The Baby Tribe

By Katie Mugan & Afif EL-Khuffash

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Category: Parenting

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Sinead M
 Apr 4, 2024
This is a new find with baby no.2 and I'm really finding it a great listen, some.amazing advice, great guests, love the science based approach and best thing I've found is that it seems really inclusive for lots of parenting styles, no judgement from them! and super calming voices!


The Baby Tribe podcast is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the latest information and expert advice on baby health and nutrition. From prenatal care to feeding and nutrition, this podcast will cover all the important topics to ensure your little one gets off to the best start in life. Hosted by Katie Mugan, a paediatric nurse and lactation consultant, and Afif EL-Khuffash, a neonatologist, paediatrician and lactation consultant. Katie from, and Afif who works in the Rotunda Hospital have over 40 years of newborn care experience between them. They're not bad podcasters either! We will share our knowledge and insights on everything from breastfeeding and formula feeding, to introducing solid foods, and dealing with common health concerns. We will have regular guests on this podcast to share their expertise and experiences on various topics of interest. We'll also hear from real parents sharing their personal experiences and tips for raising healthy and happy babies.Whether you're expecting your first child or have a little one already, this podcast is for you. Tune in each week for valuable information and practical advice to help your baby grow strong and healthy. Please be sure to subscribe to our podcast, and follow us on Instagram! Thanks for joining us, and let's get started on this exciting journey together!

Episode Date
S3E7: Parenting Insights into Child Emotions and Autism with Dr Rebecca Quin
Apr 15, 2024
S3E6: Sweet Solutions: Navigating Childhood Sugar Intake & Growth and Advancements in Paediatric Diabetes Care with Dr Ciara McDonnell
Apr 08, 2024
S3E5: Empowering Young Athletes and Navigating Parenthood: Insights with Sports Icon Anna Geary
Apr 01, 2024
S3E4: Parenting Amidst Pixels and Touchscreens & Childhood Cancers and Global Health with Dr Trish Scanlan
Mar 26, 2024
S3E3: Raising the Next Generation with Love, Art, and Ambition with Audrey Hamilton
Mar 19, 2024
S3E2: Global Insights on Nurturing the Next Generation
Mar 12, 2024
S3E1: The Formula vs Breastfeeding Debate, the Microbiome and a Conversation with Eurovision Legend Niamh Kavanagh
Mar 05, 2024
S3E0: Baby Tribe Season 3 Trailer
Mar 01, 2024
S2E16: Balancing Parenthood and Profession in Obstetric Anaesthesiology: An Insightful Journey with Anaesthesiologist Anne Doherty
Dec 05, 2023
S2E15: Teething, Blending Faiths During Christmas & A Discussion with Dr Emma Bagnall: a Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Coach
Nov 28, 2023
S2E14: Antibiotic Misconceptions & a Conversation with Siobhan O'Hagan on Fitness and Postnatal Recovery
Nov 21, 2023
S2E13: Car Seat Safety for Babies and an Interview with Minister for Justice Helen McEntee
Nov 14, 2023
S2E12: Baby Flathead & Balancing Baby, Brain, and Career: Insights from a Paediatric Neurologist Dr Niamh Lynch
Nov 07, 2023
S2E11: Navigating Gestational Diabetes and the World of Obstetrics: A Discussion with Professor Fergal Malone
Oct 31, 2023
S2E10: Exploring Paediatric Food Allergies and Early Introduction of Solids: A Conversation with Allergy Specialist, Professor Jonathan Hourihane
Oct 23, 2023
S2E9: Unmasking SIDS and Safe Sleep Practices & a Conversation with Paula MacSweeney on Motherhood, Career and Fighting for your Rights
Oct 16, 2023
S2E8: Examining the Debate Around Baby Monitors & Melanie Murphy Discusses YouTube Success, and her Contrasting Birthing Experiences
Oct 09, 2023
S2E7: Understanding Childhood Fever and a conversation with Dr Doireann O'Leary: Insights on Grandparent Involvement, Maternity Leave & Social Media Presence
Oct 02, 2023
S2E6: Navigating the Challenges of Late Preterm Babies & an Insightful Conversation with Sabrina Hill on Hyperemesis
Sep 25, 2023
S2E5: Understanding Our Gut Microbiome and a Conversation with Joanne Larby on Career, Motherhood, and the Power of Language in Healthcare
Sep 18, 2023
S2E4: Vaccinations, RSV & The Art of Balancing New Parenthood: Insights from a Doctor-Poet Mom, Maria Tempany
Sep 11, 2023
S2E3: Baby Development Checks, Toddler Milestones, and we Discuss New Motherhood with Denise Kenny Byrne
Sep 04, 2023
S2E2: Baby Development During COVID and Kelly Horrigan Talks about Postpartum Recovery and Her Modeling Career
Aug 28, 2023
S2E1: Breastfeeding Research | Formula Advertising | and Ailbhe Garrihy Talks all about Parenting and Work
Aug 21, 2023
S1E16: An Interview with Ann Costigan: Toilet Training and Constipation in Babies and Young Children
Jun 12, 2023
S1E15: Weaning your baby off breastmilk - A practical guide
Jun 05, 2023
S1E14: Starting your baby on Solid foods: Your Complete Guide!
May 29, 2023
S1E13: Untangling Tongue Tie in Babies!
May 22, 2023
S1E12: An Interview with Laura Dowling: Medication and Breastfeeding
May 15, 2023
S1E11: All about your baby's skin - Rashes, Skin Care and More
May 08, 2023
S1E10: Why is my Baby yellow? - A chat about Baby Jaundice
May 01, 2023
S1E9: Sore Breasts and Nipple Trauma: What to do, What to avoid and tips to help!
Apr 26, 2023
S1E8: Interview with Dietician Orla Walsh - Your Antenatal, Postnatal and Your Baby's Nutrition
Apr 17, 2023
S1E7: The Fussy Baby (Part 3 of 3): Cow Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)
Apr 10, 2023
S1E6: The Fussy Baby (Part 2 of 3): Baby Reflux
Apr 03, 2023
S1E5: The Fussy Baby (Part 1 of 3): Baby Colic
Mar 27, 2023
S1E4: Guest Episode: Lyndsey Hookway - All About Baby Sleep!
Mar 21, 2023
S1E3: Navigating the World of Formula Milk
Mar 14, 2023
S1E2: Baby Behaviour: What to Expect In the First Few Weeks
Mar 07, 2023
S1E1: Planning For Your New Arrival
Feb 28, 2023
The Baby Tribe Trailer
Feb 07, 2023