World Gone Wrong: a fictional chat show about friendship at the end of the world

By Audacious Machine Creative

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Category: Fiction

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Subscribers: 87
Reviews: 6
Episodes: 11

 Jul 12, 2024
Cute and amusing, target audience is younger than 40's

 Jun 7, 2024

 May 8, 2024
awesome! great dynamic between the characters. I love that how it's lighthearted, but their hints about how bad everything really is leave you thinking about how you'd deal with it

 Apr 25, 2024
I see what reviewers mean when they say it feels like it's for a younger audience, but as a full-grown adult I really like it as something fun but emotionally low stakes. It's easy and fun to listen to and I love it to start my work day.

 Mar 23, 2024
The premise of the show sounds interesting, but I listened to episode 1 and wasn't into it. I agree with the review that says it's probably meant for a juvenile audience.


Malik and Jamie were roommates when the world ended. Now separated by half the country, literal acid rain, werewolves, aliens, and more, they start a chat podcast to stay in touch and work through the increasing uncertainty of their new apocalyptic reality. Each episode, Malik & Jamie will tackle topics like: should I change my office hours to accommodate vampire students? What if the body snatcher that took over my ex is nice? When did the kudzu start humming like that? Malik & Jamie will try to help! World Gone Wrong releases every other week on Tuesdays.

Episode Date
204- Do the Fair Folk need 401ks?
Jul 16, 2024
203- Should I report the Gremlins on the Purple Line?
Jul 02, 2024
202- Should a ghost pay rent?
Jun 18, 2024
201- Do we need a neighborhood watch for trees?
Jun 04, 2024
106 - Is the apocalypse better with friends? (Yes)
May 21, 2024
105 - Can sewer gators climb pipes?
May 07, 2024
104 - How did Jamie survive the acid rain?
Apr 23, 2024
103 - Why does your Dad know so much about body-snatchers?
Apr 09, 2024
102 - Can you get overtime pay in a time-loop?
Mar 26, 2024
101 - Can you shame-cone a Werewolf?
Mar 12, 2024
World Gone Wrong: Launch Trailer
Feb 28, 2024