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By Pamela Krista | Podcast Strategist, Podcast Manager, Business Coach

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If you are a mom who has an online business and wants to grow it through podcasting, mama this is for you! Are you a busy entrepreneur who wants to add podcasting to complement your online business? Do you dream of having a podcast that flocks your ideal clients to you? Then let's reconnect you with your why and take action with your dreams and give you the clarity that you crave! In this podcast, I'm on a mission to help you grow your online business through the power of podcasting. Each week we'll dive into topics to help you feel more confident behind the mic, and tips for your online business with some mom life mixed in. I'll also be bringing other mompreneurs on the show to talk about their podcasting journey and how they continue to grow their show. With the Moms Who Podcast Show, you'll feel encouraged, inspired, refreshed, and have clarity on the next steps when it comes to your business and your podcast. I'm your host, Pamela Krista. I'm a blogger turned web designer turned podcast coach. But, I'm also with Jesus Lover, a wife, and a mama to five. So, friend, I know your time is valuable. I promise you'll only get the good stuff here. I'm so happy that you've tuned in. Let's do this.

Episode Date
14. What Happens When You Have Help Launching Your Podcast? What It Was Like Hiring an Expert for the Very First Time With Shaela Daugherty

Welcome back, mama! You are in for a real treat today. We are chatting with the very first guest on the podcast, and my very first client after I became a podcast manager! Shaela Daugherty is the host of the Move Your Body Differently Podcast and trust me - she does NOT hold back at all in this episode! She walks us through exactly what it was like having help launching her podcast.

Shaela and I found each other at the very beginning of my pivot in business. She had never ever outsourced in her business before and previously had done EVERYTHING herself. We talk about how I was able to join her on her podcast journey and how she truly felt about getting help in her online business for the first time ever!

Episode highlights:

  • Why Shaela decided to hire someone (me) to help her launch her podcast
  • What were her initial hesitations before hiring an expert to help her launch her podcast?
  • What was it like working with me specifically?
  • What has it been like AFTER launching her podcast, and what are people saying?!

Are you READY to launch your podcast, friend?! Book a free podcast discovery call and let's chat about how I can help you launch your podcast with confidence, ease, and strategy!

Connect with Shaela Daugherty:

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Mar 20, 2023
13. How an Email List Goes Hand in Hand With Your Podcast and Which Email Provider Do You Choose? Flodesk vs ConvertKit

In today's episode, I dive into all things email providers. I am covering why having an email list goes hand in hand with your podcast and how you can use it to grow your list organically and why you NEED one right now!

I have been with Flodesk for the past year, and recently made the decision to move to ConvertKit. We are going to dive into exactly why I made that move so you can make the best-informed decision when you go to sign up or change your email provider.

What equipment and software do you TRULY need to start a podcast? Grab your FREE guide here!

Are you ready to start your podcast? Let's hop on a free discovery call!

Connect with Pamela:

Mar 13, 2023
12. Do You Want to Start a Podcast or Grow Your Podcast but You Don’t Feel Like an Expert? You Need to Hear This!

Hi mama! Today we're going all in and talking about what it feels like when you want to start a podcast or grow your current show, but you don't exactly feel like an expert. I cannot count how many times I feel like this, and I know you do too.

My friend, I assure you - you don't need to feel like this. Let me take you through my personal journey and then offer you insight on how you can apply this to your own business and podcast. Ready to start that podcast?!

Book a free podcast discovery call to see if we're a good fit to work together

Connect with Pamela:

Mar 06, 2023
11. What Happens When You Pivot in Business and You’re Not Sure What That Means for Your Podcast? And How to Navigate That Change Without Stress

Welcome back! In today's episode, I go into a deep dive into my personal story with pivoting since I started my business. Pivoting is NORMAL in online business and actually, totally necessary for growth in my opinion!

One of the questions I got recently in my community is "I want to start a podcast, but I have a lot of ideas, and what if I pivot?" Friend...this episode was made just for you!

Episode highlights:

  • Pamela's personal story with pivoting in business
  • What to do when you are facing pivoting in your business and what exactly does that mean? What should you do?!

Want a podcast strategy session with Pamela to gain clarity?!

Book a podcast strategy session!

Connect with Pamela:

Feb 27, 2023
10. How to Repurpose the Content That You’ve Already Created for Other Platforms and Turn It Into a Podcast Episode

In today's episode, we're talking ALL about how you can take content that you've ALREADY created for other platforms, and turn that into a podcast episode! As online business owners, sometimes we're in our own heads about what to talk about next or what type of content to create.

Let me help you take the guesswork out! Don't miss this episode, and be sure to listen to episode #9 where I talk about the exact opposite - how to turn your podcast episode into lots of content for other platforms!

Need a strategy session!? Let's hop on a one-hour call and get all your burning questions about podcasting answered. I promise you'll walk away with clarity.

Book a Strategy Session with Pamela

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Feb 20, 2023
9. How to Repurpose Your Podcast Episode to Content for at Least 8 Different Platforms

Ever wonder how you can take your podcast episode and turn it into content for other platforms? Did you even know what was a thing?! In this episode, I'm diving into exactly WHAT you could or should be doing after you publish each podcast episode to repurpose your podcast episode content and MAXIMIZE your amazing podcast content.

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How long does it take to repurpose a blog post from a podcast transcript?
  • What exact platforms should I repurpose it on?
  • Why is repurposing so important?

And so much more!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Sign up for the free version of Descript!

Connect with Pamela:

Feb 13, 2023
8. How I Grew My FaceBook Group and Email List Before I Ever Started My Podcast and How You Can Too!

Welcome back to the show! Today we're going into a deep dive into how I was able to grow my Facebook group community and my email list before I ever launched my podcast.

