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By Pilar Alessandra

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ON THE PAGE: Join professional script consultant Pilar Alessandra as she demystifies screenwriting and answers your questions about script craft and story.

Episode Date
667. Ten Things Hollywood Can Do to Fight Racism and Promote Justice

From a "stereotype moratorium" to divestment from discriminatory locales," writer and social justice leader Alan Jenkins describes the concrete actions that writers and others in the entertainment industry can take right now.

Jun 05, 2020
666. The Omen with David Seltzer

Episode 666 called for a discussion of one of the greatest movies of all times, The Omen, with one of the greatest screenwriters of all times, David Seltzer. Not only does he share his thoughts and feelings about writing horror, he also gives insight into the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

May 29, 2020
665. A Roadmap for Achieving Your Goals

Goal coach Debra Eckerling talks about the road trip approach to setting, planning and achieving goals laid out in her new book, Your Goal Guide.

May 22, 2020
664. Finding the Movie of the Doc.

Documentary filmmaker Senain Kheshgi talks about the way she uses narrative movie structure to shape her groundbreaking films.

May 15, 2020
663. The Enchanting Rich Fulcher

Writer/Actor/Comedian Rich Fulcher returns to crack Pilar up with his take on voice acting, pitching and writing on Matt Groening’s animated show Disenchantment.

May 08, 2020
662. From “Ha” to “Aw”

Veteran writers Juliet Aires Giglio and Keith Giglio talk about following structure while freshening genre in their latest venture writing Christmas movies (Christmas Reservations,  A Very Nutty Christmas) for Lifetime.

May 01, 2020
661. Your Favorite Quarantainment

Pilar enlists the listeners to talk about the bingeable shows that are helping them get through the Coronavirus quarantine.

Apr 24, 2020
660. “This is My Jam"

Chris Sparling, writer of BURIEDTHE SEA OF TREES (nominated for the Palm d'Or at Cannes), MERCY and the soon to be released GREENLAND, is a veteran at working remotely and taking meetings online. In this episode he offers tips on virtual networking, maintaining focus and writing well. 

Apr 17, 2020
659. Will Podcast for Candy

Locked down with their mom, Pilar’s kids Ezra Dodson and Rita Dodson discuss “teen” language, portrayals of teenagers on screen and their mutual love of inappropriate horror movies.

Apr 10, 2020
658. The Myth of the Starving Artist

Personal finance consultant Lisa Gould leads a creative conversation about ways that writers can save, manage and spend their hard-earned money.

Apr 03, 2020
657. "Like An Escape Room"

Brian Keith Etheridge has been a writer and co-EP for the half-hour comedy The Neighborhood, The GoldbergsMike and Molly, The Mick and The Ranch … just to name a few. Here he shares his wisdom about writing, pitching and the dynamics of the writers’ room. His philosophy:  “Anyone who pitches the solution is a hero."

Mar 27, 2020
656. “The Note Home Remains the Same”

Screenwriters Dave Merlino and Dustin Sweet share their four-year journey filming a documentary about war veterans.

Mar 20, 2020
655. Wanuri Kahiu and the Art of “Afro-bubblegum"

Writer/director Wanuri Kahiu lives in Kenya, takes meetings in LA, and makes movies for the world.  Here she gives her inspiring take on writing adaptations, directing actors and the need for “fun and frivolous” stories about African culture.

Mar 13, 2020
654. Special Announcement from Pilar

Pilar wants to let you know about online/video-conference classes at On the Page and to announce that in-person classes are suspended at the studio for spring due to COVID-19. Stay safe and have a good writing week! www.onthepage.tv

Mar 12, 2020
653. Loglining A Life

Pilar sits down with her step-father, Philippe Koenig, to discuss the first 40 years of his life as though it were a series of movies.

Mar 06, 2020
652. Writing "The Watercooler Kill"

Writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg discuss their love of horror, their unique writing partnership and their experiences writing Spiral (the next movie in the Saw franchise) starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

Feb 28, 2020
651. A Box Full of Toys

Showrunner Jeffrey Lieber digs into story, craft and the writers room as he shares his experiences about moving from playwright to filmmaker to TV writer and pitching a show called LOST along the way.

Feb 21, 2020
650. Movies Are Like Magic

Writer/Director Danish Renzu talks about the passion and persistence that went into making his latest movie, “The Illegal.”

Feb 14, 2020
649. Oscar Podcast 2020

Pilar and her friends Brian Pope and Mike Musa get together for their annual discussion/argument about the best screenplay and best adapted screenplay Oscar nominees.

Feb 07, 2020
648. Getting Started

Ready, set, go!  Determined to finally get your script “out of your head and onto the page?” Hear how Pilar helped one of her toughest cases: her husband Pat!

Jan 31, 2020
647. Things I Learned From Picture Books

Author / illustrator Vincent X. Kirsch talks about the ways that picture books have helped him write better screenplays and the ways screenwriting has helped him make better picture books. 

Jan 24, 2020
646. Producer on the Brink

Writers aren’t the only ones who have to work their way up.  Producer Mandy June Turpin has paid her dues and now has a roster of projects to talk about - as well as advice about how to develop a movie from script to screen.

Jan 17, 2020
645. Developing TV in the US and the UK

Siobhan Bachman is a TV executive who previously developed IP for Archie Studios (Riverdale), worked as a manager at 360, was ABC’s UK Comedy and Drama Development Scout and may or may not have discovered a chap named John Oliver. Here, she shares her wisdom about character development, IP adaptation and the differences between British and American story development.

Jan 10, 2020
644. Cartoon Kate

Manager Kate Brogden of The Cartel discusses what she looks for in a great animated project and a great animation client. A must-listen if you write animation or just love watching it.

Jan 03, 2020
643. 2019 Writing Trends in Review

Career coach Lee Jessup returns to discuss the writing trends popular in 2019 and shares what’s ahead for the new year.

Dec 27, 2019
642. Log Line Contest 2019

Pilar and Aadip evaluate log lines sent in by listeners. Who will get a consider, recommend or pass? 

Dec 20, 2019
641. The Agent

TV literary agent Davina Hefflin (The Gersh Agency) talks about her work with writers and the storytelling and character development that moves her on the page.

Dec 13, 2019
640. A Very Scotty Christmas

Writer Scotty Mullins returns to the podcast to talk about his upcoming holiday movie, the Christmas tropes he loves and what it’s like to work with Donna Mills.

Dec 06, 2019
639. Basement Club Reunion (Part 2)

Writer/Directors Emily Dell and Hannah Macpherson talk about their productive year creating horror/thriller content and their interesting advice to "come at storytelling sideways."

Nov 29, 2019
638. Bonus: Logline Lesson

Announcement of the deadline and rules for the 2019 Logline Competition.  Plus 10 patterns to help build your logline.

Nov 25, 2019
637. Basement Club Reunion (Part 1)

Writer/Directors Etta DevineBarbara Stepansky and April Wright return to talk about a year writing on Outlander, getting a blacklist script produced, creating an award winning documentary and much more.

Nov 22, 2019
636. TV Trends Updated

Writer and television journalist Michael Grebb returns to discuss “Five Big Trends Writers Should Know About” including a new take on "peak TV," the death of the television season and the fact that almost everything in the industry is motivated by CYA.

Nov 15, 2019
635. Frederator!

Kelsey Calaitges, development executive at Frederator Studios (Adventure Time, The Fairly Odd Parents) and writer on GO! Cartoons Bravest Warriors shares wisdom about pitching and writing for character-driven animation.

Nov 08, 2019
634. The Genre Mash

Pilar and writer Jake Morgan discuss ways to combine genre, tone and intention to create the perfect “genre mash” television show.

Nov 01, 2019
633. The 17-year Overnight Success

Hear how, after seventeen years of stops and starts, Matt Harris’s script “The Starling” was produced with actors Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Kline, Chris O’Dowd, Timothy Olyphant and director Ted Melfi.

Oct 25, 2019
632. Rewrite Techniques

Pilar offers “Five Easy Rewrites” and writers on social media add over 40 more!  Take notes on this one.

Oct 18, 2019
631. The Tenacious Writer

Writer Anne Kruse shares five concepts that build writer perseverance.

Oct 11, 2019
630. Getting Schooled in Star Trek

David Wright, writer/producer on Star Trek: Lower Decks, discusses the storytelling legacy of Star Trek.

Oct 04, 2019
629. Notes From The Writer To The Actor

Acting coach Crystal Carson reveals the ways she helps actors analyze story, discover characters and interpret meaning from feature and TV scripts. 

Sep 27, 2019
628. Bless the Harts ... and Christy Stratton

Writer/Producer Christy Stratton shares her love of act structure and enthusiasm for the new FOX animated show “Bless the Harts.”

Sep 20, 2019
627. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods

The writers of A Quiet Place discuss their upcoming film Haunt, their long-standing writing partnership and their process of discovering story and characters on the page.

Sep 13, 2019
626. Lazy TV Writing

Pilar guides you through a few lazy ways to brainstorm, outline and write your TV pilot.  E-mail for the handout!

Sep 06, 2019
625. Making it Real

Leon Gittens, a character animator for movies and video games, talks about the different kinds of animators needed to create one product, the role of the script in that product and the ways in which he personally brings emotion to a character.

Aug 30, 2019
624. Aadip Desai: Working Writer!

Aadip Desai has gone from On the Page Podcast producer to ABC/Disney fellow to staff writer on The Goldbergs.  Hear about his journey to get there and what he’s learned - and is still learning - along the way.

Aug 23, 2019
623. Taylor’s Hollywood Month

Writer Taylor Vaughn Lasley talks about her exciting summer pitching two series; one with Damon Wayans Jr. and one withFunny or Die.

Aug 16, 2019
622. Writing for Young Audiences

David Skelly (The Muppets, Splash and Bubbles, Word Party) and Jennifer Skelly (My Little Pony, The Lion Guards, Motown Magic) return to the podcast to talk about writing and creating TV for pre-school and elementary age audiences. 

Aug 09, 2019
621. I Will

Maura Chanz, Michelle Flowers and Clarissa Kern have turned their jobs assisting show-runners and producers into major stepping stones to a writing and producing career.

Aug 02, 2019
620. Kaplan Talks Horseman

Writer Rachel Kaplan talks about what she’s learned in the writer’s room of the popular, animated comedy BoJack Horseman.

Jul 26, 2019
619. The Wrong End of the Table

Writer and editor Ayser Salman returns to talk about how she turned real life experiences into a comic memoir and pitch for a tv series.

Jul 19, 2019
618. Independent Thinkers

Filmmakers Sterling Macer Jr, Chris Molinaro and Jeremy Walton share their “dos” and “don'ts” about making movies cheaply, independently and with integrity.

