’s Website:

Apr 15, 2022
The Power of Saying No with Natalie Lue

I am chatting with the one and only Natalie Lue. Natalie is a thought leader on relationships and human behaviour. Her no-nonsense yet compassionate and humorous take has garnered her a following in over 140 countries, and she’s been featured in the likes of The New York Times, NPR and the BBC. A blogger, author, speaker, podcaster and artist, her fifth book, The Joy of Saying No, will be published by HarperCollins in October 2022.

In this episode, Natalie will share with us how her blog, Baggage Reclaim, came to be, the feeling of liberation she’s experienced since learning to say no, and her thoughts on people-pleasing. Besides this, Natalie and I will discuss the power of boundaries, separating your inner critic from yourself, making authentic decisions, and so much more! Keep listening to hear how Natalie is finding joy in saying no.

Connect with me on TikTok (@thejennijohnson), shoot me a message on Instagram (@jennijohnson) or my website and let me know what topics you are excited to dig deeper into.

Connect with Natalie on Instagram (@natlue) and on her website (

Apr 15, 2022
Welcome To Cageless

Even if you disagree with me, that’s okay. My hope is that these conversations bring you exhales and maybe a few epiphanies.

Connect with me on TikTok (@thejennijohnson), shoot me a message on Instagram (@jennijohnson) or my website and let me know what topics you are excited to dig deeper into.

Apr 15, 2022