One Minute Podcast Tips

By Danny Brown

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Category: Technology

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If you're looking to be a better podcaster, but you don't have time to listen to hours and hours of advice, One Minute Podcast Tips is the show for you. I’m Danny Brown, host of multiple podcasts, and I’ve been in the podcasting space for over 10 years. Every Monday, One Minute Podcast Tips will bring you a short tip you can use on your podcast, with advice on improving your recording, editing, publishing, sharing, growing, networking, and more. I'll let you know what hardware and software you should use, and how they'll help you and your show no matter where you are in your podcasting journey. And if you want more specific tips just for you and your podcast, check out the Magic Mic Membership at So follow on your favourite podcast app today, and let One Minute Podcast Tips help you be a better podcaster in just a minute a week. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: OP3 - Chartable -

Episode Date
How to Make Your Podcast Recordings Sound Better
May 27, 2024
How to Prepare Listeners for Unexpected Breaks in Publishing
May 19, 2024
Three Quick Ways to Make Your Podcast Edits Sound Natural
May 12, 2024
How to Turn Popular Episodes into Evergreen Content
May 05, 2024
The Single Most Important Call to Action to Include on Your Podcast
Apr 28, 2024
Why You Shouldn't Use Apple Plays and Spotify Starts as Podcast Analytics Metrics
Apr 21, 2024
The 10 Word Rule to Successfully Describe Your Podcast and Attract Listeners
Apr 14, 2024
Two Simple Ways to Get Feedback from Your Podcast Listeners
Apr 07, 2024
Do You Need an Expensive Audio Interface for Your Podcast?
Mar 31, 2024
Three Podcast Newsletters to Help You Be a Better Podcaster
Mar 24, 2024
A Quick Intro to Two Awesome and FUN New Podcasts Involving Yours Truly!
Mar 21, 2024
Why You Should Pitch Your Podcast News to Industry Newsletters
Mar 17, 2024
Should You Use WAV or MP3 Files for Your Podcast Audio?
Mar 10, 2024
Why Good Mic Technique is Key to Your Podcast Audio
Mar 03, 2024
Why It's Important to Keep Your Podcast Trailer Up-to-Date
Feb 25, 2024
How Third-Party Podcast Prefixes Can Help Define Your Listeners and Attract Sponsors
Feb 18, 2024
The Top 3 Options You Should Always Have on Your Podcast Website
Feb 11, 2024
Do You Need to Use a Shock Mount With Your Mic?
Feb 04, 2024
How to Make Listener Donations and Memberships Easy for Your Podcast
Jan 28, 2024
Why You Should Edit Your Podcast
Jan 21, 2024
Should You Add Your Video Podcast to Spotify?
Jan 14, 2024
How to Avoid and Overcome Podfade
Jan 07, 2024
3 Tips to Save Time in Post-Production and Editing
Dec 31, 2023
What's The Best Way to Use AI for Your Podcast?
Dec 24, 2023
A Special Holiday Message, and Coming Up in 2024
Dec 22, 2023
Should You Publish Your Podcast RSS Feed to YouTube? It Depends
Dec 17, 2023
What Podcast Editing Software is Best for Beginners?
Dec 11, 2023
18 Expert Tips to Be a Better Podcaster - Special Birthday Episode
Dec 08, 2023
Why It's Important to Repair Your Podcast Episode Audio Every Time
Dec 04, 2023
The Two Podcast Analytics Every Podcaster Should Be Checking
Nov 26, 2023
Why You Should Use Headphones for Your Podcast Recording and Editing
Nov 19, 2023
Why You Need a Strong Elevator Pitch for Your Podcast