Jul 12, 2019
617. Rising Star

Years of creating high quality content is paying off for writer Jude Roth.  Hear what she’s learned from taking meetings and obtaining high quality representation. 

Jul 05, 2019
616. The Hustle

Filmmaker Alex Ferrari talks about the “hustle” of independent filmmaking and the personal experiences that led him to write his new book, Shooting for the Mob.

Jun 28, 2019
615. Like Magic and Music

Shaun Cassidy (New Amsterdam, Emerald City, American Gothic) went from pop star to rockstar writer. Here he digs into the process of the writers’ room and reveals his personal inspiration for finding story. A must-listen. 

Jun 21, 2019
614. "Television Is My Ministry"

TV executive Rev. Karen Frost talks about her path in Hollywood and her current role as creative executive at Viola Davis’s JuVee Productions.

Jun 14, 2019
613. College Reunion

Carnegie Mellon graduates Tommar Wilson and Beth Crosby reunited in an On the Page screenwriting class.  Although Tommar performs on Broadway and Beth performs sketch and improv, they also united in their observations about writing and acting.

Jun 07, 2019
612. 1999

The Sixth Sense, Election, Being John Malkovich, Magnolia … Tonight we’re gonna write like it’s1999!  Special assistance from Pat Francis and Azul Nino (also produced in 1999).

May 31, 2019
611. Wedded to the Writing

Writers Jason Director and Ayla Harrison are happily married and constantly moving forward in their writing career.  They’ve also developed a list for finalists and fellows to help them make contacts and get work .

May 24, 2019
610. Character Development

Pilar is joined by writer Melissa Cassera to discuss ways to create and show the emotional progression of on-screen characters.

May 17, 2019
609. Daring Canadians

Canadian writers Michelle Muldoon and Geordie Sabbagh talk about the daring steps they’ve taken to seek out contacts and make their own movies. 

May 10, 2019
608. The World Builder

Ashleigh Powell (The Nutcracker and the Four Realmsone of Variety’s 10 Screenwriters to Watch) talks about her love of writing, genre, and world building.

May 03, 2019
607. Bare Knuckle Writing

David Matillo wrote seven unproduced scripts before his feature spec “Bare Knuckle” made the 2015 Blacklist. He discusses the projects he’s written since then and what he’s learned along the way. 

Apr 26, 2019
606. What’s the Star on the Horizon?

Manager/Producer Markus Goerg (Heroes and Villains Entertainment) describes a writer’s career as, “never boring, never easy and never a straight line."

Apr 19, 2019
605. "Assume Your Audience is Smart”

Playwright / screenwriter Christy Hall (I Am Not OK With This on Netflix), discusses her approach to writing for the stage and screen.  

Apr 12, 2019
604. The Organized Writer

Organizer Tracy McCubbin, author of Making Space, Clutter Free, discusses ways to declutter your writing space and organize your writing time.

Apr 05, 2019
603. Writing the TV Drama Series

Author/ USC Professor Pamela Douglas discusses the changes to genre, structure and the international market addressed in the fourth edition of her classic book Writing the TV Drama Series.

Mar 29, 2019
602. "All of the Above"

Hilliard Guess, writer on Deadly Class, talks about asking for what you want, changing perception and his personal steps toward becoming the next J.J. Abrams.

Mar 22, 2019
601. Special

Ryan O’ Connell talks about writing on Will and Grace and Awkward and discusses his upcoming Netflix series Special, inspired by his experiences as a gay man navigating the world with cerebral palsy.

Mar 15, 2019
600. UpLyft

Eight days. Thirteen states. Thirty drivers.  Pilar’s husband Pat Francis talks about his new documentary in which he traveled across country using only the ride-share service Lyft.

Mar 08, 2019
599. Boomerang

Kendra Jordan and Racquel Baker discuss the new B.E.T. show Boomerang and the way they find episodes and break story in the writers’ room.

Mar 01, 2019
598. Doctors in the House

Psychiatrist Laura Erickson-Schroth and general practitioner Justin Young are also writers who crave a more realistic depiction of the medical profession on screen.  Listen to their advice about myth vs. truth in the medical world.

Feb 22, 2019
597. Oscar Podcast 2019

Pilar and her friends Brian Pope, Mike Musa and Nancy Noever get together for their annual discussion/argument about the best screenplay and best adapted screenplay Oscar nominees.

Feb 15, 2019
596. The Gate Keepers

Story analysts Mark Chandley (HBO), Holly Sklar (Warner Bros.) and Daniel Livnat (UTA) discuss their approach to reading and covering scripts and books for production companies, studios and agencies.

Feb 08, 2019
595. Meredith Danluck

Writer / director Meredith Danluck discusses the thought and effort that went into her independent thriller State Like Sleep and her four-screen narrative film North of South, West of East

Feb 01, 2019
594. Lazy Screenwriting

Stop working so hard!  In a quick tutorial, Pilar guides you through some lazy ways to brainstorm, outline and write your screenplay.

Jan 25, 2019
593. Finding a Career by Living a Life

Jade Branion and Darren O’Hare made some fascinating life choices that influenced and energized their writing.

Jan 19, 2019
592. What Do Competitions Want?

Kristin Overn, Executive Director of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, talks about the world of writing competitions and provides insight into the ways judges read and evaluate scripts.

Jan 11, 2019
591. Writing BlacKkKlansman

David Rabinowitz’s first feature-length script got the attention of Jordan Peele and was directed by Spike Lee.  He discusses the writing and pitching process and what he’s learned along the way.

Jan 04, 2019
590. Log Line Contest 2018

Pilar and Aadip evaluate log lines sent in by listeners. Who will win ... and who will end up on the “But List?”

Dec 28, 2018
589. Return of the Go-Getters

One sold a movie. One was nominated for a Webby. And one decided to just focus on being happy. Denise Cruz-Castino, Aydrea Walden and Mike Martin update.

Dec 21, 2018
588. When Your Audience is Your Protagonist

The creative team at the video game company BioWare shares their insight into writing characters, story lines and action moments.

Dec 14, 2018
587. Writing Trends in Review with Lee Jessup

Career coach Lee Jessup returns to discuss the writing trends popular in 2018 and shares what’s ahead for the new year.

Dec 07, 2018
586. Kyle is AOK

Writer/editor Kyle Dodson discusses what he’s learned from being in the world of short-form content at the digital production company AOK.  He also shares tips for new creatives moving to Los Angeles.

Nov 30, 2018
585. Science!

Writer/Actor Taryn O’Neill discusses the ways that stories about science can entertain and change the world.

Nov 23, 2018
584. OTN, BS and EH

With the help of writer Elena Zaretsky, Pilar explains the meaning of the mysterious red pen marks she makes on her students' scripts.

Nov 16, 2018
583. Harry Potter and the Podcast of Screenwriting

Writers Carlton Allen and Michael Monteiro Wise love the Harry Potter movies.  Here they explain why the book-to-screen adaptations work so well and why Harry Potter fans may end up saving the world.

Nov 09, 2018
582. Scary Suzanne

Suzanne Keilly has had such a successful two years writing on Dallas and Robo, creating two horror movies for SyFy and being staffed on the upcoming Netflix show Warrior Nun, that we made her return to the show to tell us about it!

Nov 02, 2018
581. Your Private Development Executive
Literary manager Jeff Portnoy talks about his role giving notes to writers, setting them up with agents, getting them ready for staffing and even producing movies. 
Oct 26, 2018
580. This Podcast is Rated PG-13
Film ratings consultant Barry Freeman discusses rating elements such as sex, violence and language on screen and explains why this knowledge is important for screenwriters.
Oct 19, 2018
579. Making Movies in Massachusetts

John Stimpson has happily made a living and achieved success writing, producing and directing movies without moving to Los Angeles! 

Oct 12, 2018
578. Staying Alive

Writers Chuck McCue and Jules Vincent thought like producers when writing their horror movie “Alive.” Now it’s screening at Austin.

Oct 05, 2018
577. The Idea

In anticipation of his new book, writer Erik Bork discusses the seven elements of a viable story for screen, stage or fiction. 

Sep 28, 2018
576. Done Deal!

Will Plyler, owner of Done Deal Pro, shares his thoughts about the thousands of film and TV deals made in Hollywood and archived daily on his website. 

Sep 21, 2018
575. Pippi Goes to Hollywood

Greta Heinemann raised herself at an early age, learned English by watching Baywatch, came to the United States determined to be a writer and is now a producer on NCIS New Orleans!

Sep 14, 2018
574. Market Research
Kerry Carroll discusses the ways that market research is used to test scripts, films and TV shows.
Sep 07, 2018
573. A House, A Woman and a Broken Tooth

Producer Kelli Joan Bennett and writer Monica Zepeda talk about how they turned a simple idea and one location into “Collusions,” a festival-winning movie starring Tom Everett Scott. 

Aug 31, 2018
572. More Than Just a Bottle of Water

Writer Alex Cramer returns to talk about his latest spec sale and what he’s learned from ten years of writing assignments and pitch meetings.

Aug 24, 2018
571. Passion and Persistence

Karen Campbell’s hard work and love of the writers’ room has earned her writing and producing credits on everything from Dexter to Outlander.  

Aug 17, 2018
570. Writing With Both Hands

Writer/producer Anthony Sparks talks about writing "what is and what could be” in his career and on the television drama Queen Sugar.

Aug 10, 2018
569. The Stand-up Whisperer

Writer/ producer Matthew Claybrooks has written for both Chris Rock and Kevin Hart.  Here he talks about how he honors the comic’s personality and the ways he turns jokes into story.

Aug 03, 2018
568. Toni Graphia

Outlander, Battlestar Galactica, Grey’s Anatomy, Roswell … and the list goes on! Producer / writer Toni Graphia reveals her process and talks about the writers' room from a show-runner’s perspective.

Jul 27, 2018
567. Directing for Writers

Directing teacher Robert Bailey discusses ways that writer/directors can work with actors to bring out the intention and emotion of the page.

Jul 20, 2018
566. See What Sticks

Writers Ilana Pena (Crazy Ex-Girlriend) and Madeline Hendricks (Jane the Virgin) discuss story brainstorming and joke writing in the writers’ room.

Jul 13, 2018
565. A Novel Approach

Thomas Barron, author of the new novel “Bocas," shares the screenwriting-friendly techniques he uses to keep readers turning the page.

Jul 06, 2018
564. Crowdsourcing for Creatives

Drawing from his book "Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers,” Richard (RB) Botto discusses the power of creating networks of friends and fans before, during and after the screenwriting and filmmaking process. 

Jun 29, 2018
563. Making Mischief

After rising from intern to junior agent to development executive, On the Page’s own Nick Oleksiw is starting his own company, “Mischief Films.” He talks about what he’s learned about networking, story telling and script development and what he’s looking for with new material.

