Sweat Daily with Kayla Itsines

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Step into the best version of yourself and reach your health and wellbeing goals alongside global fitness sensation, Kayla Itsines. From fitness tips to food that fuels you, meditation to motivation - the Sweat Daily podcast is here to help you level up your life.

Each week covers a new theme – from sleep to sugar, biohacking to birth control and more.

Tune in on Mondays to start your week strong with for some one-on-one motivation tips and tricks. On Tuesdays, we bring you exclusive interviews with global stars and familiar faces, uncovering everything you’ve wanted to know about their health habits. We dive into the science of wellness with the help of industry-leading experts on Wednesdays, whilst Thursdays are about creating space for mindfulness with meditations from Shona Vertue. We’ll fuel you towards the weekend every Friday as Kayla chats to her family and friends about food.

Sweat Daily, launching 29/04/2024.

The happiest, healthiest, most confident version of you awaits.

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Episode Date
TUESDAY TALK with BRITANY WILLIAMS: "I Felt Guilty and Ashamed For Not Wanting To Work Out"
Jun 17, 2024
How Do We Build Healthier Habits - And Break Bad Ones?
Jun 16, 2024
GET COMFY: Leah Itsines On Her Journey from Hating Supplements to Creating Them
Jun 13, 2024
Your Peripheral Awareness Meditation with Shona Vertue
Jun 12, 2024
How to Navigate the Supplements Aisle Like a Doctor with Dr. Simon Baarbé
Jun 11, 2024
TUESDAY TALK with TURIA PITT: "How I Went from Re-Learning to Walk, to Completing an Ironman"
Jun 10, 2024
Am I Meant to Be Taking Supplements - Or Are They All A Scam?
Jun 09, 2024
GET COMFY: Kayla Sits Down With Llani Belle - “You Seem To Attract People With ADHD”
Jun 06, 2024
Your Moving Meditation for ADHD with Shona Vertue
Jun 05, 2024
How to Manage Your ADHD Symptoms with ADHD Coach Brooke Schnittman
Jun 04, 2024
TUESDAY TALK with TAMMIN SURSOK: "ADHD is Made Worse When You Put So Much Shame On Yourself"
Jun 03, 2024
My Life with ADHD - And Why I Finally Want to Talk About It
Jun 02, 2024
GET COMFY: Katie Martin's Unusual Meditation Method That (Almost) Everyone Can Do
May 30, 2024
Your Beginners Meditation with Shona Vertue
May 29, 2024
How to Actually Enjoy Meditation with Shona Vertue
May 28, 2024
TUESDAY TALK with FLEX MAMI: "Don't Believe The Silicon Valley Tech Bro's"
May 27, 2024
Everyone's Obsessed with Meditation - So Why Can't I Do It?
May 26, 2024
GET COMFY: Leah Itsines Exposes Kayla's Caramel Sundae Secrets
May 23, 2024
Your Impulse Control Meditation with Shona Vertue
May 22, 2024
How to Control Your Sugar Cravings
May 21, 2024
TUESDAY TALK with JAMEELA JAMIL: "I'm A Victim of a System Designed to Make Women Feel Like Shit"
May 20, 2024
I'm A Sugar Addict - But Is It Really That Bad?
May 19, 2024
GET COMFY: Leah Itsines Reveals The Nightmare That Scared Kayla For Life
May 16, 2024
Your Sleeptime Meditation with Shona Vertue
May 15, 2024
How to Achieve the Best Sleep Ever with Sleep Expert Olivia Arezzolo
May 14, 2024
TUESDAY TALK with GABBY BERNSTEIN: "If You Don't Sleep, It's a Slow Death"
May 13, 2024
Why Am I So Tired? The Key To Better Sleep
May 12, 2024
GET COMFY: Katie Martin Shares Her Best Energy Building Snacks
May 09, 2024
Your Energising Meditation with Shona Vertue
May 08, 2024
How to Build More Energy Into Your Day with Dr. Simon Baarbé
May 07, 2024
TUESDAY TALK with Olympian MORGAN MITCHELL: "I Was Trying to Look Like a Supermodel, Not Run Like an Athlete"
May 06, 2024
I Want My Spark Back - How To Get Endless Energy
May 05, 2024
GET COMFY: Leah Itsines Opens Up About Her Post-Partum Exercise Journey
May 02, 2024
Your Pre-Workout Meditation with Shona Vertue
May 01, 2024
How to Overcome Mental Barriers to Exercise with Dr. Ahona Guha
Apr 30, 2024
TUESDAY TALK with THE GLUCOSE GODDESS: "How A Major Accident Changed My Approach to Health"
Apr 29, 2024
I Hate Running: Finding the Exercise For You
Apr 28, 2024
Introducing: Sweat Daily with Kayla Itsines
Apr 18, 2024