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 Sep 9, 2019
the stuff is good but half of the episode is advertising so you might as well skip to the middle


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Living Without Self-Inflicted Drama

  Living Without Self-Inflicted Drama

Are you the kind of person who is always running around putting out fires - fires you set? 

I think it is time that we take away your matches and lighter fluid.

Here are a few things to think about:

1) If your life is non-stop drama, stress, and craziness, there is a chance that YOU are the cause. There is also a good chance that you don’t see it that way.

2) Living with your hair on fire will keep you busy that you can spend years wondering why you can’t get what you want.

3) When you stop doing anything that results in more craziness knocking at your door, you will find that life is pretty quiet. Quiet is where all good stuff happens.

It’s a Universal truth. You are 100% in charge of every action you choose to take - or not. Choose good ones. 

Jan 13, 2020
How To Make Sure Dreams Can Become Real

How To Make Sure Dreams Can Become Real

Everybody has dreams. Daydreams, dreams while you sleep, and dreams of what you wish for the future.

I’ve always believed that dreams are goals you have nurtured to become real in your life.

But how do you know if the voice speaking to your heart will lead you in the right direction?

I was reading Brant Pinvidic’s book, The 3-Minute Rule. His approach to better presentations happens to be my approach to goal validation.

When an idea pops into your head, ask yourself four questions:

1) What is it? Do you understand exactly what you want?

2) How does it work? How will you go about reaching your goal? What will likely be the outcome?

3) Can you do it? Is your plan reasonable? Do you have the time, skills, money?

4) Are you sure? If you are willing to put in the effort are you confident you can achieve your goal?

Use these next time something is holding you back from turning your dreams into reality. I promise. The clarity you are seeking is around the corner.

Jan 06, 2020
2020 Success Hacks (Part One)

2020 Success Hacks (Part One)

As we begin a new year and decade, I thought I would give a little motivational tough love.

Before I get going -

No matter what you desire in 2020, remember that life and business are about solving problems. The bigger your dreams, the bigger your problems. If you want what nobody else has, you need to solve problems that nobody else will.

So, how do you begin with a bang?

1) Decide what you want in 2020. Be specific. Anything less is what average people do.

2) Decide to pay the price of your success. You’ve heard it before and it’s true. Short-term pain leads to long-term gain. The future value of your life depends on the current value of your effort.

3) Own your goals. You don’t need to ask permission from anybody. You don’t even need to say a word. Put your head down and get to work.

4) Since you’ve decided what you want. Don’t accept your excuses.

When it’s time to get to work -

5) Start your day early. Do what is important to you before the day begins.

6) Set your focus and starting point. Pick the first task, finish, and move on to the next. Keep going until you get what you want.

7) Hold space for what is essential for you.

8) Develop the habit of deep work. Two hours of uninterrupted work per day will change your life.

9) Don’t get caught up in believing you need Networking, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Partnerships. Yes, you need some - but not many. Trust yourself and start creating. Let everybody else catch up.

10) Don’t get caught up in learning. If you stumble, find your answer, and get back to work. If another question pops up, repeat.

11) Apply never-ending massive imperfect action. Don’t worry about the mess. You can clean it up later.

Tomorrow we’ll chat about how to gain a HUGE advantage while accelerating your success.

Jan 01, 2020
Why You Should Limit Your Choices

Why You Should Limit Your Choices

Do you have too many choices in your life? 

In 2005, Barry Schwartz wrote The Paradox of Choice. It challenged the traditional thinking that said, the way to maximum freedom is to maximize choice. 

Too many choices are not necessarily a good thing. They can create paralysis. Not to mention, no matter what you choose, you'll always wonder if you could have done better.

Here's my advice to you:

1) Limit choices. Narrow your list to items you have already experienced. Having every option won't serve you.

2) Be sure to permit yourself to try other possibilities IF needed - but only after you've vetted your first.

3) Stay in your lane and keep things simple. 

Too many choices are part of modern life. If you can't make a decision - shorten your list of what is important. 

Dec 30, 2019
Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

Have you ever found yourself blissfully working for hours while time flies?  You are doing what makes your heart sing!

Some folks say, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”  That’s not true.  You’ll work harder than you ever have.  You’ll love every minute of it.  Your rewards will come like never before.