Jun 22, 2018
562. The Basement Club

These six female writer/directors aren’t afraid to “go into the basement” when it comes to genre.  Emily Dell, Etta Devine, Sarah Ivy, Barbara Stepansky, Hannah MacPherson and April Wright talk about the tools and team building needed to be a working director. 

Jun 15, 2018
561. Creating Great Content in the Digital Era

Writer, teacher and author Neil Landau gives tips for writing in the current market and discusses his new book TV Writing on Demand: Creating Great Content in the Digital Era.

Jun 09, 2018
560. Making It Meaningful
Writer/ director Marcus and Karrie Cox share their experiences as producers on movies like Tangerine and Adult Beginners and discuss their process for acquiring and developing material they truly believe in.
Jun 01, 2018
559. Focus On Ability

Jessica Orcsik, Manager & Program Director for Focus on Ability Film Festival discusses storytelling opportunities in writing about characters with disabilities.

May 25, 2018
558. May the Fourth Be With You

Three writers, Chris Derrick, Michael Zannettis and Amanda Torigiani, talk about their favorite Star Wars movies. ‘Nuff said.

May 18, 2018
557. Another Day at the Dream Factory

Writer/Director Vaughn Stein talks about the lessons he learned as an assistant director that helped him write and direct his movie, “Terminal,” starring Margot Robbie and Simon Pegg.

May 11, 2018
556. Brad Silberling and the Weighty Hey

The work of writer/director Brad Silberling spans mediums and genres. Jane the Virgin, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Moonlight Mile are just a few of the projects he’s been involved in. Here he discusses his approach to editing and dialogue and reveals his inspiration for his latest movie An Ordinary Man.  

May 04, 2018
555. Why Are Grandma’s Cats Trying to Kill Her?

Writer Russ McGarry returns to the podcast to talk about a career as a freelance writer and his latest job writing a three minute show with a compelling season arc.

Apr 27, 2018
554. Keeping Score

West Anthony, host of the Musical Notation Podcast, talks about his favorite scores and soundtracks and how they enhance the story on the screen.

Apr 20, 2018
553. John Yorke
Executive producer John Yorke (Wolf Hall, Casualty, Shameless) talks about writing and selling television in the UK. 
Apr 13, 2018
552. A Little Sketchy
Marc Warzecha of the Second City Comedy Theater talks about the “game” of the sketch and ways that the principles of sketch writing work for TV writing.
Apr 06, 2018
551. Talk Talk Bam!

Writer Jim Rash (The Descendants, The Way Way Back) talks about his co-writing process, his take on character and dialogue and how winning an Oscar doesn’t mean you don’t get writer's block.

Mar 30, 2018
550. Paul's World

Writer, Actor and longtime listener Paul A. Rose, Jr. sits in to ask questions and give information pertaining to previous episodes of the On the Page Podcast.

Mar 23, 2018
549. Frames

When you choose a “frame” for your story, you control the story that’s told.  Writers Michael Zannettis and Chelsea O’Connor, hosts of the “We Can Talk About Podcast” discuss the “Strict Father / Nurturing Parent” frame used by many movies and TV Shows.

Mar 16, 2018
548. Writers Who Research

Curiosity and lots of research helped Andrew Logan and Taylor Allen write the movie “Chappaquiddick,” a dramatization of the car accident and cover-up involving Senator Ted Kennedy.  

Mar 09, 2018
547. Indie Advice
Filmmaker Ben Zolno talks about what he’s learned from making the improvised dialogue movie, “Status Pending.”
Mar 02, 2018
546. Oscar Podcast 2018

Brian Pope, Mike Musa, Nina Berry and Pat Francis join Pilar for their annual discussion of the Oscar nominees for best screenplay and best adapted screenplay.

Feb 23, 2018
545. Just Like Dating

Writer Jake Morgan describes the ways in which taking meetings and working in a writers’ room is like dating. And, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Pilar walks us through a structural template for romantic comedies.

Feb 16, 2018
544. Starting from Real Life

Writer Jennifer Joyce talks about how her life and experiences become the starting point for sketches, TV shows and movies.

Feb 09, 2018
543. Writing From The Inside Out

Writer John Whittington (The Lego Batman Movie, When We First Met, Boy 21) talks about  his live action/animation writing career and the surprising script that changed everything.  

Feb 02, 2018
542. The Wisdom of Ed Solomon

Writer Ed Solomon (“Now You See Me,” “Men in Black,” “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”) wrote the HBO six-part series “Mosaic” as well as the eight-hour storytelling app that goes with it. Here he discusses objective and subjective storytelling and talks about how he breaks and rewrites his scripts.

Jan 26, 2018
541. Diving in with Doug Jones

Doug Jones, star of the Golden Globe winning film "The Shape Of Water,” reveals how he brings silent and non-human characters to life.

Jan 19, 2018
540. Writing Coco

Writer Matthew Aldrich and writer/co-director Adrian Molina discuss their approach to story, pay-off and world building for “Coco,” the winner of the 2018 Golden Globe for animated feature.

Jan 12, 2018
539. Pitching as Performance

Jennifer Julian and Holly Payberg of June Bug Pictures talk about the techniques they use to hook a listener in a two-minute pitch.

Jan 05, 2018
538. Storytelling For Change

Alan Jenkins, President of The Opportunity Agenda, and Jon Fitzgerald, author of "Filmmaking for Change," discuss ways to change the world through film, TV and documentary storytelling.

Dec 29, 2017
537. Wisdom from the Christmas Guy

Writer Brian Turner returns to talk about his new job writing for the Netflix series “Trolls” and helps Pilar answer more questions from her neglected e-mail inbox.

Dec 22, 2017
536. Trends for 2018

Career-coach Lee Jessup returns to talk about the changes we saw in 2017 and writing trends ahead for 2018. 

Dec 16, 2017
535. Log Line Contest 2017

Pilar and Aadip review log lines sent in from listeners!  Who will be the winner?

Dec 08, 2017
534. Writing Non-binary Characters

Non-binary characters don’t fit into classic male or female molds. Writers Laura Erickson-Schroth and Sonya Ellis discuss the challenges and creative opportunities. Pilar’s 17-year-old daughter Ezra Rae Dodson leads the way.

Dec 01, 2017
533. Surviving AFM

Armed with a case of thumb drives and a bag filled with aspirin, filmmakers Curt Wiser, Al Mauro and John Wotring went to the American Film Market for four days of pitching, meetings and networking.  Hear their day-by-day account in this special “roving reporter” episode.

Nov 24, 2017
532. Beyond Bollywood

Filmmakers Shazia Malik and Danish Renzu talk about their experiences pitching, writing and directing movies in India and the U.S.

Nov 17, 2017
531. Mr. Fortuitous

Sometimes you just happen to run into an old client from New York, who happens to be in town taking meetings for his feature after wrapping production for his short film.  So, what do you do next?  Put him on the podcast of course!  Guest: Keith Armonaitis


Nov 10, 2017
530. VO, Flashback and Breaking the 4th Wall

Pilar gives a sneak preview of her next book, “The Coffee Break Screenwriter Breaks the Rules,” with this discussion about narrative devices like voice over and flashback.

Nov 03, 2017
529. Scary Scripting

Josh Stolberg, writer of “Jigsaw” (in theaters now), talks about the “Saw" franchise, working with Clive Barker and his advice for being scary on the page. 

Oct 27, 2017
528. Write It Like Bruce
Writer on the verge Eric Rudnick talks about rewriting, video pitching and channeling your inner Bruce Springsteen.  


Oct 20, 2017
527. Screenplay Development from the Inside Out

So you’ve got a script. What happens next?  Producer Rona Edwards fills us in.  A must-listen for those who want to understand the true business side of showbiz.  Also check out the third edition of her book, “I Liked It, I Didn’t Love It:  Screenplay Development from the Inside Out."

Oct 13, 2017
526. The Adventures of Katie Mattila

Animation writer Katie Mattila (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kung Fu Panda, Harvey Beaks, 100 Things to do Before High School, Tangled: The Series and Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh) talks about her experience with script-driven animated series and story-board driven animated series.  

Oct 06, 2017
525. Writing in Cologne

Pilar's students from the International Film School in Cologne, Germany talk about their stories and feelings about US and German television. 

Oct 01, 2017
524. Inbox

With the help of writer Suzanne Keilly, Pilar clears out her overstuffed e-mail inbox and gives long overdue answers to listener questions.

Sep 22, 2017
523. The Comic Hero’s Journey

Using comedy expert Steve Kaplan’s upcoming book as a launching point, he and TV writer Ellen Sandler discuss the journey, goals and drive of main characters in comedy features and TV shows.

Sep 15, 2017
522. Keeping it “The 100”

Star student turned star TV writer Charmaine DeGrate returns to the podcast to share what she’s learned as a writer and producer of the popular CW series “The 100.” 

Sep 08, 2017
521. Christopher Vogler

Christopher Vogler, author of the landmark book "The Writer's Journey”, discusses mythic structure, connectivity and “the wisdom of the body."

Sep 01, 2017
520. Acquiring Life Rights

David Kessler spent years attempting to get life rights for the scripts he wanted to write. In this episode he shares his journey and provides tips for the passionate (and brave) screenwriter. 

Aug 25, 2017
519. The Song Of My Movie: Take 2

It's another On The Page/Rock Solid mash-up as Pilar and Pat Francis read listener's log lines and play the songs that the writer would want on the soundtrack.

Aug 18, 2017
518. Now That's Funny!

Want to get a laugh? Try some conflict and hostility. Peter Desberg, psychologist, teacher and author, explains it all to you.

Aug 11, 2017
517. The Positive Press Tour

Silicon Valley writer Shawn Boxe talks about getting work, navigating the writers room and creating story while also battling cancer.

Aug 04, 2017
516. Not a Cucumber Sandwich Party

The great Scotty Mullen returns to talk about his latest movie: Sharknado 5!

Jul 28, 2017
515. The Script Supervisor

Time, place, pacing and continuity: these are just some of the responsibilities of a script supervisor. Sylvia Parker (Edge of Tomorrow, T2 Trainspotting, The Theory of Everything, Murder on the Orient Express), covers the details!

Jul 21, 2017
514. Bend and Snap with Kiwi Smith

Kirsten (Kiwi) Smith, the co-writer of "Legally Blonde," "10 Things I Hate About You," "Ella Enchanted" and (in development) "The Expendabelles" and "Sister Act 3," talks about breaking story, creating set-pieces and discovering the “joy" of a character.

Jul 14, 2017
513. Character Arc

From inner wounds to onion chopping, Pilar and author Michael Hauge hash out the complex character arc of the on-screen protagonist.

