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Fractal Bitcoin is a daily show covering the latest news on Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, the collapse of fiat, and occasionally the Nostr protocol. Newbies and growing Bitcoin fans will learn a ton from the information, insights and education presented daily. Hosted by fractalchris, a Bitcoiner since 2018, the show conveys more than just news — it provides a deeper understanding of the massive potential, promise and impact that Bitcoin can have in YOUR life. Don't get left behind. Learn something new everyday. Subscribe to Fractal Bitcoin right now and join our Locals community (free) — see you there!

Episode Date
Bitcoin climbing? Germany done, BTC dominance 3-year high, Elon crushing skulls - Ep.156
Jul 12, 2024
Bitcoin politicized, Trump to speak at Bitcoin 2024, Germany blundering, inflation - Ep.155
Jul 11, 2024
Bitcoin News- Germany unloading wtf, US adoption, mining news, USD crashing - Ep.154
Jul 10, 2024
Bitcoin battling, media suggesting a 2-5% allocation to Bitcoin, BRICS almost Live - Ep.153
Jul 09, 2024
Bitcoin attitude check-up, generational wealth transfer, 2 dump causes, Nostr good - Ep.152
Jul 08, 2024
Bitcoin bargain sale, Germany & Mt. Gox selling, deepest retrace this cycle, chin up! - Ep.151
Jul 05, 2024
Bitcoin _IS_ real independence, price dumping but RELAX, embrace the retrace LOL - Ep.150
Jul 04, 2024
Bitcoin bull run injury? Investment strategy, time preference, “Chevron Doctrine” - Ep.149
Jul 03, 2024
Bitcoin $150K this year?? Fiat is robbing you, OpenSats Bitcoin grants, Nostr - Ep.148
Jul 02, 2024
Bitcoin July Jump or sideways? Adoption keeps growing, Bitcoin-only strategy - Ep.147
Jul 01, 2024
Bitcoin simmering, miners recovering, tide is turning, further adoption, learn patience - Ep.146
Jun 28, 2024
Why Bitcoin is a Natural Phenomenon You Can't Ignore - Ep.145
Jun 27, 2024
Bitcoin holding support, summer lull? Assange home, debate idiocy, climate idiocy - Ep.144
Jun 26, 2024
Bitcoin bounces, it’s coiled and ready! Assange FREE! Big Lightning adoption! - Ep.143
Jun 25, 2024
Bitcoin on sale! Adoption, Mt. Gox, miners, global fiat economy in massive trouble - Ep.142
Jun 24, 2024
Bitcoin bottom in? ETF outflows 5 day streak. Michael Dell orange-pilled? - Ep.141
Jun 21, 2024
Bitcoin price steady amid large trades, the trend is your friend, Kenya wants Bitcoin! - Ep.140
Jun 20, 2024
Bitcoin discount ongoing, stack harder, never a day off, Bitcoin reinventing economics - Ep.139
Jun 19, 2024
Bitcoin smiles like The Buddha, wen breakout?? The fiat slow crumble - Ep.138
Jun 18, 2024
Bitcoin rebound in play? No more diminishing returns? Parallel economy strengthening - Ep.137
Jun 17, 2024
Bitcoin price predictions revised, ETF outflows, miners coping, OpenAI captured - Ep.136
Jun 14, 2024
Bitcoin- Countdown to God candle, The Bitcoin Standard, end the Fed, are you worthy? - Ep.135
Jun 13, 2024
Bitcoin bounces, tsunami of adoption, Moscow halts USD & Euro, FED gives clown data - Ep.134
Jun 12, 2024
Bitcoin giving you a final chance? Never panic sell. Global approval underway - Ep.133
Jun 11, 2024
Bitcoin melting up, using otherwise-lost energy, Wall Street shorters, BTC Prague - Ep.132
Jun 10, 2024
Bitcoin prepped for liftoff 🚀 High on-chain fees, ETFs bangin’, GameStop drama - Ep.131
Jun 07, 2024
Bitcoin hulking at $71k, rules without rulers, Robinhood snags Bitstamp, rate cuts - Ep.130
Jun 06, 2024
