Impostrix Podcast

By Whitney Knox Lee

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Category: Careers

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Impostrix Podcast validates (smart, talented AF, and often over-qualified) professionals of color who navigate imposter syndrome and racial toxicity in their careers. Through personal anecdotes, historical facts, and scientific data, Civil Rights Attorney and Racial Equity Consultant Whitney Knox Lee and special guests explore how race and racism impact their careers, their personal lives, and their joy. Fear not, this show is about pushing through anyway! So here, we share accessible language, tools, tips, and “fake it till you make it” tricks to inspire you to protect your energy, embrace your power, and honor your worth.

Here, you will learn ways to overcome and leverage imposter syndrome,  you will be better able to identify when and why your work culture is working against you, and you will hear personal examples of when guests have succeeded (and failed) at implementing countermeasures. And, we will talk self-advocacy and conflict resolution to prepare you to confidently address racial toxicity when it arises. 

Find support, resist gaslighting, own your space, and prepare to lead. 

Be Validated.

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Episode Date
From Prison to Promotions: A Story of Intention, Ambition, and Self-Acceptance
Apr 17, 2024
S2E10. Building a Career After Incarceration with Waleisah Wilson
Apr 10, 2024
S2E9. Prioritizing Women Impacted by Incarceration with Gabrielle Perry, MPH
Apr 03, 2024
S2E8. Bodybuilding, The Black Tax, and Generational Differences at Work
Mar 27, 2024
S2E7. Unpacking the "Angry Black Woman" Narrative and Self-Preservation
Mar 20, 2024
S2E6. Strong Black Woman
Mar 13, 2024
S2E5. Black Women Don't Owe You Likeability... And Other Reflections on Misogynoir
Mar 06, 2024
S2E4. The Labor Movement, Black Labor, and the Call to Organize Beyond Boundaries
Feb 28, 2024
S2E3. History: How Caribbean People have Influenced Black American Culture
Feb 21, 2024
S2E2. Black Spaces
Feb 14, 2024
S2E1. Unlearning: A Pathway to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Feb 07, 2024
Season 2 Trailer
Feb 06, 2024
Colorism, Imposter Syndrome, Culture and Success with Karla Garcia (Re-Release)
Jan 17, 2024
Gatekeeping in Higher Ed, Why Black Women Professors Are Leaving Academia with Dr. Katie Acosta [Re-Release]
Jan 10, 2024
New Year, Same Me, Big Plans
Jan 03, 2024
Tea with Tanya Podcast: Learning How to Navigate Imposter Syndrome (CROSSOVER)
Dec 20, 2023
BEST OF: How Our Brains Adapt to Race Based Trauma
Dec 13, 2023
Thank You!
Nov 29, 2023
E19. White Dominant Culture in Every Seat: Navigating Complicity and Liberation
Nov 29, 2023
E18. Pushing Through Limiting Beliefs and Preparing to Receive the Career You Desire
Nov 22, 2023
E17. Answering the Call, Why Not You?
Nov 15, 2023
E16. Wealth Building in Black Communities: A Real Talk on Budgeting, Saving, and Financial Independence
Nov 08, 2023
E15. Is Your Job Still Right For You? Reflecting on Perspective and Mental Wellbeing with Dr. Ruth White
Nov 01, 2023
E14. The Impact of Ancestral Trauma on Career, Somatic Body Work, and Intergenerational Healing w/ Angela
Oct 25, 2023
E13. Exploring the Value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices in Trauma-Informed Advocacy with Lorilei W.
Oct 18, 2023
E12. Compassion as a Path to Liberation with Iyabo Opinede
Oct 04, 2023
E11. Gatekeeping in Higher Ed, Why Black Women Professors Are Leaving Academia with Dr. Katie Acosta
Sep 27, 2023
E10. How Our Brains Adapt to Race Based Trauma with Dr. Negar Fani
Sep 20, 2023
E9. Navigating Toxic Workspaces and Embracing Your Blackness As Your Superpower with Dr. Kanika
Sep 13, 2023
E8. How to Identify Racial Toxicity in Career
Sep 06, 2023
E7. Reframing our Perspective on Imposter Syndrome Narratives Black Women and the Technology Industry
Aug 30, 2023
E6. Dr. Google, Anxiety, and Sustainable Self-Care
Aug 23, 2023
E5. How Culture and Identity Inform Our Image of Success with Karla Garcia, Pt. 2
Aug 16, 2023
E4. Imposter Syndrome, Colorism, and Bringing Your Cultural Values to Work
Aug 08, 2023
E3. What is Imposter Syndrome Anyway?! Learning How to Identify Imposter Experiences As We Navigate the Workplace
Aug 01, 2023
E2. The Intersectionality of Imposter Syndrome and Race with my Sista Circle Pt. 2
Jul 25, 2023
E1. The Intersectionality of Imposter Syndrome and Race with my Sista Circle, Pt. 1
Jul 25, 2023
E0. Come Here to Be Validated, A Podcast Where You Can Learn to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Racial Toxicity at Work
Jul 20, 2023
Welcome to Impostrix Podcast! Launching July 2023
Apr 29, 2023