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By Pamela Krista | Podcast Coach, Podcast Manager

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Category: Marketing

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Hey mama! Are you ready to start, grow, or monetize your podcast? Want to learn some action-packed, tangible strategies you can use for your podcast as well as your online business? Do you wish you could hear how other moms have started and grown their podcasts and overcome their struggles along the way? Moms Who Podcast is your go-to resource for tangible podcast strategies that WORK, inspiring interviews, and fresh encouragement for your podcast journey. We cover how to start a podcast, work-life balance, marketing your podcast, and how to make money from your podcast. I'm Pamela Krista, a Christian mom of 5, happily married wife, and podcast coach for moms. It's time to flourish in podcasting, online business, and motherhood. Let's do this!

Episode Date
75. 3 Reasons Why Community Is So Important and Why You Need It on Your Podcast Journey
Jun 17, 2024
74. Re-Evaluating the Marketing Strategy for Your Podcast
Jun 10, 2024
73. 3 Tips for Podcast Success During the Summer
Jun 03, 2024
72. Organizing Your Podcast Episodes to Save Your Time & Sanity
May 27, 2024
71. 5 Things I Let Go of in Order to Grow My Podcast
May 20, 2024
70. Introducing the Moms Who Podcast Community! Your One Stop Shop as an Online Business Owner & Podcaster
May 13, 2024
69. Birthday Special: Behind the Scenes of the Moms Who Podcast Brand, What’s New, and an Inside Look at Creating a Membership
May 10, 2024
68. My Top 3 Favorite Tools to Edit & Record Solo and Guest Podcast Episodes
May 06, 2024
67. Does Your Podcast Have a Purpose? 3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself
Apr 29, 2024
66. 3 Things I Did Well When I Launched My First Podcast (Before I Became a Podcast Coach & Podcast Manager)
Apr 22, 2024
65. The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When I Launched My First Podcast
Apr 15, 2024
64. Batch Recording: What is it and Why is it So Important For Your Podcast Workflow
Apr 08, 2024
63. How To Make Money With Your Podcast
Apr 01, 2024
62. How to Craft the Perfect Episode Structure to Retain Loyal Listeners
Mar 25, 2024
61. Should You Take a Break From Your Podcast? And What Should You Do if You’re Already on a Break From Your Podcast
Mar 18, 2024
60. How to Be a Really Great Podcast Host (Before, During and After the Interview)
Mar 11, 2024
59. How to Be A Really Great Podcast Guest (Before, During, & After Your Interview)
Mar 04, 2024
58. What Is the Best Day of the Week to Publish Podcast Episodes?
Feb 26, 2024
57. What Microphone Is Best for Podcasting? All Your Questions Answered!
Feb 19, 2024
56. How I Plan Out My Podcast Episodes to Make Recording Extremely Easy & Low Matienence
Feb 12, 2024
55. Do You Feel Annoying When Talking About or Marketing Your Podcast?
Feb 05, 2024
54. How to Find and Land Dreamy Podcast Guests (My Exact Strategy)
Jan 29, 2024
53. Is Podcasting Saturated? The Truth With the Proof to Back It Up
Jan 22, 2024
52. Setting Your Podcast up for Success in 2024
Jan 15, 2024
51. How Much Does It Cost to Actually Start and Maintain Your Podcast?
Jan 08, 2024
50. Moms Who Podcast Anniversary Celebration! A Surprise Announcement + a Raw Behind the Scenes of the Podcast
Jan 01, 2024
49. Christmas Special! 8 Things That Bring Me Joy In Podcasting That Will Bring You Joy Too
Dec 25, 2023
48. Your Very First Podcast Episode : What Should It Be About? Building a Strategy for Your Podcasting Journey
Dec 18, 2023
47. Do You Feel Like You Don’t Have the Authority to Start a Podcast? You Need to Hear This!
Dec 11, 2023
46. Here’s How to Get Podcast Episode Ideas for the Next Year (My Annual Survey Giveaway Strategy)
Dec 04, 2023
45. Your Podcast Download Numbers Don’t Matter! Here's What You Should Focus On Instead
Nov 27, 2023
44. The 3 Most Important Things You MUST Get Right for Your Podcast to Gain the Most Visibility
Nov 20, 2023
43. Growing a Podcast Without Using Social Media: Here’s Exactly How I’m Doing It
Nov 13, 2023
42. COACHING CALL! Podcast Rebrand, Selling Services With Podcasting, Marketing and More With Hannah Hughes
Nov 06, 2023
41. What Is a Podcast Audit? And Do You Need One for Your Podcast? Let’s Dive Deep!
Oct 30, 2023
40. My 4 Step Checklist to Find Out if It’s Time to Launch Your Podcast
Oct 23, 2023
39. 6 Reasons Why Launching a Podcast Might Be the Next Move for Your Online Business
Oct 16, 2023
38. ALL About Podcast Trailers! What Are They Exactly and Do You Need One?