Jul 07, 2017
512. Dynamic Duo

Writing partners Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin describe their journey from winning contests to writing the live action “Mulan" for Disney.

Jun 30, 2017
511. Idea Think Tank

How do you find the next great story? Writers Jacob Coakley, Alicia Lomas-Gross, Amanda Torigiani, Nadia Madden and Neal Thibedeau share the ways they brainstorm new ideas and find character inspiration from news, work and life.

Jun 23, 2017
510. Not Just A Pretty Face

Jamie Anderson has worked hard creating content and pitching ideas. Now it's paying off with representation and features in development. 

Jun 16, 2017
509. The Reality of Reality

Producer Wendy Miller (formerly with Playboy TV, NBC Universal, Lifetime, Oxygen) has heard many, many reality pitches.  Here are some of her do’s and don’ts!

Jun 09, 2017
508. Hallmark Heather

Heather Overton, manager of original programming at Crown Media Family Networks, discusses the mission and story approach at the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

Jun 02, 2017
507. Gentle Subversion

Irish writer/director John Butler discusses the ways he honored and subverted archetypes in his "coming out of age" film, "Handsome Devil."

May 26, 2017
506. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Pilar learns from husband Pat Francis about the “three phases” of Marvel story-lines in the movies and on television. 

May 19, 2017
505. Luck with Lifetime

Writers Melissa Cassera and Hunter Doohan separately made their first script sales with Lifetime.  Hear how they did it, what it’s taught them and what’s next on the horizon.

May 12, 2017
504. What Not To Wear

Carole Kirschner, Director of the WGA Showrunner Training Program, CBS Diversity Program and Humanitas Fellowship, returns with business advice on how to create your personal PR packet, how to prep for a meeting and what not to wear to an interview. 

May 05, 2017
503. Six Experts and a Toucan
A distributor, marketing expert, acquisitions director, producer, writer and filmmaker offer their opinions and expertise at the Cartagena International Film Festival. 


Apr 28, 2017
502. Digging Under The Castle Walls

"Go-getters”  Aydrea Walden, T. Michael Martin and Denise Cruz reveal the unique approaches to story and business that helped them hit the ground running with their writing careers.

Apr 21, 2017
501. John Badham
Pilar welcomes legendary Director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever, War Games, Blue Thunder, Stakeout) to the show to discuss his career in filmmaking and his approach to the script.


Apr 14, 2017
500. Happy Anniversary

Pilar celebrates the 500th episode of the On the Page Podcast with her producers past and present.

Apr 07, 2017
499. My Dinner with Arnold

Director Elliott Lester discusses his upcoming slate of projects including the new film "Aftermath" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mar 31, 2017
498. Daniel Pyne

Daniel Pyne, screenwriter (sum of all fears, manchurian candidate, pacific heights) and novelist, drops by the OTP Studio to chat about noir tropes, writing authentically, and the challenges of inaccurate IMDB descriptions.

Mar 24, 2017
497. Six Pitches

Pilar and guest co-host Jason Levy (winner of the 2016 Log Line Contest) listen to the movie and TV pitches of writers Cat Alvarado, Barbara Cole, Julianne Eggold, Darius Garland, Misha Klein and Ryan Nanni. 

Mar 17, 2017
496. Writing Muslim Characters

Writers Ayser Salman and Lena Khan talk about the challenge and promise of writing Muslim characters for film and TV. 

Mar 10, 2017
495. Gotta Dance

TV and film choreographer Courtney Miller reveals the way on-screen dance contributes to story. 

Mar 03, 2017
494. Oscar Podcast 2017

Brian Pope, Mike Musa, Nina Berry and Pat Francis join Pilar for their annual discussion of the nominees for best screenplay and best adapted screenplay.

Feb 24, 2017
493. The Heart and the Spine of the Story

Kim Zubick, producer of "The Zookeeper’s Wife," reveals the movie's long road from book to screen.

Feb 17, 2017
492. Films To Save Your Love Life

Author Pamela Jaye Smith talks about the structure, characters and different kinds of love found in the movies curated in her new book, “Romantic Comedies: These Films Can Save Your Love Life."

Feb 10, 2017
491. Looking Back at the Writers Strike: A Double Episode

Brian Kalata and Stephen Andrzejewski, the producers of the documentary "Pencils Down! The 100 Days of the Writers Guild Strike,” look back at the issues that created the strike and discuss the changes in the industry since its resolution. We then rebroadcast Episode 10 of the On the Page Podcast, originally recorded on the eve of the Writers Strike.

Feb 03, 2017
490. Breaking In

Career coach Lee Jessup returns to talk about the interviews she conducted for her new book “Breaking In: Tales From The Screenwriting Trenches.”

Jan 27, 2017
489. Writing for Virtual Reality

Screenwriter Giz Gewirtz, co-founder of Seismic Games, discusses the possibilities and limitations of virtual reality narratives.

Jan 20, 2017
488. Teachers

Kathryn Renee Thomas and Caitlin Barlow, creators and stars of “Teachers” on TV Land, school us in the improv techniques they use to build characters and find “the game of the scene.”

Jan 13, 2017
487. Action on Film

Jim Churchman, stunt coordinator for Marvel movies, discusses what lifts off the page and onto the screen to create great action sequences.

Jan 07, 2017
486. Happy New Year 2017!
Pilar and members of her Tuesday-night Writers Group pour champagne, look back on 2016 successes and discuss goals for the new year. (Stick around for Pilar’s 5 Writing Resolutions for 2017. They might surprise you.)


Dec 30, 2016
485. On The Page and In The Ring

What do pro-wrestling and good screenwriting have in common? Writer, actor and wrestling fan Sam Benjamin explains it to you.

Dec 23, 2016
484. The Twelve Days Of Writing Revisited

This week Pilar is on a business trip teaching on the East Coast, so please enjoy a rebroadcast from December 16, 2011. A twelve day writing guide from logline to pages. Sing along with Pat and Pilar!

Dec 16, 2016
483. Making It Big In Shorts

Filmmaker Kim Adelman shares tips on short film writing and low-budget filmmaking from her book, “Making It Big In Shorts,” now in its third edition.

Dec 09, 2016
482. The Deadly Sins of Actors … and Writers!
Actor Kevin E. West gives an actor’s perspective on the script and discusses how the 7 Deadly Sins get in the way of artists’ success.


Dec 02, 2016
481. Most Improved

Nadia Madden, Pilar's "most improved" writer of 2016, talks about navigating the Austin Film Festival, the benefit of notes and classes and how much she secretly hates pumpkin pie. 

Nov 25, 2016
480. Storytelling with Mark and Niall

English writer/director Mark Heywood and Irish writer/director and Tribeca shorts programmer Niall McKay talk about the different story telling approaches here and abroad.

Nov 18, 2016
479. Funny Or Die

Can we still have a good laugh after this election? Kelly Hudson and Jocelyn Richard of “Funny or Die” are here to help.

Nov 11, 2016
478. Hit the Floor Running

Writers Judalina Neira and Sarah Fahey talk about the different roads that led them from college in Boston to writing for shows like “Hit the Floor” and “The Flash.”

Nov 04, 2016
477. The Industry-Ready Checklist

Pilar goes it alone this week to help you polish up your script before giving it to an important reader. E-mail her at inquire@onthepage.tv to get the list!

Oct 28, 2016
476. Script to Comic to Script

Comic book writer Eric Freitas (Judge Dredd, Regular Show, Godzilla), reveals how he uses movie structure to write his comic books, then uses the scripts he’s created to write feature films.

Oct 21, 2016
475. Getting Creative

Sometimes a creator’s got to create in order to create more. Filmmaker Noel Orput and web series producer Sarah Hawkins explain how they made it happen for themselves.

Oct 14, 2016
474. The Magical Number Three

Academy award-nominated animation supervisor David Schaub shares the analysis of three-act structure he used when creating his structure app, “The Three Act Compass.”

Oct 07, 2016
473. The AFM

Jonathan Wolf, Managing Director of the American Film Market, discusses the power of the pitch at the world’s largest motion picture business event.

Sep 30, 2016
472. Fan Club

Audience Development Strategist Lara Hoefs discusses the ways that creators and storytellers can learn from their fanbase.

Sep 23, 2016
471. Glenn Williamson

Producer Glenn Williamson brings stories from his early years working for Tim Burton on Edward Scissorhands to producing critically hailed and compelling titles like 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', 'Sunshine Cleaning', and 'The Omen' (2006).

Sep 16, 2016
470. Log Line Contest 2016

Matt Belknap (podcast king and former reader for Imagine Entertainment) joins Pilar to evaluate listener log lines and pick a winner!

Sep 09, 2016
469. Moving the Needle

Tom Nunan discusses his tremendous career from being an executive at ABC, Fox, NBC and UPN to founding Bull’s Eye Entertainment which produced the Academy Award winning movie "Crash.”

Sep 02, 2016
468. The Return of Marc Haimes

Marc Haimes, writer of "Kubo And The Two Strings," discusses his up and coming projects: the adaptation of the subversive graphic novel “Nimona," and a drama based on the Waco Texas tragedy, produced by Mark Boal.

Aug 26, 2016
467. Reality Rocks

Producer and TV host Damona Hoffman talks about the creativity and storytelling that goes into developing and writing reality shows.

Aug 19, 2016
466. How To Write Like A 10th Grader

Larry Friedman, the high school teacher you wish you had, walks us through the inspiring prompts and exercises he gives in his writing classes. Guaranteed to unstick any writer ... no matter what the age.

Aug 12, 2016
465. Trans Characters on Screen

Writer Sonya Ellis talks about the negative tropes and positive approaches to writing trans characters in film and TV.

Aug 05, 2016
464. Scoring Story

Composer and writer Heather Schmidt talks about the ways she captures the emotion, tone, pace and story beats of the films, TV shows, and video games she scores.

Jul 29, 2016
463. Romy, Michelle, and Robin Schiff
Pilar entertains Robin Schiff in the OTP Studio, as Robin relates the autobiographical origin of her script for 'Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion', and teaches us how to effectively write voices through improv, all while reflecting on how writing comedy for TV and Film have changed over her thirty-year career.
Jul 22, 2016
462. Scripting Suits

Writer Aaron Korsh, (creator of the hit show Suits), and director Kevin Bray (Suits, Empire, Blackish, CSI, Walking Tall) discuss the happy intersection of writing and directing on TV.

Jul 15, 2016
461. Novel To Screen

Rebecca Phelps and Chris Cookson, authors of the blog “Novel2Screen,” discuss the ways that screen adaptations go right … and painfully wrong.

Jul 08, 2016
460. Plan For Success

Entertainment attorney Richard DeLossa discusses copyright protection, script releases, writing partnerships and more.


