Homeschool Our Way with Elan Page - How to Start Homeschool, Moms of Color, Black Homeschool Families

By Elan Page | Homeschool Guide for Families of Color

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Category: Education for Kids

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Homeschool Our Way is the go-to podcast for moms of color who are interested in homeschool, but need help getting started. *************** Is your child’s school just NOT providing the kind of educational experience you envisioned for them? Are they not challenged enough, or are they possibly struggling to keep up? Would you like to see more representation of Black and brown faces in your child’s classroom? Are you ready to start doing school YOUR way, but you have no idea where to start? Don’t worry - you’re in the right place! I’m Elan Page, and I’m so excited you’ve found the Homeschool Our Way podcast. I’ve made it my mission to help moms of color get started with their homeschool journey with clarity and confidence, and I want YOU to become another success story! Just a few years ago, I was exactly where you are now: I realized that no one was going to care more about the success of my children than I would. So I began to take a more assertive role in leading my kids’ education, and that ultimately led us to homeschool. I know that the most daunting part of the homeschool journey is just getting started, and my #1 goal is to teach you everything I know to help you start your homeschooling journey successfully. Inside this podcast, you’ll hear from experts who will share information about... 1) Curriculum resources you can use 2) Learning options that will work best for your child 3) Ways to structure your homeschool that work best for your family 4) And how you can nurture your precious Black and brown children in a safe, supportive atmosphere Our family has found success in our homeschool experience, and I want that for ALL families of color who are interested in a nontraditional education route for your children. It’s time to do Homeschool Our Way!

Episode Date
29: How Brittany Rhodes is Using Math to Build Girls’ Confidence through Black Girl MATHgic
Dec 06, 2023
28: Beyond Toys: Your Holiday Educational Gift-Giving Guide
Nov 29, 2023
27: Q&A with Prospective Homeschool Mom, Myisha Wallace, part 2
Nov 22, 2023
26: Q&A with Prospective Homeschool Mom, Myisha Wallace - part 1
Nov 16, 2023
25: Making the Mindset Shift from Traditional School to Homeschool
Nov 08, 2023
24: How to Teach Science with Fun and Creativity, with Tina Salmanowitz
Nov 01, 2023
23: The Benefits of Finding Homeschool Community
Oct 25, 2023
22: Homeschooling Highlights: 3 Things I’ve Learned in the First 6 Weeks of This School Year
Oct 19, 2023
21: 5 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Learning Through Field Trips
Oct 11, 2023
20: They’re Not Missing Out! Exploring Traditional School Experiences for Homeschool Students, with Jasmine Lee
Oct 04, 2023
19: Your Ultimate Homeschool Space Makeover, with Kristen Economaki
Sep 28, 2023
18: Raising Money-Smart Kids: Teaching Financial Literacy with Jeorgia Brown
Sep 20, 2023
17: Thinking Outside the Box: The Educational Magic of Baking, with Nena Brown
Sep 13, 2023
16: The Five Essential Parts of Our Homeschool Week
Sep 06, 2023
15: Raising an Informed Generation: How Woke Homeschooling is Helping Parents Teach Truthful History
Aug 30, 2023
14: E-Learning Explained: Distinguishing Virtual School from Homeschooling Online
Aug 23, 2023
13: From Chaos to Calm: 3 Essential Tips for Planning a Stress-Free School Year, with Melanin Mamas Homeschooling
Aug 16, 2023
12: Managing Mindset: Parent-Child Strategies for a Successful School Year, with Ashley Finley
Aug 08, 2023
11: 3 Reasons Why Black Families Choose to Homeschool
Aug 02, 2023
10: The Magic Behind Microschools, with Jaffany Finch
Jul 26, 2023
09: Unlock Their Brilliance: Harnessing the Power of Your Child’s Unique Learning Style
Jul 19, 2023
08: 3 FREE Education Resources that Every Homeschooling Parent Should Know About, with Shenique Rasheed
Jul 12, 2023
07: The First Year: One Mom’s Learnings from the Start of Her Homeschool Journey, with Asha Green
Jul 05, 2023
06: Fact or Fiction? 5 Common Myths About Homeschool
Jun 28, 2023
05: 101 Tips for Homeschoolers, with Natalie Mack - part 2
Jun 21, 2023
04: 101 Tips for Homeschoolers, with Natalie Mack - part 1
Jun 21, 2023
03: My Favorite Summer Activities for Learning and Fun
Jun 21, 2023
02: Five Ways to Organically Incorporate History and Culture into Your Family’s Everyday Education, with Kawai Ah Quin
Jun 21, 2023
01: Yes, Homeschool Our Way is for YOU!
Jun 21, 2023
Welcome to the Homeschool Our Way Podcast!
Jun 07, 2023