It’s easy to dream of a less complicated life when all you’ve ever done is live a complicated life.  That's not the issue.  In fact, you'll find your perfect life when you discover that there are never enough hours in the day - and you don’t care.  You’ll pick up where you left off tomorrow. 

Dec 26, 2019
Transitioning Your Life

Transitioning Your Life

What’s the most exciting and scary thing you can do in life? Deciding to change everything and turn your dreams into reality will get your attention.

What if you believe in your goal but lack the confidence to achieve your goal?

Your day-to-day actions are a result of your Inner Guiding Values. They are the principles that define you. If you seek anything outside your routine, you are going to feel uncomfortable. 

Transitional Values are your solution. They are how you re-define who you are in small steps. 

You may have an affirmation, “I fly airplanes, and I am an awesome pilot.” I bet you are going to feel a little out of your league the first time you step in an airplane. However...

“I’m learning to fly airplanes, and I am working toward being an awesome pilot” is very different. It is also less stressful, something you can imagine, and much more doable.

Why jump from change-to-change. That is scary. It’s more fun to transition in small steps until you get what you want. Remember - life is a marathon.

Dec 23, 2019
Believe in Yourself

It’s the time of year when the world begins to believe.

Children always believe, but the power to believe lies within you too.

Believing in yourself begins with basics:

1) Practice self-care. Building belief starts with you. When you spend time improving your life, you will open more doors.

2) Seek to expand. The larger your worldview, the more you will believe in yourself. Look outside yourself and explore what’s possible. It may be just steps from your comfort zone.

3) Test drive opportunities. Keep your eyes open for small opportunities that cross your path - and take the good ones for a test drive. No commitment required.

Focus on your highest and best and you will build self-confidence. If won't be long before you believe in yourself more than you ever before.

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Dec 16, 2019
Opportunity Discrimination

Do you have too many options that you are having a difficult time choosing?

There is a concept called "Opportunity Cost," which some consider a fancy word for "trade-off." In other words, every time you make a choice, there is a trade-off to consider.

Another way is to change how you view potential opportunities with extreme discrimination. You can do that with one question -

"Does this opportunity provide the fastest and most direct path for me to reach my goals?"

Now, before we go on, it's easy to look at almost any opportunity and justify a path. Especially if you are being persuaded by someone else - and know that NEVER happens.

If you want to break free from a stalled life, you must eliminate maybe from your life.  Only a yes or no will create the momentum you desire.

Dec 11, 2019
Living Without Personal Limitations


What if your life had no limitations and no consequences?

What if you could do anything that you wanted without anything holding you back?

Here’s the truth.

Personal limitations and consequences are useful. Think of them as guard rails alongside a curvy mountain road. They keep you safe while you are on your journey.

What if you find that you are playing it a little too safe and holding yourself back from your dreams?

Another way is to think of as part of your internal belief and value system. You may need to expand through different experiences.

In other words -

Take baby steps until you gain confidence and believe anything is possible. Then prove it yourself.

Dec 10, 2019
How To Be Happier Using Natural Laws


Personal growth is a journey that is more fun when you follow the rules of Natural Law.

1) The Law of Vibration states that thoughts are things - one of the most potent forms of energy. What you think about, you bring about.  Pay attention to your thoughts.

2) Nothing exists without the opposite according to the Law of Polarity.  Love.  Hate.  Hot.  Cold.  Yin.  Yang.  Opposites are different forms of the same thing.  Embrace them.

3) The Law of Rhythm states life is a pendulum.  What swings left must swing right.    

4) Every effect must have a cause; every cause must have an effect.  That’s the Law of Cause and Effect.  Everything in life is perpetual and never-ending.

A wise person would find a way to follow the path of least resistance to success. You are a wise person - right?

Dec 09, 2019
Goal Setting For 2020

Goal Setting For 2020

The New Year will arrive before you know it. Here are a few questions to help with planning:

1)  What do I want to do?

2)  What do I want to have?

3)  Where do I want to go?

4)  What contribution do I want to make?

5)  What do I want to become?

6)  What do I want to learn?

7)  Who do I want to spend my time with?

8)  How much do I want to earn, save, and invest?

9)  How much time do I want for fun?

10)  What will I do to create optimum health?

That’ll keep you busy.

Dec 02, 2019
How To Get More Done

How To Get More Done

Have you noticed it?   

As soon as you initiate action toward a goal - a million other distractions arrive in your life?

Etch this into your mind: Activity creates activity.

