Preschool Made Easy

By Chantal Macias

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Preschool Made Easy is the podcast for busy preschool teachers and parents. It’s a show that will help you get success and confidence in teaching your children by keeping it simple! Each week, Chantal Macias and her guests will share easy tips and actionable steps that you need to start preschool and be successful all year long. You’ll learn how to set up your classroom and the best resources to use while saving time, getting organized and ditching the overwhelm. Let’s make your preschool experience a success and get your children ready for Kindergarten! Chantal Macias is a Kinder teacher turned curriculum designer and preschool consultant. You can follow her on Instagram @chanty.macias. To work with Chantal and her team, head to

Episode Date
33. [Parent Corner] Easy Tips for Building Independence When Transitioning to Kindergarten
May 20, 2024
32. [Parent Corner] Why Independence Matters When Getting Ready for Kindergarten
May 06, 2024
31. [Parent Corner] Create Your Ideal Simple Homeschool Routine for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Apr 15, 2024
30. Want to Organize Yourself, Your Preschool Classroom, and Your Life in 15 Minutes?
Apr 01, 2024
29. How to Support Preschool Parents and Help Them Teach Their Child Math at Home
Mar 18, 2024
28. [Parent Corner] Let's Make Math Fun with Simple Activities for Preschoolers at Home
Mar 04, 2024
27. [PARENT CORNER] Light-Up Audio Toys VS Open-Ended Creativity For Preschool Playtime
Feb 19, 2024
26. How to Teach Your Preschoolers with Everyday Materials You Already Have
Feb 05, 2024
25. [Parent Corner] The Power of Simplifying Toys and Organizing Your Preschooler’s Play Space
Jan 15, 2024
24. 5 Simple Open Ended Materials You Need for Preschool
Jan 01, 2024
23. [Parent Corner] Parenting Tips for Surviving Winter Break Chaos
Dec 18, 2023
22. How Preschool Teachers Manage Holiday Chaos and Restore Routines that Spread Joy
Dec 11, 2023
21. Navigating Difficult Preschool Emotions with Simple Teacher Strategies
Dec 04, 2023
20. [PARENT CORNER] Create the Best Reading Corner at Home for Your Preschooler
Nov 27, 2023
19. [PARENT CORNER] Fun and Simple Literacy-Building Activities for Preschool Parents with Kristina Harrill
Nov 20, 2023
18. Using Technology to Build Preschool Literacy Skills
Nov 13, 2023
17. Creating Toddler and Preschool Reading Routines to Build Early Literacy
Nov 06, 2023
16. [PARENT CORNER] Growing Pains and Gains: Preschool Independence Check-In
Oct 30, 2023
15. Building Responsibility and Initiative in the Preschool Classroom
Oct 23, 2023
14. Let’s Manage Your Supplies with Preschool Classroom Organization
Oct 16, 2023
13. 5 Preschool Behavior Management Tips that Build a Class Family
Oct 09, 2023
12. Mastering Your Preschool Clean Up Routines
Oct 02, 2023
11. [Parent Corner] Creating a Balanced After-School Schedule for Preschoolers
Sep 25, 2023
10. Create Your Preschool Visual Schedule
Sep 18, 2023
9. How to Design Your Class and Helpful Transition Strategies
Sep 11, 2023
8. Let’s Build Simple Routines and Your Preschool Schedule
Sep 04, 2023
7. [Parent Corner] First Time in School? I Got Your Back
Aug 28, 2023
6. How to Set the Tone with New Parents
Aug 21, 2023
5. What To Do With Your New Class List
Aug 14, 2023
4. Why I Love Preschool as a PARENT
Aug 07, 2023
3. Why I Love Preschool as a TEACHER
Aug 07, 2023
2. PREschool: Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten
Aug 07, 2023
1. The Magic of Preschool: Your Kiddos Need YOU
Aug 07, 2023
Welcome to Preschool Made Easy
Jun 16, 2023