Bitcoin ignition, are your bags packed? You can smell a new ATH, ETFs going nuts! - Ep.129
Jun 05, 2024
Bitcoin thrust underway! You future is at stake! Beware many banks in danger - Ep.128
Jun 04, 2024
Bitcoin Pump Looming from $70k to $500k?! Wall Street rigged, China gaga for gold - Ep.127
Jun 03, 2024
Bitcoin’s next 18 months, exchange hack, first Bitcoin endowment, study of Bitcoiners - Ep.126
May 31, 2024
Bitcoin revving up, how society keeps you poor, state adoption, inflation, Fed trouble - Ep.125
May 30, 2024
Next Bitcoin jump in view, El Salvador embraces ARK & OCEAN, Mastercard enters - Ep.124
May 29, 2024
Bitcoin is a hot knife through fiat butter, Mt. Gox, huge adoption, Nostr, clown world - Ep.123
May 28, 2024
Bitcoin above $70k again! Don’t sleep on Bitcoin, nations now acknowledging Bitcoin - Ep.122
May 27, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Biggest News This Week - Ep.121
May 25, 2024
Bitcoin $140k by Sep.? Mining utilizes stray energy, 7 reasons to End the Fed, Nostr - Ep.120
May 24, 2024
Bitcoin set to SEND IT! Global approval soaring! Fiat crumbling, learn Bitcoin - Ep.119
May 23, 2024
Bitcoin Bang Incoming! Pizza Day, BTC an election issue, BTC vs ETH, fiat recession - Ep.118
May 22, 2024
Bitcoin magic playing out, WEF jackass instantly destroyed, ignore idiots, ETFs soaring - Ep.117
May 21, 2024
Bitcoin Surging! Diminishing returns myth, countries with Bitcoin, inflation explained - Ep.116
May 20, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Carliño on Fortifying Elections with Bitcoin - Ep.115
May 17, 2024
Bitcoin stars align, pump imminent! BTC will flip Gold at $810k, adoption intensifying! - Ep.114
May 17, 2024
Bitcoin $82k-100k by summer?! BTC adoption growing, fiat shrinkflation worsening - Ep.113
May 16, 2024
Bitcoin price jumpin’! Supply shock brewing fr, global adoption, Peru documentary - Ep.112
May 15, 2024
Bitcoin adopted by Wisconsin, coders’ bogus sentencing, Coinbase, Gamestop - Ep.111
May 14, 2024
Bitcoin has won, El Salvador transparency, more Gamestop trouble, fiat is a joke - Ep.110
May 13, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Julian Figueroa, AC - Ep.109
May 11, 2024
Bitcoin news and analysis, fiat collapsing, hope for a new world, study Bitcoin now - Ep.108
May 10, 2024
Bitcoin roaring under the surface, fiat inflation is your killer, be a lion not a sheep! - Ep.107
May 09, 2024
Bitcoin boredom, don’t panic! Super strong fundamentals, whales buying like mad! - Ep.106
May 08, 2024
Bitcoin HUGE inflows, price pump coming! Silly Ohio State kids, BRICS growing - Ep.105
May 07, 2024
Bitcoin scarcity getting serious, fiat wrecked, 1 billion BTC transactions - Ep.104
May 06, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel: MicroStrategy Orange, and preserving self-custody rights - May 3, 2024 - Ep.103
May 03, 2024
Bitcoin UP, fiat exposed! Inflation a ticking time bomb, Bitcoin adopting everyone! - Ep.102
May 03, 2024
Bitcoin done dumping? MicroStrategy unveils Orange, largest ETF outflow yesterday - Ep.101
May 02, 2024
Bitcoin to $3.8 MILLION??!!! Current dump explained, Bitcoin destroying fiat (YAY!) - Ep.100
May 01, 2024
Bitcoin dipping, Coinbase integrates Lightning, Hong Kong ETFs, Roger Ver arrested - Ep.99
Apr 30, 2024
Bitcoin's delayed halving effect, lots more ETFs coming, money transmitting businesses? - Ep.98
Apr 29, 2024
FBI issues warning, Phoenix Wallet leaving US app stores, Bitcoiners standing strong - Ep.97
Apr 26, 2024
