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By Jenny Torry

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Category: Business

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Welcome to Elite Bridal Boss Podcast with me your host, Jenny Torry! Where I'll be talking about all things related to Bridal Beauty & Wedding Pros including marketing, branding, mindset, business & life! I'm Jenny Torry, and I'm your host. I'm a bridal makeup & hair expert, coach, speaker, mom and wife and I've worked in the bridal industry for over 15 years and still am. I wanted to create a platform to share my and other voices within the Wedding and Business Industry to inspire and make an impact. I started this show because I know how hard it can be to balance a full-time job with running your own business. I also know that it's not always easy to find inspiration and motivation when growing your business and living a life of impact. But here's the deal: if you're willing to put in the work—and if you're ready to take some risks and face some challenges—then you will be able to do whatever you set your mind and heart on doing! That's what this podcast is all ab...

Episode Date
Expert Strategies to Attract More Clients & Elevate Your Bridal Business
Apr 18, 2024
Why Having a Strong Magnetic Brand Matters for Your Business
Feb 27, 2024
Should You Rent a Studio for Bridal Trials?
Feb 13, 2024
77. New 2024 Energy
Feb 05, 2024
76. How to Attract More High-Paying Brides and Book Them
Jan 29, 2024
75. How to Price for Profit for Your Bridal Beauty Biz
Jan 22, 2024
74. How to Market to High-Paying Brides in 2024
Jan 13, 2024
73. Breaking Down The 4 Things You Need to Develop as a Bridal Makeup Artist
Dec 18, 2023
72. How to Stay Positive When Life Tests You
Dec 10, 2023
71. The Driving Force Behind My Brand and Life Update
Nov 23, 2023
70. Breaking down the 3 topics about my Makeup 101, Alignment , and ADHD
Oct 23, 2023
69. Embarking on Your Desires: The 3 Essential Steps to Begin
Oct 02, 2023
68. The 4 Reasons You’re a Magnet for Discount-Seeking Brides
Sep 25, 2023
67. 5 Beliefs That Are Holding You Back in Growing Your 6 Figure Bridal Beauty Business
Sep 18, 2023
66. The 3 Must-Have Steps to Become a Confident Makeup Artist
Sep 11, 2023
65. Should you focus on Portfolio First or Clients First as a Bridal Makeup Artist
Sep 04, 2023
63. Beyond Makeup: A Story of Heritage, Hustle, and Following My Why
Aug 21, 2023
62. How to become magnetic & attract clients effortlessly
Aug 14, 2023
61. Unveiling the Beat: Building a Strong Brand with DJ Jazz
Aug 04, 2023
60. My Entrepreneur Journey and Finding Alignment in All My Business
Jul 31, 2023
59. From Dreams to Reality, Real Talk on the Road of Entrepreneurship and how important alignment is with Anushuya Tripathee
Jul 20, 2023
58. The 3 Bridal Marketing Strategies You Need
Jul 17, 2023
57. How to get unstuck while building your foundations and elevate your magnetic marketing
Jul 10, 2023
56. When it’s time to raise your rates
Jul 03, 2023
55. The Ultimate Q&A Session Part 2
Jun 26, 2023
54. How to build confidence as a Luxury Bridal Artist
Jun 19, 2023
53. My story on why I became a makeup artist, the reason why I taught online from in-person, and much more
Jun 12, 2023
52. How to stand out as a bridal beauty artist in a saturated market
Jun 05, 2023
51. 3 Things that are holding you back from booking more clients
May 29, 2023
50. How to Market to Luxury Bridal Clients
May 22, 2023
49. The Ultimate Q&A Session
May 15, 2023
48. The Coach’s Perspective: Insights and Strategies for Success with Selina
May 08, 2023
47. How to market and sell to high end brides
Apr 24, 2023
46. POV: I need more clients
Apr 17, 2023
45. Why working with budgeted bridal clients can hurt your business in the long run
Apr 10, 2023
44. 4 Mindset that is holding you back to reach your income goal
Apr 06, 2023
43. Why having clarity on your values matters in building your 6 figure bridal beauty business
Apr 03, 2023
42. Tips for Attracting More Brides to Your Bridal Makeup Business
Mar 30, 2023
41. Discover the best ways to get more bridal clients and grow your business
Mar 27, 2023
40. Managing Your Time and Resources as a Bridal Makeup Business Owner: Tips and Strategies for Success
Mar 24, 2023
39. How to be consistent on social media even if you don’t have time
Mar 20, 2023
38. The Power of Support: My Husband’s Perspective & Role in my Business Success with Tawa Torry
Mar 16, 2023
37. Mindset Shift: How to Achieve Your Goals
Mar 13, 2023
36. The #1 key factor in getting your brides to not even question your rates
Mar 05, 2023
35. 6 Common Mistakes Bridal Makeup artists make when leveling up from mainstream into the luxury marketing
Mar 02, 2023
34. What you need to know what working smarter not harder with Misha
Feb 27, 2023
33. Pivoting Lessons from a MUA - Entrepreneur 15 years
Feb 20, 2023
32. How to turn leads into clients
Feb 13, 2023
31. Real talk: Don’t give up when it feels hard
Feb 06, 2023
30. Power of momentum & How I was able to quit my 9 to 5 job
Jan 27, 2023
29. Harnessing the Power of Pivoting for Business Growth
Jan 25, 2023
28. What it takes to level up in your business with Mark
Jan 16, 2023
26. Busting The MUA Myths That’s Holding You Back From Hitting 6-figures In Your Bridal Business
Dec 26, 2022
25. Journey to a 6 figure bridal business with Ana Mixson
Dec 19, 2022
24. The Reason Why I Change My Instagram Name
Dec 12, 2022
23. Breaking down my unique Framework - How I can help you be an Elite Bridal Boss
Dec 05, 2022
22. Why do you feel stuck in the Bridal Business
Nov 28, 2022
21. How To Get More Clients As A Makeup Artist
Nov 21, 2022
20. How to optimize your social media as a Bridal Makeup Artist
Nov 14, 2022
19. How to Set Yourself apart from a saturated Market
Nov 07, 2022
18. How To Ask Engaging Questions And Get Your Ideal Brides To Know, Like, And Trust You
Oct 31, 2022
17. Top 10 ways to give your brides a Luxury experience
Oct 24, 2022
16. How to post on social media as a Bridal Boss
Oct 17, 2022
15. 3 reasons What’s holding you back from Raising your Bridal Beauty prices
Oct 14, 2022
14. Top 3 things I wish I knew before Starting my Bridal Business
Oct 10, 2022
13. The three most important marketing tips for Bridal Beauty Businesses
Oct 03, 2022
12. How to be a confident Bridal Makeup Artist
Sep 26, 2022
11. Top 4 benefits of being a Bridal Beauty Artist
Sep 19, 2022
10. The 3 Keys To Successfully Starting A Bridal Beauty Business
Sep 12, 2022
9. Listen to this before you put your dreams on hold with Veronica Murillo
Sep 05, 2022
8. Why is SEO important for a Bridal Makeup Artist with Eric
Sep 01, 2022
7. Why do brides ask for discounts?
Aug 29, 2022
6. Why building a luxury brand is essential as a bridal beauty business owner
Aug 22, 2022
5. How to overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Bridal Makeup Artist
Aug 15, 2022
4. Top 3 steps to book your dream bride
Aug 07, 2022
3. How to set goals so you can quit your 9-5 job
Aug 04, 2022
2. The Major Difference Between A Coach And A Mentor
Aug 03, 2022
1. A look inside a makeup artist’s struggle and success journey with Ahshia Cavin
Aug 01, 2022