No matter what you choose to take on, your energy will attract everything you need to succeed. It will also draw everything is necessary to through you off track.

Don't get stuck in neutral. Shift gears and accelerate yourself into massive imperfect action mode. 


Remember that any activity will create more activity. Set your goal, narrow your focus, and get busy living.

Nov 25, 2019
Time To Step Up?

Time To Step Up?

Imagine how you would feel if everything is perfect in your life - yet it feels like there is more.

Is it time to step up?

You’ve spent your entire life rising to the next level in the pursuit of success and happiness. Maybe you have arrived. Maybe you haven’t. In either case, the time will come that things don’t feel the same.

Yes. It’s time to step up.

No matter what happens in your life. No matter who comes into your life. Everything exists for a reason and a season.

Letting one thing go for something better is the process for achieving happiness.

It’s time to step up.

Nov 20, 2019
Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free

John Lennon was famous for saying, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

Over the years, I've found that folks tend to ACT and DO on what serves them best. And they do it while dreaming and planning for something else.

It's an exhausting way to live. You can set yourself free by making a simple decision.

If you want something different, do it now! 

If you can't get yourself to do it, consider that it may not be as relevant to you as you think.

If that's the case, get your ego out of the way and scratch it off your list. 

You're going to surprise yourself with new opportunities. They have been hiding for years, waiting for you to make space.

Nov 19, 2019
How To Succeed With Any Goal

How To Succeed With Any Goal

Setting Goals is the most powerful method of getting what you want. It is the power of your mind - activated.

Here’s how:

1) Decide what you want and when you want to get it.

2) Decide when you will start and when you will finish.

3) Decide how you will begin and how you will maintain your momentum.

Then you must get to work.

Limit anything and anybody that has a distracting influence on you. You must get to work.

Commit to overcoming any obstacle that gets in your way. You must get to work.

The path is long. Start like a sprinter and end like a marathon runner. You must get to work.

The only thing stopping you from getting what you want is not you. It is everything that you allow to get in your way.

Nov 18, 2019
How To Connect With Conversations

How To Connect With Conversations

Today you are going to have opportunities to communicate. 

Here’s how to create conversations that connect:

1) Meet folks where they are. Pay attention to how their day is going. Step into their NOW.

2) Establishing something in common. “Wow! Has this day been crazy for you too?”

3) Establish an undeniable truth. “I promise it’s going to get crazier with the holidays coming.”

4) Move toward an idea that everybody can agree. “Holidays are coming fast. We should get ahead of it and do some planning.” 

5) Bring a new idea into the conversation. “I have a system that will work for both of us. Do you want to see it?” 

You will always get more of what you want when your communication moves toward a common goal.

Nov 13, 2019
Handing Yourself. Handling Others.

Handing Yourself. Handling Others.

One of my hobbies is running my Australian Shepard, Levi, in agility competitions.

When people see us run, their first comment is almost always -

"I love how your dog knows where do go. How did you teach him to follow the numbers on the course?"

I always smile.

No. Levi does not follow numbers. He relies on me, his Handler, to tell him where to go. If I don't communicate my intention, he will go off course and be eliminated.

In the agility world, we like to say, "Every dog has a Handler problem."

I've noticed the same thing in the human world.

If you think you are being tripped up by someone else, double-check to see if they are having a Handler problem.

Know what you want, where you want to go, and effectively communicate your goals. You will be amazed at how almost everybody will follow the numbers.

Nov 12, 2019
4 Questions For Better Decision Making

4 Questions For Better Decision Making

Do you ever have difficulty making decisions? 

In the next 60 seconds, you can harness the most potent and easy to use decision-making tool I have ever found.

Forget the old "Pro and Con" list your Mom and Dad taught you.  It’s time for a new approach.

The next time you find yourself challenged use Quantum Linguistics.  Ask yourself these 4 simple questions to solve your problem:

What would happen if I DID?

What would happen if I DIDN'T?

What wouldn't happen if I DID?

What wouldn't happen if I DIDN'T?

Unusual clarity is around the corner.

Nov 11, 2019
No More Information Overload

No More Information Overload

Are you caught up in information overload that is driving you crazy?

Too much information leads to confusion and a lack of clarity - a recipe for frustration.

It’s time to embrace Adequate Information in all aspects of your life.

Your goal should be to sift and sort until you discover only the information you need to move forward. Ignore everything else. It’s noise.