Nov 12, 2023
Get More Data For Your Podcast With OP3 Podcast Analytics
Nov 05, 2023
How to Let Listeners Know When You Rebrand a Podcast
Oct 29, 2023
Google Podcasts is Closing - How to Prepare Your Listeners
Oct 22, 2023
Do You Need to Use an Audio Interface for Your Podcast?
Oct 15, 2023
Should You Use a Wind Screen or Pop Filter With Your Mic?
Oct 08, 2023
The Two P's to Podcast Success
Oct 01, 2023
How to Improve the Quality of Your Audio with Podcast Grader
Sep 24, 2023
How to Get Great Podcast Audio When Recording Outside
Sep 17, 2023
The Pros and Cons of Batch Recording Your Episodes
Sep 11, 2023
A Super Easy Way to Get Great Podcast Cover Art
Sep 04, 2023
Exclusive Podcasting Advice Just for You: The Magic Mic Membership
Sep 01, 2023
How to Make Your Podcast More Engaging with Dynamic Content
Aug 28, 2023
When to Use Trailer, Bonus, and Normal Formats on Your Episode
Aug 21, 2023
Why You Should Use a Custom Bio Link for Your Podcast
Aug 14, 2023
When Should You Upgrade Your Podcast Equipment?
Aug 07, 2023
Why Indie Podcasters Should Be on Goodpods
Jul 31, 2023
The Pros and Cons of Using a Script for Your Podcast
Jul 24, 2023
A Simple Way to Get Your Podcast On to YouTube with Audioship
Jul 17, 2023
How to Handle Negative Reviews for Your Podcast
Jul 10, 2023
How Long Should Your Podcast Trailer Be?
Jul 03, 2023
What is LUFS and Why Is It Important for Your Podcast?
Jun 26, 2023
What Should Go In Your Podcast Intro and Outro?
Jun 19, 2023
Should You Use Individual Artwork for Your Podcast Episodes?
Jun 12, 2023
Should You Have a Legal Agreement with Your Podcast Co-Host?
Jun 05, 2023
What's the Difference Between Episodic and Seasons for Your Podcast?
May 29, 2023
How Many Ads Should Your Podcast Episode Have?
May 22, 2023
How Many Podcast Apps Should Be On Your Website?
May 15, 2023
How Many Episodes Should a New Podcast Launch With?
May 08, 2023
How Long Should Your Podcast Episodes Be?
May 01, 2023
How To Make Your Podcast Audio Sound Great
Apr 24, 2023
What Should You Include in Podcast Show Notes?
Apr 19, 2023
Why You Should Use Transcripts for Your Podcast
Apr 10, 2023
What Should Be In Your Podcast Sponsor Kit?
Apr 03, 2023
What Calls to Action Should Your Podcast Have?
Mar 27, 2023
How to Make It Super Easy for Listeners to Follow Your Show
Mar 20, 2023
What's the Best Option for Your Podcast Website?
Mar 13, 2023
Should Your Podcast Have a Newsletter?
Mar 06, 2023
How Soon Can You Look for Podcast Sponsors?
Feb 28, 2023
How to Make Your Podcast Recording Space Sound Better
Feb 20, 2023
What Remote Recording Tool Should You Use for Your Podcast?
Feb 13, 2023
How to Be a Great Podcast Host and Interviewer
Feb 06, 2023
How to Find Guests for Your Podcast
Jan 30, 2023
How to Get More Podcast Reviews
Jan 23, 2023
Should You Claim Your Podcast on Apple Podcasts Connect and Spotify for Podcasters?
Jan 16, 2023
How to Create Your Podcast Artwork
Jan 09, 2023
Should You Use a USB or XLR Microphone for Your Podcast?
Jan 02, 2023
Should You Use Social Media for Your Podcast?
Dec 26, 2022
A Holiday Message From Me to You
Dec 22, 2022
Do You Need to Edit Your Podcast?
Dec 19, 2022
Should You Use a Free or Paid Podcast Host?
Dec 12, 2022
Why You Should Listen to One Minute Podcast Tips
Dec 08, 2022
How Many Apps Should Your Podcast Be On?
Dec 08, 2022
Do You Need a Podcast Website?
Dec 08, 2022