Bitcoin “is” money (US gov), Bitcoin rights, financial privacy vs money laundering - Ep.96
Apr 25, 2024
Bitcoin adoption surge, mining difficulty ATH, Strike Europe, Square merchants - Ep.95
Apr 24, 2024
Full moon Bitcoin price action? Buying frenzy incoming. Bitcoin mining is so good - Ep.94
Apr 23, 2024
$75k Bitcoin next? Melting up, $60k defended! IMF backing Bitcoin?! Halving drama - Ep.93
Apr 22, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel: BITCOIN HALVING LIVE!!! + Recap of BitBlockBoom - Ep.92
Apr 20, 2024
Happy Bitcoin Halving Day! We enter Epoch 5 today. What will the price do, anything? - Ep.91
Apr 19, 2024
Bitcoin halving BOOM inching closer, BTC revenue-splits, blatant propaganda exposed - Ep.90
Apr 18, 2024
$410,000 per BTC when?? Or is it over? Halving explained, big adoption, fiat world sux - Ep.89
Apr 17, 2024
Bitcoin halving hype! Chopfest, stay strong! Google in El Salvador?? Who is “Mr. 100”? - Ep.88
Apr 16, 2024
Big Bitcoin Adoption in Hong Kong, beware your money in your bank is not yours - Ep.87
Apr 15, 2024
Bitcoin under $70K again?? Odell calls out Michael Saylor. Nation power vs digital power - Ep.86
Apr 09, 2024
Bitcoin breakout, godzilla candle incoming?! Global adoption, ETF news, Nostr good - Ep.85
Apr 08, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Earning Sats from Fans and Supporters via Lightning - Ep.84
Apr 06, 2024
Bitcoin ready for massive pump, crowdfunding Bitcoin, day-to-day spending w/Lightning - Ep.83
Apr 05, 2024
Upcoming Bitcoin halving’s effect (to 491K?!), banks racing to adopt, halving parties - Ep.82
Apr 04, 2024
$82K Bitcoin next? Lightspark to bring Lightning to Coinbase. Money printing, CBDC’s bad - Ep.81
Apr 03, 2024
Bitcoin slides, resets. Buy the dip? US Gov. has lettuce hands, Argentina duped? - Ep.80
Apr 02, 2024
Bitcoin’s best month and quarter! Growing adoption and development. Fiat is a Ponzi - Ep.79
Apr 01, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Bitcoiners’ Learning Curve, Confidence and Evolution - Ep.78
Mar 29, 2024
Bitcoin searches rising, how to accept Bitcoin payments, CBDCs will be the end of us - Ep.77
Mar 29, 2024
Bitcoin $150K in less than a month?! BTC going up forever, justified optimism - Ep.76
Mar 28, 2024
Bitcoin’s volatile swing, adoption, BTC vs Mastercard/VISA, USD purchasing power falling - Ep.75
Mar 27, 2024
Ready Set Bitcoin! Pay debt or buy BTC, adoption mounting, fiat failure, Bitcoin merch - Ep.74
Mar 26, 2024
The Bitcoin Gold Rush is ON! ETF facts, Bitcoin critics, USD on its deathbed - Ep.73
Mar 25, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Layer 2’s and Usability: Lightning Network, Liquid, Cashu - Ep.72
Mar 23, 2024
Bitcoin miners punch back! Coins moving West to East, Fiat is slow economic torture - Ep.71
Mar 22, 2024
Bitcoin Bull Run didn’t even start yet?! More fiat bank accounts frozen! Bitcoin solves that - Ep.70
Mar 21, 2024
Bitcoin solves inflation, $100K in 25 days?! Or $50K? Don’t sell to the big boys - Ep.69
Mar 20, 2024
Bitcoin pullback normal, adoption steady, price in 4-8 years?, funding devs, clown world - Ep.68
Mar 19, 2024
Wow Bitcoin’s purchasing power, more global adoption, new record hashrate, Bitcoin is family - Ep.67
Mar 18, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel: BTC Global Takeover, What It Means, Nostr Buzzing! - Ep.66
Mar 16, 2024
Bitcoin News: Crash, what crash?? Bitcoin is sound money, grab it while you can - Ep.65
Mar 15, 2024
