Tales of the Risen Tide

By David M Reynolds

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Category: Fiction

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A post-apocalyptic pirate adventure with the heart of an epic fantasy, Tales of the Risen Tide is the debut novel from British author David M Reynolds. Tune in every Monday and Thursday for a new chapter of this full-cast audiobook. On a map redrawn by the rampant sea-level rise of the twenty-second century, survivors war over the ruins of high-ground whilst pirates and slavers plague the vast new seas that surround them. But amidst the ashes of the world there remains a place for the young and the brave to call home: The Archon — a ship crewed by orphan thieves, escaped prisoners, and heretic runaways. They are the Archonauts, and this is their tale. Listen to the entire story now on Audible: https://bit.ly/totrtaudible Grab an e-book or hard-copy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CTL3Y6KD

Episode Date
May 06, 2024
Chapter Thirty One: Kinder Waters
May 06, 2024
Chapter Thirty: The Dawn Tide, II
May 06, 2024
Chapter Twenty Nine: The Ice Cat
May 02, 2024
Chapter Twenty Eight: Searching
Apr 29, 2024
Chapter Twenty Seven: Chance
Apr 25, 2024
Chapter Twenty Six: Survival
Apr 22, 2024
Chapter Twenty Five: Vaults
Apr 19, 2024
Chapter Twenty Four: Ambush
Apr 15, 2024
Chapter Twenty Three: The Mine
Apr 12, 2024
Chapter Twenty Two: Thule
Apr 08, 2024
Chapter Twenty One: The Edge of the World
Apr 04, 2024
Chapter Twenty: The Cobalt Sea
Apr 01, 2024
Chapter Nineteen: The Serpent
Mar 28, 2024
Chapter Eighteen: Raptions
Mar 25, 2024
Chapter Seventeen: The Skandling
Mar 25, 2024
Chapter Sixteen: Intruders
Mar 18, 2024
Chapter Fifteen: Abandoned
Mar 14, 2024
Chapter Fourteen: The Wizard
Mar 11, 2024
Chapter Thirteen: Unlucky for Some
Mar 07, 2024
Chapter Twelve: West
Mar 05, 2024
Chapter Eleven: Council
Feb 29, 2024
Chapter Ten: The Cove
Feb 26, 2024
Chapter Nine: Fruit Eaters
Feb 22, 2024
Chapter Eight: Fruit
Feb 19, 2024
Chapter Seven: The Bridge
Feb 15, 2024
Chapter Six: Help
Feb 12, 2024
Chapter Five: Work
Feb 07, 2024
Chapter Four: Shoalhaven
Feb 07, 2024
Chapter Three: The Archon
Feb 07, 2024
Chapter Two: The Dawn Tide
Feb 07, 2024
Chapter One: Every Day Aboard Is Two Day off Your Life
Feb 07, 2024
Feb 07, 2024