Success comes from clarity, adequate information, leverage, and ritualistically repeating what works.

Nov 06, 2019
Steps of Change

Steps of Change

Happiness in life is about getting what you want and keeping what you love.

The process always follows these four steps:

1) Decision: Everything begins with a decision to move in a new direction. The more meaningful your decision, the more likely you will take action.

2) Definition: Aimless wandering toward your dream is no fun. Defining your path will get you there quickly.

3) Deployment: Putting your plan into action separates a truly fulfilling life from a frustrating life.

4) Defense: Once you achieve what you want be sure to develop a plan to defend it so you never lose it.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Nov 05, 2019
How To Find Yourself

How To Find Yourself

Are you the kind of person who can't decide what to do with your life?

Are you fearful of pulling the trigger and going for it?

It can be scary to start something new - especially if you don't know how well you'll like your new lifestyle.

Why not explore the possibilities with no commitment?

Instead of charging forward into the unknown, why not take the fear away and test your new experience first? If it's a keeper, keep moving in that direction. If not, test something else.

Most everything in your life has happened because you stumbled into it and decided to stick with it. Why change what works?

Nov 04, 2019
Most Productive Week Ever

Most Productive Week Ever

What if you could have the most productive week ever?

The solution is simple; get ahead of the game before the game begins.

It works like this:

1) List your short and long-term goals. 

2) Decide what past achievements you enjoy and that you want to continue as you pursue new adventures.

3) Decide what future goals you are ready to 'activate' and achieve - NOW!

4) Next week begins this week. Thursday is your new planning day. That's when you plan how your goals will fit into next week.

5) Get up on Monday morning, ready to ROCK!

Oct 28, 2019
9 Personal Development Principles You Need

9 Personal Development Principles You Need

You may have heard that you will elevate your station in life to the degree that you elevate yourself.

Personal Development is how you do that.

Here are some easy ideas to move you forward:

1) Acknowledge that all emotions come from within you.

2) Seek out someone you respect. Use them to stay honest.

3) Recognize there is life after failure.

4) Read purposefully. Apply your knowledge.

5) Challenge yourself to be brutally honest.

6) Reflect on what you spend the most time on.

7) Remind yourself: you weren’t meant to procrastinate.

8) Put the phone away. Be present.

9) Remind yourself that time is your most precious resource.

Can you imagine how much you can change in your life when you live by those principles?

Oct 24, 2019
Don’t Like Who You Are? Change Who You Are!

If you are unhappy with who you have become in life, there is a simple question that will redirect you -

What do you want to be different than it is now?

Every choice you have made has put you where you are. If you want something different, all you have to do is make different choices.

Yes, it is that simple.

Different choices mean a different direction. A whole new world is waiting for you.

Who will you become today?

Oct 23, 2019
Emotional Trigger Mastery

Do you ever find yourself emotionally triggered and tossed off track for the entire day?

You are an emotional person. When emotions keep you from logically navigating your day, problems begin.

How do you control being triggered?

1) Identify what triggers a response that you want or don’t want to experience. 

2) Decide how you want to feel when triggered. Make a plan to respond.

3) The next time you are triggered, recognize what is happening and execute your plan.

Identify. Decide. Respond.

The more you catch what emotionally triggers you, the more control will have over how you feel. That is true power. 

Oct 22, 2019
Eliminate Distraction The Easy Way

Getting what you want in life requires one thing. Focus.

It's a simple fact; you get what you focus on. 

But how do you get focused when distraction is everywhere?

That’s is easy.

If you feel like you are wondering and wobbling on your life journey, there are two questions you should ask:

1) Am I wondering and wobbling because that's what I want to do?

2) If not, what SHOULD I be focusing on right now?

Distractions are the same as a focus - only pointed in the wrong direction. A quick adjustment is all it takes to get yourself back on track.

Oct 21, 2019
Steps of Change

Is there something you would like to change about your life?

Stop smoking, lose weight, get a better job?

No matter what you choose, you will always climb the steps of change.

Stage One: Known as Pre-contemplation. This stage appears when an idea pops into your head for the first time.

Stage Two: Contemplation. This middle ground is where most folks get stuck. It can go on for a lifetime.

Stage Three: Determination. You’ve made up your mind and begin preparing for what is to come.

Stage Four: You get started. You are in action mode. There is no turning back.

