By Rochelle Fox | Mindset, Meditation & Manifestation Teacher

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Category: Spirituality

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Introducing The Mindspo Podcast - the podcast for curious minds and ambitious humans who want to dream big and live slow. Tune in for a twice-weekly dose of conversations that inspire the mind, ignite action and elevate your energy.  The Mindspo podcast is here to guide you in living a life of magnetic alignment that feels good to you, so you can reach your highest potential and achieve those BIG dreams without burning out in the process.  Hosted by Meditation Teacher, Serial Entrepreneur, and App founder Rochelle Fox, the Mindspo podcast features solo episodes and expert guest interviews with conversations on personal growth, spirituality, wellness, manifestation, mental health, success and entrepreneurship. As a Host, Rochelle provides insightful, relatable and actionable insights into how to elevate your life and create your dream reality with clarity combining science & grounded spirituality.  If you’re looking for a podcast that doesn't gatekeep and a thriving online community of seekers with open minds and even more open hearts, then hit that FOLLOW button, listen in and connect to become part of our ever-growing Soul Fam. Start your week with Manifestation Mondays with Fox and tune in every Thursday to get inside the mind of one of our expert guests or have an uncut conversation with our co-founders Chris Soll & Fox.   Keep the conversation going and connect with us via the Soul Fam group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/500163608944346 Connect with Mindspo on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindspo/ Tik tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mindspo

