Next Step Vet: How to Create a Meaningful Career

By Steve Oehley

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Category: Careers

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Are you lost as to what to do next in your veterinary career? You’ve been a vet for a number of years and have reached a stage in your career where you know you’re not satisfied and you need change. But you feel financially trapped, and you're probably unaware of other career options, especially close to where you live. Where on earth do you even start? I'm here to help. My name is Steve Oehley and I'm someone just like you. I'm a veterinarian who struggled in my own career. Changing jobs multiple times, but no matter where I went I found myself unhappy. I noticed something - so many vets are unhappy in their career. How do you find meaningful work while still paying the bills? I signed up to life coaching, got career advice, and now have found a healthy balance between clinical vet work, podcasting and career coaching. I've designed a career that works for me. And now I'm going to help you do the same. I discuss my own experiences with career dissatisfaction and burnout as a veterinarian, and offers guidance and strategies for finding more fulfilling work within the field. This podcast aims to provide a realistic and achievable framework for veterinarians to take the next steps in their careers and to design a career that works for them. Based on principles of life coaching, the best career advisors in the world, and vets that have already taken the leap. This is Next Step Vet. Join us on our journey to a more enjoyable life.

Episode Date
20. There's No Options Near Where I Live - Or So You Think...
May 21, 2024
19. "I'm Stuck Being a Clinical Vet..." Why There's More Options Than You Think...
Apr 23, 2024
18. Why You're Not in Control of Your Vet Career + How to Regain Control
Mar 26, 2024
17. Lacking Boundaries in Your Vet Career? Here's the Underlying Cause (w/ Dr Marie Holowaychuk)
Feb 27, 2024
16. Why Your New Years Resolutions Won't Improve Your Vet Career
Jan 30, 2024
15. How to Achieve Work-Life Balance, with Nigel Marsh (TED speaker & author)
Dec 19, 2023
14. The ONE Thing You Need to Do to Find a Veterinary Career of Your Dreams
Nov 21, 2023
13. How to Avoid Letting Finance Hold You Back in Your Veterinary Career. (with Meredith Jones)
Oct 17, 2023
12. An Easy Way to Avoid Living a Life of Regret
Sep 19, 2023
11. FIVE Seconds to Taking Action in Your Career
Aug 22, 2023
10. POD DROP: Why Progress is Not Perfection (The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast)
Jul 04, 2023
9. THREE Easy Ways to Improve Your Confidence at Work w/ Julie Cappel
Jun 06, 2023
8. How to Find Work Better Suited to Your Strengths
May 02, 2023
7. ONE Simple Step to Figure Out Your Career Strengths. (with Jim Collison & Saurav Atri)
Apr 11, 2023
6. ONE Daily Task to Help You Design Your Dream Career (RECAP)
Mar 28, 2023
5. How to Reframe Your Approach to Your Career
Mar 14, 2023
4. How to Change Careers Without Losing My Identity as a Veterinarian? (with Naomi Mellor)
Feb 28, 2023
3. How to Increase Your Happiness at Work
Feb 14, 2023
2. Why Self Awareness Matters and How to Increase Yours.
Jan 31, 2023
1. Am I the Only Vet Stuck in My Veterinary Career?
Jan 17, 2023
Stuck in Your Veterinary Career? (Trailer)
Jan 10, 2023