Stage Five: Maintenance mode. Your job is to keep what you have. This stage may also last your entire life.

Oct 15, 2019
5-Minute Focus

It's the world's simplest recipe for success; Stand up, take a step, REPEAT! 

A member wrote asking the best use of that simple advice:

1) Stop what you are doing. Block out everything. Focus on YOU.

2) Find a place where nobody will interrupt you for 5 minutes.

3) Ask yourself, "How is my life going?" Open your mind and let your thoughts flow into the different areas and roles of your life. Bring them into focus.

4) For things going well, continue your momentum. For areas of concern, ask," What CAN I do to make it better?"

5) Immediately take action based on your answers.

Checking in with yourself 5-minutes a day is all it takes to stay focused and on track toward your goals.

Oct 14, 2019
No Stress To-Do List

Are you spending your day chasing checkmarks? Are you trying to finish your never-ending to To-Do List?

Most people tend to add to their list without thinking much about it. Then they check their list to remind them how much they haven’t done. That will ruin your day.

A better way is to think of your list as “Did-I-Do-It-List.” While it may seem the same, there is an important difference.

Instead of feeling bound to your list, your new mindset is simple. Check your list to make sure you did what you planned.

I’ll let you decide.

Are you less stressed when you try to keep up with life?

Or are you less stressed when you see how much progress you have made? 

Oct 09, 2019
How To Feel 16 Again

Growing up, sure can get in the way of your dreams. It’s sad how so many goals get pushed aside for daily responsibilities. 

Think about this -

When you were 16, the only freedoms you enjoyed were what your parents allowed. When you grow up, you have total freedom and complete control.

If you could live today like you were 16, it might look like this -

You would go to school and educate yourself.

Your friends would be real friends. Not just people you met at the office.

You would dream about your future.

You would be excited about what was to come in life.

You wouldn’t be allowed to drink. Your mind would be clear.

You would embrace having fun for the fun of it.

You couldn’t and wouldn’t get in debt.

You would sleep. A lot.

The job you have today would have felt like a prison. Does it?

You would busy yourself all day with LIFE.

You don’t have to 16 again. But imagine how much fun you could have if you knew then…what you know now… and used it all today?

Oct 08, 2019
Perfect Day. Perfect Life.

What if every day, for the rest of your life, was perfect?

Your subconscious mind is a beautiful thing. You can engage its power to design your life to be exactly how you imagine. Here’s how:

1) Write down an event-by-event vision of what your perfect day would be. Yes, it’s a fantasy - for now.

2) There are no rules. No limitations. No consequences. Don’t be shy. Be honest about what you want.

3) Believe it can be yours! You deserve it.

If you follow these steps, your sub-conscious mind seeks ways to make your dreams come true. All it needs is a partner willing to take action. Do that, and you’ll create a fantastic life.

Oct 07, 2019
Figuring Out Your One Thing

In the movie “City Slickers,” Mitch was on a mission to find purpose - as if there was a single solution for everybody. 

That’s when he met a cowboy with simple yet straightforward advice -

Curly: Do you know what the secret of life is? [holds up one finger] This.

Mitch: Your finger?

Curly: One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that, and the rest don’t mean &*#@.

Mitch: But, what is the “one thing?”

Curly: That’s what you have to find out.

Most folks spend their lives searching outside themselves while what’s important quietly rages inside of them.  Most happily move through their day with little or no thought.  But the search continues - until they finally figure Curly’s secret -

The ONE thing is different for everybody - and it’s far less exciting and easier to find than you think.

Oct 01, 2019
Doing More Than You Must For Success

Earl Nightingale produced “The Strangest Secret” to motivate his insurance company sales force.  It is now a motivational standard.

The secret is simple:

1) You become what you think.

2) You must pay the prices.

3) You must control your thoughts.

4) Cutaway the limitations of your mind.

5) Set a clearly defined goal. 

6) Act promptly when your path is clear.

7) Save at least 10% of every dollar.

What do you want more than anything else? 

Do more than you must. Do more than anybody else. Do it better than anybody else.

Are you ready to make so nobody can ignore you?

Commit today to do more than you must to get what you want.

Sep 30, 2019
Somewhere Leads to Somewhere

Have you ever wondered how to change the direction of anything in your life? If Where you live, your job, your relationship?

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to go.  The process is the same.

And it doesn’t require dramatic contortions in your life to make it happen.

It’s simple.