Bitcoin still cheap at all-time high, cycle top FAR away, FOMO hasn’t started yet, Nostr! - Ep.64
Mar 14, 2024
Bitcoin Record High! $1 Million BTC in 2024? ETFs are HOT! Adoption galore, Lightning - Ep.63
Mar 13, 2024
$100k Bitcoin in 5 weeks?! Adoption spiking, BTC eating Gold and cleaning up landfills - Ep.62
Mar 12, 2024
$72k Bitcoin and rising! $1 Million dollar Bitcoin WHEN??! Adoption booming, FIAT crashing - Ep.61
Mar 11, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Bitcoin runnin’ wild! Are we still early? - Ep.60
Mar 09, 2024
Bitcoin all-time-high, again! $70k+ LFG Bullish!!! Coinbase down again. List of fiat dummies - Ep.59
Mar 08, 2024
Is Bitcoin a Ponzi bubble? Haters looking dumb, please educate yourself, will you miss out? - Ep.58
Mar 07, 2024
Bitcoin crashed?? LOL NO. Fear and greed index, Bitcoin adoption, your future - Ep.57
Mar 06, 2024
Bitcoin Hits ALL-TIME HIGH $69,324.58! Violent pullback, Creed to blame LOL! Global adoption - Ep.56
Mar 05, 2024
Cue the all-time-high song! Bitcoin supply shock happening now. Stay humble - Ep.55
Mar 04, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Bitcoin Big Vibes Bull Party! What’s different this time? Where are we going? - Ep.54
Mar 01, 2024
$900k Bitcoin by WHEN??!! Widespread adoption globally. Bitcoin Atlantis underway - Ep.53
Mar 01, 2024
Bitcoin MANIA!!! The FOMO is real, about to flip Silver, ATH by halving? Need or greed? - Ep.52
Feb 29, 2024
Bitcoin tops $64,000!!!, Coinbase “crashes”, extreme volatility, BTC strongest asset ever - Ep.51
Feb 28, 2024
Bitcoin price and hype soaring! Don’t get left behind, global monetary shift happening - Ep.50
Feb 27, 2024
Bitcoin Price PUMPING!, whales continue buying, jobs in Bitcoin, Bitcoin-centric AI - Ep.49
Feb 26, 2024
Bitcoin easy to use locally, we are entering scam season, government overreach spiking - Ep.48
Feb 24, 2024
Bitcoin critic European Central Bank spews wild tantrum of lies, Nigeria cheating its people - Ep.47
Feb 22, 2024
Bitcoin liberates, fiat enslaves, exit slavery! BTC moon shot coming, Nostr documentary - Ep.46
Feb 21, 2024
Many dumping their gold for Bitcoin, BTC adoption soaring, CBDCs a threat to civilization - Ep.45
Feb 20, 2024
Bitcoin metrics signal incoming blast-off! Normies still unaware. Nostr in the news - Ep.44
Feb 19, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel - Bitcoin news, insights, wisdom, adoption & more - Feb. 16, 2024 - Ep.43
Feb 17, 2024
Bitcoin allows your long term wealth, greedy banks, BTC L2’s, Bitcoin vs real estate - Ep.42
Feb 16, 2024
Bitcoin News: BTC strength & adoption off the charts, scammers will scam, USD in the toilet - Ep.41
Feb 15, 2024
18-month Bitcoin bull run underway! CBDCs will be programmable surveillance money - Ep.40
Feb 14, 2024
Bitcoin bull run fastest start ever! Fiat scam crumbling, their goal is to keep you poor! - Ep.39
Feb 13, 2024
Bitcoin breaks $50k! Bitcoin great for energy industry. Bitcoin Derangement Syndrome - Ep.38
Feb 12, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel covering Bitcoin news, insights, wisdom, adoption & more - Feb. 9, 2024 - Ep.37
Feb 09, 2024
Bitcoin is a “global internet of value”, governments’ intentional inflation is the quiet scam - Ep.36
Feb 09, 2024
Bitcoin price rising! People waking up to the fiat scam, BTC adoption booming - Ep.35
Feb 08, 2024
Bitcoin bullishness, adoption strong as ever, credit card debt out of control, CBDC’s BAD - Ep.34
Feb 07, 2024
