The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught

By The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught

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Category: Comedy Fiction

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This is the story of how I found a time traveling watch behind a dumpster and my subsequent adventures through time as I make the world a better place...for me...and sometimes for other people as well...I mean, I have no doubt other people also benefited from the changes I made, so in some ways, it's kind of the story of how I became the greatest hero of all well as a guide for any of you who might wind up finding a time machine and becoming a time traveler.

Episode Date
Ch 26: That Time I Met Him Part 2
Jun 14, 2024
Ch 25: That Time I Met Him
Jun 07, 2024
Ch 24: That Time I Met Jesus
May 31, 2024
Ch 23: That Time I Went to the First Thanksgiving and Had Sex with an Indian
May 24, 2024
Ch 22: That Time I Went Back to Plymouth Plantation to Paint Alvie's Face
May 17, 2024
Ch 21: That Time I Met My Future Self
May 10, 2024
Ch 20: Okay let's get this restarted
May 03, 2024
Ch 19: That Time I was on the Maiden Voyage of the Titanic
Apr 26, 2024
Ch 18: That Time I Went Back to the 1940s to Court Lonely Wives
Apr 19, 2024
Ch 17: That Time I Discovered Isaac Newton Discovering Gravity
Apr 12, 2024
Ch 16: That Time I Took Acid at Woodstock and Wound up Tripping Through Time
Apr 05, 2024
Ch 15: That Time I Freed the African Americans
Mar 29, 2024
Ch 14: That Time I Freed the Jews
Mar 22, 2024
Ch 13: That Time I Made Love to my Babysitter in The Wild West
Mar 15, 2024
Ch 12: That Time I Went Back in Time with My Babysitter
Mar 08, 2024
Ch 11: That Time I Went Back to 2010 to Date My Babysitter
Mar 01, 2024
Ch 10: That Time I Ended Prohibition in America
Feb 23, 2024
Ch 9: That Time I Saved the World from Napoleon
Feb 16, 2024
Ch 8: That Time I Met Another Time Traveler
Feb 09, 2024
Ch 7: That Time I Helped Michelangelo Paint the Sistine Chapel
Feb 02, 2024
Ch 6: That Time I Impregnated a Cavewoman
Jan 26, 2024
Ch 5: That Time I French Kissed Socrates
Jan 19, 2024
Ch 4: That Time I Almost Killed Ben Franklin
Jan 12, 2024
Ch 3: When was I?
Jan 05, 2024
Ch 2: Where was I?
Jan 01, 2024
Ch 1: Okay let's get this started
Jan 01, 2024
Trailer - This Season On...
Dec 28, 2023
Trailer - Introduction
Dec 28, 2023