The Frankston Murders

By Casefile Presents

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Category: True Crime

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 Apr 22, 2023

 Apr 1, 2023


In June 1993, Elizabeth Stevens, 18, was murdered on her way home from the bus stop. Her death began a seven-week reign of terror for the people of Frankston. A serial killer was on the loose. No one was safe, not young mother, Debbie Fream, 22, taken on a trip to the shops, nor Natalie Russell, 17, murdered on her way home from school. The serial killer, Paul Denyer was captured and sentenced to life in prison. On appeal, he was granted a 30-year minimum sentence. Fast forward 30 years and Denyer has applied for parole. Award winning crime writer Vikki Petraitis was on patrol with police the night the final  murder took place. She wrote the bestselling book, The Frankston Murders which has never been out of print. Vikki has revisited the case in a longform podcast to remind the world why Denyer must never be released. The Frankston Murders Podcast uncovers new material and new victims stalked by Denyer in the lead-up to the killings. Vikki interviews prison guards, police officers, family members, and people caught in the periphery of a serial killer. Credits: Created by Vikki Petraitis Research and writing by Vikki Petraitis Audio production and scoring by Mike Migas ( Audio production by Anthony Telfer Archive production by Catherine Seccombe/Arcdive ( Archival audio supplied by The Footage Company / Nine Network Australia

Episode Date
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Mar 29, 2023
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Mar 29, 2023
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Mar 29, 2023
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7: Episode 7: The net closes in
Mar 29, 2023
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Mar 29, 2023
5: Episode 5: The investigation
Mar 29, 2023
4: Episode 4: A young mother vanishes
Mar 29, 2023
3: Episode 3: Attempted abduction
Mar 29, 2023
2: Episode 2: Stalking turns to murder
Mar 29, 2023
1: Episode 1: In the lead up
Mar 29, 2023