Jul 01, 2016
459. Out of the Ashes

Writer Suzanne Keilly talks about her work on "Ash vs. Evil Dead" as a writers’ assistant, episode writer and webisode writer.

Jun 24, 2016
458. Inspired By

Pilar helps writers Alicia Lomas Gross and Steve D’Arcangelo build a whole movie from one real-life-event. Listen and follow along!

Jun 17, 2016
457. Terry Rossio

Terry Rossio, writer of “Aladdin," “Shrek" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," shares his thoughts about adaptation, story telling, dialogue and script notes.

Jun 10, 2016
456. The Poetry of the Page

SK Valenzuela, literature professor and winner of the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest, discusses the similarities between poetry writing and screenwriting.

Jun 03, 2016
455. Pickle and Peanut and Joel and Noah

Joel Trussell and Noah Jones traveled from Maine and Tennessee to the land of unicorns. Hear how they did it and went on to work on animated projects such as "Yo Gabba Gabba," "Fish Hooks" and "Pickle and Peanut."

May 27, 2016
454. Joy To The Script

Joy Gorman Wettels, producer of "The Meddler" and "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World," starts with the question, “why should your story be told?"

May 20, 2016
453. Writing the Thing That Scares You

Writer Irene Turner does not shrink away from tough characters and true crime. Here, she talks about co-writing "An American Crime," starring Ellen Page, and "The Most Hated Woman in America," with Melissa Leo (Netflix 2017).

May 13, 2016
452. Paul Rust

Writer Paul Rust is everywhere on Netflix right now with his show “Love” and co-writing credit on “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday.” So it looked like a good time to replay an episode you might have missed!

May 06, 2016
451. Making Connections When You Have Zero Connections

Writer and marketing consultant Melissa Cassera talks about 7 ways you can create your “little black book” of helpful industry connections.

Apr 29, 2016
450. 1-Hour & Y.A.

What do a "Grey’s Anatomy” and “I-Zombie” writer have in common? They both moonlight as Y.A. writers! Jen Klein and Sara Saedi talk about structure and storytelling for both mediums.

Apr 22, 2016
449. Creed

Aaron Covington, co-writer of “Creed," talks about the work and thought that went into writing the 7th "Rocky” movie. 

Apr 15, 2016
448. Stephanie Allain

Stephanie Allain, producer of “Dear White People,"  and “Hustle and Flow,” and an early champion of "Boyz n the Hood," talks about theme, diversity and scripts that make her “heart beat fast.”

Apr 08, 2016
447. Pilar and the Script Monsters

Pilar is joined by writers Garrett Frawley and Brian Turner (AKA The Christmas Guys) to discuss their reboot of the 70's kids' show "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters” and their award-winning Amazon show "Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street.” Guest interviewer: Rita Dodson.

Apr 01, 2016
446. Return of The Coffee Break Screenwriter!

As the second edition of "The Coffee Break Screenwriter" hits the shelves, we replay an episode devoted to that book, hosted by Matt Belknap. New edition available through mwp.com and amazon.com

Mar 26, 2016
445. Screenwriters Rising

Pilar sits down with screenwriting team Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt to discuss the intricacies of writing action films such as "Olympus Has Fallen," "The Expendables 3" and their current release "London Has Fallen."

Mar 18, 2016
444. Writing Homeland

"What keeps you up at night?" Writer Charlotte Stoudt discusses what it's like to write for Homeland.

Mar 11, 2016
443. The Producer

Ethan Erwin, executive VP of Silver Pictures and producer of The Book of Eli and The Nice Guys, discusses the process of movie making, working with Shane Black, Denzel Washington's guest house and Jean Claude Van Damme's six pack.

Mar 07, 2016
442. Finding the Layers

Costume designer Mary Zophres and set decorator Dena Allen look to the script to layer the movies and TV shows they work on.

Feb 26, 2016
441. Oscar Podcast 2016

Brian Pope and Mike Musa join Pat Francis and Pilar for their annual discussion of the nominees for best screenplay and best adapted screenplay.

Feb 19, 2016
440. 5 Things to Avoid When Pitching

Joey Tuccio, the head of Stage 32 Happy Writers Online Pitchfest, talks about do’s and don’ts for online pitching.

Feb 12, 2016
439. The Song Of My Movie

It's another On The Page/Rock Solid mash-up as Pilar and Pat Francis read listener's log lines and play the songs that they would want on the soundtrack.

Feb 05, 2016
438. Movies and Web Series and Comic Books, Oh My!

Meredith Berg started in theater, but now she has a critically acclaimed independent movie, a web series with over six-million hits and comic book experience that would make any geek jealous.

Jan 29, 2016
437. Hollywood in Wisconsin

Pilar sits down with Comedian and Screenwriter Pete Schwaba to discuss making independent films anywhere in the USA.

Jan 22, 2016
436. Q&A with P&A

With Aadip’s help, Pilar answers listeners’ questions about writing voice, genre, scene beats, script competitions and more. 

Jan 16, 2016
435. Starting With A Song

Pilar and the music / writing experts of the Rock Solid Podcast (Pat Francis, Christy Stratton and Murray Valeriano) use song titles to brainstorm movie and TV ideas.

Jan 08, 2016
434. Speaking Forensic
Jennifer Dornbush, the author of the book “Forensic Speak," separates fact from fiction for those writing about forensics, evidence and crime scenes.
Jan 02, 2016
433. TV to Novel to Feature

Writer Hollie Overton wrote a novel in the “spare time” she had as a working TV writer. Now she’s adapting that book into a feature film. We talk to her about doing it all.

Dec 26, 2015
432. Loglining A Lifetime

Pilar sits down with her mom, Sydelle Pittas, to discuss the story of her life as it might play out through movie log lines.

Dec 18, 2015
431. Sibling Scriptwriters

Brother and sister team Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio reveal their process for writing movies, tv and ice shows!

Dec 11, 2015
430. Fact and Fantasy in Movies

Screenwriter and Author Jonathan Vankin discusses the liberties filmmakers take when they adapt non fiction subject matter for the big screen.

Dec 04, 2015
429. Writing Docs Like Scripts

Filmmaker Viko Nikci talks about his award-winning documentary “Coming Home,” which he edited as though he was writing a screenplay.

Nov 27, 2015
428. Making Movies In South Africa

Pilar sits down to discuss the craft of screenwriting with the executives at Triggerfish Animation and some of South Africa's most promising writers.

Nov 20, 2015
427. Rewrite Contest Part 2

With the help of her handsome sidekicks Pat and Mike, Pilar evaluates "Before & After" rewrite submissions sent in by her faithful listeners.

Nov 13, 2015
426. Rewrite Contest Part 1

With the help of her handsome sidekicks Pat and Mike, Pilar evaluates "Before & After" rewrite submissions sent in by her faithful listeners.

Nov 06, 2015
425. Collaboration

Pilar is joined by writers Valerie Ahern, Mike Montesano and Eric Schaar to discuss their process for writing family oriented sitcoms.

Oct 30, 2015
424. Thinking Out of the Boxe

Writer Shawn Boxe is on the brink! Here he talks about breaking story and taking meetings.

Oct 23, 2015
423. John Vorhaus Knows Everything

Need tools for comedy, sitcom writing or life itself? Author and TV Writer, John Vorhaus has something to teach you.

Oct 17, 2015
422. 10 Ways To Make L.A. Work For You

Writer Alexandra Denye came for a visit and never stopped moving. Here are 10 things she did to make progress on her writing and further her career.

Oct 09, 2015
421. Character Epiphanies

Great on-screen stories often revolve around major character epiphanies. Author Elise Ballard and Pilar discuss.

Oct 02, 2015
420. The Dan O'Bannon Way

Writer Matt R. Lohr shares what he learned about conflict, structure and world-building from the writer of "Alien" and "Total Recall."

Sep 25, 2015
419. Walking the Walk

Filmmaker Coley Sohn talks about her indie film “Sassy Pants,” her days as Pilar’s wingman and her take on gay characters on screen.

Sep 18, 2015
418. Just Between Gaby and Allison

YouTube comedy writers Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin share their tips and techniques for creating entertaining short content on the web and beyond. 

Sep 11, 2015
417. Crime Time

Criminology expert Kat Lindsey discusses the accuracy of killers and crime as they are portrayed in film and TV.

Sep 04, 2015
416. 6 Rewrites

Pilar revisits six of the rewrite tools from "The Coffee Break Screenwriter" in order to get you prepped for her Before and After Writing Contest. 

Aug 28, 2015
415. Rolling The Dice With Carlito Rodriguez

Hear how writer Carlito Rodriguez entered The Magical Starbucks and came out writing for "The Leftovers" and “Empire." 

Aug 21, 2015
414. Joking Around With Laurie Kilmartin

Comedian, writer and author Laurie Kilmartin discusses her work writing political jokes for Conan O'Brien and personal jokes for her standup.  

Aug 14, 2015
413. Rich Sommer

Actor Rich Sommer talks about his interpretation of script and character while playing Harry Crane on AMC's "Mad Men."

Aug 07, 2015
412. Cashing In With Corey

Writer Corey Mandell returns to the podcast to talk to Pilar and Aadip about “cashing in on the second golden age of television."

Aug 01, 2015
411. David Nutter: TV Director

Director David Nutter joins Pilar to discuss directing episodes of some of the most popular shows in television history, including The Sopranos, X-Files and Game Of Thrones. (And yes, he directed the episode with “The Red Wedding!”)

Jul 25, 2015
410. Significant Mother

Writer Erin Cardillo discusses creating, writing and producing the upcoming CW sitcom "Significant Mother."

Jul 17, 2015
409. Story Through Animation

Animation director Joshua Taback joins Pilar to discuss how he turns the written word into a fully realized and animated story.

Jul 10, 2015
408. Bernadette And The Bronze

Writer Melissa Rauch (Bernadette on “The Big Bang Theory”) and writer Winston Rauch discuss their independent comedy "The Bronze” which opened Sundance this year and will be released in October.

Jul 03, 2015
407. The Bogdanovich Way

Pilar sits down with Antonia Bogdanovich and her legendary father Peter (Paper Moon, The Last Picture Show, What’s Up Doc)  to discuss “The Phantom Halo” written and directed by Antonia.  Episode perk: a Bogdanovich-curated top ten list of classic movies!

Jun 26, 2015
406. Dads On Film

Pilar sits down with Pat and actors David Rees Snell and Ted Lyde to discuss the pros and cons of dad depictions on film and TV.

Jun 19, 2015
405. High School on Hulu

Pilar is joined by writer / producers Charo Toledo  and Carlos Portugal to discuss their Hulu original series "East Los High.” 

Jun 12, 2015
404. Laurie Lamson (Exclamation Point)

Writer Laurie Lamson shares information from her "Now Write!” books about screenwriting, science fiction and mystery.

