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By Jeffrey Ding

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Category: Technology

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Narrations of the ChinAI Newsletter by Jeffrey Ding. China is becoming an indispensable part of the global AI landscape. Alongside the rise of China’s AI capabilities, a surge of Chinese writing and scholarship on AI-related topics is shedding light on a range of fascinating topics, including: China’s grand strategy for advanced technology like AI, the characteristics of key Chinese AI actors (e.g. companies and individual thinkers), and the ethical implications of AI development. While traditional media and China specialists can provide important insights on these questions through on-the-ground reporting and extensive background knowledge, ChinAI takes a different approach: it bets on the proposition that for many of these issues, the people with the most knowledge and insight are Chinese people themselves who are sharing their insights in Chinese. Through translating articles and documents from government departments, think tanks, traditional media, and newer forms of “self-media,” etc., ChinAI provides a unique look into the intersection between a country that is changing the world and a technology that is doing the same.

Episode Date
“ChinAI #274: After raising 3 billion, who else can large model startups get money from?” by Jeffrey Ding
Jul 22, 2024
“ChinAI #273: An Ethnic Chinese History of Computer Vision (part 2)” by Jeffrey Ding
Jul 15, 2024
“ChinAI #272: Long Quan and the early wave of Chinese Computer Vision researchers” by Jeffrey Ding
Jul 08, 2024
“ChinAI #271: Key Chinese GenAI Security Standard Changelog” by Jeffrey Ding
Jul 01, 2024
“ChinAI #270: Intelligence Revolution or Scale Revolution?” by Jeffrey Ding
Jun 17, 2024
“ChinAI #269: Around the Horn (15th edition)” by Jeffrey Ding
Jun 10, 2024
“ChinAI #268: AWS China not on Cloud Nine” by Jeffrey Ding
Jun 03, 2024
“ChinAI #267: CAICT’s new AI Governance WeChat Public Account” by Jeffrey Ding
May 27, 2024
“ChinAI #266: An Ordinary Beijinger’s Thoughts on AI” by Jeffrey Ding
May 20, 2024
“ChinAI #265: The Race to Become China’s No. 1 Autonomous Driving Chipmaker” by Jeffrey Ding
May 13, 2024
“ChinAI #263: A History of the Chinese Computer” by Jeffrey Ding
Apr 29, 2024
“ChinAI #262: Expert Draft AI Law Changelog” by Jeffrey Ding
Apr 22, 2024
“ChinAI #261: First results from CAICT’s AI Safety Benchmark” by Jeffrey Ding
Apr 15, 2024
“ChinAI #260: Why are so many young Chinese people joining the Momo army?” by Jeffrey Ding
Apr 08, 2024
“ChinAI #259: Year 6 of ChinAI (The Rise and Fall of Technological Leadership)” by Jeffrey Ding
Mar 25, 2024
“ChinAI #258: Is translation already dead in the AI era?” by Jeffrey Ding
Mar 18, 2024
“ChinAI #257: Can Chinese companies keep up with Sora?” by Jeffrey Ding
Mar 11, 2024
“ChinAI #256: Around the Horn (14th edition)” by Jeffrey Ding
Mar 04, 2024
“ChinAI #255: Panic buying, speculative booms, and whack-a-mole — what lengths will Chinese companies go to get an NVIDIA A100 chip?” by Jeffrey Ding
Feb 26, 2024
“ChinAI #254: Tencent Res. Institute Tackles Value Alignment in Large Model Security & Ethics Research Report” by Jeffrey Ding
Feb 12, 2024
“ChinAI #253: Tencent Research Institute releases Large Model Security & Ethics Report” by Jeffrey Ding
Feb 05, 2024
“ChinAI #252: The Top 10 Events of Internet Governance in China from 2023” by Jeffrey Ding
Jan 29, 2024
“ChinAI #251: A surprise in the data on China’s chip imports” by Jeffrey Ding
Jan 22, 2024
“ChinAI #250: LLMs summarize China’s 2023 in one word” by Jeffrey Ding
Jan 15, 2024
“ChinAI #249: China’s idle AI computing centers” by Jeffrey Ding
Jan 08, 2024
“ChinAI #248: XiaoIce, where do we go from here?” by Jeffrey Ding
Dec 18, 2023
“ChinAI #247: XiaoIce, a Strange Species of Chatbot” by Jeffrey Ding
Dec 11, 2023
“ChinAI #246: The State of Large Model Governance in China” by Jeffrey Ding
Dec 04, 2023
“ChinAI #245: Around the Horn (13th edition)” by Jeffrey Ding
Nov 27, 2023
“ChinAI #244: Can Chinese Automotive Chips Overtake on the Turn?” by Jeffrey Ding
Nov 20, 2023
“ChinAI #243: LLM Riddles! How Many Can You Solve?” by Jeffrey Ding
Nov 13, 2023
“ChinAI #242: The Long Road to Speech AI (part 2)” by Jeffrey Ding
Oct 30, 2023
“ChinAI #241: The Long Road to Speech AI” by Jeffrey Ding
Oct 23, 2023
“ChinAI #239: Tiancheng Lou — China’s No. 1 Programmer” by Jeffrey Ding
Oct 16, 2023
“ChinAI #239: Around the Horn (12th edition)” by Jeffrey Ding
Oct 02, 2023
“ChinAI #238: Can China independently develop advanced lithography machines?” by Jeffrey Ding
Sep 25, 2023
“ChinAI #237: Safety Benchmarks for Chinese Large Models” by Jeffrey Ding
Sep 18, 2023
[Translation] Midfield contest between large models: who can get companies to use large models first
Sep 13, 2023
“ChinAI #236: The LLM Implementation Gap” by Jeffrey Ding
Sep 11, 2023
“ChinAI #235: GPT Medicine Beyond Imagination” by Jeffrey Ding
Aug 29, 2023
“ChinAI #234: The (Privacy) Cost of Being Fabulous?” by Jeffrey Ding
Aug 21, 2023
“ChinAI #233: A public comment on the U.S.’s investment curbs in Chinese AI firms” by Jeffrey Ding
Aug 14, 2023
“ChinAI #232: The Wudaokou Origins of China’s Large Models” by Jeffrey Ding
Aug 07, 2023
ChinAI Pod #3: The Worldwide Web of Chinese and Russian Information Controls with Valentin Weber
Dec 16, 2019
ChinAI Pod #2: Reframing Superintelligence with Eric Drexler
Oct 24, 2019
ChinAI Pod #1: AI Talent Policy with Remco Zwetsloot
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