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The one big story. Making sense of the news with our experts around the world. Insights you can trust, Monday to Friday, from the BBC. Episodes will be ready by 10:30 GMT.

Host Katya Adler and our BBC teams guide you through one major global news story each episode.

From Beijing to Boston, Baghdad to Bangalore, our unrivalled reach will take you beyond the headlines to help understand and explore what’s happening.

The Global News Podcast brings you the latest updates and, on The Global Story, we will drill deep into a single story.

From the climate emergency, to the burning questions around Artificial Intelligence, to the movements of money and markets, and the power of the ballot and the bullet.

Katya Adler has been a BBC correspondent and editor for more than 25 years, covering conflicts in the Middle East, political and economic crises in Europe, and drug cartels in Mexico.

The Global Story team would like to hear your stories and experiences on the issues that we’re covering on the podcast. Please get in touch: #TheGlobalStory and tell us your thoughts on what you would like us to talk about.

Episode Date
Trump’s trouble with abortion
Mar 01, 2024
Why everyone wants to get back to the Moon
Feb 29, 2024
Rafah: caught in the crossfire (again)
Feb 28, 2024
Are you ever too old to have a baby?
Feb 27, 2024
Child soldiers & blood feuds: Sweden's growing gang wars
Feb 26, 2024
Bengal famine: The WWII tragedy the world forgot
Feb 23, 2024
Ukraine frontline: ordinary lives in extraordinary times
Feb 22, 2024
Is #MeToo finally exploding in French cinema?
Feb 21, 2024
'Category 6': the growing fury of hurricanes
Feb 20, 2024
How Denmark became a super producer of viral 'skinny jabs'
Feb 19, 2024
Alexei Navalny: The death of Putin’s biggest critic
Feb 16, 2024
Andrew Tate effect: Is misogyny on the rise?
Feb 16, 2024
Does Argentina have the patience for Milei’s shock therapy?
Feb 15, 2024
Ethiopia on the brink: Fears of a famine return and why you should pay attention
Feb 14, 2024
Tucker Carlson: What next for America’s right-wing showman?
Feb 13, 2024
Global anxiety: You are not alone
Feb 12, 2024
Could Taylor Swift swing the US election?
Feb 09, 2024
Europe’s furious farmers and the far-right
Feb 08, 2024
''People will keep dying": The spread of fentanyl across the US Mexico border
Feb 07, 2024
Rare earths: the minerals that could save the world?
Feb 06, 2024
Our memories, their data - the Facebook story 20 years on
Feb 05, 2024
I survived the Las Vegas shooting, then was convinced it was staged
Feb 02, 2024
BYD: The Chinese carmaker challenging Tesla’s dominance
Feb 01, 2024
Families of Israeli Hostages: “Whatever it takes to get them back”
Jan 31, 2024
What’s the plan, Iran?
Jan 30, 2024
Should Germany ban the popular far-right AfD party?
Jan 29, 2024
Black market baby trafficking in Georgia
Jan 26, 2024
‘Send back our husbands’ – Russian women taking the fight to Putin
Jan 25, 2024
Meet Trump’s new inner circle
Jan 24, 2024
American assassins operating in Yemen
Jan 23, 2024
A temple at the heart of Modi's India re-election bid
Jan 22, 2024
“I won’t let my children suffer again” – BBC Gaza correspondent
Jan 19, 2024
Why book bans are spreading across the United States
Jan 18, 2024
Feuding, arrests, protests: Poland’s gripping political drama
Jan 17, 2024
Ecuador: From peaceful haven to gangster's paradise
Jan 16, 2024
What do Mumbai’s super-rich tell us about India’s economy?
Jan 15, 2024
Why are the US and UK attacking the Houthis in Yemen?
Jan 12, 2024
New King in Denmark: How European royals are future proofing their monarchies
Jan 12, 2024
What to know about ketamine after Matthew Perry’s death
Jan 11, 2024
Islamic State group – spent force or present threat?
Jan 10, 2024
Culture wars spawned in Covid lockdowns, with Jon Ronson
Jan 09, 2024
Inside TB Joshua's church of horrors - a two year BBC investigation
Jan 08, 2024
Taiwan elections: Could it ignite a war with China?
Jan 05, 2024
What happened to Kamala Harris?
Jan 04, 2024
Who are the Houthi rebels and why are they attacking Red Sea ships?
Jan 03, 2024
How artificial intelligence could upend 2024’s many elections
Jan 02, 2024
Loneliness epidemic unmasked: a global health challenge
Dec 29, 2023
Fascinating finds from declassified docs
Dec 28, 2023
How accurate is ‘The Crown’ and does it really matter?
Dec 27, 2023
What to expect next year: Global predictions for 2024
Dec 26, 2023
The Christmas number one formula (and why old songs do best)
Dec 22, 2023
Does Zelensky’s Ukraine have a corruption problem?
Dec 21, 2023
What a ghost city tells us about China’s economy
Dec 20, 2023
Guns, gold and grain: Putin’s strategy in West Africa
Dec 19, 2023
A clash between antisemitism and free speech on US college campuses
Dec 18, 2023
Is South Africa living up to Nelson Mandela's legacy?
Dec 15, 2023
Why are Afghan refugees stuck on the US-Mexico border?
Dec 14, 2023
What happened to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters?
Dec 13, 2023
What's going on with the UK Royal Family?
Dec 12, 2023
Inside Trump’s legal strategy
Dec 11, 2023
Will Argentina's new president nicknamed 'The Madman' deliver his radical promises?
Dec 08, 2023
What we know about Hamas and its military capacity
Dec 07, 2023
A risky escape from North Korea
Dec 06, 2023
Elon Musk’s global satellite ambition
Dec 05, 2023
Could Europe defend Ukraine on its own?
Dec 04, 2023
Is Europe a hotbed for the far-right?
Dec 01, 2023
Inside COP28: a climate summit in an oil state, a BBC exclusive and a UAE fightback
Nov 30, 2023
How did tiny Qatar become a global hostage negotiator?
Nov 29, 2023
Joe Biden’s ageing brain
Nov 28, 2023
Israel-Gaza conflict: The social media battles
Nov 27, 2023
Introducing The Global Story
Nov 07, 2023