You have arrived somewhere, and you want to go somewhere else. 

Even if you don’t know how you got where you are, point yourself in a general direction and start taking action. You’ll figure it out.

The path from somewhere to somewhere else also includes stops somewhere along the way.

What happens is you don’t like where you are?

Remember that somewhere will always lead to somewhere else.

You’ll get there eventually.

One more thing -

On your journey to somewhere, you will be doing lots of somethings with lots of someones. That’s what makes it fun.

Sep 27, 2019
Is Your Future Slipping Away?

Have you noticed how everybody is running so fast these days?

Are they living in the moment? Are they dwelling on the past? Are they dreaming of the future - and waiting for it to arrive?

Any human would experience a combination of all three every day. That's normal as long as it doesn't get in the way of living.

A decade ago, my first wife passed away from Cancer. She was 46 and too young to die. I was too young to be a widower. My children too young to lose their Mom. 

While challenging, our family had an unconventional outlook on life - and death. In fact, our goal was to make it the best death ever. Sadly, we achieved that goal.  It was the strangest accomplishment any of us had ever experienced.

After she passed, my daughter, Carlyn, wrote a poem that resonates to this day -

Soon we'll all find our way.

Soon we'll know what.

Makes us who we are.

Soon we'll wake up.

To a day we can appreciate.

Soon we'll know that.

Tomorrow we'll be better.

Soon we'll trust that everything's okay.

That the past is gone.

Can't hold us back.

Soon we'll smile about today.

Soon will come too soon.

Don't let it slip away.

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future. Don't let it slip away.

Sep 26, 2019
Ultimate Time Management

It seems everybody is obsessed with Time Management. Who do we think we are? The Boss of Time?

The truth is, there is not one person on this planet who has the power to manage Time.

No matter how strong you are, Time will not bend to your command. 

Whether you sit around and do nothing or push hard toward your goals, Time will remain constant.

What you can manage is YOU.

The most successful, relaxed, and happy people understand that it’s up to them to bend themselves to fit Time. They hold space in their life:

1) Always decide in advance the essential activities you will be doing and when you will be doing them. Focus on actions that must get done and will drive you forward. 

2) A week in advance, create sacred blocks on your calendar. Choose the activities that will fill the blocks.

3) No matter what gets in the way, keep your appointment with yourself. Complete your activities in the assigned block. Walk away.

Follow this simple recipe and you will always be a week ahead. You will be locked into your momentum building plan. You will make never-ending progress.

Sep 25, 2019
Procrastination Distraction Condition

Do you ever feel like you are procrastinating?

What if I were to tell you that you are not, and there is an easy fix.

It’s hard to tell how many dreams have are being crushed from the inability to get things done.

Procrastination is nothing more than a distraction from current life conditions. Decide that your current circumstances are no longer acceptable, you stop procrastinating.

What if there was something deeper?

What if you were filling your day with non-stop activities in preparation to reach your goals?  But it feels like you are procrastinating? 

You are not, and one day, when you’re ready, you will begin. 

You are distracted, happy in your toiling, and filling yourself with growing frustration. 

You are not procrastinating; you are Fixin’ to get ready.”

You’ll know you are Fixin' when you are working toward your goals yet feel like you can’t get momentum to get started. You are not procrastinating. You are waiting to reach the starting line.

Fixin’ happens when you get caught up in details and become overwhelmed. The solution is to simple. Forget the big picture. Choose a starting point.  Begin. 

If you are procrastinating, STOP IT. If you are fixin’ to get ready, STOP IT. There is no try. There is only do. Thanks, Yoda.

Sep 24, 2019
Success Habits

Whatever you get in life is a result of your daily habits. What is a habit?

According to the dictionary, it is a settled or regular tendency or practice.  It is also something that is especially one that is hard to give up.

Good habit or bad - they are hard to give up. If that’s the case, you may as well choose good habits.

In a survey of 233 self-made millionaires, here’s what they did that lower-income earners didn’t -

Get up early, read, a LOT, spend 15 - 30 minutes each day on focused thinking.

Good habits, done daily, create success.

Made exercise a priority, spend time with people that inspire them, pursue their own goals.

Settled habits create settled success.

Get enough sleep, have multiple incomes, avoid time-wasters.

If you’re not getting the results you want, there is a high likely hood that you are not giving up your current habits.

Until you establish new habits, little will change. When you do, everything will change.