Oct 09, 2023
37. One Year of Podcasting! Here’s the 8 Things I’ve Learned So Far
Oct 02, 2023
36. Should You DIY Your Podcast Launch? The Pros And Cons Revealed
Sep 25, 2023
35. Feeling Uninspired and Like You Have Nothing to Say? Here Are 6 Things to Do That Will Skyrocket Your Creativity
Sep 18, 2023
34. 5 Strategies to Use Market Research to Grow Your Online Business and Your Podcast (And You Don’t Even Have to Have a Podcast!)
Sep 11, 2023
33. I’m Back! A Very Raw, Real and Exciting Look Into the Future of This Podcast!
Sep 04, 2023
32. All About the New App Threads and How I Booked a Podcast Interview Within the First 48 hours! My Thoughts, Features, and Should You Join?
Jul 10, 2023
31. LIVE COACHING CALL: How to Get Started With Podcasting, Behind the Scenes of Podcasting, Podcast Names and So Much More With Kat Kurdziel
Jul 03, 2023
30. Should You Launch Your Podcast With 3 Episodes? The Entire Breakdown
Jun 26, 2023
29. Is It Really Necessary to Script Out Your Podcast Episodes? Scripting vs Outlining Your Episodes
Jun 19, 2023
28. Should You Have a Separate Instagram Account For Your Podcast?
Jun 12, 2023
27. 6 Tactical Ways to Prepare Your Podcast and Your Business for Summer Break as a Busy Mompreneur
Jun 05, 2023
26. Trademarks & Choosing Your Podcast Name Strategically and Legally With Business Attorney Kailey Jacomet
May 29, 2023
25. LIVE COACHING CALL: Episode titles, SEO, Podcast Reviews, Monetization and more with Monica Corrie
May 22, 2023
24. It’s My Birthday Month! 35 Crucial and Pivotal Things I’ve Learned as a Christian Wife, Mom of 5, Podcaster, and Business Owner!
May 18, 2023
23. Student Spotlight: From Idea, to Execution, to Top 10% Podcast With Stacy Crown
May 15, 2023
22. Mother's Day Special! A Candid Conversation with My 8 and 14 Year Old Daughters about Life and Business
May 14, 2023
21. The First Student of the Moms Who Podcast Blueprint Program! Podcasting and Authentic Content Creation with Lynsey Mahoskey
May 08, 2023
20. Should You Get Meta Verified? What Is It, Should You Do It, and How Do You Do It? And My Personal Story of How I Was Hacked on Facebook
May 01, 2023
19. Choosing the Right Path to Launch Your Podcast: Do It Yourself, Done for You, or Done With You and Which One is Right for You
Apr 24, 2023
18. Breaking the Burnout Cycle and the Truth About How Female Hormones Impact Moms With Online Businesses With Holly Doll
Apr 17, 2023
17. Nurturing Your Email List, Crafting Killer Subject Lines, and Engaging Your Email Subscribers with Jo Harris
Apr 10, 2023
16. What if You Could Launch Your Podcast in Six Weeks With a Podcast Coach in Your Back Pocket? Introducing the Moms Who Podcast Blueprint Program!
Apr 03, 2023
15. 5 Ways to Handle Being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur With Your Online Business and Your Podcast
Mar 27, 2023
14. What Happens When You Have Help Launching Your Podcast? What It Was Like Hiring a Podcast Manager for the Very First Time With Shaela Daugherty
Mar 20, 2023
13. How an Email List Goes Hand in Hand With Your Podcast and Which Email Provider Do You Choose? Flodesk vs ConvertKit
Mar 13, 2023
12. Do You Want to Start a Podcast or Grow Your Podcast but You Don’t Feel Like an Expert? You Need to Hear This!
Mar 06, 2023
11. What Happens When You Pivot in Business and You’re Not Sure What That Means for Your Podcast? And How to Navigate That Change Without Stress
Feb 27, 2023
10. How to Repurpose the Content That You’ve Already Created for Other Platforms and Turn It Into a Podcast Episode
Feb 20, 2023
9. How to Repurpose Your Podcast Episode to Content for at Least 8 Different Platforms
Feb 13, 2023
8. How I Grew My FaceBook Group and Email List Before I Ever Started My Podcast and How You Can Too!
Feb 06, 2023
7. How I'm Able to Record Podcast Episodes With 5 Kids, and a Full Time Job and How You Can Do It Too
Jan 30, 2023
6. How to Know When It’s the Right Time to Start Your Podcast for Your Online Business
Jan 23, 2023
5. Five Steps to Get Over the Fear and Mindset Blocks That May Be Holding You Back From Starting Your Podcast
Jan 16, 2023
4. Seven Actionable Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Podcast Name for Your Future Podcast
Jan 09, 2023
3. What Equipment and Software Do You Need to Start a Podcast? Here Are My Top 4 Must Haves Before You Start!
Jan 02, 2023
2. Ten Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast to Complement Your Online Business
Jan 02, 2023
1. How This Mom Started Podcasting! How I Quit My Web Design Business to Become a Podcast Manager and Strategist
Jan 02, 2023
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