Wake from the fiat nightmare, BlackRock to tokenize the world?!, the Bitcoin breakthrough - Ep.33
Feb 06, 2024
Bitcoin and El Salvador win! Bitcoin is freedom, anti-fragile, soon scarcer than gold - Ep.32
Feb 05, 2024
The Bitcoin Panel covering Bitcoin news, adoption, philosophy, mining & more - Feb. 2, 2024 - Ep.31
Feb 03, 2024
7 reasons Bitcoin is a scam…or is it?? Should you believe the propaganda? - Ep.30
Feb 02, 2024
U.S. harassing Bitcoin miners, Argentina waives taxes on Bitcoin, optimal BTC portfolio allocation? - Ep.29
Feb 01, 2024
What is Bitcoin, reeeally?? BRICS growing, $NYCB crashing, secure your Bitcoin! - Ep.28
Jan 31, 2024
Bitcoin price action so bullish, USD dominance dying, learn this one thing - Ep.27
Jan 30, 2024
Bitcoin supply crunch incoming, it's still early, ETF ads hit Google, local Bitcoin action - Ep.26
Jan 29, 2024
Learn Bitcoin before it’s too late, don’t believe the hateful Bitcoin propaganda - Ep.25
Jan 26, 2024
Bitcoin transforming global monetary system, first ETF wallet you can audit yourself - Ep.24
Jan 25, 2024
The Day I Bought My First Bitcoin, A Story of Bitcoin Awakening - Ep.23
Jan 24, 2024
Bitcoin dip = opportunity, first Bitcoin focused University degree, buying via Bitcoin Layer 2’s - Ep.22
Jan 23, 2024
Bitcoin is solution to inflation, adoption accelerating, resisted by fiat grifters in power - Ep.21
Jan 22, 2024
Shocking stat shows Bitcoin’s strength, Bitcoin ETF surpasses Silver, CBDC’s baaad - Ep.20
Jan 19, 2024
With Bitcoin you’re still early. Trust math, not governments. Fiat becoming toilet paper - Ep.19
Jan 18, 2024
SEC overreach yet again, authoritarians petrified of Bitcoin, dinosaurs whining and lying - Ep.18
Jan 17, 2024
Bitcoin absorbing TradFi, not the other way around. BTC development booms! - Ep.17
Jan 16, 2024
Bitcoin enrages obsolete middlemen, Vanguard caves, governments desperate to keep you poor - Ep.16
Jan 15, 2024
Bitcoin exposes dirty politicians & currency debasement, Lightning app development booming - Ep.15
Jan 12, 2024
Many denied new Bitcoin ETF, new inflow record, X to integrate Bitcoin?, local BTC ecosystems - Ep.14
Jan 11, 2024
Bitcoin Spot ETF’s approved! SEC hack, ETF Fee war, Fountain app, River app - Ep.13
Jan 10, 2024
Bitcoin ETF's two major risks, USD collapsing, BTC grassroots adoption racing, Nostr - Ep.12
Jan 09, 2024
Bitcoin ETF fee war brewing, massive pump incoming, adoption boom happening - Ep.11
Jan 08, 2024
Africa mining Bitcoin, Halving in ~100 days, Telegram Bitcoin wallet, BTC merchant services - Ep.10
Jan 05, 2024
Kiyosaki’s warning and Bitcoin advice, more big players entering Bitcoin, Aqua Wallet - Ep.9
Jan 04, 2024
Bitcoin turns 15, ETF drama, violent price drop, new tax rules, money and state - Ep.8
Jan 03, 2024
Jim Cramer admits it! SBF charges dropped??!!! Bitcoin ETF by end of this week - Ep.7
Jan 02, 2024
2024 Events That Will Pump Bitcoin! BitBlockBoom, and Two #Bitcoin Documentaries. #Nostr - Ep.6
Dec 29, 2023
ARK's Strategic Bitcoin Move, CBDC Race, Strong BTC Fundamentals, BlackRock Will NOT Destroy Bitcoin - Ep.5
Dec 28, 2023
Big Guys are Buying! Bitcoin’s Superior Worldview, and 3 Must-Read Bitcoin Books. Nostr - Ep.4
Dec 27, 2023
Bitcoin ETF Race is ON, $1.2 Million per Bitcoin?, Bitcoin vs Gold, OpenSats onboards Tobin Harding - Ep.3
Dec 26, 2023
Big SEC meetings, the real Satoshi, local Bitcoin meetups, Fountain podcast app, Tunestr - Ep.2
Dec 22, 2023
Huge Bitcoin adoption news! Super Bowl commercials? Nostr Apps -,, River Link - Ep.1
Dec 21, 2023