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By Nat Eliason

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Category: Business

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Learn from the best books in the world. Every week, host Nat Eliason distills the core wisdom in a book that has either changed the world or may change it in our lifetime. Topics span philosophy, psychology, technology, business, health, history, and more. Explore all of the detailed show notes at

Episode Date
How Buddhism Could Change Your Life (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying)
Dec 07, 2023
An Incredible Future is Coming (Where is My Flying Car by J Storrs Hall)
Nov 24, 2023
Truth, Technology, and Building the Future (Anthology of Balaji by Eric Jorgenson)
Nov 17, 2023
How to Predict the Future (Same as Ever by Morgan Housel)
Nov 10, 2023
The Freedom Trap (Freedom by Sebastian Junger)
Nov 03, 2023
How to End Cravings and Stop Bad Habits (Scarcity Brain by Michael Easter)
Oct 27, 2023
#14 Unlock Your Inner Genius (Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Oct 20, 2023
#13 Write Better Today (On Writing by Stephen King)
Oct 13, 2023
#12 The Communist Manifesto
Oct 06, 2023
#11 Creating Your Life's Work (The War of Art & Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield)
Sep 29, 2023
#10 Don't Fear Your Full Potential (The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker)
Sep 22, 2023
#9 Productivity Won't Make You Happy (4,000 Weeks by Oliver Burkeman)
Sep 15, 2023
#8 The Bad Boy of Stoicism (Montaigne's Essays)
Sep 08, 2023
#7 The Fertility Crisis (Count Down by Dr. Shanna Swan)
Sep 01, 2023
#6 The Case for Pessimism (Schopenhauer's Essays and Aphorisms)
Aug 25, 2023
#5 My Favorite Nonfiction Book (Finite & Infinite Games)
Aug 18, 2023
#4 The Tasty Rock that Changed the World (Salt: A World History)
Aug 11, 2023
#3 What Nietzsche Can Teach'ya (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)
Aug 04, 2023
#2 Your Problems Aren't Real (Straw Dogs by John Gray)
Jul 28, 2023
#1 Do You Know What Your Food Ate? (What Your Food Ate by David R Montgomery & Anne Biklé)
Jul 21, 2023
Welcome to Nat's Notes
Jul 20, 2023