Episode Date
72. The Secret's Out - Announcing My Epic 2023 Manifestation!
Jan 17, 2024
71. 4 Mindset Shifts to 10x Your Life in 2024
Jan 11, 2024
70. Visualisation Isn't Magic, It's Neuroscience - A Deep Dive into the Evidence
Dec 13, 2023
69. How You Can Use Visualisation to Attract Success - A Lesson from Top Athletes
Dec 08, 2023
68. Is It a Breakdown or Breakthrough? How to Let Yourself Feel Your Emotions and Let Go
Dec 03, 2023
67. Clearing Financial Trauma, Ego Deaths, and How to Actually Manifest Your Dreams in 2024 with Megan Rose Lane
Nov 22, 2023
66. Navigating Complicated Family Dynamics During the Holidays: Your Go-To Guide
Nov 19, 2023
65. Did We Make the Right Decision? Life Update with the Solls
Nov 15, 2023
64. 3 Easy Ways to Get Into Vibrational Alignment
Nov 12, 2023
63. Quantum Leap into Your Future Self with the 11/11 Portal: A Step-by-Step Guide
Nov 10, 2023
62. A Lazy Girl's Guide to Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind for Self-Love
Nov 05, 2023
61. How to Overcome the Fear of Being Misunderstood & Break Free from Others' Opinions
Nov 01, 2023
60. Cultivating Calm in Uncertain Times: A Guided Meditation
Oct 29, 2023
59. How to Raise Your Standards and Upgrade Your Life
Oct 25, 2023
58. Finding Inner Peace and Calm - A Guided Meditation
Oct 22, 2023
57. How To Be More Productive: 8 Science-Backed Techniques
Oct 18, 2023
56. Light Bath: Guided Meditation to Reconnect with Your Inner Love and Light
Oct 15, 2023
55. 6 Science-Backed Techniques for Building Habits That Create Lasting Change
Oct 11, 2023
54. Manifestation Deep Dive: 8 Lessons from Neville Goddard
Oct 08, 2023
53. Challenging Societal Expectations: Sophie Milner on Authenticity, Female Solo Travel, and Making Friends as an Adult
Oct 04, 2023
52. Expansion VS Contraction: How to Feel Into Energy and Use Your Intuition to Navigate Life
Oct 01, 2023
51. Cracking the Code of Lucky Girl Syndrome: How to Cultivate Your Own Luck / Interview with Lucky Boy Chris Soll
Sep 27, 2023
50. Inner Child Healing Meditation: Reconnect with Your Past to Help Navigate Your Present - with Manifestie App
Sep 24, 2023
49. Leaving Bali, Business Growth & Navigating Compromise in a 12-Year Relationship
Sep 20, 2023
48. Start with a Clean Slate & Embody the Energy of New Beginnings - Manifestie App Guided Meditation
Sep 17, 2023
47. 12 Lessons from 12 Months of Being Sober
Sep 13, 2023
46. How to Stop Overcomplicating Your Life: Manifestation Advice for Perfectionists
Sep 10, 2023
45. Love Languages, Worst Job Moments, Career Advice & Morning Routines - Speed Dating with the Solls
Sep 06, 2023
44. Navigating a Manifestation Funk with Wisdom by Abraham Hicks
Sep 03, 2023
43. 365 Days Without Alcohol: Deep Dive into Sober Living with Rochelle Fox
Aug 30, 2023
42. How to Use Manifestation to Heal Your Relationships by Working on This Limiting Belief
Aug 27, 2023
41. Conscious Entrepreneurship: Balancing Work and Life, How to Identify Your Target Audience & The Power of Outsourcing
Aug 23, 2023
40. The Fine Line Between Gratitude and Appreciation & How This Nuance Helps You Raise Your Vibration
Aug 20, 2023
39. How to Stop Caring What Others Think & Break Free From People-Pleasing - Deep Dive with the Solls
Aug 16, 2023
38. Meditate to Manifest - 5 Meditation Techniques to Help You Calm Your Mind & Create Your Dream Reality
Aug 13, 2023
37. Conscious Entrepreneurship: How to Find Purpose & Fulfilment, and Why You Should Be Failing Faster
Aug 09, 2023
36. How to Use Ageing to Manifest: Start Manifesting in Decades and Break Through Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back from Living Your Bucket List Life
Aug 06, 2023
35. Listen to This if You Have a Fear of Ageing
Aug 02, 2023
34. How to Manifest Soul-Aligned Friendships: 8 Steps to Attracting Your New BFF
Jul 30, 2023
33. My Big Dreams Slow Living Era, Real Talk on Sober Life, Personal Growth & Business - Inside the Mind of Fox
Jul 26, 2023
32. How to Navigate Friendships When You Change and They Don't - Embracing Growth and Forming Soul Connections
Jul 23, 2023
31. From Pro Surfer to Mental Health Advocate: Cooper Chapman on Redefining Self-Worth, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and Navigating Social Pressures
Jul 19, 2023
30. The One Belief That Can Help You Break Free from Conventional Conditioning and Unlock Limitless Potential
Jul 16, 2023
29. Alex Hayes on Finding Flow, the Power of Meditation, and How to Live Daily
Jul 12, 2023
28. Three Key Lessons from a Manifestation Success Story
Jul 09, 2023
27. How We Healed an Anxious Attachment Style and Created More Security and Space in Our 12-Year Relationship: Deep Dive with the Solls
Jul 05, 2023
26. The Lack Trap That Could Be Holding You Back
Jul 02, 2023
25. How to Realistically Romanticise Your Everyday Life and Step into Being the Main Character
Jun 28, 2023
24. How to Prepare for the Shadow Side of Your Manifestations: Navigating Tests from the Universe
Jun 25, 2023
23. Transitioning from 20s to 30s: Ashton Wood on Quitting the 9-5, Relocating Abroad, and Taking Risks
Jun 21, 2023
22. Mid-Year Manifestation Check-In with Fox: 7 Action Steps to Get You Unstuck, Aligned, and Focused Like Never Before
Jun 18, 2023
21. Embracing Vulnerability: Navigating Our Personal Struggles, Discovering Strength - Deep Dive with the Solls
Jun 14, 2023
20. How to Feel Better Fast - The Silver Lining Manifestation Technique with Fox and Soll
Jun 11, 2023
19. Healing the Sisterhood Wound with Megan Rose Lane & Rochelle Fox - An Empress Retreat Exclusive
Jun 07, 2023
18. How to Stop Outsourcing Your Power and Take Action on Your Dreams - Manifesting Pep Talk with Fox
Jun 04, 2023
17. Entering the Soft Girl Era: Megan Rose Lane's Story of Transcending Pain, Embodying Purpose, and Unleashing Inner Power
May 31, 2023
16. The 'One Thing' Manifestation Technique and How to Use It to Shift Your Reality
May 28, 2023
15. The First Step to Strong Boundaries - Redefining Decision-Making for Creating a Life of Freedom
May 24, 2023
14. The Power of Joy and How to Find JOY in the Journey - Manifesting Through Your Childlike Essence with Fox and Soll
May 21, 2023
13. What Happens When You Go Sober: My 8-Month Alcohol-Free Journey Reflecting on Mental Health, Spirituality, Productivity, Relationships, and More
May 17, 2023
12. Eight Things That Are Blocking Your Abundance and How to Stop Them: Practical Manifestation Hacks with Fox & Soll
May 14, 2023
11. How One Week Can Transform Your Life: The Magical World of Retreats
May 10, 2023
10. How to Stop Pushing Away Your Manifestations: Close the Gap Between You and Your Dream Life - with Fox & Soll
May 07, 2023
9. Can't Sleep Through the Night? Uncover the Secrets to Sleeping for Success with Olivia Arezzolo
May 03, 2023
8. How to Match Your Frequency and Attract Your Dream Life - Manifestation Truth Bombs and Personal Wake Up Calls with Fox & Soll
Apr 30, 2023
7. 10 Things That Transformed Our Lives: Wellness, Mindset & Life Hacks - A Deep Dive with Fox & Soll
Apr 26, 2023
6. How to live a BIG life. Moving through fear, reframing failure and manifesting your dreams with Fox & Soll
Apr 23, 2023
5. Astrology 101 with Sarah from She Sees The Stars: Understanding Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, When to Manifest with the Moon & Your Souls Blueprint
Apr 19, 2023
4. Five Manifestation Blocks that hold you back & the action steps to move through them
Apr 16, 2023
3. Walking Meditation + Pep talk for Main Character Energy: Manifest Your Future Self Now - With Manifestie App
Apr 10, 2023
2. Manifestation 101: How to Manifest your dream life in 8 Steps with Rochelle Fox
Apr 10, 2023
1. From Pain to Purpose: How Meditation Changed EVERYTHING - The Story of Mindspo with Rochelle Fox & Chris Soll
Apr 10, 2023
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Apr 02, 2023