Sep 23, 2019
You Must Change Before Anything Else Changes

People have always sought change for themselves, their life, or the world.

If you want to change, there is a constant truth; you must change before anything else changes.

Many smart folks agree -

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Leo Tolstoy, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

What about Albert Einstein? 

“The world, as we have created, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Do you want to change something about today, tomorrow, or the future?  You must change before anything else changes.

Have you learned lessons from past experiences?  You have already changed, and your future is better for it.

Rumi said, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

If tomorrow you want to be better than today and yesterday, something has to change. That something is you.

If you want to make more money, serve more, and be happier next year, something has to change this year. That something is you.

If you want this life to be well-lived, something has to change today. That something is you.

What if you want everything about your life to be perfect? Listen to Winston Churchill. “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

It’s so simple. 

You Must Change Before Anything Else Changes.

Sep 18, 2019
Leadership is More Than Looking The Part

I was speaking with a young man at the gym. He made a comment that made me twist my head sideways like one of my curious Alpacas. 

He said, “I’m working so hard to be a good leader. Here I am at the gym, and I’m spending all my time on the phone trying to get my team to be more productive.”

I asked, “What is your team doing?”

“Oh, some are working in the office and others with clients, but I know they can do more.”

I don’t know about you, but that last thing that motivates me is to have somebody else, who is NOT working, tell ME to get to work. That’s what I said. 

His response?

“I am working. I must look good in my career. My staff should understand that.”

Oh - I’m confident they understand completely.

Leadership is more than LOOKING the part. It’s about BEING the part. If you are talking more than you are walking, you are not leading.

Sep 17, 2019
You Are The Engine That Drives Your Dreams

You’ve heard if you want success you must go after your goals with consistency and dedication. You must want it for yourself. More than anybody wants if for you.

YOU are the engine that drives your dreams.

Others will help, but in the end, your actions are the only thing that will lead to the reward.

I remember when my kids got older. I had a talent for manifesting what I wanted in life, and my Son asked, “Dad, how do you always seem to create what you want?”

I said, “YOU must make up your mind that you want it before you can get it. You are the engine that drives your dreams.”

I had to laugh when he said, “Is that telling me to make my bed when I was a kid?”

One more thing.

Some people think when they reach their goals they can take a break.  Not so.  Permanent success does not come from temporary actions.

Your real reward will be all the new opportunity that arrives in your life.  Everybody loves a winner.

YOU are the engine that drives your dreams. Always remember that.

Sep 16, 2019
Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

Have you ever found yourself working for hours while time flies? 

You are doing what makes your heart sing!

Some folks say, "Do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life." 

That's not true. 

You will work harder than ever - and will love every minute of it. Your rewards will come like never before.

It's easy to dream of a less complicated life when all you have ever done is live a complicated life. 

That's not the issue. 

When you realize that there are never enough hours in the day - and you don't care - nothing else will matter. 

Sep 09, 2019
What CAN You Do - Right Now?

What CAN You Do - Right Now?

I have a favorite question;" What Can I Do?"

I ask it when I'm unsure about the next action. It always delivers. 

Getting what you want in life sometimes includes random and vague goal setting - something that is not likely to help you make progress. What you need is to be targeted and specific. 

But what do you when targeted and specific isn't coming to mind?

Ask yourself -

" What Can I Do?"

Sometimes the answer is not what you want to hear. Then again, when you are stopped in your tracks - it can't hurt.

What's next?

Stand up, take a step, REPEAT!

You'll find your way.

Sep 09, 2019
Removing Obstacles That Stand in Your Way

Removing Obstacles That Stand in Your Way

Have you ever wondered how much easier things would be if you didn’t have to think so much?

What if the future or your past didn’t matter?

Imagine if you didn’t worry about the possessions, success, or drama of others?

What would happen if you believed that YOU are in control? 

Now you are starting to think like a Stoic Philosopher.

Stoicism is about paring down and simplifying. They eliminate unproductive traits that define the majority of the population. One of the most common is by turning obstacles upside down, creating opportunities, and seeing them as teachable moments.

For a Stoic, every bad thing becomes a new source of good. 

Marcus Aurelius said it this way,

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in your way becomes the way.”

Sep 02, 2019
How Happy People See The World

How Happy People See The World


Did you know that happy people see the world differently?


They don't wear rose-colored glasses. They have a better way:


1) Happy people realize that being alive includes problems.   


