Alternate Routes

By Wondery

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Category: Sports

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What if the NBA never vetoed the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers? What if the Seahawks ran the ball on the one yard line in the Super Bowl? Could a coin flip have landed Magic in Chicago, Michael in LA and made Charles Barkley the first Black President? Wait, what?!! Questions like these have broken the brains of sports fans since the beginning of time.

Enter Wondery’s newest sports show, Alternate Routes, a weekly leap into the sports multiverse where former SportsCenter anchors, Trey Wingo and Kevin Frazier pry open the sliding doors of a different “what if’' moment from the world of sports. In these alternate sports realities, dynasties will fall! Legacies will change forever! New GOATs will emerge! Join Trey and Kevin every week as they travel every path, go down every rabbit hole and follow every alternate route, no matter how far-flung or far-fetched.

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Episode Date
What If The T-Wolves Drafted Steph Curry? | 11
May 14, 2024
What If Durant, Harden & Westbrook Stuck Together in OKC? | 10
May 07, 2024
What If The Celtics Won The Tim Duncan Draft Lottery? | 9
Apr 30, 2024
What If The Niners Drafted Aaron Rodgers? | 8
Apr 23, 2024
What If The Bears Drafted Patrick Mahomes? | 7
Apr 16, 2024
What If Tiger’s Marriage Didn’t Fall Apart in ‘09? | 6
Apr 09, 2024
What If Chris Webber Didn’t Call Timeout? | 5
Apr 02, 2024
What If Barry Bonds Signed With The Yankees? | 4
Mar 26, 2024
What If Jordan Missed The Shot Against Georgetown? | 3
Mar 19, 2024
What If The NBA Didn’t Veto The Chris Paul Trade? | 2
Mar 12, 2024
What If Drew Brees Didn’t Fail His Physical In Miami? | 1
Mar 12, 2024
Introducing: Alternate Routes With Trey Wingo and Kevin Frazier
Mar 05, 2024