Professionally Possessed

By Christine Mendiola

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Category: Drama

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A collection of stand-alone fantasy audio stories about Helena, a woman who exorcises people of demons by drawing the demons out of their bodies into hers. She stumbled into this line of work by a botched exorcism she endured as a child which permanently marked her with a tattoo that forces demons to take her instead of other victims. To survive, she learned how to defeat demons in their inner world, their second consciousness, with magic powers that only exist there. However, she is powerless to control her own body in the outer world while possessed. She is often helped by Martzia, a charismatic licensed exorcist who finds clients, handles the money, and comforts victims, and Bridgette, a former soldier and demon slayer, who protects Helana from herself and makes sure she doesn’t hurt anyone else. Occasionally, Simon, a healer mage given his powers by a mysterious god, also helps out. These stories explore various parts of Helena’s life and her effect on others. Most stories span multiple episodes but otherwise are independent narratives. There is some narration by Helena or other’s depending on the story, and they are not chronological order. Content warnings include: violence, blood, gore, talk of suicidal thoughts, and some transphobia.

Episode Date
S1E10 - Story 5, Part 2: The Seas of Torture and Trauma
Oct 26, 2023
S1E9 - Story 5, Part 1: The Rising
Oct 19, 2023
S1E8 - Story 4, Part 2: When the One You Fear is the One You Love
Oct 12, 2023
S1E7 - Story 4, Part 1: Demons at Home
Oct 05, 2023
S1E6 - Story 3, Part 2: For Better or For Graduation
Sep 28, 2023
S1E5 - Story 3, Part 1: The Exorcist School
Sep 21, 2023
S1E4 - Story 2, Part 2: Same Weapon, Different Scars
Sep 14, 2023
S1E3 - Story 2, Part 1: Simon, Helena, and the Lace Demon
Sep 07, 2023
S1E2 - Story 1, Part 2: Those who Speak and Those who Listen
Aug 31, 2023
S1E1 - Story 1, Part 1: Rivals and Royals
Aug 24, 2023