Jun 05, 2015
403. Mike, Molly and More

Writer Brian Keith Etheridge joins Pilar to discuss his career as a television writer and producer on "Mike and Molly," "South Park" and “Workaholics.”

May 29, 2015
402. Character and World Rules

On Mother's Day Pilar sits down with two story experts (her daughters Sara and Rita) to discuss the world and character rules of their favorite movies, shows and books.

May 22, 2015
401. Nightingale

Director Elliott Lester discusses the making of his soon to be released HBO feature "Nightingale."

May 15, 2015
400. Hot Pursuit

Pilar is joined by writer John Quaintance on opening day of his film "Hot Pursuit” starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara.

May 08, 2015
399. The Age Of Adaline

Screenwriter J. Mills Goodloe talks about writing in "The Shed" and the long journey to get his film "The Age Of Adaline" onto the big screen. 

May 01, 2015
398. Ride Along

Charley Dane’s research for his original pilots includes police ride-alongs and gang tours. He talks about this plus his experience writing for  KYLE XY, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER and TNT’s PERCEPTION.

Apr 24, 2015
397. Lean In To Your Strengths

Manager/Producer Scott Carr talks about what he looks for in writers and in scripts. 

Apr 17, 2015
396. Writing Treatments

Writer Eileen Jones discussed her work writing treatments for TV, film and commercials.

Apr 10, 2015
395. Stealing from Shakespeare

GregRobin Smith, Managing Director of The Washington Shakespeare Festival, discusses the Shakespearean tropes, themes, characters and structure that work for contemporary script-writing.

Apr 03, 2015
394. The Page 69 Rule

Writer/Executive Producer Paul Guyot (THE LIBRARIANS, GEOSTORM, LEVERAGE, FELICITY) returns to update us on his adventures in film and TV. 

Mar 27, 2015
393. What Do Film Festivals Want?

Writer/director April Wright talks about how she reviews films as a programming associate for the Sundance Film Festival and AFI Film Festival. 


Mar 21, 2015
392. Comics vs. Movies

Jonathan Vankin, screenwriter and former editor with DC Comics talks about the difference between comic book stories and movie stories. Helping out with the questions are super-fans Kyle Dodson and Kevin Killebrew.

Mar 13, 2015
391. Better Call Bob!

A repost of the 2010 episode featuring actor/writer Bob Odenkirk of "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul."

Mar 07, 2015
390. Jessica Bendinger

Accomplished writer/director/novelist and song-writer Jessica Bendinger talks about story and the need to become a “missionary” for your project.

Feb 27, 2015
389. Oscar Podcast 2015

Brian Pope and Mike Musa join Pat Francis and Pilar for their annual discussion of the nominees for best screenplay and best adapted screenplay.

Feb 20, 2015
388. Layered Storytelling

Writer/Director Paul Linsley walks us through four “layers” of storytelling:  Letter, allegory, moral and anagoge.



Feb 13, 2015
387. Star Students!

On the page writers Charmaine DeGrate and Michael Grebb talk about their recent successes winning awards and getting meetings.

Feb 06, 2015
386. The "New Maker"

Life is an improv for Rick Overton, actor, comedian and Emmy-award-winning writer.  


Jan 30, 2015
385. Lessons from 2014

Cablers, streamers and hackers oh my! Career coach Lee Jessup talks about the trends and trials of a very interesting year.

Jan 23, 2015
384. Setting it Up

John Zaozirny, a principal at Bellevue Productions, talks about what it takes to get a project "set up" within the industry.

Jan 16, 2015
383. Anatomy of a TV Show

Tawnya Bhattacharya, writer/co-producer on NBC’s "The Night Shift” and instructor at “Script Anatomy,” talks about the elements of a good pilot and tv spec.

Jan 10, 2015
382. Film, TV or Web?

Pilar provides a list of guidelines to help you determine if your story is best 

suited for film, tv or web.

Jan 02, 2015
381. Stage 32

Pilar talks film, scripts and pitching with Richard “RB”  Botto, the founder/ CEO of Stage 32.

Dec 26, 2014
380. Christmas Guys 2014

We're visited once again by Garrett Frawley and Brian Turner, the Christmas Guys who hate Christmas.  This year, they talk about their new gig as staff writers for Amazon’s kid show "Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street."

Dec 19, 2014
379. In The Backyard With Jeff Stolhand

We go to the Budds' backyard as Ryan interviews filmmaker Jeff Stolhand, co-writer of "Burned" (with From Dusk Til Dawn's Alvaro Rodriguez) about living and working in Austin, TX and taking yearly meetings in LA.

Dec 13, 2014
378. From South Park to Shameless

Writer Nancy Pimental talks about her experience as Executive Producer of “Shameless" and her early days writing for "South Park."

Dec 05, 2014
377. Flight Of Fancy
Chief Pilot Syd Blue discusses the many ways the world of aviation inspires great story telling. NOTE: In the event of a water landing, this podcast can be used as a flotation device.
Nov 28, 2014
376. Sex, Death And Other TV Tips From Carole Kirschner

Carole Kirschner, director of the WGA Showrunner Training Program, lists the components of a strong pilot and reveals the best TV shows to spec.

Nov 21, 2014
375. Meet The Gambinos

Powerhouse team Lori Gambino (a blacklist screenwriter) and her husband David (producer of “The Judge,” starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall) talk about screenwriting, biographical adaptations and the creative collaboration of marriage.

Nov 14, 2014
374. LSF 2014

Writer Emma Gahan steps in as roving reporter for this year’s London Screenwriters’ Festival. Guests include the Deputy Chairwoman of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, Jason Pittock (the winner of the Bluecat Screenplay Competition), Amma Asante (director of “Belle”) and more!

Nov 07, 2014
373. An Imagineer Writes

Jeffrey Travis brought engineering and art together with his film "Flatland" and his business "Positron." Here he talks about those projects as well as his movie "Dragon Day," on VOD this week and "Old Fashioned," going against "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Oct 31, 2014
372. A Great Spec And A Dash of Confidence

Writer/director Tracie Laymon has a hot spec and new representation. Fortunately, her experience in the independent world has prepared her well.

Oct 24, 2014
371. Black Characters on Screen (or the lack thereof)

Writers Hilliard Guess and Lisa Bolekaja talk about the need for diverse characters and diverse writers’ rooms.

Oct 17, 2014
370. Beware “The X-Factor!"

Chris Amick, Development Assistant at Trigger Street Productions, offers up a list of “do’s and don’ts" for new writers.

Oct 10, 2014
369. Confessions of Two Very Sweet Writers

Hear how Cheryl Texiera (writer/director of "Confessions of a Bitter-Sweet Actress") and Cassie Daniels (writer of "Convalescent" with Sinovio Entertainment) teamed up to write their spec "Bachelorette Weekend" and sold it within six months!

Oct 03, 2014
368. Log Line Contest 2014

Former Imagine reader Matt Belknap, armed with his terrible Australian accent, returns to help Pilar analyze listener log lines. Who will be the big winner?

Sep 26, 2014
367. Pep Talk

Writer/Director Josh Stolberg inspires as he talks about his Hollywood hits ... and notable misses.

Sep 19, 2014
366. The Versatile Writer

Writer Mark Valadez talks about his journey from the ABC/Disney Fellowship to the comedy medical show “Scrubs" to the dramatic one-hour “Gang Related.”

Sep 12, 2014
365. Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman, star of "The Leftovers," "The Practice" and "Judging Amy," talks about character arc, story intention and discovering emotion on the page... even when the character is silent.

Sep 06, 2014
364. Oh The Places You’ll Go

Writer / location manager Robert Paulsen joins Pilar and Mike Siegel of “Travel Tales Podcast” to talk about how place becomes character in well-written scripts.

Aug 29, 2014
363. Storytelling for Change

Writer/director Ben Zolno creates story-driven campaigns to make people think differently. Terrific tips on how to get a message out, without being message-heavy.

Aug 22, 2014
362. Hell on Wheels

Bruce Marshall Romans, Writer/Producer for the AMC show “Hell on Wheels” talks about the importance of writing from character and staying grounded in reality.

Aug 15, 2014
361. Writing Maron

Interview with Duncan Birmingham, executive producer of “Maron” on IFC.

Aug 08, 2014
360. Writer Q&A

What are the biggest mistakes writers make? How do you tackle the rewrite? Procrastination? Agents vs. Managers? Corey Mandell and Pilar answer your questions!

Aug 02, 2014
359. Always Be Joking

Ben Mekler, staff writer at Nerdist Industries, is always joking... and always working.

Jul 24, 2014
358. Pitchfest 2014

Roving reporter Ryan Budds interviews speakers, producers and attendees at the 2014 Great American Pitchfest!

Jul 18, 2014
357. Be A Fan

Being a fan of Adult Swim got writer/director Casper Kelly "in the building,” and eventually landed him the position of creator for the popular show, “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell."

Jul 11, 2014
356. Married to Screenwriting

Screenwriters Keith Giglio and Juliet Aires Giglio share their secrets about being a successful writing team and successful spouses.

Jul 04, 2014
355. Live From Dublin!

Pilar and guest producer Emma Gahan talk with Alan Fitzpatrick, the Managing Director of “Filmbase,” a national resource centre for filmmakers in Ireland.

Jun 27, 2014
354. Be Heard

U.K. writer/ producer Judy Goldberg discusses her collaborative film projects "Be Heard” and “50 Kisses.”

Jun 20, 2014
353. 500 Days of Ryan Budds

On the Page’s own Ryan Budds gives 10 Tips for Making It In LA.

Jun 13, 2014
352. The Flexible Writer

Alex Cramer returns to talk about writing a rock biopic and a Disney movie and gives his more seasoned take on The Bottled Water Tour.

Jun 07, 2014
351. Tapping Into Our Fears

Devi Snively, writer and film professor at Notre Dame, explores and examines horror movies from a sociological perspective. http://deviantpictures.com

May 31, 2014
350. Shakespeare for Screenwriters

Hamlet for psychological depth, Macbeth for obsession, Lear for family drama. Jennie Evenson, author of "Shakespeare for Screenwriters," shows us how these characters help us create modern stories with timeless themes.

May 24, 2014
349. Best TV Moments

David Bax and Pilar discuss some of their favorite moments on TV including "biggest shocker" and "best kiss."

May 17, 2014
348. Non-Stop Writing

Christopher Roach, writer of the Liam Neeson hit movie “Non-Stop,” talks about screenwriting, his roots in reality TV and writing for the WWE.

May 09, 2014
347. All You Need Is Love

Pamela Jaye Smith, author of “Show Me The Love! All Kinds of Love for All Kinds of Stories” discusses the different kinds of love that can be found in movies and tv shows.

