The Wellbeing Rebellion

By Ngozi Weller & Obehi Alofoje

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Category: Management

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Welcome to The Wellbeing Rebellion, an award-winning podcast! We are Ngozi Weller, a corporate wellbeing and productivity consultant, and Obehi Alofoje, a psychologist and behavioural change specialist. We are the founders of Aurora, a corporate culture consultancy that specialises in creating psychologically safe workplaces that enable employees to thrive, and for us, wellbeing is personal. The problem with employee wellbeing support, in most workplaces, is that it puts the responsibility on the person struggling to seek help. And when you are unwell, that is just too big a burden to bear. It's not enough to say that your door is always open. We need to get better at supporting our employees, and that is precisely what this podcast is about. The rebellion is here, and it is long overdue. So this podcast is specifically for the HR or business leader who wants to make a difference to their employees. And the bottom line is we want to create psychologically safe workplaces where employees are empowered to bring their whole selves to work. We want to create a culture that is inclusive, supportive, and encourages everyone from the shop floor to the boardroom to play their part. On the wellbeing rebellion podcast, we'll give you weekly up-to-date insights, strategies and tips that cover leadership capability, executive burnout, mental health, equity, diversity and inclusion and employee challenges such as retention, productivity and emotional resilience. Sometimes, it'll be just us. Other times we'll interview industry leaders and experts. Don't hesitate - listen and follow wherever you get your podcasts, because The Wellbeing Rebellion starts now!

