The Ultimate Human with Gary Brecka

By Gary Brecka

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Category: Health & Fitness

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 Mar 26, 2024


Gary Brecka is a Human Biologist, biohacker, researcher, and an anti-aging and longevity expert. His approach to health is simple: "Aging is the aggressive pursuit of comfort.” For over 20 years, he worked in the life insurance industry predicting mortality. This meant if he got 5 years of medical records and 5 years of demographic data on you, the team that he was associated with could tell a life insurance company how long you had to live to the month. After years and years of doing this type of research and analysis, he decided he wanted to spend the balance of his lifetime helping people live happier, healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives. With this mission in mind, he created The Ultimate Human podcast. In this weekly podcast, Gary has exciting conversations with celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and scientists and is thrilled to share their transformative insights with you. What’s keeping you from being an ultimate human? Tune in to find out. For more info on Gary, please click here: For more info on the 10X Genetic Methylation Test:

Episode Date
70. Shocking Food Industry Secrets: The BIG 3 Ingredients to Avoid with Kettle & Fire’s Justin Mares
Jun 13, 2024
69. Justin Mares | Food Industry Secrets, How Our Government Is Funding Unhealthy Farming
Jun 11, 2024
68. Gary Brecka’s Ultimate Morning Routine | BioHacks & BioStacking
Jun 06, 2024
67. Immerse Yourself: Cold Plunging for Energy, Focus, & Mental Health with Plunge Co-Founder Ryan Duey
Jun 04, 2024
66. Circadian Rhythm Reset | Simple Steps to Improve Sleep, Metabolism, and Mental Health with Gary Brecka
May 30, 2024
65. Boxing, Biohacks, and Bareknuckle: The Ultimate Fight Prep with Jorge Masvidal
May 28, 2024
64. Dive into the Battle of Plant vs Animal Protein for Strength and Aging with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
May 23, 2024
63. The Truth About Skincare, Inflammatory Ingredients to Avoid with Dr. Barbara Sturm
May 21, 2024
62. Q&A: Fasting Dos & Don’ts, Improving Testosterone, & Better Sleep with Gary Brecka
May 16, 2024
61. Unlocking Your Body’s Potential with WHOOP CEO Will Ahmed
May 14, 2024
60. Boost Mental Performance | Easy Steps to Reduce Brain Fog with Gary Brecka
May 09, 2024
59. Insomnia to Blissful Sleep– The 8 Sleep Journey With Matteo Franceschetti
May 07, 2024
58. Sleep Apnea | Causes and Treatments with Gary Brecka
May 02, 2024
57. Unlocking Glutathione Your Body’s Super Antioxidant with Dr. Patel
Apr 30, 2024
56. Methylene Blue | Improved Focus, ATP Production, and Anti-Aging with Gary Brecka
Apr 25, 2024
55. Maxx Crosby On Sobriety, Chasing Greatness, & Business Lessons from Dana White
Apr 23, 2024
54. Q&A: Reducing Brain Fog, Top Tips For Seasonal Allergies, Red Light Therapy & More with Gary Brecka
Apr 18, 2024
53. How to Heal Leaky Gut and Alkalize Your Body Naturally with Dr. Daryl Gioffre
Apr 16, 2024
52. Echo Clean™, How to Avoid “Forever Chemicals” In Your Home with Gary Brecka
Apr 11, 2024
51. How to Heal After Lyme & Toxic Mold Exposure with Dr. Melissa Sonners
Apr 09, 2024
50. Upgrade Your Breakfast Without Breaking The Budget or Giving Up Flavor | Lateral Shifts
Apr 04, 2024
49. Hair Restoration, Skin Treatments, and Filler Use with Top Facial Surgeon, Dr. Cameron Chesnut, MD
Apr 02, 2024
48. 10X Focus | How to Reduce Brain Fog Without Stimulants with Gary Brecka
Mar 28, 2024
47. Anitta | Endometriosis, Mental Health, and The Top Things Men Should Stop Doing In The Bedroom
Mar 26, 2024
46. Hyperthyroidism | Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments For An Overactive Thyroid with Gary Brecka
Mar 22, 2024
45. Tim Gray | Hyperbaric Chambers, Methylene Blue, Healing Leaky Gut & How to Improve Your Sleep
Mar 19, 2024
44. Alopecia, Causes and Treatments for Hair Loss | Ultimate Human Short
Mar 14, 2024
43. Why Paul Saladino, MD Quit A 100% Carnivore Diet, Impacts of Cholesterol, And the Value of Insulin
Mar 12, 2024
42. How Your MTHFR Gene Impacts ADHD with Gary Brecka | Ultimate Human Short
Mar 07, 2024
41. How Does Physical Health Affect Mental Health? | Dr. Christopher M. Palmer, MD & Gary Brecka
Mar 05, 2024
40. Tinnitus | Symptoms, Causes, and What You Can Do About It with Gary Brecka
