Frugal Living for Families | Become a Stay-at-Home Mom, Save Money, Debt Relief, Easy Budgeting, Single-Income Strategies

By MANDY LEWIS | Frugal Living Coach, Stay-at-Home Mom, & Lover of all things free!

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Hey Mom! * Is your heart nudging you to be a stay-at-home mom, but it feels impossible to make it work as a single-income family? * Does your debt keep piling up and you just can’t seem to get ahead, no matter how hard you try? * Do you have loved ones that desperately need more of your time and care, but you feel the pressure of having to earn an income? * Are you crushed by the mom guilt of not being able to provide everything your family needs (time, money, etc.) in this season? Hi, my name is Mandy Lewis, and I have been where you are. I have learned many strategies that have helped me give up my full-time income and care for the needs of my family while also digging out of debt. I want to help you save money, find the resources you need, get out of debt, and be able to stay home with your family. As a lover of all things free and thrifty, I can teach you exactly how to build a frugal family framework so you can stay home and not only survive, but actually thrive. Together, we’ll go through your mindset, family communication, budgeting, reducing your expenses, saving money, getting out of debt, and even learning to make money creatively. Learn how to care well for your family, have the resources you need, get rid of what you don’t need, and even have time to care for you. Living frugally is going to transform the peace and presence that you experience in your family, in your home, and in your own heart as a stay-at-home mom. So, reach your hand into those crumb-infested couch cushions, grab those loose quarters, and let’s get saving. Welcome to Frugal Living for Families! P.S. Thank you for making this podcast a top 5% globally ranked show! Connect with me - Join my free Facebook Community: Email:

Episode Date
14 | The One PIVOTAL STEP That Can either Make or Break Your Budget!
Dec 04, 2023
13 | Low Cost Christmas Traditions - How to Save Money During the Holidays and Make New Memories!
Nov 27, 2023
12 | Drowning in debt? How to pay off debt faster! Plus, the debt snowball method explained and a FREE debt payoff calculator!
Nov 20, 2023
11 | Thrifty Ways to GET RELIEF When You are Under the Weather
Nov 13, 2023
10 | Creative Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List in 2023
Nov 06, 2023
9 | 10 More Ways to Spend Less on Groceries - Part 2 in 3-part series!
Oct 30, 2023
8 | The One BIG Expense That’s Not on Your Budget Category List - But SHOULD Be!
Oct 23, 2023
7 | My Favorite Places to Get Free Stuff Your Family Needs - Extreme Frugal Living Tips!
Oct 16, 2023
6 | How to Create a Budget Easily: Budgeting for Beginners
Oct 09, 2023
5 | 12 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries - Cutting costs at the Store! - Part 1 of 3
Oct 02, 2023
4 | How to Minimize Expenses Without Getting Overwhelmed - Simple Cost-Cutting Strategy!
Sep 25, 2023
3 | The CRUCIAL FIRST STEP to Transforming Your Family’s Financial Future
Sep 18, 2023
2 | 5 Myths of Frugal Living - Change your Mindset & your Family’s Financial Future
Sep 16, 2023
1 | Introduction to Frugal Living for Families
Sep 16, 2023