2) Happy people accept that challenges are a privilege.  


3) Happy people get frustrated but don't give up. Problems mean everything is normal.


4) Happy people take responsibility for solving problems. 


5) Happy people deal with everything life can throw at them, get a great nights sleep, and do it all over again.


Finally, when you think like a happy person, most problems never show up in the first place.

Aug 28, 2019
Life. Work. Balance.

Life. Work. Balance.

A long time ago, you found yourself graduating high school and thrust into real-life.

I’m sure you gave lots of thought to your future. Then again, you were young. Twenty years later, things can look very different.

Over the years, I’ve learned something about working for a living:

1) Chasing money, advancement, and being significant will keep you busy. It will also blind you from other areas of life you would enjoy.

2) Pursuing passion and mission without considering real-life is a recipe for frustration.

Choose career opportunities that allow you to run fast, feel important, make money, and will enable you to serve your passion and mission.

Aug 26, 2019
Success In The Gig Economy

Living in today’s GIG economy is changing lives for millions.  And, it's only going to get bigger - because it’s all about taking care of people.


Use this equation to open more doors in this new way of life: Problem + Cost = Opportunity.


Everybody has a problem that needs solving. Is it money? Time?Freedom?


Here’s how you convert problems into your success:


1) Recognize the problem that a customer, employee, friend, or family member is having.


2) Identify how much that problem is costing them. It could be financial or emotional.


3) Present a solution and show them how you will help them solve their problem and make the pain go away.


Everybody has challenges. When you can solve them, you create an opportunity for yourself. 

Aug 22, 2019
How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

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I've always believed the Law of Attraction should be called Law of What You Think About Most.


Like attracts like. What you think about, you get. 


If you think, "I won't get it because I never do" - you are correct.


Dreaming of a new life while focusing on your current problems is a sure way to keep spinning your wheels.


The trick is to focus your attention and actions on what you want to attract. That will require a dedicated effort. Vision Boards, lists of Goals, daily journaling are all great ways to stay on track.  


The Law of What You Think about is magical and straightforward


Decide what you want. Believe it is possible. Focus on the future, not the past. Don't stop until you get it.

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Aug 19, 2019
Traits of the Successful

Traits of the Successful


Success leaves clues. Here are a few:


The person who has the biggest WHY wins.


The person who shows up consistently wins.


The most persistent person wins.


The person who never assumes wins.


The person who is the best at what they do wins.


The person who plans and documents their journey wins.


The person who never gives up total control wins.


The person who accepts responsibility wins.


The person who accepts advice yet makes up their own mind wins.


The person who serves the most wins.

Aug 12, 2019
Leadership Skills You Forgot

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Leadership Skills You Forgot


There is nothing new in life. If you want to be a great leader, learn from those who know how to lead.  Do what they do.


"Good leaders take a little more than their share of the blame, a little less than their share of the credit." - Arnold H. Glasgow


"Lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate. Take the front line when there is danger. People will appreciate your leadership." - Nelson Mandela


"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want to be done because they want to do it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower


"A person who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd." - Max Lucado


"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." - Steve Jobs


Have a great weekend!

Aug 09, 2019
Don't Get Stuck In Learning Mode

Don't Get Stuck In Learning Mode


Have you ever felt as if something was holding you back? You might be spending too much time learning.


The challenge begins when your mind gets confused. Since it can't tell the difference between perception and reality, learning feels like doing. You might be getting smarter, but you are not moving forward.


Here are some simple truths:


1) Learning a new skill is fun and required for a better life.


2) Learning alone will not produce results.


3) You don't have to learn everything.  You already more than enough to get started.


When you transform your knowledge into physical action, you will make massive progress. It's time to get moving

Aug 05, 2019
4 Types of Clarity

4 Types of Clarity


Understanding what you want in life is the foundation of all success.  There are 4 types of Clarity:


1) Clarity of Purpose: Knowing what drives your heart and soul is the fuel the will propel you to your dreams.


2) Clarity of Task: What tasks fulfill your purpose? Knowing will reduce stress and create daily satisfaction.


3) Clarity of Process: Ritualistic and consistent dedication to your proven process lead to happiness.  Learn what works. Do more of it.


4) Clarity of Outcome: Know what prize you are seeking. Always keep your eye on the prize.


I like simple.  Simple works. 

Aug 01, 2019