Feb 29, 2024
39. Unlock Your Body's Healing: Autoimmune Issues, Lyme Disease & Cancer with Dr. David Minkoff
Feb 27, 2024
38. Q&A: Cold Plunge Routine, Creatine, Best Air Filters and Favorite At-Home Sauna | Ultimate Human Short
Feb 22, 2024
36. How to Read Ingredient Labels & What To Avoid | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Feb 15, 2024
35. The Future of Anti-Aging & Longevity with Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, PhD and JuveXO President, Brian Pla
Feb 13, 2024
34. Sleep - Hacks, Supplements, and Routines for Better Sleep | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Feb 08, 2024
33. How to Turn Obstacles Into Superpowers and Level Up Your Life with Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro and Gary Brecka
Feb 06, 2024
32. Travel Hacks | Avoiding Jet Lag, Adjusting to Time Zones, and Staying Energized with Gary Brecka
Feb 01, 2024
31. Methylation Explained | The Best Kept Optimal Health Secret Part 2 with Gary Brecka
Jan 30, 2024
30. Is Fluoride Lowering IQs? Why Tap Water Needs to Be Filtered From Your Life For Good | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Jan 25, 2024
29. Kyle Forgeard of Nelk Boys | Optimizing His Health, and Staying Disciplined to Build His Brand Empire
Jan 23, 2024
28. Seed to Table | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Jan 18, 2024
27. 6 Month Health Transformation, How Steffin Kuzman Lost 100+ lbs and Got His Confidence Back At 62!
Jan 16, 2024
26. Seed Oils, The Dirty 8 That Are Destroying Your Health | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Jan 11, 2024
25. Simple Strategies for Building Muscle, Aging Well and Staying Active with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Jan 09, 2024
24. COMT Gene Mutation: How to Supplement For Better Sleep and Reduced Anxiety | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Jan 04, 2024
23. Best Water to Drink? | Impacts of Hydrogen Water On Your Gut & Brain with Dr. Paul Barattiero of ECHO H20
Jan 02, 2024
22. MTHFR Gene Mutation Explained: How to Know If You Have It and What To Do About It with Gary Brecka
Dec 28, 2023
21. John & Sammy Shahidi - The Brothers Behind The Brands Happy Dad & Full Send Podcast, Building Brands That Last
Dec 27, 2023
20. GMO Foods: How Genetically Modified Foods Are Sabotaging Your Health | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Dec 21, 2023
19. How to Balance Women’s Hormones Naturally - A Guide to Fertility, Menopause and Beyond with Dr. Carrie Carda MD
Dec 19, 2023
18. Vitamin D3: The Single Most Important Nutrient in the Human Body | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Dec 14, 2023
17. Dr. Jigar Gandhi, Biologic Dentist | The Link Between Dental Bacteria, Meridian Pathways, and Your Overall Health
Dec 12, 2023
16. Fasting for Detoxification and Longevity: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science | Ultimate Human Short
Dec 07, 2023
15. Cedric Gervais: Legendary Grammy Winning DJ; Intermittent Fasting, Growth Mindset & Biohacking With a Busy Travel Schedule
Dec 05, 2023
14. Cold Water Exposure for Fat Burning, Mood Boosts, and More | Ultimate Human Short with Gary Brecka
Nov 30, 2023
13. Dr. Jeff Davidson | Behind The Scenes of Treating UFC Fighters & High Performance Athletes
Nov 28, 2023
12. Recover Faster, Fight Neurological Issues & Reverse Signs of Aging with Red Light Therapy | Ultimate Human Short
Nov 23, 2023
11. Steve Harvey | Overcoming Sugar Addiction, Getting Your Energy Back, and Making An Impact
Nov 21, 2023
10. Q&A: How to Eliminate Migraines, The Best Overall Diet, and The Truth About Alcohol | Ultimate Human Short
Nov 16, 2023
09. Steve Aoki: Biohacking to Become The Ultimate Entertainer + Dominate An Industry Touring 300+ Days Per Year
Nov 14, 2023
08. Grounding | Ultimate Human Short
Nov 09, 2023
07. Elevate Your Game: Stephen A. Smith's Path to Achieving Ultimate Success
Nov 07, 2023
06. Depression | Ultimate Human Short
Nov 02, 2023
05. Methylation | The Best Kept Optimal Health Secret
Oct 31, 2023
04. Breathwork | Ultimate Human Short
Oct 26, 2023
03. David Grutman | How Biohacking Helped Build a Global Hospitality Empire
Oct 24, 2023
02. Anxiety | Ultimate Human Short
Oct 19, 2023
01. Dana White | Overcoming The Leading Killer, Metabolic Syndrome
Oct 17, 2023
Introducing: The Ultimate Human with Gary Brecka
Sep 29, 2023