I tell you the exact strategy I used and exactly how I made it happen for a successful podcast launch!

Already started your podcast but don't have a Facebook group yet? I cover that too!

Connect with Pamela:

Feb 06, 2023
7. How I'm Able to Record Podcast Episodes With 5 Kids, and a Full Time Job and How You Can Do It Too

Hey, mama welcome back to the show! Today, we're talking about how in the world you would ever have time to record when you are a busy entrepreneur mom and have little (or big) kiddos running around.

Take it from me- I'm a mama of 5 with my kids ranging from 2-13. Needless to say, sometimes (ok most times) it's hard to have time to record. Did I mention that I work full-time?

Inside this episode, I tell you exactly how I personally make that happen and give you some tactical and real advice on how you can make it happen, too!

Ready to finally launch your podcast?! Book a free podcast discovery call and let's talk about it!

Connect with Pamela:

Jan 30, 2023
6. How to Know When It’s the Right Time to Start Your Podcast for Your Online Business

Hey mama, welcome back!! Today's episode is special because I'm diving into a question I recently received inside my Facebook group community. I'm answering the burning question: How do I know when it's the right time to start a podcast?!

Some of the questions I answer are:

  • When is the right time to start my podcast?
  • What happens if you don't have a large audience?
  • What do you REALLY need to start your podcast when it comes to having it complement your online business?
  • What kind of consistency does it really take when it comes to publishing a podcast episode, and how frequently should I release an episode?

I also cover something you may have already encountered in your business that is a telltale sign you should start your podcast!

Connect with Pamela:

Jan 23, 2023
5. 5 Steps to Get Over the Fear and Mindset Blocks That May Be Holding You Back From Starting Your Podcast

Welcome back, friend! Today we're diving into some fears and mindset blocks you may have about starting your podcast. It may be easy to say "I'm starting a podcast!" but there's so much more that goes into it - and it can easily get overwhelming!

Well, that's why I'm here- to make that process as easy as possible for you and this episode is no different. We're talking about how you can let go of some of those fears and mindset blocks holding you back from starting.

Ready to talk out all of those fears and mindset blocks with me and get your podcast started? Book a FREE discovery call with me to see how we can work together!

Connect with Pamela:

Jan 16, 2023
4. Seven Actionable Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Podcast Name for Your Future Podcast

Welcome back, my friend! Today's episode is all about choosing the perfect podcast name for your podcast. Let's face it, naming a podcast is HARD. Truly hard. It's gotta be perfect, not taken, and it has to align well with your audience for starters.

In this episode, I'm hashing out all the details and telling you exactly how you can come up with the perfect podcast name.

Do you want help naming your podcast? Let's hop on a one-hour strategy call and get all your burning questions answered!

Connect with Pamela:

Jan 09, 2023
3. What Equipment and Software Do You Need to Start a Podcast? Here Are My Top 4 Must Haves Before You Start!

The number one question that I get inside the Moms Who Podcast Facebook group community is what equipment and software do I need to start a podcast?

Don't worry mama I hear you loud and clear and your burning questions are being answered in this episode! We'll dive into exactly what I use to start my podcast and record my podcast episodes.

  • Want a list of the things mentioned in this episode? With pictures and links to each of these items?!
  • BONUS: A private YouTube video of me going through my list for my visual learners!


Connect with Pamela:

Jan 02, 2023
2. Ten Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast to Complement Your Online Business

Hi my friend, today we're diving deep into ten reasons why you should start a podcast to compliment your online business!

Have you thought of starting a podcast but you're just not sure why you would ever do such a thing?! Oh mama, you're going to be so fired up after this episode!

In this episode, we'll learn about ten reasons why you may want to start a podcast for your online business. I promise this episode will surprise you!

I give some hardcore statistics, and I'm not even a statistics person but these were too powerful not to share! I also share how I make my two podcasts work with 5 kids, client work, & working full time. Oh, & being a wife. It's possible my friend. Let's dig in!

Connect with Pamela:

Jan 02, 2023
1. How This Mom Started Podcasting! How I Quit My Web Design Business to Become a Podcast Educator

In this very first episode, I'm sharing all about my journey of becoming a mom who podcasts!

I share all about how I pivoted away from web design and how I became a podcast educator, what led me to start this podcast, how I decided to niche down into podcast management, and also what to expect from this podcast!

Main highlights of this episode:

  • Meet Pamela, the founder & host of Moms Who Podcast
  • How I became a web designer
  • How I chose the podcasting space and left behind web design
  • What this podcast is all about & exactly who it's for

Connect with Pamela:

Jan 02, 2023
Welcome to the Moms Who Podcast Show!

Hey mama, are you wanting to start or grow your podcast? Are you a busy mom running an online business and you enjoy small, actionable bite-sized tips?  Well, friend, you’re in the right place.

Imagine with me for a second, the blueprint to get to the next step in your business so you can spend more time with your family and book more clients. The what, the why, the when, the how, and everything in between. You'll get that in so much more because I'm on a mission to help you grow your online business through the power of podcasting.

Each week we'll dive into topics to help you feel more confident behind the mic and the tips, tricks, and tools that you need to grow your online business. 

By tuning into this podcast, you'll feel encouraged, inspired, refreshed, and have clarity on the next steps when it comes to your business and your podcast. This is Mom Who Podcast and I'm your host, Pamela Krista. I'm a blogger and web designer turned podcast manager and strategist, but I'm also with Jesus Lover, a wife, and a mama to five. So, friend, I know your time is valuable. I promise you'll only get the good stuff here. I'm so happy that you've tuned in. Let's do this.

Come join us over at the Moms Who Podcast Facebook Community!

I absolutely love hearing from you, let's connect:

Instagram - @pamelakrista - I'm always in my DMs!

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Dec 26, 2022