May 02, 2014
346. "Write to the Gun"

Writer Matthew Riopelle talks about eight act structure and writing for Lifetime.

Apr 25, 2014
345. Sign. Service. Sell.

Jake Wagner, head of the Management Division of BenderSpink, talks about finding talent and selling screenplays.

Apr 18, 2014
344. The Doctor Is In

Dr. Zach Lutsky talks about what he's learned as a medical consultant and writer for television dramas (E.R., Mob Doctor, Scandal and more).

Apr 11, 2014
343. Digital Storytelling

Jesse Wolfe, writer of Eye Of The Hurricane, director, and film professor at Savannah College of Art and Design says the future of film is all about story.

Apr 05, 2014
342. Acquisitions and “Artsploitation”

John Rhodes, founder of ScreenCraft, talks about what he’s learned from working in acquisitions and on films such as Rabbit Hole, Drive and Enders Game.

Mar 28, 2014
341. Comedy Central

Gary Mann, Senior VP of Original Programming and Development, talks about the direction, tone, and taste of Comedy Central.

Mar 21, 2014
340. "Getting It Write" with Lee Jessup

Career Coach Lee Jessup returns to talk about her new book, “Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide to a Screenwriting Career.”

Mar 14, 2014
339. Breaking Into The Business

Corey Mandell returns to talk about the best way to get work and keep working as a Hollywood screenwriter. www.coreymandell.net

Mar 07, 2014
338. Seth Hoffman and The Walking Dead

That’s right, “The Walking Dead!” Plus, Seth has written for House, Prison Break and more.

Feb 28, 2014
337. Oscar Podcast 2014

Brian Pope and Mike Musa join David Bax and Pilar for their annual discussion of the nominees for best screenplay and best adapted screenplay.

Feb 22, 2014
336. Group Hug

Pilar celebrates Valentine’s Day by answering writing questions from some of the people she loves … her students.

Feb 14, 2014
335. Stories Unexpected

Writer/Producer Liz Tigelaar (Bates Motel, Revenge, Nashville) and actress Shiri Appleby (Girls, E.R., Roswell) talk about how life intersected with fiction on the one-hour drama "Life Unexpected."

Feb 08, 2014
334. Camping It Up

Scotty Mullen, writer of Asylum's My Boyfriend is a Zombie Stoner, talks about his hot delicious pizza approach to pitching and writing.

Feb 01, 2014
333. Managing The Agent Relationship

Chad Gervich, Author of How To Manage Your Agent, talks candidly about getting and keeping an agent.

Jan 25, 2014
332. The Internal Green Light Analysis

Song writer David Kauffman set out not only to make a film, but to open a film. Here’s his story so far.

Jan 17, 2014
331. The Gender Gap

Franklin Leonard (founder of the Blacklist) and Madeline Di Nonno (director of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media) discuss “unconscious bias” on screen and in the hiring process.

Jan 11, 2014
330. About Nadia

Nadia Bacon, staff writer on “About a Boy,” talks about comedy, perseverance, and dating as research.

Jan 03, 2014
329. Wine and Chocolate with Christy

Christy Stratton, Co-EP of "Awkward" and writer on "King of the Hill" talks about the "glamorous" world of tv writing.

Dec 27, 2013
328. Christmas Guys!

Garrett Frawley and Brian Turner, writers of four Christmas specials, return to talk about their work on live and animated shows in 2013.

Dec 21, 2013
327. Crowd-funding and the Independent Spirit

What goes into a successful crowd-funding campaign? Independent filmmakers Kat Castaneda, Reko Moreno and Gary Allen discuss!

Dec 13, 2013
326. The Activity Pass

Ignore the echo and prepare to take notes!  Pilar provides tips and tools from her rewrite class to help make your scenes more active and entertaining.

Dec 07, 2013
325. Collaboration

Michael Hitchcock (writer on Glee) and Eddie Alfano (actor/writer) talk about their industry experience and their writing collaboration.

Nov 30, 2013
324. Remembering Syd

In honor of the great screenwriting teacher Syd Field, we replay his 2011 On the Page episode.

Nov 22, 2013
323. Scene Direction Contest, Part 2

Well, 1/4 page really.  Pilar and Ryan Budds read and evaluate listener submissions with the help of Mike Siegel. 

Nov 15, 2013
322. Scene Direction Contest, Part 1

Well, 1/4 page really.  Pilar and Ryan Budds read and evaluate listener submissions with the help of Mike Siegel.  

Nov 08, 2013
321. Writing for Video Games
Do video game characters have backstories? Could Breaking Bad become a video game?
Game writer Susan O'Connor reveals all.
Nov 01, 2013
320. Molly Shannon

Molly Shannon from Saturday Night LIVE, TV and Movies talks about creating characters.

Oct 25, 2013
319. Blue Cat

Gordy Hoffman talks about the Blue Cat Screenplay Competition and about what works on the page.

Oct 19, 2013
318. Paul Pitches

Screenwriter and TV producer Paul Guyot returns to talk about pitches, meetings and being good in the room.

Oct 11, 2013
317. Russ McGarry: Writer Ninja

Writer Russ McGarry talks about his wrestling documentary, writing on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (Disney XD), and his podcast.

Oct 05, 2013
316. Tremor's Resume

Writer Tremor Temchin - former agent assistant, writer's assistant and celebrity assistant - shares what he's learned about writing and about the industry. (pardon the echo)

Sep 28, 2013
315. Story Templates

Pilar goes through the structure of 8 different story-telling templates from "Origin Stories" to "Puzzle Movies."  NOTE:  The "echoes" of the new  studio affect the sound quality of this episode.  Apologies in advance. 

Sep 21, 2013
314. Avoiding Sushi

Theater fundamentals for screenwriters as discussed by playwright / Film Instructor Steven Wolfson.  Take his advice and audiences won't be tempted to step out for sushi during your second act.

Sep 14, 2013
313. It's a Crime

Can a car door protect you from a bullet?  How do you know when a criminal is lying

Writers Dave Merlino (former Federal law Enforcement Supervisor) and Dustin Sweet provide answers.

Sep 07, 2013
312. Perfectly Pippa

Actor / Writer Pippa Hinchley talks about sketch vs. film and gives tips from her class on writing for the web.

Aug 30, 2013
311. Comic-Con

"San Francisco Terisa" crashes Comic-Con and snags interviews with Jane Espenson, Scott Aukerman, Jeffrey Tambor and More!

Aug 23, 2013
310. Writing for Game Shows
Writer/producers Bret Calvert and John Ricci Jr. talk about the comedy and drama of Game Shows!
Aug 16, 2013
Geeky Award / Comic-Con Preview
At Comic-Con, roving reporter San Francisco Terisa spends six minutes with Kristen Nedopak talking about the up-coming Geeky Awards. 
Aug 13, 2013
309. How To Write Like a Third Grader
Third grade super teacher Erica Rood provides writing tips for writers of all ages.
Aug 09, 2013
308. No Nodding
Actor David Rees Snell of "The Shield" and "The Unit" talks about his take on scripts from
an actors point of view.

Aug 02, 2013
307. Writing With Refrigerator Magnets

Writer/Producer Troy Devolld, author of "Reality TV: An Insiders Guide to TV's Hottest Market," talks about getting work in the reality show industry.

Jul 27, 2013
306. Agency Analysis

Jeff Portnoy, Story Editor for Resolution, talks about what he and others look for when reading scripts submitted for representation.

Jul 20, 2013
305. China
Chellis Ying, writer and marketing executive, discusses the ways
that China has become a major film market and an emerging force
within the film industry.

Jul 12, 2013
304. A Passionate Writer and a Seven-Figure Sale

Paul Guyot, Feature and TV writer, talks about his recent feature sale to Paramount Pictures and his experience writing for TV shows such as "Leverage" and "Judging Amy."

Jul 05, 2013
303. Candid Producer Talk

Producer Kim Zubick (The Zookeeper's Wife; License To Wed: Yours, Mine and Ours), discusses the state of the industry, the different approaches to producing movies of varying budgets, and attaching A-list talent. 

Jun 28, 2013
302. Theme

Ruth Atkinson, script consultant, story editor, and advisor to Sundance Institute/Film Independent, discusses the importance of theme and making your movie "about" something.

Jun 21, 2013
301. The Comic Book Guy Returns
Carr D'Angelo, movie producer and owner of Earth 2 Comics, discusses the marriage of comics and movies.
Jun 14, 2013
300. The Starling
Pilar is joined by writer Matt Harris to discuss their new venture … producing the independent feature, "The Starling."
Jun 07, 2013
299. Mother Effing Good Writing

Actor, writer, comedian Johanna Stein talks about writing for tv, web and more.

Jun 01, 2013
298. Tribeca

Roving reporter San Francisco Terisa sits down with Pilar to discuss her experiences at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Silent Film Festival.

May 25, 2013
297. Writing In Warsaw
What's it like to be a writer in Poland? Writer and festival organizer Agnieszka Kruk provides insight.
May 17, 2013
296. iPhone Filmmaking

Writer/Director Chad Diez talks about creating his award-winning web series, LAPS, on an iPhone.

May 10, 2013
295. Bacon Sizzles

Writer Caleb Bacon returns to talk about his work on the Vince Vaughn produced show "Sullivan and Son."

May 03, 2013
294. The Writing Groups

The members of Pilar's private writers' groups tell all.

Apr 28, 2013
293. Tammy and Joe's Act 3

Filmmakers Tammy Caplan and Joe Gold wrap up their long adventure with their indie-film, by talking about distribution and the road to screening in NYC and L.A.

Apr 20, 2013
292. The Business of TV Writing

"Staffing season."  "Baby writers."  "Diversity hires."  Nick (our intern-turned-agency-bigshot) explains it all!

Apr 13, 2013
291. Coming to LA

Ryan Budds, aspiring writing and future On the Page podcast producer, talks about his first six months out in Los Angeles and opportunities found by just saying "yes."

Apr 06, 2013
290. Phil Tippett

Roving reporter San Francisco Terisa interviews visual effects master Phil Tippett about his work on Star Wars, Twilight and more.

Mar 30, 2013
289. Q&A with Karl Iglesias

Karl Iglesias, author of "Writing For Emotional Impact" joins Pilar and Aadip in answering listener questions about suspense, flash-forwards, love scenes and more.

Mar 22, 2013
288. Logline Contest 2013 (Part 2)

A winner is picked from this year's batch of listener loglines!

Mar 16, 2013
287. Logline Contest 2013 (Part 1)

Matt Belknap joins Pilar to evaluate and vote on listener loglines!