Episode Date
Dr Ram Raghavan - Quantifying Happiness: How to Convince the Sceptics That Investing in Wellbeing WELL is Worth it!
May 22, 2024
Inclusive Leadership - Fostering Belonging in the Workplace
May 15, 2024
The Trouble With Employee Resource Groups
May 08, 2024
Myth-busting Perimenopause, Creating a Sustainable Path to Women's Health
May 01, 2024
Julie Dennis - How Employers Are Getting Their Employee Relationships All In a Twist
Apr 24, 2024
Addressing Issues at the Narrow Neck of the Funnel: A Critical Discussion on Racial Mobility
Apr 17, 2024
Supporting Your Employees With Their Mental Wellbeing Through A Recession
Apr 10, 2024
Michael Dickerson - UK vs USA, How Wellbeing Attitudes Differ Across The Pond
Apr 03, 2024
Rebel Recap: Women's Wellbeing Mash-Up 2024
Mar 27, 2024
Amanda Bennett - Spotlight On Disability, The Forgotten D In DEIB
Mar 20, 2024
Elizabeth Cameron - What’s Race Got To Do With It- The Impact Of Race On Workplace Mental Health
Mar 13, 2024
Lisa Wright–Navigating The Change: The Impact Of Menopause On Senior Female Leaders
Mar 07, 2024
How To Engage Your Workforce: Turning Wellbeing Intention Into Action with Jon Davies
Feb 29, 2024
How Effective Is Your Company's Wellbeing Strategy?
Feb 22, 2024
Claire Wilkinson - Wellbeing at Work Spotlight on AECOM: Why DEIB and Wellbeing Should be Integrated, Not Segregated
Feb 15, 2024
Do We Still Care About Workplace Wellbeing?
Feb 08, 2024
Exploring The Intersection Between Wellbeing And Neurodiversity with Sean Gilroy
Feb 01, 2024
Types Of Employee Complaints And How To Handle Them
Jan 25, 2024
Fostering Wellbeing Through Diversity and Inclusion with Monica Stancu
Jan 18, 2024
How To Build An Effective Business Case For Wellbeing Investment
Jan 11, 2024
The Future of Wellbeing in the Workplace with Chris Cummings
Jan 04, 2024
Merry Christmas, Rebels!
Dec 27, 2023
Personal Reflections A look Back On 2023
Dec 21, 2023
Creating A Culture Of Care In 2024 with Claire Harrison
Dec 14, 2023
2023 Workplace Wellbeing In Review – Were Our Predictions Right?
Dec 07, 2023
Rebel Recap: Men's Mental Health Mash-Up 2023
Nov 30, 2023
Is Leadership Burnout A Lasting Pandemic Legacy with John Hobson
Nov 23, 2023
Making Workplace Wellbeing Work: The Legal Perspective with Nigel Crebbin
Nov 15, 2023
Mental Fitness & Wellbeing - Is It All in My Mind? with Philip Dyer
Nov 08, 2023
Movember - Men's Health Month With Jon Weller
Nov 01, 2023
Follow the Data - Measuring the effectiveness of your workplace wellbeing strategy
Oct 26, 2023
Breaking Through the 1% with Segun Osuntokun
Oct 18, 2023
Reimagining the Role of Middle Managers
Oct 11, 2023
Breaking The Brown Glass Ceiling With Tehseen Ali
Oct 05, 2023
Is Your Company Wellbeing Washing?
Sep 27, 2023
Executive Leadership with Catherine Osiagbovo
Sep 21, 2023
We Need To Talk About Leadership Burnout
Sep 14, 2023
How Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging Prepares Your Organisation for the Future With Jacqui Gavin
Sep 06, 2023
Why Mental Health Workshops Don’t Work
Aug 31, 2023
Increasing Minority Representation at Senior Levels with Jenny Garrett OBE
Aug 23, 2023
How To Build High Performing Teams That Can Thrive In The Face Of New Challenges
Aug 17, 2023
Managing Executive Burnout With Erin Hallett
Aug 09, 2023
How To Reduce ‘Productivity Paranoia’ At Work
Aug 03, 2023
Supporting Your ‘Wellbeing Superheros’ With Frances Darlington-Pollock
Jul 27, 2023
Rethinking Resilience: The Role Of Culture In Withstanding Stress In The Workplace
Jul 20, 2023
Why Wellbeing Matters With Sam Booth, Pro-Manchester
Jul 13, 2023
Managing Employee Workload Stress
Jul 05, 2023
Racial Discrimination and Black Mental Health with Jimi Okubanjo
Jun 29, 2023
Why Broken Trust is Bad for Business
Jun 21, 2023
Making Workplace Wellbeing Work - The Legal Perspective
Jun 15, 2023
How to Foster Psychological Safety at Work
Jun 07, 2023
Suicide: Beyond The Statistic With Kristy Collins
Jun 01, 2023
Why Mental Health Awareness Week Won't Improve Our Mental Health
May 25, 2023
Global Wellbeing Trends - with Mark Rix
May 18, 2023
Black Mental Health - Breaking The Stigma Surrounding the Strong Black Stereotype
May 11, 2023
Create A Culture Of Wellbeing, Even In Small Businesses - Nick Shepherd
May 04, 2023
The Rise of the New Leader - Your Secret Weapon in the War Against Burnout
Apr 26, 2023
Ruth Kudzi Interview: Developing A Coaching Mindset In Leadership
Apr 20, 2023
How To Find The Right Mental Health Suppliers
Apr 13, 2023
Creating a Culture of Wellbeing - an Interview with Phil Jones MBE (CEO Brother UK)
Apr 06, 2023
Should Workplace MHFA Be Mandated Legally? Arguing For And Against
Mar 30, 2023
Disability Inclusion with Kate Headley
Mar 22, 2023
Creating Long Term Wellbeing in your Organisation
Mar 16, 2023
Understanding Your Place in the Boardroom to get Buy In from The C Suite
Mar 13, 2023
Why Culture Counts in The Wellbeing Rebellion
Mar 10, 2023
How Workplace Wellbeing Can Be Your Secret Weapon
Mar 09, 2023
Wellbeing Trends for 2023
Mar 08, 2023
Why Workplace Wellbeing is Non-Negotiable
Mar 08, 2023
Welcome to The Wellbeing Rebellion
Mar 02, 2023