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Arthur Read is back and starting his own podcast! Listen in as he shares his favorite adventures with, DW, Buster and all their friends from around Elwood City.

The Arthur Podcast is produced by GBH Kids and Gen-Z Media.

Episode Date
S2 E6 Speak Up, Francine

After discovering that the local creek is polluted, Francine is determined to get the word out during Elwood City’s Earth Day Rally. But will her fear of public speaking get in her way?

Apr 20, 2023
S2 E5 Lend Me Your Ear

Mr. Ratburn is acting strangely, and Arthur, Buster, and Brain are worried. The kids work together to get to the bottom of Mr. Ratburn’s odd behavior!

Apr 13, 2023
S2 E4 Staycation

Mr. and Mrs. Read have to cancel their vacation when they can’t find a babysitter for Arthur, DW, and Baby Kate. To help cheer their parents up, the kids plan a staycation for them in their own backyard.

Apr 06, 2023
S2 E3 DW’s Bad Mood

DW is acting even crankier than usual, and it’s up to Arthur and Francine to get to the bottom of what’s causing her bad mood.

Mar 30, 2023
S2 E2 The World Record

Arthur and his friends want to break a world record, but can’t seem to agree on which record to break!

Mar 23, 2023
S2 E1 Arthur’s Pet Business

To prove to his parents that he’s responsible enough to have a dog of his own, Arthur creates his own pet sitting business. But managing all these pets turns out to be harder than he bargained for!

Mar 16, 2023
Announcing Season 2 of The Arthur Podcast!

The Arthur Podcast is back with a brand-new season! Fans of PBS KIDS podcast can join Arthur, D.W., and Buster new adventures based off the classic television series. 

The Arthur Podcast is produced by GBH Kids and Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX.

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Mar 08, 2023
S1 E8 Crunch Cereal

Arthur is determined to win the new Crunch Cereal Jingle contest! All he needs is a band…and lyrics…and a melody.

Dec 08, 2022
S1 E7 Long Dull Winter

When Arthur and his friends catch a case of the winter blues, they decide that having a holiday to celebrate is the only way to cure it. Since there are no major holidays coming up, they take it upon themselves to create a brand new one!

Dec 01, 2022
S1 E6 Locked in the Library

Francine is upset with Arthur and refuses to speak to him. Being in a fight with your best friend is hard enough, but things take a turn for the worst when they both get locked inside the Elwood City Library for the weekend!

Nov 24, 2022
S1 E5 Arthur's New Baby

Arthur is not excited when his parents announce that they’ll be having another baby. One little sister is more than enough! Will he be able to win Baby Kate over, or will he have another D.W. to contend with?

Nov 17, 2022
S1 E4 Arthur's Snow Biz

It’s snowing in Elwood City, and Arthur’s new shoveling business is booming…that is, until Buster tries to get in on the action. Now the friends must compete to be the best shoveler on the block!

Nov 10, 2022
S1 E3 Buster's Secret Admirer

Buster receives a box of chocolates in the mail. Who could they be from? He’ll need Arthur’s help to discover who his secret admirer is.

Nov 03, 2022
S1 E2 Scare-Your-Pants-Off

When a group called “Parents Against Weird Stories” try to ban the “Scare-Your-Pants-Off” books, it’s up to Arthur and his friends to save their favorite book series!

Oct 27, 2022
S1 E1 Spelling Trubble

Arthur is surprised when he and Brain are chosen to represent Mr. Ratburn’s class in the school-wide spellathon. Arthur didn’t study! How will he be able to compete against the smartest kid in the school and last year’s reigning champ?

Oct 20, 2022
S1 E0 Arthur Makes a Podcast

Arthur's making his own podcast and is excited to share the news with D.W. and you! Listen to his new series starting October 20th wherever you find podcasts.

The Arthur Podcast is produced by GBH Kids and Gen-Z Media.

Oct 06, 2022