Mar 09, 2013
286. Matt Price

Writer/Actor Matt Price talks about writing for "The Regular Show" while also acting on such shows as "Men of a Certain Age," "Reno 911" and "1600 Penn."

Mar 02, 2013
285. Oscars 2013!

Brian Pope and Mike Musa are back to review the best screenplay and adapted screenplay nominees. This year they're joining Pilar and David Bax to argue about "Moonrise Kingdom," "Argo," "Lincoln," "Amour" and more!

Feb 23, 2013
284. Adaptation

Writer Craig Fernandez discusses his approach to adaptation of books, classic stories and comic books.

Feb 16, 2013
283. Rich Fulcher: Man of Mystery

David Bax and Pilar talk to writer/performer Rich Fulcher (The Mighty Boosh and Snuffbox) about career and comedy in the US and UK.

Feb 09, 2013
282. Supporting Characters Gone Wild

As a follow up to her Script Magazine article, "Party Pals and Doormat Dudes,"Pilar and Aadip cover the wide-range of supporting characters on film and TV. (They also geek out on Downton Abbey.)

Feb 01, 2013
281. "Guy In Wheelchair"

Actor Tobias Forrest and Director Hilari Scarl discuss the benefits of writing for characters with disabilities. 

Jan 25, 2013
280. Writing for Saturday Night Live

Writer/Producer Hugh Fink talks about his seven years writing on Saturday Night Live and about his current TV show, Parental Discretion.

Jan 19, 2013
279. Joy in 2013

Filmmaker and funny girl Joy Gohring talks about her adventures in independent filmmaking for features, tv and web.

Jan 11, 2013
278. Career Strategy with Lee Jessup

Career Coach Lee Jessup discusses personal branding and making it in the business. http://www.leejessup.com

Jan 04, 2013
277. The Seven Year Pitch

Actor/Producer Joe Sabatino describes the journey he went on to create, pitch and produce the one-hour show "Necessary Roughness."

Dec 29, 2012
276. Return of The Christmas Guys

They're back!  "Christmas Guys" Brian Turner and Garrett Frawley talk scripts and Santa.

Dec 22, 2012
275. TJ Miller

TJ Miller writes in a bathing suit.  He also has some interesting things to say about script writing, comedy and ways to create "likable" characters.  

Dec 15, 2012
274. London Screenwriters Festival, Part 2

Taped live at the London Screenwriters Festival, Pilar interviews Pitchfest Winner Tom Kerevan, Writer Paul Bassett Davies, Producers Luke Ryan & Sascha Hecks and Festival Founder Chris Jones.

Dec 07, 2012
273. Political Theater

Filmmakers Jane Edith Wilson and Grace Lee discuss their controversial movie "Janeane From Des Moines" and its unique fact-to-fiction style of storytelling.

Nov 30, 2012
272. Stand-up to Script

Stand-up comedians Murray Valeriano, Ryan Budds and Pat Francis discuss the structure of joke writing and the craft of script writing.

Nov 24, 2012
271. London Screenwriters Festival, Part 1

Taped live at the London Screenwriters Festival, Pilar interviews producer Lucy V. Hay,  author Linda Aronson and writers Tim Clague and Danny Stack.

Nov 16, 2012
270: NYC Writers

NYC Writers speak!  (Please remember to help out their city).

Nov 09, 2012
269. Talking Politics

PIlar and David discuss the structure and DNA of political films and tv shows.

Nov 03, 2012
268. Shriekfest!

Roving reporter "San Francisco Terisa" interviews writers and filmmakers at Hollywood's scariest film festival!

Oct 27, 2012
267. The Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival Podcast Episode

Writer/Director, producer of the "Unofficial" Google Plus Film Festival Mike Wollaeger discusses shorts and web series.   http://blindlylefilms.com/pilar

Oct 19, 2012
266. Animation and Visual Effects

Dara McGarry, animation production and visual effects, has a "chin wag" with Pilar and Pat.

Oct 12, 2012
265. Saying "Yes" To Story

For show runner Jeff Kline, it all boils down to story.

Oct 05, 2012
264. Four-part Structure

What do "The Master" and "The Avengers" have in common?  Four-part Structure!  Pilar and Pat discuss.

Sep 29, 2012
263. Writing the Contained Thriller

Chris Sparling, writer of "Buried," talks about finding inspiration from airplanes, obituaries and bunk beds.

Sep 22, 2012
262. The Screenwriter's Fairytale

Todd Klick, author and writer, discusses the universal story and scene beats of great movies.

Sep 15, 2012
261. Pitching to Representation

Using an On the Page template, Pilar runs through the elements of pitching to a manager or agent.

Sep 08, 2012
260. Laura Learns Lessons

In the process of selling two original pilots, Laura House learned ten valuable lessons about writing and selling to Hollywood. http://laurahouse.com

Sep 01, 2012
259. Five Projects With Warner Brothers

Writer Bill Birch talks about pitching material, getting assignments and doing the job.

Aug 25, 2012
258. Thinking Independently

Edgar Pablos and Judith Cummings discuss pre-production on their film The Legend of The Horse Thief. Joe Gold and Tammy Caplan finish production on their movie Desperate Acts of Magic.

Aug 18, 2012
257. Catch-up and Conflict

Pilar and David talk shop and discuss the meaning of scene conflict.

Aug 11, 2012
256. Ninja Writing

Dan Avidan & Brian Wecht, co-writers and producers of Ninja Sex Party and DJs in PJs, talk about their love of music and storytelling.

Aug 04, 2012
255. Get Up and Practice

Sean Hood, screenwriter (Halloween:Resurrection, Cube2, Conan The Barbarian) and blogger, discusses the (sometimes painful) rewrite process. http://genrehacks.blogspot.com/

Jul 28, 2012
254. Conceptual vs. Intuitive Writing

Are you an outliner or a page person?  Writer / Teacher Corey Mandell discusses.

Jul 21, 2012
253. Karin Gist and Regina Hicks

Karin and Regina write together and apart, cover every genre on TV and have great advice on getting work!

Jul 13, 2012
252. Meet the Manager

Literary manager Mark Wheeler discusses what he looks for in clients and in scripts.

Jul 06, 2012
251. Action Line Contest!

Parts 1 and 2 of the reading and analyzing listener submitted scene direction. Who will be the winner?

Jun 29, 2012
250. Eye of the Hurricane

Writer/director Jesse Wolfe discussed the making of his indie film starring Campbell Scott and Melanie Lynskey.

Jun 22, 2012
249. GAPF 2012

Roving reporter San Francisco Terisa interviews writers, producers and organizers at the 2012 Great American Pitchfest.

Jun 15, 2012
248. Comedy Film Nerds

Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini, hosts of the Comedy Film Nerds Podcast, discuss popcorn movies, genre cliches, smart kids camp and the Secret Service. www.comedyfilmnerds.com

Jun 10, 2012
247. Writing for Conan

Conan writers Dan Cronin and Ted Levin talk comedy, submission packets and the "joke delivery system."

Jun 01, 2012
246. Hollywood Logic

Doug Chamberlain, writer of Toy Story 2, reveals what he's learned about writing and the business.

May 25, 2012
245. Script Writing, Novel Writing and the YA Market

Nina Berry and Jen Klein talk about how writing scripts has made them better YA novelists.

http://ninaberry.com http://jenkleinbooks.com

May 19, 2012
244. Mom as Protagonist

Mom as movie protagonist? Pilar, Pat and filmmaker Leila Charles Leigh discuss! http://www.leilacharlesleigh.com

May 13, 2012
243. Smart Writing For Clever Kids

Jack Thomas, writer of "The Fairly Odd Parents," "The Replacements," and the tv show "How to Train Your Dragon," talks about his writing career. Special cameo by Rita Dodson.

May 06, 2012
242. Writing Great Scene Direction

Pilar, Pat and guest Alex Cramer explore and analyze well-written character descriptions and action lines. New contest announcement as well!

Apr 28, 2012
241. The Power of Film

UCLA Screenwriting Professor Howard Suber discusses key ponts from his books The Power of Film and Letters to Young Screenwriters. http://thepoweroffilm.com

Apr 21, 2012
240. Writing Through It
Irving Belateche, professional screenwriter and author of Under An Orange Sun, Some Days Are Blue, talks about how a tragic moment changed his perception about life and screenwriting. 
Apr 13, 2012
239. Writing For the Faith-based Market

No preaching on this podcast!  Filmmakers Alan Tregoning and Jason Vaile talk about writing for the Christian market and their personal success with "speed filmmaking."

Apr 06, 2012
238. Out-of-the-Box Funding

Independent filmmakers J.T. Arbogast and Kimberly Dilts talk about their creative approach to storytelling and fundraising. www.angelsperch.com

Mar 30, 2012
237. Ten Ways to Get an Agent

TV executive / career coach Carole Kirschner explains it all to you. http://www.hollywoodgameplan.com

Mar 23, 2012
236. TV Trends 2012

Writer/journalist Michael Grebb discusses the current tastes and trends of the cable and broadcast networks.

Mar 17, 2012
235. Storytelling in Tel Aviv

Julie Gray discusses her plan to unite women in the Middle East through writing and filmmaking. www.storiesnoborders.com

Mar 10, 2012
234. Making a Scene

Find out how Pilar got a black eye, Nick got locked in a trunk and Pat spilled his milkshake.

Mar 03, 2012
233. Beyond Project Greenlight

Director Efram Potelle discusses his approach to writing, directing and the film industry.

Feb 25, 2012
232. Oscar Talk 2012

Pilar and Laurence join Pope's Picks team Brian Pope and Michael Musa in discussing and analyzing the best screenplay and best adapted screenplay Oscar nominees.

Feb 17, 2012
231. Rom-Com Structure

Pilar offers eight different romantic comedy structures as guest David Kessler lends his dating wisdom.

Feb 10, 2012
230. Acting Wisdom for Writers

Actor Kevin E. West's (CASTLE, JUSTIFIED, LOST, 24) approach to the page reveals great character and story tips for writers.  http://kevinewest.com/

Feb 04, 2012
229. The Editors' POV

POV of movie storytelling from Crispin Struthers (editorial dept. for THE FIGHTER, ROCK N' ROLLA and more) and Charles Kaplan (editorial department for HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, THE ROCKER, and more).

Jan 27, 2012
228. Four TV Movies!

Jen Notas, writer, OTP client and former babysitter, talks about writing for Hallmark. Joe Gold and Tammy Caplan update us on their indie film.

Jan 21, 2012
227. Writing For The Tonight Show

Tonight Show writer Michael Loprete talks about writing for late-night TV. Pilar lists scenes she'd like to retire in 2012.

Jan 14, 2012
226. Josh Stolberg Writes Everything

Indie, Studio, Horror, B-movie... Josh wrote it or is writing it!

Jan 06, 2012